So it feels good to be back.

So from episode 8 to episode 12 is pretty much wall to wall action.

To give a cliffnotes version of the events of episode 8 to episode 12.

Illya meets up with Sapphire to try and save Miyu but Angelica, Rin, and Luvia get in her way. Then Angelica tells her the state of their world, their world is dying and they need the Grail to save it. So from their perspective, it’s impossible to save the world and protect Miyu.

However Illya resolves to protect the world and save Miyu. At that time, Kuro and the rest of the squad show up and manage to save Illya and Miyu.


The final battle begins where we get Shiro and Kuro vs. Angelica which ends with Shiro’s victory. He goes after Julian only to be defeated by Sakura, who was turned into a doll.

After getting a near fatal injury, Shiro’s down, leaving Illya and Kuro the only ones to hold the line. However we get a mysterious sword that manages to cleave through the mud of the Grail to give them a chance to win for the day.

At the end of the anime, the group goes to Shiro and Miyu’s place where he tells them that he will tell them what their story is.

In terms of the story, I have to say it was good but some points of the anime, Silver Link lacked but according to what I’ve heard is that they were fixed during the Blu Ray release which I’m happy with.

If I had to grade Fate Kaleid Drei, I’d have to give it a B. It definitely went into this to make something good and it was successful. However it shows that Silver Link is a bit over their head with the things that happen in Drei.

Most of the stuff that Silver Link makes is cute, moe, or adorable. I don’t remember them doing an action anime ever during my recent years of keeping up with anime consistently.

I hope they do well with the upcoming Fate Kaleid movie…oh did I mention they’re making a movie of the next arc of the manga.

The next arc of the manga, the Flashback arc, aka Miyu-verse Shiro showing how badass he is. This arc will be adapted into a movie showing this summer. It’s going to be one of the most hyped Fate shows this year and I can’t wait.


So until the next post,
Later Days

Extra Pic


Let’s cut through some of the tension with some cute Illya and Miyu.

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