I loathe a traitor…

So we start off the episode with our local soldiers of fortune, Wallenstein, walking up to our group and they’re looking fearsome.


Probably because they’re all in matching armor and colors. Uniforms have a sense of power and solidarity to them. It’s a “Don’t mess with me, I’ve got a people that have my back” thing.

So once Wallenstein arrives, it’s subtle but it’s clear that they think they’re better than our crew…it’s not wrong but it’s impolite to imply it even it is true.

So at the end, Kyo opts for the alliance in order to take the Fort Cantor and she moves to shake Bats, the guild master of Wallenstein, hand to seal the deal. However notice that Bats hesitates to shake Kyo’s hand.

Handshakes are the cornerstone of nearly every business arrangement and that’s gone international now. You don’t close a deal without a handshake nowadays. The fact that Bats doesn’t fully shake Kyo’s hand is suspicious.

So we move to the fight against the opposing guild and it’s boring to say the least. Why? Because Wallenstein gets all of the action and they use Nanaki and Ako as decoys so they don’t have to put in a lot of effort.

They’re good but the fight was no fun so thus there’s no real sense of accomplishment in it.

So Wallenstein and their leader Bats beats the other guild in record time and lets our crew put in their crystal to take the fort. Alright! Just need to hold the place until siege warfare is over.

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Traitor! Then Wallenstein breaks their alliance with our crew and then Bats just goes on a rampage and kills the entire guild by himself save Ako.

Then he just destroys their crystal, puts up theirs, and just sits down on the throne smug as can be.


Smug little traitor. And when the group respawns, Kyo asks him why he betrayed them and turns out it was pretty much for the fun of it and to see them rage.

However Kyo doesn’t give him that satisfaction and just walks away.

Now a lot of people commented in the anime reddit why didn’t the Midnight Alley Cats(our crew) just complain to the other guilds and such about how Wallenstein didn’t keep their end of the bargain.

The answer was because of their appearance. From the outside, all of them look like Pay to Win rich kids.

Ako can’t play to save her life and Kyo spams premium items like they’re going out of style. And while Nishimura and Akane are strong through hard work, Kyo and Ako really stand out.

And note that Bats took out everyone save Ako mostly because she was the only actual girl there or at least the only one that had some doubt if she was a girl or not online. Remember that Kyo and Akane have male avatars and Nekohime aka Saito-sensei goes around telling people that she’s a guy to get rid of attention. Nishimura is Nishimura.

So they can’t play the ‘The big timers are bullying us card’

So after leaving the team is pretty ticked off but they go back IRL so we can see that Kyo came through for Ako to get the maid uniforms for Ako’s class.

Very cute!

However Ako hasn’t done anything else to make things work for her class so Nishimura goes to her class with her to explain and the class starts moving to pull together something. Nishimura comments that people aren’t going to know when you need help unless you ask and they’re more than happy to help if they can.

So that gives Nishimura an idea to call on some help from the Nekohime Elite Guard, who are ticked off as heck that they killed their beloved idol/guildmistress Nekohime.


So they’re in.

Then they go to Black Magician for some help however his guild is dealing with its own little war right now so they can’t help out sadly. However Nishimura can work with just their name and just the show that they’re helping them out.

After all names have power. You don’t mess with the most powerful guild in the server on a whim.

So with some hard practice and setting up the alliances, our group is ready for the fight against Wallenstein.

A pretty good episode that sets up the finale. I can’t wait to see it.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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Ako taking her maid rank up all the way to A. Make sure to check out the Pixiv link!


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