It’s time to catch up!

So let’s go to episode 3 where we get a Illya and group are taught not to just go into the enemy base without a plan and they’re get their butts handed to them.

The episode basically breaks down into Kid Gil vs. Angelica and Illya vs. Beako.

The battle between Kid Gil and Angelica was pretty interesting since Angelica keeps up the pressure most of the fight because she’s got the most of Gil’s Gate of Babylon.

However once he gets back Enkidu…


In the most powerful way possible way. He starts going in on Angelica until she changes up her fighting style by adding the

Meanwhile we go to Illya and Tanaka when they leave Gil take care of Angelica. They try to get around and look for Miyu but the castle is such a maze it’s hard to find anything.


Bet you didn’t expect that ladies. And with no Ruby, she can’t even fight.

Looks like Tanaka is willing to sacrifice herself for Illya so Illya is willing to risk everything to save her and her luck saves her.


Oh it’s Ruby. Now it’s time for the only thing they can do…

Yeah when getting kicked around is getting too common…

It’s time to get stronger!

Awesome! Caster Medea Illya! So cute!

Let’s go!

Ten minutes later

They get struck by lightning…

Can’t get anything can you Illya-chan?

So after getting her butt eletrocuted by Beako and Gil has to disengage from Angelica because he was going to lose.

So it’s time to escape but Angelica and Beako give chase until we get a sniper from the distance and the fact that the leader of the Ainsworths, Darius, tells Angelica and Beako to back off.

So to put episode 4 and episode 5 together, it’s basically the last little bit of yuri and fanservice you’re going to get.

The next episode reveals that it was Kuro with Bazett doing the sniping to keep Angelica and Beako off of Illya and group.

After meeting up, the new group heads to the school which in the normal universe would be Kuro and Illya’s school.

Kuro explains that they’ve been shifted into a different universe and she does it in a pretty simple way and in some nice glasses.


After that we get a fight between Kuro and Illya where Kuro tries to get Illya to understand what Miyu felt in their world when Illya says she’s scared of what they’re about to do.

Miyu after coming to their world got through into a battle against 7 heroic spirits with her life on the line, confusing stuff about Kuro, and dealing with Gil and she never complained once. So they don’t have a right to complain.

And after that Kuro’s about to run out of mana…you know how the story goes…

Heavy yuri kissing from ten year olds…

And after that we move into the next episode and it’s basically a nice little episode with Erica and it’s a pretty cute little episode.


Other than the bathhouse scene…oh Gil what isn’t in your Gate of Babylon but the rest is funny.

And the episode ends with Sapphire making the announcement that Darius Ainsworth was coming there way.

Only for it to be seen that Erica’s father is actually Darius.



And that’s it. I think they were some pretty good episodes. Good action and the last bit of slice of life we’re going to get for this season but I can’t wait until we get back to the action.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

Extra Pic


Let’s cut through some of the tension with some cute Miyu.

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