Did you like our little break from the action? We’re back to the action.

So once Illya finishes putting back up the rune that fell down, the alarm immediately goes off and Darius gives that look.


Giving that look to a little girl would make you instantly go to jail…

So after this revelation, it’s shown that Bazett rushes out to attack Darius but uses one of his cards and uses the Noble Phantasm, Apnea Beauty to cast a massive ice dome to have a private conversation with Illya.

Meanwhile on the outside, Kuro and Bazett try to get in with Calabolg and just trying to beat the crap out of it but it isn’t working.

It isn’t until Tanaka wakes up from her nap and just touches it and it melts.

vlcsnap-2016-08-22-16h47m43s987 vlcsnap-2016-08-22-16h47m45s299

There is definitely something up with Tanaka…

So seeing that things have changed up and she’s free, Illya calls Ruby to her and tries to slash him down with her Saber Install.

Darius isn’t about that life.


He’s got one if not the most powerful holy sword in the entire Nasuverse and he just blocked it with one hand.

And then he used Authoritarian Personalism and just pinned them to the ground and just walked away after a few taunts. Darius plz nerf.

This encounter was definitely something that put Illya and squad in their place…and right after their loss against Angelica and Beako.

Next scene we get Kid Gil come with some food and a funny story about Kotomine but that doesn’t change the mood around the place after their defeat.

But the big part is the fact that Gil doesn’t recognize those Noble Phantasms and since every Noble Phantasm that is known in the modern era has a basis that came from the prototype that he had.

So if Kid Gil doesn’t know what they are, then where did they come from?

That’s something for later. Time for some heavy creepy stuff from Darius.

So Miyu’s just looking at the window and then we get this.

vlcsnap-2016-08-22-16h49m15s185 vlcsnap-2016-08-22-16h49m20s388

Creepy yet? There’s more but I’m just going to describe it because out of context and heck even in context it has very creepy subtext.

So Darius takes Miyu down to a darkly lit room, pins her to a table, impales her hands while she begs him to stop, then her blood drips out and lights up a stone pillar.

It makes sense in context but otherwise it has heavy creepy contexts to it.

So after the blood collection Miyu wakes back up in her room where she sees Erica.

I want to take the time to comment on Erica’s seiyuu Morohoshi Sumire. I remember her back whne she was in OniAi. She was pretty good back then and she’s really coming into her own doing her parts. Comparing her doing Arisa when her voice was a bit higher to now as Erica it’s the same but a little more cutesy, I consider that an improvement.

So Miyu and Erica have a short conversation where Erica admits to how much she missed Miyu and much she doesn’t want her to leave. As the scene changes, Miyu wonders if someone is going to come to save her.

The episode ends with Kuro waking up to see that Illya is gone.


And after credits part shows a little bear with Illya’s hair.


Looks like the shoe is on the other foot…for those that don’t know in a bad end of the Fate route of Fate/Stay Night, Illya stuffed Shiro’s soul into a stuffed animal.

So it looks like we’re going to get some good stuff in the next episode and I can’t wait. We’re getting down to the epic parts.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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Some sisterly love not yuri.

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