Ah the return of two fan favorites and the question is have you rejoiced yet shojo/shonen?

So this is a pretty simple episode.

We continue from where we were last episode where we had Beatrice or Beako finding Illya and Tanaka and getting into a fight.

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So the girls start to fight by that Illya and Tananka get their butts handed to them by Beako until Beako gets a call to get back to the base.


So after getting away from Beako, Illya and Tanaka are getting hungry but there’s nothing in sight.


Ah Kotomine one of the coolest characters in Fate. So being the nice(read: true evil incarnate) guy he is, he gives them some food.


That’s not ramen…that’s mapo tofu that looks like ramen…damn Kotomine Kirei…

So seeing as he’s Kotomine, he isn’t going to let them leave without eating every last drop.


Follow this example to a hellishly burning tongue, Illya-chan.

Illya asks a quick question to Kotomine about that massive crater came up in the middle of the city but doesn’t go into much detail other than it was a gas explosion 5 years ago.

So after fighting against the evils of the mapo tofu ramen and coming out filled with spicy evils, Kotomine asks for his money…


Why would you think this was free? This is a business. A business that sells suffering but a business nonetheless.


Well looks like the anime is over on episode 2. See you next year for Fate/Kaleid Loli Death…I was about to say heaven instead of death but that would have sounded all types of wrong.

But luckily we get a vistor.


Well if it isn’t young Gilgamesh.

And with the power of his wallet(read: brick of gold), he pays off Illya’s bill, saving their lives…

So outside Illya and Tanaka are hiding behind a pole, scared of Kid Gil but there’s no need. He’s harmless…relatively.

But Gil gets Illya instantly on his side in one move.


People are saying that it’s Kid Gil’s Charisma Rank A+ but it isn’t. He’s his Charming Youth Rank C which according to his profile from Fate/Grand Order is “A skill that denotes the disposition of a pretty boy that attracts people. It works as a fascination magic-like effect regardless of gender or age”

It’s basically the “adorable kid” skill.

So when Illya mentions that she’s going after the Ainsworths, Gil decides to tag along since he’s going to try and get back his card so while he isn’t on Illya’s side, they’re working together for the moment.

So after passing through the crater and a little funny moment with Gil’s Gate of Babylon, they managed to get to the Ainsworth Castle.


For a place on the outside that is in the middle of Winter this place sure does look unWinter-ish…

So they look through the castle trying to find Miyu and get out as fast as they can but they find someone else.


He sounds familiar…

We also find someone else.


Wow that’s an attractive lady that’s about to kill everyone…

And with that we end the episode. Pretty good. Kotomine and Gil are always a good part to any Fate series.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

Extra Pic

sample_01927ffee197dfe818bb8696e9fcaf8fa10c05dd (1)

Let’s cut through some of the tension with some cute Kuro.

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