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So we’re back after 6+ weeks of Fuuka so what happened. Once again I’ll try not to give spoilers about the manga. I’ll mention some stuff if it’s hinted at in the anime though.

The story follows Yuu Haruna, a loner and an avid Twitter user that made a promise with his childhood friend Koyuki Hinashi of starting a band. One night, on his way to buy dinner, he stops to take a photo to upload to Twitter. A strange high school girl named Fuuka Akitsuki accidentally bumps into him and mistakenly believes that Yuu is trying to take a photo of her panties, which causes her to smash his phone. Fuuka leaves behind a CD, which Yuu returns the following day. Appreciating Yuu’s personality, Fuuka starts a relationship with him, but this is complicated when Koyuki, now a popular idol, contacts Yuu on Twitter and invites him to attend her concert. 

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As the anime continued the art grew to be quite beautiful. And there were also some fanservice parts from both the original Suzuka and general cute girls that really popped. Once again I need to say that Seo really does cute girls well.


Continuing on from first part of the anime we see that things are getting a little more serious. This is an important part to Kouji Seo’s writing style. He leads us in with happy and cute times only to pile on the drama.

We get Yuu and the band starting their first gig when Koyuki comes over. They do have a little conversation only to do this.

And someone catches a picture of it which predictably gets on the internet and turns into a crisis which Koyuki doesn’t help with. She announces online that every song she’s written as been has been about him.

This really brings a lot of hate down on Yuu and the band at the high school gig and Koyuki doesn’t help it out by coming to the gig to support Yuu only to be revealed.

Order manages to be restored and Yuu and the band do a really good set.

Now at this point, the anime moves away from the manga. More on that later.

At this point all of Koyuki’s events are canceled after a combination of her revelation about her feelings for Yuu and what happened at the Fallen Moon’s first concert. In addition to this her manager asked her to keep quiet with all calls.

Yuu tries to catch up with and eventually manages to catch up with her at a beach, after which they start dating. Fuuka, after finding out about Yuu and Koyuki’s relationship, decides to leave the band to pursue a solo career.

Without Fuuka to be the binding force, the band breaks up and goes their own seperate ways. However Yuu is determined to keep the band together and writes a new song called Fair Wind. He manages to reach out and get to Nachi, Sara, and Mikasa but Fuuka refuses to return both on pride for leaving and not wanting to be near Yuu while he’s in a relationship

Seeing how far Yuu is going for both Fuuka and the band, Koyuki tries to get Yuu’s attention using the appeals only a woman has…

And just like Honoka before her in Suzuka, she sees that the guy she’s in a relationship with is in love with another girl. And chooses to let go.

Once Yuu breaks up with Koyuki, the Fallen Moon get a gig but Yuu keeps trying to reach Fuuka no matter what until he talks to her on top of the school.

At this time, Fuuka and Yuu manage to make up and go to the gig on time .

And that’s how the Fuuka anime ends.

My Thoughts

The major reason why this review took so long is mostly school but also the fact that the Fuuka anime has an anime exclusive ending.

Sometimes this happens because there isn’t enough adaptable content for a ending of any sort so they make one. This happens to be a particularly special reason.

Link to the article

So for those that don’t want to read the linked article, Seo as well as the anime staff saw it would be impossible for the 12 episode anime to end with Fuuka’s death as well as to fulfill the feelings of the fans that were shocked at her death in the manga.

I can understand that completely since I read the original manga, Suzuka, so I know the circumstances that led to Fuuka’s conception. It does feel really sour because essentially her parents, Yamato and Suzuka, were top tier track atlethes with bright futures. Then they did the deed and Suzuka got pregnant and they choose to live for their daughter instead of themselves. To see their daughter die after being so invested in her parents really made me sad.

So like I said I see the reason why they let her live in the anime.

However that leads to issues with the characters not even talking about never seeing Fuuka Aoi or any of the other characters that happen after Fuuka’s death.

I’m talking about Yuu, Mikasa, Nachi, and Sara. It was clearly shown in both the anime and the manga that Fuuka was the drawing force that both brought them together and kept them together. Without her, they fell apart.

Fuuka’s death was the point of Yuu’s life where he had to make a choice without no one pulling him along with the current. Was he in this band because of Fuuka or did he really want to play music? He found his own answer and made the band his own instead of chasing that feeling of being a part of Fuuka Akitsuki’s band like in the anime.

That’s a major point that I feel that the anime failed on.

Other than I believe that the anime did some well to a good extent. Overall I’d give it a 7 out of 10.

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