Ah as the episode begins we say good bye to the Slice of Life and most of the fanservice. There’s still a little bit left

So we start off the episode where we left off…


I like this. We get see the other girls one more time…

Sorry if I come off as a bit knowing but I’ve been reading the manga and I know how things are going to end up turning out.

So as the study session comes to an end, Illya talks about how her, Kuro, and Miyu need to go up to her room and do something with Ruby and Sapphire.

Of course someone(read Mimi the fujoshi) notices and immediately goes to yuri.

What is your response Illya-chan?


Poor Illya. Being constantly told she’s a yuri loli but she isn’t…as far we know…

So the girls go over to Illya’s place where Shiro, Sella, and Liz greet them.


Wow Silver Link changed Shiro’s design. Not to say that he didn’t look okay with the first one but it was more of a comedic design which doesn’t really fit with what going to happen during Drei.

So after dinner we go up to Illya and Kuro’s room where Illya has a nice little talk about how she loves this “nothing happens, daily peace” type of life they’re living…

Sweetie, you’re triggering flags…


Ah right on time. And with that we say good bye to slice of life and hello to Drei plot.

So Luvia and Rin rush the girls into Luvia’s limo where they explain that the church’s rep(ie Caren) is at the mountain and things are already fixed but that does not logically make sense.

Now note, it’s only been max one day since the battle against Young Gilgamesh so even with magic, it’d would take more time than this.

So once they reach the location, they see an old face…


Oh hey Bazett. I missed ya.

After that we jump into the action for real with our villains!

They don’t look at that tough…hahaha I tried…

Time to show them that the standards are rising, girls.

And without much effort, they teach the girls a lesson and grab Miyu.

And as they wrap that up, things start to get weird with things warped and distorted.


And with a flash of light everything goes white.

And with that it’s good bye to slice of life for real.

The next scene is Illya waking up in the snow out of her Kaleido Trance.


Wasn’t it just summer in Fuyuki? Side note, we’ve never seen Fuyuki in the summer. Fate/stay Night takes place during late January and early February and Fate/Hollow Ataxaria takes place during October.

Anyway seeing this snow Illya tries to deny the reality in front of her to the point where she runs all the way to the place where her house is supposed to be…only to find nothing more than a vacant lot.

This only confirms in her mind that she’s in another world…if the fact that it was snowing and a massive crater in the middle of the town didn’t already make that clear.

So panicking and wondering where everyone was Illya begins to cry out for her friends and family.

Darn it Silver Link. Well done. Giving us the little Slice of Life at the beginning only makes this hit that much harder.

So to relieve some of the tension we have this.


Ah the mysterious and comedic Tanaka and she’s voiced by Misato Fukuen. I know her from mostly Rosario Vampire and Haganai.

So Illya tries to figure out some stuff about the world here but unfortunately Tanaka lost her memories…


This is the Emiya/Eiznbern struggle. When you struggle, you struggle hard.

And with that the episode ends. However we have extra part after the credits but before we get to it I’d like to talk about the music.

I really like the opening done by ChouCho. It fits the theme of the arc. Someoned tried to put this opening to Another Heaven which is the opening to the Heaven’s Feel route for Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua and it didn’t fit. Remember it may get more dark but this is still a magical girl anime.

The ending is done by Technoboys Pulcraft Green-Fund. They did the ending for Sakurako-san and all the music for Trinity Seven. I trust them with it because they’ve done pretty good.

So after the credits we go back to Tanaka and Illya at the park. After Illya comments about how she wonders where Miyu is Tanaka explains that the Ainsworth family has captured Miyu after she managed to escape to a parellel world.

Illya tries to get more out of Tanaka but she doesn’t remember. And then someone shows up to interrupt…


She’s not the Beatrice we want but she’s still a Beako.

And with the episode is over.

A good return on Silver Link’s part. Most of the fans were creeped out by all the fanservice last season but at least they managed to return to form this season.

I can’t wait until the next episode.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

Extra Pic


Let’s cut through some of the tension with some cute Illya.

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