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Spirits. Different life forms that exist in a critical space and cause peculiar disasters.

Strategy 1: Annihilate them by military force.
Strategy 2: Date them and make them fall in love.

Let’s get down to the main review.


The art style continues to be well done in my opinion although there weren’t many things that particularly showed it off to me during these two episodes.


The Natsumi arc comes to a close with Natsumi’s sealing which I found enjoyable. I always enjoy Shido at the end of an arc when it’s time to do a sealing versus the beginning of one when he’s got the Fraxinus crew in his ear. With the Fraxinus crew, it always feels like Shido’s playing a role to get the interest of the Spirit that they’re trying to talk to but at the end , he’s always on his own and his real personality shines through that reaches the Spirit.


I also have to admit that Natsumi’s transformation into the lollipop got me in the end. I legitimately thought she had disappeared. The best deception is often the one in plain sight.


Moving on, we have ourselves the beginning of the Origami arc which is probably one of the most changing tonal arcs in the series akin to the Kurumi arc. It tore me up inside when Tohka looked into Origami’s eyes and saw that deep hatred and emptiness she once saw when they were enemies again. It reminds us while Origami had always been standoffish and disliked the Spirits, she had softened to them and grown to accept them. That’s something she hated about herself, that she could imagine and even enjoy a daily life with Spirits. And that’s why she joined DEM Industries as Ellen’s second(it wasn’t made clear in the anime but Origami has Mana’s old job now).

The series is moving forward and I enjoy what’s upcoming.


It’s something to be happy about with Natsumi’s sealing. It’s probably the first time in a while that’s she’s felt accepted for who she is rather than what she appears as. Having Shido and the other Spirits as her friends will definitely go a long way in making her feel better about herself.


Nothing hurts more than a character becoming better, rising above the hate and pain they’ve felt only to go back. Some would describe Origami’s actions right now as character de-evolution but I firmly disagree. It’s not de-evolution for a person to take a look at the decisions they’ve made and disagree with them. It’s more of our personal preference as readers to enjoy their development but it doesn’t mean that the character in universe will enjoy what they have become over time. I think this makes Origami a more interesting character. She’s making all of the wrong decisions and throwing a way a happy life but she’s doing because her past won’t let her be happy living and being friends with Spirits.

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