Ah it feels good to be in the reviewing seat now especially when I’m reviewing one of my favorite manga.

Okay Fuuka is one of my favorite mangas and I’m long ahead there so interest of those that haven’t watched/read Suzuka nor read the Fuuka manga, I will not give spoilers.

The story follows Yuu Haruna, a loner and an avid Twitter user that made a promise with his childhood friend Koyuki Hinashi of starting a band. One night, on his way to buy dinner, he stops to take a photo to upload to Twitter. A strange high school girl named Fuuka Akitsuki accidentally bumps into him and mistakenly believes that Yuu is trying to take a photo of her panties, which causes her to smash his phone. Fuuka leaves behind a CD, which Yuu returns the following day. Appreciating Yuu’s personality, Fuuka starts a relationship with him, but this is complicated when Koyuki, now a popular idol, contacts Yuu on Twitter and invites him to attend her concert. According to Wikipedia

Let’s get down to the main review.


I have to say both in the anime and the manga, the art is top tier. Seo, for all of his strange quirks, knows how to draw cute girls and interesting places. Fuuka and Koyuki are top tier beauties in the anime.

Sara is a total cool beauty as well. The environments in the anime are looking good and it really makes me happy to see the old places that were in Suzuka redone in a higher quality of art. It feels me with some nostalgia for the original series.


The story for Fuuka takes a completely different turn from the other stories in the Suzuka-verse, Suzuka and The Town Where You Live. This is due to the fact that it has a heavy focus on music while the two prequels had heavy focus on romance.

While there is romance, love triangles, and massive misunderstandings(It wouldn’t be Seo without them), they aren’t the main focus. While Yuu is falling in love with Fuuka, he is drawn into the feeling of being a musician and making music.


Yuu Haruna


If I had to describe Yuu, it would be similar to Yamato from Suzuka although Yamato was a bit more social than Yuu. As a protagonist is really getting dragged around by Fuuka to most of the stuff in the story that has happened so far. It’s not really all that interesting right now. However he will be a bit more interesting later in the manga may I add.

Fuuka Akitsuki



Our lovable main heroine, born from Suzuka protagonists Suzuka and Yamato, Fuuka Akitsuki. SHe’s definitely the driving force of this anime and I really like her for it. Lynn(her seiyuu) definitely brings the perkiness and happy go lucky attitude that she had as Nozomi from Keijo. She makes things more interesting and move forward against Yuu’s indecisiveness, Mikasa’s go with the flow livestyle, and Nachi’s “I want to do this but I’m going to be tsun about it” mood.

It makes her really adorable and I really like it.

Koyuki Hinashi



Koyuki, being voiced by the awesome Saori Hayami, seems to be doing well in this anime. She’s cute and a little bit shy which makes her really endearing. There’s going to be a really interesting part in the later parts of the anime that I hope you’ll love.

So that’s all I’ve got.

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