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The Final Season of the Fairy Tail anime, intended to cover the last arcs of the manga

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The Art style from the previous episodes remains of course but I did enjoy the moments of darkness when the Battle God was summoned as well as Zeref’s talk with Acnologia. Don’t get me wrong. I like the look of the art overall but Fairy Tail has always been about being happy and finding the light in the dark as well as friendship. As a result, I don’t think the colors don’t fit the happy times that the manga and anime often have.


Continuing from where we left off at the beginning of the Avatar Arc, the middle and the end of the Avatar played out as more of a show of what the members of Fairy Tail that we has seen before’s abilities. Avatar was dealt with in such a quick way you’d have to wonder why they were considered to be a threat at all by Jellal who gave Erza and Gray the job in the beginning. After all, just a group of 8 people including the cats kicked the collective butts of an army of 2000 including their main guild members which were toted as some of the more powerful Dark Guild members.


Regardless like I said in my previous review, the real point of the Avatar arc was never to introduce Avatar as a credible threat. It’s more similar to the Fishman Island arc in One Piece. It’s to show how the main cast has leveled up as well as to show more sides of Gray.


The next arc being the Restoration of Fairy Tail/Alvarez Empire Arc is where we get into the really interesting stuff. The secret of Fairy Heart has been shown to everyone and we find that Doranbolt was actually a member of Fairy Tail from the word go. As well we find out the real reason why Makarov disbanded Fairy Tail one year ago.


How the story played out looked interesting to me at the start but as Erza said they were going to rescue Makarov I got annoyed and even more when he managed to survive an assassination attempt. No offensive but I don’t like how many times Makarov has been put up as guild master. Don’t get me wrong he’s been doing well but he’s come back from the dead/near death so many times he should be as immortal as Zeref is.


Now to talk Alvarez Empire, they really started off strong with Brandish’s show of power and yet she’s still a decent character, having those standard Fairy Tail quirks to her yet still being able to be taken seriously. Add in the stuff with Ajeel during the escape with Makarov, Alvarez set themselves to be an amazing antagonists on par with Tartarus, Grimoire Heart, and Phantom Lord(yeah Phantom Lord arc was a good one in my book).

Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy’s coming more into herself and now they know what’s the secret of Fairy Tail is. She’s always been a stable of Fairy Tail but she’s arguably the heart of Fairy Tail, bringing them together once again.

Natsu Dragneel

Still the same old Natsu although he displays his more serious side with the business with Avatar. Just like always Natsu has a powerful connection with Fairy Tail and ends up going headlong with Erza’s plan to save Makarov despite the message left with Mest. He’s always been a good guy but never the brightest guy.

Erza Scarlet



Erza always the good girl in a way thinks that going to save Makarov is the best idea despite the fact that he’s gone ahead to try and save their butts from the Alvarez Empire. In my opinion, “trying to save him”, can serve to end up getting him and them killed because he’s supposed to be going there with peaceable intentions. Bringing some of the most powerful mages in Fiore doesn’t look very peaceable.

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