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Spirits. Different life forms that exist in a critical space and cause peculiar disasters.

Strategy 1: Annihilate them by military force.
Strategy 2: Date them and make them fall in love.

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I’m happy to get back to reviewing Date A Live especially after so long. It feels like the Mayuri Judgement movie came out only a little while ago but it’s actually been 4 years nearly.


So the one thing that Date A Live always does well is color. All of the Spirits have their own unique color and each one fits not only their personality but their combat. As a result, Date A Live has always been a colorful series with its characters as well as its environment. The scene of the abandoned amusement park during sunset was visually beautiful.


I already think that with just this first episode that we’re off to a better start than with the beginning of season 2. The reason being is that the start of the 2nd season was a filler episode. And on the other side, this episode had a brief moment of filler at the beginning it got through a decent chuck of the beginning of the Natsumi Arc.


I feel that the voice for Natsumi has pulled off the beautiful onee-san voice very well but also has shown the character as she is. Natsumi has always been the type to need to be assured or has low self confidence. That’s why she first asks Shido does he find her attractive and is so overjoyed. And it’s also the reason why she reacted so violently to what she thinks Shido saw.

Shido Itsuka

Shido’s still being Shido-ish. He’s always been a perceptive guy and I have no question that he’ll be able to see through Natsumi’s ruse eventually.


Natsumi has always been a unique Spirit due to her circumstances and need to feel beautiful. Her growth is going to be an interesting thing to see.

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