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An Update Post: Things So Far

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Update For the Next Few Weeks

Hey everyone. It’s Deven Luca coming at you again. This time is an update post.
I’m sad to say that my computer after 7 years of good and hard work has broken down again. The battery I’ve been using for a year can’t hold a charge again.
Now normally I’d be telling you that I’m going to be an indefinite hiatus until I can pull off some type of black magic to get the money to get a new battery.
However I do have the money to get the battery and I have placed the order on Amazon. It should be coming in my house around January 2 to January 7.
That’s great right!
But until then I’m not going to be posting a lot because I can’t really get the pictures in. However I’ll still be writing the reviews and once the battery comes in I’ll be getting all the pictures and posting all the reviews I’ve missed.
Oh one more thing. Before I go on my technical hiatus, I’m going to do a quick little post on the new Fate/Grand Order trailer.
I think that’s it…
Wait! One more thing!
Also I’m going to be going to college this Spring. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop doing reviews on AnimeThief or AnimeWithSky at all. If anything, things are going to be better. If I manage to get a good amount of financial aid back after getting my books and classes set, I’ll buy myself a new computer. That means more posts mainly because the main obstacle is the fact that my computer doesn’t last very long. So with a new computer I can post as much as I want.
And one more thing. My tablet’s battery is very weak and it doesn’t last very long. It jumps around and whole lot of stuff. It even randomly turns off. It’s not safe for me to use for long times. As a result, I’m going to be putting my Love Live School Idol Festival: Before and After the Event stuff on indefinite hiatus until I can get a job and save up the money to get a new tablet.
That’s it I think. Sorry for having to drop Before and After the Event for the moment. I promise that it will return.
Until I come back,
Later Days

Let’s Look: Trinity Seven Episode 4: Battle Against a Dragon and Bunny Panties!

So now we’ve got the sixth member of the Trinity Seven and now we’ve got a battle against a dragon! And Arata finally figures out his powers

So after the opening we get Arata and Lilith walking through the hallways of the school…looks like everything’s finally fixed.

As they walk they talk about Arata’s ability to copy magics.


Noooo! Not that! Did he not listen to my rant about competitive balance in a story? The main character can’t be too overpowered or there’s no story. Look at Superman. Most boring hero ever. Batman on the other hand…

So once they get to class they find that everyone’s asleep.

Maybe they hit that snooze button just one too many times…


Hmmm…could be. You saw that lecture she gave in the second episode. Boring!

So Levy comes down from the ceiling and takes a look at everyone and says that it’s something else.

Ah that makes sense. So what’s the plan?



I’m shocked but I completely agree! Quick get me my shaving cream and black marker!


See Brother Arata will lead the charge!

Then we get a quick pic of the school, the sound of something getting whacked and we see this.


I don’t need to be a genius to see what happen. Lilith unleased Harem Nanny Hell on their faces.

So Mira’s tired of all the playing around so she and Akio head down to deal with the Breakdown Phenomenon.

What? You don’t want to work together? Loner. Don’t worry you’ll love being a part of the harem soon.

So after they leave the Headmaster explains properly that Yui Kurata, the hot girl that looks like Mirajane from Fairy Tail, is causing this effect because she’s close to waking up. If she isn’t put back to sleep even the members of the Trinity Seven and Arata will fall asleep and soon the world! MWhahahaha!


I’m starting to think I do the evil laugh thing too much…nah you guys love it.

So we head down to the dungeon and Lilith explains the reason that Yui’s powers went out of control was because of the Breakdown Phenenemenon that Arata caused earlier.

Smooth move bro.

Also when they went to the beach, did they take Yui with them or just leave her in the basement?

So Lilith assures him that they can still save Yui if they make it to Yui before Mira and Akio. Because if Mira and Akio make it first they’ll kill her.

Everyone switches into Magus Mode and then they find these things.


Hmmm pretty weird looking ghosts.

Okay Arata time to bust out some magic…but the Codex doesn’t have any idea how to make the gun he copied off Lilith. Thank goodness he isn’t alone. He’d be dead otherwise.

So leave it to the cute haremettes to save the day.

Arata tries again and gets a toy gun…you’re playing twisted games Codex. Of course it doesn’t fire anything so Arata throws it to the ground.


Sexy but now their Magus Mode is deactived. Now you’re all going to die. Well it’s been nice.

Too badass!

So they get started at a run down to get to Yui and Lilith explains that Levy is one of the top five mages in fighting.

Once they get into some dark corridor some little things slip themselves into Lilith’s clothes…oh and they get into Arata’s too but we care more about Lilith.

So with the power of her Ruina, Arin uses her Chaostic Rune to destroy them.


Why does that word seem familiar? Oh it’s a computer term! Macro is a type of program where you can rig it to a repetitive task for you.

Then Arin explains how a Macro works.

So it’s like Shortcutting to the pouch in any type of RPG. Useful.

So after that they finally get down to the final floor but there’s one more thing they’ve got to deal with before they get to Yui.


Damn it! Wait…they left before Arata and them how did they just get here?

That’s one way to get down to the basement…the other is the freaking stairs woman!

So when Arata asks if they’re going to kill Yui, Mira says that she’s causing the Breakdown Phenamenon so she has to be stopped.

She also throws down a challenge!

And who picks it up? No other than Levy!

Who starts a fight with Akio!

Things are about to get interesting. Two members of the Trinity Seven going at it!

Of course this is a action harem romantic comedy. We’ve had the action now to have the romantic comedy harem part.

Bunny panties?


So after taking advantage of Mira’s embarassment they run down to Yui’s room where we see this.

Wait a second… she doesn’t look Mirajane now!


Hmm that explains that any thoughts Arata?


I always go to Arata for the truth on any subject. I’m guessing a loli like face with big boobs got some really use with Mikuru Asahina from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Anyway once the dragon opens its eyes Arata drops down on his knees and his Breakdown Pheamenon begins. Remember his Breakdown Phenamenon caused Yui’s so it’s logical for the two to be connected.

So then Arin and Lilith try to go at ahead with the dragon but they don’t do anything. Then Akio and Mira come through all casual. Wait…if they’re here that means…they killed Levy!


Oh she’s fine. I thought she was dead for a moment.

So Mira and Akio agree to a truce because the dragon’s just too tough for them to beat on their own so teaming up is best.

So Lilith, Akio, and Mira take the charge while Levy gets Arata away from the action so he can recover from the Breakdown Phenanemenon.

She explains that he’s time for him to learn how to use his magic and battles like are likely to happen if he ever wants to save Hijiri(Ayaka Suwa is getting like no time in his anime. Rie Kugimiya is the voice of the Codex so she doesn’t even do that. Sad…).

Arata agrees with her and Levy says that it’s also the best way to save Yui. Arata says that they must be good friends.

Levy explains that she never expects anything of people and Yui can’t have real friends because of her power needing to keep her asleep. However despite that they do care about each other.

I know it sounds sad that Levy doesn’t expect anything of others but she doesn’t see anything.


She goes into things with no expectations so she’s always surprised. Life is a great adventure for her. She takes a negative and makes it positive. That’s the mark of a good person.

After their little talk the dragon turns on Levy and Arata and Levy jumps into the battle, asking Lilith to give Arata the basics about how to use magic.

Lilith and the Codex explain that magic is a give and take either with magical energy or psyche as the cost. If the cost is too high, then you’ll end up just like those ghost things.

And it’s worst for Arata because of the fact that he’s a Demon Lord Candidate.

What’s your thoughts on it Arata?


I knew I’d love this guy. Just like the action parts of Sora no Otoshimono!

So Levy takes his hand and tells him to imagine the Codex becoming a gun and tells him to focus all his energy on that. And you know what’s she does to finish it.


I think Levy just jumped to the lead of the pack! Go Levy!

And it works!

And he takes out the dragon in one shot and saves Yui!

So how does Yui show her gratitude?


She hugs him naked and the episode ends with Levy saying that Arata has surpassed her all expectations.

Now I’m sad. The ending changed.

The first three episodes ending was, as you know, Beatiful Sentence by Yumi Hara(Lilith Asami) and Aya Uchida(Arin Kannazuki). However the new ending is SHaVaDaVa in AMAZING by Ayane Sakura(Levy Kazama) and Rie Murakawa(Yui Kurata).

The ending is going to change two more times and I think they’re going to be good ones.

Also because of a fansubber that said something to me on Twitter. I feel the need to get my anime a different way. So starting now, I’ll be posting my reviews with pics from the stream then later I’ll update them with pics from a fansubber I trust.

So here’s some good pics of the girls from that great sub that I got!

So that’s all we have for this review. I really liked this episode we’ve got here and I can’t wait for the next episode. It looks like the seventh and finale member of the Trinity Seven appears and you’ll never guess who’s voicing her. Or maybe you will. Regardless I’ll have a whole bunch of jokes about it in the next review.

So until the next review,
Later Days

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Let’s Look:Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 30: Gastrodons and Spirits Become Evil!

The filler arc has some good starts! I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

So we start off this episode with the narrator(hey the good old narrator’s back.) saying that the weather’s been all out of whack lately.

Bad for the world. Good for Fairy Tail Wizards.

They’ve never had this much work. Look at the guild hall.


Wow you can practically hear the chirping crickets.

So turns out pretty much everyone is out on a job right now.

So what are Natsu, Happy and Lucy going to do?

Mira’s got their back with a job in the town of Seabellius and they need a Celestial Wizard! Looks like it’s right up the Lucy alley!

But first they’ve got to get there…


Poor Dragon Slayer. Can’t catch a break at all.

Sooo…two projectile vomit filled hours later… they arrive at the coordinates for Seabellius but there’s nothing there except a great ocean view.

Looks like someone got played. It’s okay it happens to the best of us.

But you know what doesn’t happen to the rest of us. This!


It’s a Gastrodon! Get it from Pokemon! Looks like it’s an East Sea Gastrodon.

These are the jokes people…

Lucky they’re on a beach that means that Lucy can summon Aquarius…not the best play. She wash us all out to sea but hey whatever.

Hmmm it didn’t work. Trying again doesn’t work either and Taurus isn’t answering either. Maybe they put the whole summoning from the Golden Key thing on vibrate and aren’t noticing it?

Lucky we’ve got Natsu.

Snapshot_17 Snapshot_18

So…how bad of a lost is it if they lose to a giant sea slug…pretty bad.

So Lucy tries to summon every key that’s she got but nothing’s working.

Maybe not…we’re screwed.

Also Natsu got spit out by the sea slug. How can I tell?




Haha he looks like an ostrich!

But it looks like Natsu’s able to pull a win out.

Wow look at that sucker fly. Come on Gastrodon. You’re weak to Grass not Fire.

Anyway after that we switch back to the guild where Mira and the others(Gray, Erza, and Wendy) are worrying about Natsu and Lucy because there is no such thing as the town of Seabellus.

Then through the rain, Someone comes to the door.



It’s Yukino!

She’s got something to say but we switch back over to Lucy and Natsu.

Lucy keeps trying to summon the Spirits but nothing works until she decides to summon Crux, one of the Silver Key Spirits.


He tells them that the Spirit World and Human World are both in danger but before he can say what happened. We get this.


Virgo what happened to you!

Nice boob window.

After the commercial we go back to Yukino and the guys and she explains how her Golden Keys aren’t working either.

So Virgo’s all SM Dom now. Hmm Mashima good work on the alternate forms of the Spirits.

So Lucy gets into a whip duel with Virgo.

Then Lucy manages to get the rock that Virgo’s standing on but…

She can’t do it. Despite being different now, she’s still her friend and she can’t hurt her.

Normally I’d say that Lucy was being a bit naive. It’s a battle and she needs to be willing to hurt Virgo to save her but I can’t right now.

I just read chapter 37 of Fuuka. I’m not going to mix Fairy Tail with Fuuka but I’ll explain everything in my Fuuka Review which I swear will be out next week and my Suzuka Review which will be on out on November 1st.

Okay. Got to stay good with the reviewing. Okay! Back to Fairy Tail.

So after her little show of weakness to Virgo, Virgo just starts wailing on her! Like I wonder if she’s got any welts or something after that.

After going too far, Natsu throws a massive fireball at Virgo.

And then the Celestial Spirits that Lucy is contracted come to the battlefield.

Did they just turn Aquarius into a loli? Also her voice sounds familiar? I could swear that Sora Takui is voicing her but I’m not sure. I need to do some research in that.

So once Loke appears, may I add in cool armor, the Celestial Spirits announce that their contracts with Lucy are over and they seek true freedom.

But Lucy won’t accept it. She calls out to Aquarius, the Spirit that she’s been with since the beginning, but even she doesn’t remember her.

Damn. After reading chapter 37…to forget bonds made years ago…it really brings a tear to my eye.

However things aren’t going to back to the way they were without a fight Lucy.


Now the fight begins.

They’re getting owned and Lucy keeps trying to reach them to no avail.

Natsu tells Happy to get Lucy away while he goes in and fights Loke.

But even Natsu can’t go against them so the only thing they can do is retreat.


And the episode ends with the Spirits returning and Loke saying they need do something in order to get true freedom.

It was a pretty good episode. Although I’m not in a great place to review right now. I’ll give this episode 8/10 for a good beginning to the filler. I’m curious what’s going happen next.

So until next episode,
Later Days

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Let’s Look:Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 29: Giving The Spirits Their Wishes!

Feel free to read the review but to be straight nothing major happens. You can skip it and go straight to next episode without missing much.

So this episode doesn’t have much stuff to work with so it’s going to be a kinda short.

So Lucy and Yukino along with Natsu and Happy go up the Hill of Stars to summon all 12 Celestial Spirits to thank them for closing the Eclispe Gate during the battle against the Dragons.

So Lucy and Yukino decide to summon each Spirit one by one to let them have any wish they want from them.

And that’s it! I could really end the review there and you’d be ready for the next episode.

However I respect you all too much for that and I’m listening to ‘See You at the Elementario’ by Brilliant Four(The Ending for Amagi Brilliant Park) so I’m in the mood for some extra stuff.

So I’m going to heroically count down my top favorite moments in this one. That counts as a review? Right?

Anyway coming in at number 10 is Libra!

Libra is the Spirit of the Scales and she belongs to Yukino. So what do you want Libra?

That’s it? You can see why it’s number 10…

So moving on number 9 is Aries!

Aries is the Spirit of the Ram and she belongs to Lucy. So what could she want?


She wants a tan? We’ve got tanning beds for this…


Too much dude…


Well at least she’s happy…

Coming around the park at number 8 is Taurus!

Taurus is the Spirit of the Bull and he belongs to Lucy. We all know he’s a S-Class pervert so what does he want?

Well he’s got good taste…and with that he heads home.

Around at number 7 is Cancer!

Cancer is the Spirit of the Crab and he also belongs to Lucy. So what could a hairdresser from the sea want?

Hmm so how it turn out?


Hahahaha but this reminds me of the Tarturus Arc when…I can’t tell you sorry. I’m not going to give spoilers for you anime only viewers.

At number 6 is Capricorn.

Capricorn is the Spirit of the Goat and he also belongs to Lucy. So let’s get it to it.



What?! What?! I’m awake! He just started reading and I just blacked out for a minute.

So now we’re getting down to the good ones.

Coming in at number 5 is Gemini.

Gemini are the twin Spirits of the …well the Twins and they along belong to Lucy. Love these guys.

Hahaha it hurts to laugh so much.

Coming in at number 4 is Sagittarius.

Yeah he belongs to Lucy too and he’s the Spirit of the Archer.

Oh god! It hurts! It hurts to laugh this much. Not only does Happy get a afro but it gets cut by an arrow!

Next up at number 3 is Leo.

He belongs to Lucy and he’s the Spirit of the Lion and leader of the Zodiac. He’s also a member of Fairy Tail but that’s another story.

So what do you want Loke?

Hmmm I completely agree! Soft soft, white hair, curvy figure! I’d go for her too!

Close to the number 1 is number 2 is Pisces.

They belong to Yukino and they are the Spirits of the Fish. So what do they want?

Ah the sweet irony! The fish eats the cat! Hahaha good one!

The great number one is Aquarius.

She belongs to Lucy and she’s the Spirit of the Water Bearer.

Aquarius isn’t my favorite because of the comedy but because of the bond that she has with Lucy.

Aquarius is the first Spirit that Lucy obtain after her mother died. And because of being rich, Lucy didn’t have any friends so Aquarius was the only companion she had.

So Lucy does a little play with Yukino to try and make Aquarius laugh. It doesn’t work…epically and she ends washing them out and Lucy gets hung on a branch on a cliffside.

Aquarius pulls her off and puts her under a blanket so she won’t get a cold. She has a flashback of Lucy when she was younger.

Now we all know that Aquarius is …not a friendly person but Lucy did love her and cherished playing with her.

As we can see through the flashback, Aquarius cares for her too.

This last part could actually work in the canon since it really enhances a certain part of the Tarturus arc when Lucy summons Aquarius.

I could tell what happens but why spoil you? All I have to say is that I really hope that Eri Kitamura and Aya Hirano can give it their all in that scene.

So the episode ends with Lucy and Aquarius sitting down and looking at the stars.


So it was a funny episode and the part with Aquarius was really nice. So I’ll give Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 29 a 7/10 for good feels and some good comedy.

Now things are serious! The filler arc is coming next week. I hope it’s good. Although I really wished that they adapted A Day with Asuka and 419 Days. But hey they’ll do it someday.

But next the next review,
Later Days

Let’s Look: Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 27: Rogue, I Think Your Cat’s Stupid.

I have to say I’m liking these fillers. Props to Hiro Mashima for making the source material and props to Studio Satelight for adapting it.

So we start off this episode with Lector and Frosch, the Exceeds from Sabertooth. Apparently Lector’s looking for a new vest to buy.

Relax man. You’re a cat. No one’s paying attention to your fashion choices.

So while Lector’s being a slave to fashion, Frosch disappears into the crowd. Noo!

So after the opening, we hear the people of the town say how much warmer and nice the Sabertooth mages are after Sting became the guild master.

Snapshot_3 Snapshot_4

He’s taken up the will of Gemma!


Oh it’s a pool! Yay! Swim time and it’s time to see Yukino in a bikini!

So the Sabertooth mages comment that they must be the only guild that has a swimming pool in their guild hall…



Darn and they only got theirs finished seven years ago.

So everyone’s having fun. Sting’s splashing everyone. Orga and Rufus are chilling with some floaties. Then Lector comes in and explains what happened.

Of course Rogue goes off. Calm down dude. It’s not Lector’s fault your cat has the attention span of a goldfish.

So it’s time to go looking for Frosch!

Snapshot_10 Snapshot_11

So after a bit of looking they run into Gajeel and Pantherlily. Rogue goes crazy again and gets all aggressive with Gajeel asking if he’s seen Frocsh.


Ummm…dude you do remember the last time you fought him right. It ended with an Iron Shadow Dragon’s Roar to the face.

So after Sting reins in Rogue, Pantherlily tells them that they saw Frocsh ten minutes ago in the park.

So they rush over there and find Wendy and Carla but no Frosch…

Turns out Wendy’s in town buying a swimsuit. But it’s too big for her and she says that she can’t fill it out. Poor Wendy. It’s tough being the token Loli but hey every anime needs one.


So Rogue gets all up in her face too.

Snapshot_14 Snapshot_15

So Sting sends him flying into a post while Yukino explains the situation and Carla points them down the street where they last saw Frocsh.

Here we go again.

But before we go, Lector totally hits on Carla.


And something funny happens.


He sensed a disturbance in the Love Force!

So after they run into Ichiya of Blue Pegasus…and isn’t much help…in fact…well… see for yourselves.


AAAAAHH! MY EYES! MY EYES! What the hell man?!

Snapshot_18 Snapshot_20

Anyway they manage to run into Frocsh who’s staring at a map. Apparently he’s trying to get home by himself…Let’s look to Sting and Lector on how likely that is.


They know the cat’s stupid too.

Anyway Rogue makes them wait…in his own way.

And Sting gets all mad. And thus Sting x Yukino and Rogue x Yukino was born!

So they let Frosch try to find his way back by himself. Of course he gets distrcted by a butterfly and nearly hit by a horse carriage.

As they follow Frosch they run into Kagura and Millianna who both want to take Frosch home. Millianna just loves cats and apparently Kagura just likes cute things…or frogs…one of the two. She’s a weird young woman.


So while they start arguing Frocsh runs off and runs into some frog traders. Wait Frog traders? That’s a thing? Anyway they can’t catch him because either Frosch is too fast or they’re stupid. Then Natsu, Happy, and Lucy show up and help out.

So next Frocsh runs into Juvia and Grey.

Yay Juvia and Grey together. More likely that they’ll be together!


Anyway after Frosch starts to cry, Grey and Juvia offer to walk him back to the guild hall but Frosch says no since he’s a member of Sabertooth he’ll make his own way home. He doesn’t want to keep depending on his friends. Aww that’s nice. But look at this.


See clothes


No clothes and it was like a second he was off camera! How fast of a stripper is Gray!?

Anyway Frosch continues on with Sting, Rogue, Yukino, and Lector watching until Frosch meets Erza. Frosch shows her the present he…she…I don’t know what Frosch is. I want to say that he’s a guy but I’m not sure.

Anyway he wants to show her the present he got for Rogue.


Hahahah are you going to wear it Rogue!

Anyway after that Frocsh asks for directions and after walking for hours. He makes it to…the Fairy Tail Guild Hall! It’s a completely different city!

And that ends episode 27.

If you’re looking for deep emotional stuff or action, don’t come here.

It was definitely all comedy and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Side Note:Rogue I suggest a new Exceed. Your current one needs to get a brain.

Anyway I give this episode 8/10 for good comedy and good art. It’s always good to see a new side to characters and we get that here with the Sabertooth guys and one girl.

So the next one is called Moulin Rouge. And it turns out that Moulin Rouge is a current member of Fairy Tail. Wanna know who it is? Check it out next week.

Also I’m loving the fact that Hiro Mashima is one of the hardest working guys in Manga. He’s made a massive amount of omake chapters for the anime to adapt while the manga gets more distance on it. My favorites out of this omakes would have to be ‘A Day with Asuka’ and ‘418 Days’. Mostly 418 Days because it’s all Juvia centric and the shipping is in full force!

So I’m guessing that it’s going to be Moulin Rouge, then A Day with Asuka and then 418 Days.

So that’s all I have for this review,
Until the Next Review,
Later Days

Akuma no Riddle Speculation 2#

Hey everyone. What’s up? It’s Deven once again with a Speculation. It’s already a season passed? Wow it’s been some time. Time to revisit something from the Spring of 2014 anime! No it’s not Date A Live. Patience brothers and sisters all good things come to those that wait. I’m talking about Akuma no Riddle.

Now that the anime is over and I finally got some extra time on my hands(read: no internet so I have no choice but to work), I can finally get this Speculation done.

As you all know I did my first Akuma no Riddle Speculation while the anime was still airing so I didn’t really get to do all the characters and their flowers. I promised myself that after the anime I’d get to it but you know. Life gets in the way sometimes. But now I’ve got the time and more importantly the downloads so I’m adding all the ending songs for Speculation too!

Big thanks to Funimation for picking up Akuma no Riddle and subtitling all the endings! I’m going to one more Akuma no Riddle Speculation on who I think will get parts in this anime!

So let’s get going!


The beautiful Otoya(voiced by the even more beautiful Manami Numakura) will go first!

These are mountain lillies which mean joy of life which now that I have some hindsight works with Otoya’s personality. Someone that takes so much live would get their own jollies off killing.

At the beginning of Otoya’s song with that guitar rift(sorry if I got the term wrong. I don’t know music terms) it gives me a sight of a spider walking along a web. The theme of the song is basically you’re going to die so you might as well let Otoya have her fun with you. And Otoya’s fun hurts…a lot…all the time. Stay away until you want to die!


My cute little academic is second.

These are red spider lillies which have two meanings ‘looking forward to seeing you again’ and ‘sad memories’. We really get this a lot with Kouko because she really cared about her senpai Irina. Also to the fact that she was raised by a Christian orphanage so she must be a Christian so she would see Irina in heaven I guess. Sad memories also works since Kouko regrets her mistake with the car bomb that ended up killing Irina.

Kouko’s song quite simple in design. It’s her walking through in pace with the music. However the words are what get you. They describe Kouko’s life after she killed Irina, how she became so driven. Yet the song says that she wants to be saved from the life that she lives.


The better big sister is third and she’s really cool.

These are Verbena flowers which symbolize familial love. That fits perfectly with Haruki who loves her family so much that she became an assassin. You can guess that with the way she acts that if she wasn’t aiming to kill Haru then she’d be a pretty good person.

Now I look at the terms and searches that bring people to my blog and the most used one for Akuma no Riddle is Haruki Sagae!

Haruki’s song has a lot of yellows, blacks, and reds to it. However that’s not as important as the lyrics and the pictures. Haruki talks about how she wants to be free from the assassin life and is willing to give up her life to keep her promise to be there for her siblings. Now I said it in the original version of this post and I’ll say it again. This girl is the best big sister I’ve seen in an anime for a while. Now how many sisters are ready to kill for their siblings?


Every anime has one, the designated loli at fourth and her princely lover at fifth.

These are white and red roses which symbolize love for the red roses and purity for the white roses. You can see it in their relationship even without the yuri. Chitaru loved and respected her master so much that she joined the Black class to track down the girl that killed her daughter. Hitsugi has in her personality which is very innocent and kind minus the whole Angel’s Trumpet thing.

Even I can’t mess this up! It’s a tragedy song. It’s all about how Hitsugi and Chitaru are star-crossed lovers. Nothing else matter other than their pure Yuri love! I love it! It also talks about how if the world would reject them and their angels turn into demons they’d plummet into Hell. Sounds great!


She didn’t get much but here she is as number six.

These are thistles which symbolic of revenge. Now in the anime we can’t see this but in the manga we can see this through Shiena’s conversation with Otoya about how she hates bullying. So she could have been bullied while she was little so she could have become an assassin to kill the people that bullied her.

Note: Shiena did not get an ending song or a song on any of the character CDs which is odd since she was on the cover of the second one.


The Immortal Highlander comes in at number seven!

These are Red Tulips which symbolize declarations of love. It works well with Suzu because her life is all about love, losing it ,gaining, and losing it again. Seeing as she lost her first boyfriend because of her Highlander Syndrome and she has a massive shiptease with Kouko. I approve! Two of my favorite girls on this show with beautiful Yuri action? I’d faint from happiness! She also shows moving on pass lost loves. At the end of the anime you see Suzu moving on pass her lost love and vowing to make the best of her immortal life.

Now I look at the most popular posts on my blog too, And How Old Are You, Shuto-san? is one of the most popular post dealing with Akuma no Riddle. Thanks!

Now this song just puts all of Suzu’s feelings in one song and just goes all out with it. The image while she’s singing is of Suzu in her old Meiji Restoration kimono holding hands with her old boyfriend and as the song ends she shifts to the clothes she wears now. The song talks about how much she hurts about losing her lover because of her disease and she hasn’t forgotten him no matter how many years pass.


The girl with two minds is coming in at eight!

These are Moonflowers and Japanese Bindweeds which symbolize bewitching and ties respectively. You can see the bewitching part very clearly with Mahiru. No one seems her a threat. They’re all afraid of Shinya who they think is the real killer. However Mahiru’s the one that wants to do all the killing. Shinya just does the deed. The only person that figured this out was Otoya ironically saying they have more in common during the day that what appears. As for ties, she wears a tie in her uniform…hahaha . I had to do that. Anyway ties represent how Mahiru and Shinya are tied together spiritually and emotional as well as physical all because they are two halves of the same person. One is dependent on the other.

Now this song is a contraster type. Mahiru’s voice is very soft and feminine. However the beat track is a strong drum beat with rock guitars. I kinda would call it techno. Of course it works with her voice but the idea is the constrast. For her voice you’d expect a ballad like music but we’ve got techno. As for the lyrics, she talks about lack of hope and trying to escape only to break down in tears at the hopelessness. Then it has the sound of glass breaking and the style of the lyrics to a lot more dark stuff. So it’s safe to say it’s Shinya’s lyrics.


The sex symbol for this anime comes in at number 9.

(Side Note: Some of you might not think that Isuke’s the sex symbol for this anime. Let me remind you of some facts. She wears a mini-skirt, thigh high boots, shows her middrift, wears a leather top, has some of the biggest boobs in this anime, and she’s the only one that jumps into a bikini when they go to the pool. Yep she’s sexy!)


These are Red Carnations which symbolize believing in love. However what’s unique about Isuke’s flower is that it’s a bud and not a fully grown flower. You can make the logical guess that Isuke’s still young about love. But you clearly see that the main reason that she came to Myojo Academy is to win money so her parents would have a nice life after they retired. However I guess it’s a young love because she thinks that money can buy happiness. It can but it only last so long.

Side note: Don’t tell me that new PS3 or PS4 you got didn’t make you happy! You know you’re lying if you said it doesn’t.

So she’s trying to make her parents happy by giving them things when she could just be spending time with them. Esuke outright said that they missed her while she was at Myojo Academy. So instead of doing the quick assassin jobs and being able to spend more time with her family, she did a long job with the possibility of getting paid more and stayed away far longer and nearly got killed by Tokaku.

This song does Isuke well. It’s perky and her Seiyuu has such a sexy voice. It’s talks about how basically how badass she is. But it also talks about how even Isuke has people she cares about. The ending really conveys Isuke’s personality.


The princess comes in at number 10.

These are Iceland Poppies which symbolize comfort and relaxation. Now for Hanabusa this is pretty easy to see. She’s rich so she can afford to take it easy and not have to stress herself. Also the fact that she can bring in her own furniture so she doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. She even rented an entire floor of Myojo Academy and altered it to suit her tastes. She’s used to living in comfort.

Hanabusa’s song has to be the best song this anime made! It’s freaking badass. The music is awesome rock but Hanabusa’s voice is just so calm and chill. This ending basically says what I’ve been saying since Hanabusa went after Haru. Sumireko Hanabusa is the princess of badass and we should all start bowing down. The song does talks about how futility of situations and how cruel life is. However Hanabusa ain’t going to give up. She’s going to fight and pull out her trump card at the last minute.
That’s it for the flowers since Haru, Tokaku, and Nio do not have any. I’m not going to do Haru or Tokaku’s endings since this was supposed to be a flower and song update thing.


The final ending goes to the the Queen of Misdirection and the Unexpected at number 11.

Nio’s Seiyuu is Yoshino Nanjo, also the Seiyuu of Eli Ayase and she’s the lead singer of FripSide and a member of Lantis’s Seiyuu made Muse. So it’s not any shock that she can sing like a goddess!

Nio’s song…just Nio’s song. Note that’s shivers of fear. The song makes excellent use of dark pauses and then Nio’s face comes up smiling with that toothy grin she’s got. A bit frightening.

Now this song has some stuff that you can speculate about. One scene is Nio on a stage being controlled by puppet strings. You can clearly see that means Yuri’s controlling her. My guess is with her Queen Bee ability. Some of the lyrics talk about how Nio wishes she could fly away from where she is. She talks about how no one ever was kind enough to tell her the truth. So that makes me guess that even at the end of the anime Nio still doesn’t know that she’s under Yuri’s Queen Bee ability.

The final part of the ending is the clencher. You see Nio at the top of some type of platform and then a scene or two later you see Nio’s shoes on the ground. Now that doesn’t mean anything in the western world but in Japan people take off their shoes before they commit suicide, particularly jumping in front of trains or buses.

Wow. She killed herself. You can clearly see that Yuri uses Nio and in some part of herself Nio wants her independence. So she takes back the only way she can.

Also I’m guessing Yuri has sex with Nio. Mostly because a lot of the promo shots that have Yuri in them have Nio in them as well. So we all know how this turns out in the manga(Not the anime, they were too scared to give the real yuri), all girl school, servant that will do whatever you say, freaking Yuri manga! It’s obvious.

So on that happy note, I’ll end my Akuma no Riddle Speculation now.

I need some brain bleach after that one. And I’ve got the good stuff! Love Live…wow I’ve done a lot of Love Live Posts lately. Maybe I should do something else? Nah you guys love Love Live. Next Love Live post will be about the OVAs that came with Love Live Endless Parade Concert.

So until then,
Later Days

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Date A Live Speculation #3

Spirits. Mysterious girls appearing from another world. To fight against their pure strength with weapons, or to address them with love. Now mankind must choose.


Inner Writer: Hey Deven you haven’t done a Speculation in awhile. What’s up?

Me: Life! I don’t have time.

Inner Writer: Come on! Do a Date A Live Speculation. You can do it about the Astral Dresses. Come on you know you want to.

Me: Fine.

Warning: Religion will be talked about during this post. It’s part of the series and I won’t get on a soapbox and talk about that type of stuff. We’re here to have fun and love our fandom. That’s it.

Hey everyone. It’s Deven once again and I’m coming at you with another Date A Live Speculation Post. I feel like I’ve been slacking on the Date A Live stuff especially after the How To Be An Anime Blogger Post where I said I want to be the expert on Date A Live. So I’m coming back to you with something awesome. Astral Dresses!

Astral Dresses or Spirit Armor is the Spirit’s clothing created by their power. Spirits can change it into whatever shape, color, style, or appearance they want. They seem to be very durable, sustaining both the AST attacks as well as DEM’s Realizer’s attacks.

Now in Japanese the kanji used in light novel to spell Astral Dress means God’s Authority while the other half means Spirit’s Rainment. So Astral Dress is basically Spiritual Rainment of God’s Authority.

Also all of the Astral Dresses used are divine names of God representing each Sephirah in the Kabbalah Tree. See this tree keeps coming up. Remember that tree in the 2nd season opening, I think that might be it.  I can’t be sure but just guessing.

She’s the first girl so she goes first!

250px-Chara1_0Tohka’s Astral Dress is called Adonai Melek which translated from Hebrew is ‘God is King’ This dress definitely works with Tohka’s theme of being a knightly princess.

Hop, hop, hop! Bunny girl Yoshino’s next!

250px-YoshinooYoshino’s Astral Dress is known as El which means simply God in Hebrew. However the names of The Divine One and Almighty One can be inferred from this name. I can’t say anything about this one without getting smited it so I’ll move on. . .

Ah my beloved Kurumi!
250px-Chara4_0Kurumi’s Astral Dress is called Elohim which like Yoshino’s simply means God. Also like Yoshino I can’t say anything without offending someone. Granted I somewhat enjoy offending people. I won’t do it with religion though.

Our Little Commander!
250px-Kotori2Kotori’s ‘s Astral Dress is known as Elohim Gibor which means God of Battles. This is one I can talk about. You can see this while Kotori fights against Kurumi as her Spirit Powers take over. She really starts to enjoy it and that fits in with a lot of war gods over a large amount of mythologies.

Twins with the same clothes name!

The Yamai Twins share an Astral Dress name which is called Elohim Tzabaoth which means God of Hosts.  Now if you don’t know Host in this context means multiple powerful people. In the case of these names, it means Angels. Now the Yamai twins are two people which is multiple people and they’re powerful. I’d probably rank them as a unit stronger than Yoshino and Natsumi but weaker than Miku and Kotori.

Note: Just so you know what I think of the rankings in the Spirit Power here’s what I think.

5.Kaguya and Yuzuru

Relax. I’ll have a post . . .soon about why I think this. Back to the post.

She’s cute. She can sing and most important she’s voiced by Minori Chihara! You all know I had to say that right. I love Minori Chihara!

250px-Miku_spirit_verMiku’s ‘s Astral Dress is known as Shaddai El Chai which means Almighty Living God. I guess you can swing it as Miku was dead not only to herself but others when she lost her voice and became a Spirit. However she returned when Shido showed that he cared for her. As for the Almighty part, she ain’t all Almighty but she’s pretty darn strong.

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble. I need a cute witch on the double!

251px-Sqsd1551297538_n Natsumi’s Astral Dress is called YHVH Tzabaoth which means Lord of the Hosts.  Not only can I not think of one but it has a holy name unto God in it. I can’t touch it.

Note: I use YHVH because I don’t want to offend the Jews. They don’t speak this name aloud and I don’t think they even write it.

She may look like an angel but definitely a fallen.

300px-MetatronOrigami’s Astral Dress is simply called Ehyeh Ašer Ehyeh or otherwise known as I Am that I Am. Now this is something I can work with. Unfortunately I’ll give you spoilers for Volume 10 but hey nothing you weren’t going to see in the anime or the movie. So in the tenth volume after becoming a Spirit Origami swears to kill all Spirits and then commit suicide. When Tohka confronts her with the fact that she is a Spirit too, she says that she will reject all Spirits including herself.  Whether human or a Spirit, Origami accepted who she was and never fought it.  She is who she is regardless of what others think.

That’s it for now. I know it wasn’t a lot because of all the religious hang ups but once I do my Speculation on the Spirit’s Angels(which will come out some time in the future.) I’ll be more free to do as I want.

Until the next Speculation
Later days

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Studio Ghibli Quiting Film Biz?

Studio Ghibli Quiting Film Biz?

There is a new Ghibli film coming out this summer and according to a report, it could be the last one.

Now Studio Ghibli is known for awesome hits like My Neighbor Totoro, Grave of the Fireflies, The Cat Returns, Spirited Away, and my favorite, Kiki’s Delivery Service.

The main reason why Kiki’s Delivery Service is my favorite is because well . . .I had a crush on her when I was little. I used to rent the VHS tape all the time to see it.

Anyway . . .

Last year,the well known creator of some of Ghibli best works and a man so awesome that Toonami used to name an entire month in his honor for his movies, Miyazaki Hayao, retired from making feature animated films. Why? No idea.

An insider told Japanese site, News Cafe that Studio Ghibli’s latest release, When Marnie Was There might be their last work. The article was later posted on one of Japan’s largest web portals, Rakuten. Even though its all over the Internet, it’s like Sinnoh Confirmed. We think it’s going to happen but we have no proof.

“From here on, it appears as though this won’t be a studio that makes new works, but instead, manages its copyrights.” according to one unnamed insider.

If you don’t already got them, you can buy all the major Studio Ghibli works right here.

My Neighbor Totoro

Howl’s Moving Castle

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Spirited Away

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Whisper of the Heart (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Tales From Earthsea

Ponyo (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

The Cat Returns

The Secret World of Arrietty (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Castle in the Sky

Princess Mononoke

Wolf Children (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Note: HTML is freaking hard! You have no idea how difficult it was to learn this crap in a hour! I wish I could put up the pics of all the movies but this was as far as I got.

It seems like Studio Ghibli calling it quits. Pity. They’re one of the best studios out there for making movies. I hope that When Marnie Was There ends the studio on a good note

So until more news,
Later Days

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