Itsuka Shido was just another regular high school boy with a normal life. But, on the last day of the spring holidays before school started, a spacequake wrecked the town and a girl in armor appeared in front of him. Shido’s adoptive sister, Kotori, tells him that the girl is a “Special Disasterous Designated Creature: Spirit,” which caused the spacequakes and revealed that she was the commander of the organization that dealt with Spirits, and ordered him to go out on a date with the Spirit in order to pacify her. Kotori tells him, “I don’t ask you to defeat the Spirit. Just let her fall in love with you and save the world.”

Warning: These are going to be potential spoilers for the upcoming anime.

Hey everyone it’s Deven and I’m back with a Date A Live talking about the upcoming 3rd Season of the Anime.

I have to admit that I was shocked when I heard the news. I legitimatically thought that the movie was going to be the end of the anime for Date A Live. The general opinion of the second season was lukewarm, the movie was kind of short and was pretty much a rehash of the events of Itsuka Diasater. However let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about the future.

So sometime in 2018, we’ll be getting the third season of Date A Live. And hopefully assuming that it’s a legitimate season and not a filler season(shouldn’t put something like that in the air), I’m here to give you a general overview of the novels that could be covered.

As we know Season 1 covered:

Tohka Dead End
Yoshino Puppet
Kurumi Killer
Itsuka Sister

While Season 2 covered:

Yamai Tempest
Miku Lily
Miku Truth

So looking at the two season, I’m going to make a guess based on how many episodes we’ll have which novels will be covered.

10 Episodes:
Natsumi Search
Natsumi Change
Tobiichi Angel
Tobiichi Devil

12 or 13 Episodes:
Natsumi Search
Natsumi Change
Tobiichi Angel
Tobiichi Devil
Itsuka Disaster

Now for the 12 or 13 episode season we could maybe slip Nia Creation and Itsuka Disaster in because both are a one volume story which is rare for Tachibana-sensei(the writer for Date A Live). Yet at the same time Itsuka Disaster and Nia Creation are connected because the events that happen in Itsuka Disaster lead straight into Nia Creation.

Now for the overview.

Unfortunately I only have information up to Nia Creation.

I’ve only just found the Date A Live translation group that is currently translating the novels. As some of you may remember 2 years ago, Kadokawa Corp, the company that owns the publishing company and the studios that Date A Live were produced in, issued a cease and desist order to the largest light novel translator on the internet, Baka Tsuki. This lead to Baka Tsuki taking down all of their Date A Live chapters and novels to comply with the order and so to protect the rest of the site and themselves from getting sued.

However this left Date A Live fans without a way to read the novels, legally or on the internet, until the current group took up the position of translating the novels. They are currently caught up with Volume 17, the current novel. In interest of the group, it’s private group on a certain social platform, I won’t link it and instead ask you to find it yourselves.

So now down to the Overview:

Natsumi Search and Natsumi Change: The Natsumi Arc

This arc deals with the seventh spirit, Natsumi. The novel takes place during Halloween. Shido finds himself in the abandoned amusement park outside of the city. Natsumi appears as a beautiful older sister type and tries to seduce Shido. However the AST comes and a nearby explosion causes Natsumi’s Angel(Haniel) to fail and reveal her true appearance. However Shido didn’t see anything but Natsumi thinks he did.

This stars the plot where once per day Natsumi takes one person precious to Shido until he finds where she’s hidden. So Shido goes out on dates with all of the people close to him to find who Natsumi is pretending to me. By the end of the novel it is revealed that Natsumi was hiding as Yoshinon, Yoshino’s rabbit puppet.

As the transformation ends, Natsumi’s true form is shown to all of the spirits and members of Fraxinus. This leads to Natsumi turning all of the spirits and Origami into children.

The second part of the arc is dealing with Natsumi’s self esteem issues and making her feel better out about herself. She eventually accept Shido’s kind words and gets sealed.

Tobiichi Angel and Tobiichi Devil: The Origami Arc

After the events of Natsumi arc(literally days later), Origami has the feeling that she has lost her edge and she’s growing too close to the Spirits. In response to this, she joins Wescott(the main villain) to get more power and gains Mana’s old position. She goes to attack all of the spirits and nearly kills them until Tohka manages to gain her full power temporary and defeats Origami.

Origami defeated on the ground is approached by Phantom to become a spirit. She starts her fight with Tohka again but leaves once Shido returns to see the Spirits. Origami is met with Kurumi who offers to send her back in time in order to kill Phantom who she believes killed her parents. She is sent back in time only for her to realize that she was the one that killed her parents. She goes into her inverse form and returns to the present. In order to save Origami, Kurumi sends Shido back in time to try and stop Origami.

After Shido gets back into 5 years in the past, Shido is able to save Origami’s parents…at least at the time. Origami’s parents died later which changes Origami’s personality for the better. However she’s still a Spirit and sometimes she will black out and become Inverse Origami.

Shido manages to seal her and things move on to Itsuka Disaster.

Itsuka Disaster and Nia Creation: The Second Spirit Arc

The novel opens with Kurumi planning to attack a DEM Industries plane because the Second Spirit is on there.

Meanwhile with the main story, Shido loses control the sealed power of the Spirits and gets into a intoxicated state where he flirts with pretty much every woman from all of the Spirits, Reine, and even Ellen. The plan of the novel is in order to get Shido’s powers back under control.

All of the Spirits go out with Shido in order to seal their part of his power. It all goes well until DEM intendes to take advantage of the situation in order to kill Shido. Shido throws a blast of Spirit energy at Ellen and she dodges. Mana arrives to fight against Ellen and when she arrives Shido asks about Mio and if she’s been saved from DEM.

This is a major part of the story that’s been hinted at. In my original review, I thought it was a misspelling or it was going to be the Second Spirit. I was wrong on both counts. I’m still reading the arc after this one but I have received some spoilers from the Date A Live Reddit and let me tell you this is some seriously good stuff from here on out.

Ellen is chased off and Tohka, the last girl on a date with Shido, kisses Shido returning him to normal.

The novel ends with Kurumi seeing the ship holding the Second Spirit was shot down by Shido.

In Nia Creation we meet the Second Spirit Nia Honjou found on the side of the road by Shido. He takes her back to her apartment and finds out she’s both the Second Spirit, a famous mangaka, and a major fujoshi and otaku.

Ratatoskr tries to push Shido to date Nia by appealing her to her love of anime and manga with cosplay. However that fails when Shido cosplays one of her favorite characters but breaks characters. Later Shido and the other Spirits challenge Nia to a doujin manga contest which they win. However Wescott comes back and tortures Nia to the point of forcing her to Invert and this allows him to steal her Demon King to use her powers, a book Angel that allows its user to search any information in the world.

Wescott leaves and Shido seals Nia to stop her powers from going out of control. He manages to get her powers back under control. While recovering in Ratatoskr, Nia reveals that all Spirits used to be normal humans.

And that’s the story of the volumes that I think are going to be covered in the anime. And while I haven’t read passed Nia Creation, the spoilers I’ve seen are telling me that the Kurumi Arc is going to be insanely good stuff. It’s going to be hype as heck once the anime comes back and I can’t wait. Maybe just maybe we’ll finally get the games and the novels in America? I can dream…

So until the next post,
Later Days

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Let’s cut through some of the tension with some beautiful Mayuri drawn by Tsunako, artist of Date A Live and Neptunia.

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