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Akuma no Riddle

The story is set at Myoujou Academy, a private girls’ boarding school. The 10th year’s Kurogumi class has 12 assassins with their sights on one target, Haru Ichinose. Tokaku Azuma is a recent transfer student who is also targeting Ichinose, but she gradually develops feelings for Ichinose.

Let’s Look: Akuma no Riddle Episode 4: I Get How She Feels

Being an academic myself I really understand how she feels.

Let’s see who wants to kill Haru now.

I legit didn’t expect a girl that came in on the second day to be a good and interesting character.

Kouko is way different that Otoya in the last episode. One thing is that she’s actually sane! She’s also a very smart girl. She isn’t just all good looks.

And I’m so freaking happy! She’s got an actual past and a pretty good one at that. She was raised in a orphanage, I want say it was a Catholic one, where she was raised to be an assassin but she was teased because she wasn’t very good at it. But one person never teased her or made her feel back, her senpai Irina.

Her ineptitude got her senpai, Irina, killed. So she just killed the one person that cared about her. Sad…

Now time for some sub-plot! Why? Only because it helps the main plot.

It’s exam time at Myojo and out of the Black Class there’s only one person taking it seriously and studying.

The one person should looking around for killers is studying. Great prioriting
The one person should looking around for killers is studying. Great prioriting

And the rest of the girls…

It’s like they don’t even care…oh wait they don’t. At least someone’s remembering their roles.

Anyway Kouko cashes in her assassination notice and her first try sucks. She tries to blow Haru up with a bomb rigged to the mini fridge but the door doesn’t close all the way!

The other one is better so Tokaku sees through it. A bomb in the juice that’s a creative one.

So later studying in the library Nio comes up and tells Haru and Tokaku about the Seven Wonders of Myojo Academy, one of which is a mysterious secret room in the library with a secret book which if you check it out then you’ll have eternal happiness.

Of course Haru doesn’t see this as the blatantly obvious trap and ends up getting caught in Kouko’s trap, a massive firery explosion…that doesn’t kill anyone but full points for effort.

Kouko goes hand to hand with Tokaku but even I can see that she’s hopelessly outclassed and she loses.

The next day test scores are given out for exams and guess who got the highest score…the only person that actually tried.

This is a Red Spider Lily.
This is a Red Spider Lily.

This is a Red Spider Lily, a flower common to China and Japan during the summer. It’s a flower that often means death in the Japanese and Chinese culture. It’s a flower that makes sense to represent an assassin but it also has another meaning, rebirth.


I think that Kouko wasn’t meant to be an assassin. She was meant to be an academic or a student. Kouko’s failure here was the death of Kouko the failure assassin and her rebirth as Kouko the normal student.

This was a great episode and I really felt for Kouko.

I can’t wait until next episode. Until the next episode

Later Days

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Let’s Look: Akuma no Riddle Episode 3-Quit Making It Easier, Haru-chan

Here we are episode 3. High quality episode but that Haru. You’d better not lose your good looks because that brain…

We’ve got our first one cashing in her “I want to kill you Haru” coupon. It’s the cute but crazy, Otoya Takechi.

She was one of the girls in the last episode that I thought was going to be pretty bland, seeing as they came in late and didn’t get any characterization during the second episode. I’m happy to be proven wrong here.

Otaya was nicknamed the ‘Jack the Ripper of the 21th Century’ and her reason for wanting to Haru is so she can get Serial Killer Insurance(their term, not mine.) so she can keep killing people without fear of going to jail. Which I personally think is nigh impossible. I don’t care how many people give money to your school and how much influence you’ve got you can’t cover of this crazy(abileit highly attractive) girl’s serial killer rampages.

Please sweet Lord. Own this girl Tokaku!

Moving on…

Something else that happened earlier in the episode(more of the beginning but then again I’d don’t like to review in order. Now if I hadn’t told ya that she was psycho you’d believe the following was legit) Otoya tries to make friends with Haru and she actually believes her. Oh god. Tokaku’s got her work cut out for her.

It seems really dumb and airheaded of Haru to try to make friends with any of these girls for one reason:they are trying to kill her!

Another part of this that makes me think these girls might win just because of Haru’s airheaded is that Tokaku was looking for her most of the episode. She’s just trying to killed ain’t she?

Anway let’s move on again.

What I really like about this episode is the character of Otoya. I just that she was going to be a flat character with some flat motivation but she surprised me. What was even bigger surprise that that she gets off killing.

Of course our awesome and smart protagonist Tokaku manages to find Haru and Otoya and a great battle insues. Leading to, you guessed, Otoya’s loss and she gets kicked out by my girl Nio! I’m starting to see that Nio knows way more that she lets on and she’s certainly stronger than she looks.

Especially in this scene

I can’t wait for Nio’s turn!


This is a great episode that really had me at the edge of my seat but also with some facepalms for Haru. I hope she learns her lesson.

So who’s going to be next to cash in? I know it’s not going to be Nio. She seems like the type to wait until the moment’s right.

So until the next episode

Later Days.

Here’s awesome moments and cute pics from this episode.


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Let’s Look: Akuma no Riddle Episode 2- Things are Finally Getting Started and I’m Proud To Be Wrong

Here we are episode 2. Some anime put everything in the first and the last episode and the rest suck. Let’s see what we’ve got here.

I told you about my girl, Nio! She’s going all out. Full out war!

But we got to talk about the other stuff before we get to that…

We’ve got the rest of class coming in but they haven’t really made a good impression with me yet. Anyway with the entire Black Class gathered it’s time to get serious and like I said, my girl Nio’s the one that starts it off!

Here’s how it’s supposed to go from what I saw in the episode. Apparently it’s some type of sick and twisted game to kill our beloved red haired protagonist, Haru. Despite all the crazy and hot girls in this game, it’s got its rules.

I’ll be paraphrasing. I have to add in my comedy some way.

  1. You’ve got to declare your attempt by handing over some type of pass
  2. You can’t involve anyone that’s not inside the Black Class
  3. Can’t mess up and totally fail
  4. And you’ve only got forty eight hours from the time you make your declaration

If you mess up, you get eliminated from the game. It’s like dodgeball. You get hit and it’s over. Granted you never had to deal with knives and psycho girls in dodgeball but hey whoever said life was easy?

But let’s back up to something before that before we get to the epic ending.

But before the big meeting that night someone decided to get an early start on our target. Two guesses who is it.

That’s good. You gotta admire her eagerness. Granted it’s an eagerness to kill but it’s good all the same.

Haru invites Isuke over to her room so they can have a tea party to ‘get to know each other’. Everything in the quotes means attempt to murder. However our blue haired protagonist, Tokaku, figures it out and totally saves her from Isuke.

Tokaku wins but not without showing both Isuke and us the viewers that despite her insanely awesome and badass skills Tokaku has no kills under belt. She’s a kill virgin for lack of a better term.

What’s really amazing is these.

She’s allllll scarred up. However look. There’s not one scar on her neck which according to what I learned from Sosuke Aizen and later checked for myself, the neck is the weak point of all creatures. So someone’s been after Haru, gave her all those scars, but she still didn’t die! Can you say badass?!

No wait the most badass part is this:

Now it’s eleven assassins vs. one protector!

How are there going to pull these off? Let’s see what happens next week!(Or right after you see this post since I’m so far behind they’re all going up on the same day.)

Until then,  Later Days

Here’s awesome moments and cute pics from this episode.

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Let’s Look:Akuma no Riddle Episode 1- We Know Who’s The Target is

I’m late to the show but ready to go. Now the newest
anime blog has been born!

Now what we’ve got here is something every season of anime needs. Yuri, blood, and violence! A good old
fashion battle anime right out of the gate, that’s what
Akuma no Riddle is.

For those that don’t know Akuma no Riddle is originally
a manga written by Yun Koga and illustrated by
Sunao Minakata. If you’re jumping in the series
and you have no idea what you’re looking at just like
me I’m willing to give a quick overview because I’m
a nice guy.

Haru Ichinose is a student at a private girls’ boarding school, Myōjō Academy, who is being targeted by 12 assassins disguised as students. Tokaku Azuma is a transfer student and an assassin who also initially targets Haru, but eventually develops feelings for her and decides to protect her from the other assassins.

From Wikipedia

Okay let’s do a dive!

It’s easy to see from this fancy Wikipedia paragraph
above that this is an action filled yuri about one
girl protecting her girlfriend(future, probably? I’m
just seeing the first episode now.)

Episode 1 starts off with some type of training camp.

Oh! Someone just got owned!

And here runs in our protagonist, Tokaku Azuma.

Okay let’s get back to the story…

The first thing(other than those girls getting totally
owned) is Tokaku is an epic monster, first one to finish
the course I just showed you. One part had a epic knife
fight which she won like it was no sweat.

After that we get our principal… client… I don’t really know what to call him so let’s call him the guy with the dice, Kaiba.

He basically explains the plot. Tokaku is transfering
into the Black Class(a class at Myojo Academy) to
kill the target who’s still unknown while competing with
twelve other assassins, all girls. They’ve all been
trained since birth and have varying motives. Some do
it for the cash. Others for the influences and some do
just do it because they like killin’.

Go figure. I guess killin’ folks is one way to pass the time. Maybe they’d don’t have girls’ soccer and they took up killing to pass the time. Who knows? Anyway let’s get back to the story.

Oh also Kaiba sends Tokaku these weird riddles. I guess that’s where they get the name from but where the does the Akuma(meaning Devil, Demon, and various similar other words in Japanese)



Now next scene(well not next scene more of next important scene) We see a girl in the class that Tokaku is going to. She’s reading off all the names of the girls that are going to be in that class.

Now maybe’s it just me or just does she scream defenseless target? Maybe I’m jumping the gun.

Now for a language lesson. I know you don’t want to hear it but this is going to be quick. Promise.

In the Japanese langauge there are multiple pronouns to refer to oneself. Typically in anime, pronouns indicate the user’s personality like Watashi for shy, formal, or polite types

Now Haru speaks in the third person. In Japanese it is usually used for children but adults that are childish or want to sound cute use it too like Juvia Lockser from Fairy Tail.

Now if this doesn’t add more defenseless target points I don’t know what will.

Let’s move on.

Now we go to the scene and a classic in School type anime the classroom introduction.

We’ve got Isuke Inukai.

Oh we’ve got our first ‘I’m going to kill you’ face of the anime. Don’t worry we’ll get a lot.

Then we’ve got the girl I think I’m going to like the most in the anime, Nio Hashiri!

Then we’ve got this girl…
She ain’t saying much right now but wait ’til the sun’s down! Wooo! Scary.

Anyway after class, Haru catches up with Tokaku and tells her that they’ll be roommates and they walk around a bit, eat some dinner where Haru basically spills her guts about her dreams and how she barely managed to make it into the school. Hmm…suspecious.

Anyway after that they head to their rooms and do the room check where we see the some of the other girls.

Like these three.

So after that…

Most of the Black Class has been assembled and the girls head to bed only to receive their orders who the target is. One guess who it is.

But hey it’s only the first episode. The anime’s young and maybe someone with blue hair might help out and save her something…

So thanks for reading and see you on the next one

Okay this style of reviewing isn’t me. Plus it takes up a lot of time. Usually my Daily Mythological Creatures post take about thirty minutes to write. This took me two days! With me being so behind I’ll never catch up. That’s why I’m going to use more words and less pictures and learn the meaning of the word summarize. Next review will be only the meat of the episode and some of the veggies for you vegetarians. 

Until then, Later Days.

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Let’s Look:Akuma no Riddle Episode 5: Better Big Sisters

Okay I think that I’ve got myself a way to get these done to art where I won’t kill myself getting so many pics. Although I might use that style for more dramatic posts.

Side Note: While reading this review act like the review for Episode 4 is already up. I’m getting to it and it will be up next week.

Let’s see who’s next to want to kill Haru.

Wow didn’t expect any of the girls that were here on the first day to go so early.

So Haruki’s different from Otoya and Kouko. I want to say that she’s Otoya. How? She’s not an insane serial killer for one thing. As for Kouko she’s got some talent in being an assassin.So that’s great.

So Haruki’s got a good past not well developed because all she got was one episode but because she was there in the first episode and we got some hints about Haruki’s past in the first episode we know.

She became an assassin in order to be able to provide for her very large family.

Man that's a lot of kids.
Man that’s a lot of kids.

She’s got a lot of siblings like 10 little kids in there with a sick mom. Now that’s just sad.

Now I’m going to go into the sub-plot of the episode only to add to the main plot. Now after the exams that happened last episode the school’s having a school festival where the Black Class in putting on the play Romeo and Juliet with Kirigaya playing Juliet and Namatame playing Romeo.

Now this is real Yuri
Now this is real Yuri

Now this is the yuri that we need to see this series since our main girls aren’t so affectionate.

Anyway after setting up some of the lighting for the play Haruki goes outside and gets a call from her family. Her demeanor changes up, she talks with Nio, which never a good sign, and she goes to talk with Tokaku saying that they need to free Haru of her burdens…

By killing her. Yeah good idea Haruki.

But how did Haru get in the gym? The answer lies in Haru’s sheer dumbness. She thought that Tokaku sent her a note to meet up with her at the gym and she fell for it. Come on Haru! You live in the same room as the girl! You could have waited until she came back or called her. Oh just oh Haru.

Haruki goes for the kill right at all the beginning with a wire garrot but Tokaku comes in out of nowhere. I can’t deny that I want Haru to die sometimes with how dumb she is sometimes. Anyway Haruki and Tokaku at it and I want to say that it was a good physical battle since Haruki wears some type of leather and metal gloves but Tokaku managed to pull out of a win but Haruki pulls out an ace in the hole. She drops the lightning set!

And we get a flashback of what Haruki said to Nio asking if she killed Haru but died herself too would her wish still be granted. Answer’s yes.

Good. She’s still alive.

But it didn’t work and Haruki gives up.

This is the flower that represents Haruki Sagae.
This is the flower that represents Haruki Sagae.

This is a Geranium. It’s a unique little flower that can appear in a multitude of colors that have different meanings. This one is a purple geranium which means esteem and gentility.

I want to say that if Haruki’s family wasn’t going through what they going through she wouldn’t be an assassin. She’d be a normal girl. You can see it through her interactions with some of the other girls in episodes 1-4. She doesn’t show any anger or aggressiveness to any of them other than Nio and that’s only when she threated her family. She’s a good girl and now she’s going back to her family.

This was a good episode. I knew the girls that came on the first episode were going to be good. I can’t wait for Nio’s turn.

So until the next episode
Later Days

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First Impressions: Akuma no Riddle

Okay these are going to be what are called First Impressions. I’ll read the description and watch the  PV(Promo) of an anime and give my opinion on how things are going to go.

Okay, first up is Akuma no Riddle. It’s set at the private all girls’ boarding school, Myoujou Academy. The second years have 12 assassins with their sights set on one target, Haru Ichinose. Tokaku Azuma is a recent transfer student targeting Ichinose, but starts to develop feelings for Ichinose.

Here’s the PV.

So based on this it seems a more bloody fighting anime, similar to the style of Mirai Nikki, with a love story. I’m not sure if Tokaku is willing to abandon her hunt for Haru based on love. After all we don’t know the reason why the students are hunting down Haru. So let see how things play out.

The character designs are look awesome and the opening looks great. I can’t wait to see how they’re going to go about the plot. Make sure to check it out.

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