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Date A Live II

Second season of TV anime Date A Live.

First Look: Date A Live II Ep 1- The Date Continues

[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_00.03_[2014.04.12_18.02.55]

After a long wait the highly anticipated Date A Live is finally back for it’s second season!

How did the season opener go?

Here’s my review!

Tohka is back! Origami is back! Kotori is back! Yoshino is back! Kurumi is back! They’re all back for another season of Date A Live. Wow it’s finally here! Yep it’s been a while since we’ve last seen them all but after all that time… I was actually disappointed by this ep. Yeah, strange I know, but watching it a second time was… ugh, painful actually. Honestly this felt nothing like a season opener should be like, this could’ve rather been an OVA or just another random filler ep! But there were a few key points to bring out, points that should likely set the stage for this season.

So first up we’ve got Origami, who after the events in ep 12, has been suspended for 2 months; not as long a suspension considering what took place in that ep, but anyways she’s off duty for sometime. Overall she never missed a beat from season 1. She’s still the same calm person with that icy voice. I’d forgotten about her lack of emotion she (doesn’t) display, but that’s nothing to get upset about. I don’t mind her, she’s pretty good. Kotori is still the same commanding officer as she was in the first season; sitting in her seat issuing orders, not much new with her. Yoshino, well honestly she didn’t do/say much in this ep, but she’s pretty much the same too. And of course Tohka. I love Tohka and to me she’s the best girl, but… I didn’t like her in this ep. Another disappointment here as I was really looking forward to seeing her once again, but honestly she came across as very anxious and actually downright annoying. Her jumping to conclusions was cute for the first few minutes, but after she just didn’t like that one die, it became just some running joke that needed to stop running and just, well, stop.

I’m letdown by all this, I was expecting something new and exciting to happen, I wanted something big to happen, something that made me go “wow this season is gonna be sick!” but no, I didn’t get any of that from this ep. The only really exciting part came at the ending scene before the credits, where we have Kurumi standing on the roof top looking badass like she always does. You know I’m starting to like her more than Tohka. Then the next exciting part came during the preview for ep 2, where we see the two Yamai girls. Oh and one more thing: are they seriously having the beach ep next time? Normally I’m down for beach ep, I mean who doesn’t like to see their favorite anime girl in a bikini? But honestly having it in ep 2? What is this, some ecchi series where we gotta cram all the bouncing boobs and nosebleed shots into the series as soon as possible? Goddamn it where’s the lead up? Where’s the anticipation? Season 1 had us wait till the last 2 eps before letting us feast our eyes on the swimsuit clad body of our favorite girl, now it’s just “oh throw that shit in the second ep, they’ll like that” fuck man, really?

So all in all this ep was a lack luster experience and one that really took the wind out of my sails. I wanted something else, but this filler ep wasn’t anything to make me excited about this season at all. Oh and before I was pissed that it’s only gonna be 10 eps, now I’m actually okay with that, seeing how if it continues on this path, 10 eps will be about all I can handle.


Rant over. Screen caps of the ep, I’ll cya at the end.

[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_01.09_[2014.04.12_18.06.16] [FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_01.17_[2014.04.12_18.06.34]

Eh...? What?
Eh…? What?

[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_02.23_[2014.04.12_18.08.57] [FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_02.25_[2014.04.12_18.09.09] [FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_02.29_[2014.04.12_18.09.22]

Finally something interesting happens in the form of this guy.
Finally something interesting happens in the form of this guy.

[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_02.41_[2014.04.12_18.09.55]
Oh great…
[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_04.38_[2014.04.12_18.12.38]
For you Origami
[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_04.42_[2014.04.12_18.12.50]
For you Origami
[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_03.24_[2014.04.12_18.10.59] [FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_03.32_[2014.04.12_18.11.14]

For you Origami fans
For you Origami fans

[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_04.42_[2014.04.12_18.12.50]

Panty shot because it was among the only few good parts of this ep
Panty shot because it was among the only few good parts of this ep
[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_15.20_[2014.04.12_18.26.50]
Oh? Sounds like a hint
Looks kinda Epic
Looks kinda Epic

So there you have it, a quick run through of ep 1. The more you watch ep 1, the more you don’t like it; I really, really hope this gets better as it continues because I’m having a hard time liking what was among my favorites of last year. The interesting events that happened near the end are probably the most screen shot worthy out of everything here.

Alright then, that’s all I’ve got time for this week; I’ll cya next week for more Date A Live II. Screens from the preview.

Note:This post belongs to my great friend and fellow anime blogger Nick Corps. He’s just letting me use it because I was so behind. So do me a favor and thank him by following on Twitter and asking him questions on

First Look: Date A Live II Episode 2: So Much Fanservice

Here we go. My first official review for Date A Live 2. Let’s hope that it’s a good show.

Let’s have a thrilling date.(I think I’ll use this opening for Date A Live. How’s it working?

So in an awesome action packed anime like Date A Live was last season we should start with some epically awesome fight like when Kotori fought Kurumi in episode 10…

or when Tohka fought Origami in episode 1…


We start off with an argument with Origami and Tohka over who’s going to share a room with Shido.

It’s good stuff. Typical Date A Live Tohka/Origami stuff but personally I wouldn’t have started with it but hey what are going to do?

Oh and we’ve also got this lady.

Hot but evil
Hot but evil

She’s supposed to be with the travel agency that set up and changed the school trip destination but according to Kotori the travel agency’s connected to DEM so there’s reason to be suspicious….

Mainly because they’re watching Tohka for any Spirit activity.

Okay they land on Arubi Island

And you know what the first thing that Tohka and Shido do…

They leave the flipping group! Come on guys. Keep with the group. I don’t know what they teach at their high school but in mine we don’t leave the group. But hey at least there’s practicing the Buddy system. Right?

Now I’ve got a legit question about the black haired one with the glasses.(I think she’s Mai.) All she says is “Gross” or “That’s Lame” depending on the translator. So does she only record that line once or does she record it for each episode?

Moving on…

The weather changes really quick and then…

We get the Yamai twins! Hot twins lucky day for Shido.

But they keep arguing and arguing about who’s strong enough to be the real Yamai. Gosh it reminds me of my family…

One thing that gets me though is how fast these girls stop fighting and basically say let’s fight over the guy that was just standing there. Come on. I know you need to advance the plot but serious…very Deus Ex Machina.

Then we get a description of why they’re fighting:So they can figure out who is the dominant personality so they’re can be only one Yamai. To do this they’ve done nearly every anime competition out there.

Then after that we, well…

Go mixed bathing.

Yeah the rest of the episode is a fair bit of fanservice. Not to offend my friend, Nick SkyCorps, but I personally have no problem with fanservice as long as it isn’t too much too fast. Luckily they didn’t reach my fanservice limit in this episode.

Moving on…

Let’s thank Tohka Yatogami for breaking up the fanservice of the Yamai twins.

Then she knocks him into the ocean…accidentally. I’m grateful for her getting him out but it was kind of a standard harem way to get him out.

Yep that arrow is our protagonist falling into the ocean. We're screwed
Yep that arrow is our protagonist falling into the ocean. We’re screwed

The episode ends with Ellen setting up for some group to come to the island and try to capture Tohka. I hope Shido can turn things around.

That’s all for this review.
I personally like the first part of the episode but when you have at least 1/4 episode of fanservice. I almost reached my fanservice limit for one episode.

I’m definitely curious about the next episode.
Until the next episode
Later Days

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Let’s Look:Date A Live 2 Episode 3: Fanservice in the front and Plot in the back

Here we go. Spirits in bikinis and swimsuits. I don’t want reach my limit too fast.

Let’s make sure to have a thrilling date(It’s a good saying to start the review with but I think I need another. Leave recommendations in the comments please.)

So we start off where things usually end. In bed…

He’s so lucky.

Meanwhile outside, we get a battle between Origami and Tohka: who will nurse the ‘sick’ Shido!

They head into one of the rooms while Ms. Sneaky Ellen tries to follow and gets this for her trouble.

Back to Shido…


There’s only so much luck a man can have. He’s clearly got a lot so there must be some type of imbalance!

Then this happens.

And this all happens before the Opening song!

Okay after the opening there’s a scene with those guys in the airship that Ellen works with and then we shift to Shido on the beach talking with Reine on intercom.

So hot and with Aya Endo's voice  she's so hot.
So hot and with Aya Endo’s voice she’s so hot.

She basically gives the run down on how to seal up the Yamai sisters seeing as they can’t do things the way that they did them with Tohka, Yoshino, and Kotori. Reason being is that there’s two of them and they’re highly competitive. Kiss one and then the other gets angry. So Shido’s got to alter his pace and makes sure he wins them both over at the same time so the other doesn’t go crazy.

So let’s the date with the Yamai twins begin.

Is it just me or are all anime girls going for the bikini or the school swimsuit?


After a quick flash of what’s happening on the Fraxinus we go to a scene of the lucky Shido about to rub some sunblock on the Yamai sisters when this happens…

I can see why Nick Corps went inactive on this anime. It’s a fair bit of fanservice and I’m only at 8:15!

The only way I can describe this scene is in the following way: twin sisters rolling around topless in the sand with sunblock all over, moaning all the time.

Now let’s get away from the fanservice(I can take fanservice but come on! They were moaning like they just came!) and head over to Tohka and Origami who are about to meet up with Shido.

Our resident sneak, Ellen, once again tries to follow only to get caught in a sand pit by those three girls.

Changing scenes we’ve got Origami and Tohka meeting up with the fanservice twins and one of the luckiest harem protagonists in the genre.

And with those two showing up things are changing on the date with the Yamai so what is Reine going to do?

Play Volleyball. Serve up!

There’s going to be more than beach balls bouncing.

It’s Yuzuru, Kaguya, and Shido vs. Tohka, Origami, and Reine and with the way the Yamais fight they’ll get wrecked.

Wow. Wonder twins powers activate! When they work together they’re pretty good.

Well it was fun while it lasted.

Flash to the next scene where Shido talking to Reine on the intercom when Kaguya comes up out of the blue and tells him he’s got to choose the winner of their battle tomorrow but here’s the kicker.

She's willing to die for her sister
She’s willing to die for her sister
She is too. Sisterly love!
She is too. Sisterly love!

Then it gets really sweet. The two of them go on about each other’s best traits while still acknowledging each others flaws and each one basically says that she’s willing to disappaer so her sister could live. How sweet is that? Date A Live might be getting back on track!

So flash to the next scene and Shido’s staring out the window of the hotel, flashing back to what both the twins told him, when Tohka interrupts asking for him to come with her for a walk on the beach where they talk about the stuff that’s happening with Kaguya and Yuzuru.

But all that ends when Kaguya and Yuzuru hear them talking and get mad. I guess the other didn’t want to be pitied but a few hours ago they were willing to die for other. Well that’s sisters for you.

And everything goes to hell at the end of the episode the AST airship is about to get into a aerial dogfight with the Fraxinus, Origami and Reine were about to get attacked by some weird creature(sorry I didn’t mention that in the review but it kinda slowed down the momentum of the review at the point it happened), and Kaguya and Yuzuru are about to begin their fight, a battle to the death.

I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode. I’m definitely proud to be reviewing Date A Live. Sure this episode started off with a lot of fanservice but the last part is totally epic!

That’s all for this review so until the next episode

Later Days

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Let’s Look: Date A Live 2 Episode 4: When the Battle gets Serious

Here we on episode 4. The way things started you’d think that it was a fanservice only season but now we’d heading into a full out fight! Date A Live 2 just as awesome as season 1!

Now there will be no dates today. Let’s fight to save the Kaguya and Yuzuru and save Reine and Origami. Let’s head into battle!

We open up right we left off last episode, the Fraxinus vs. the DEM ship, Ashcroft. Now see this, the opening doesn’t play this episode instead it’s playing while Kannazuki giving orders to the ship! Now that only happens during some of the most awesome stuff in an anime!

After that awesomeness, we head back to the battle between the Yamai twins.

Wow this battle's getting intense.
Wow this battle’s getting intense.
Who's going to win?
Who’s going to win?

But Tohka notices something in the dark or someone…

Evil Ellen
Evil Ellen

And she calls out these guys.

So these are their grunts
So these are their grunts

So these are the guys that attacked Reine and Origami!

What are you going to do Tohka? Stupid question.

Tohka can do it!
Tohka can do it!

She’s going to kick get some butt! Looks like Ellen isn’t going down without a fight! Now we’ve got fights all stages!

Okay this might be harder than it looks
Okay this might be harder than it looks

We flash back to the bridge of the Fraxinus where they blocked another enemy attack with no damage at all. Turns out if you focus all the Protect Territory on one spot its defense is boosted exponentially but leaves all the other places wide open. Not something you want to do…

Unless you’ve got Kannazuki leading the pack!

Totally taking command!
Totally taking command!

And it’s blocked completely. The Fraxinus is safe as long as Kannazuki’s giving the orders!

We go back to the battle between Ellen and Tohka. I really like this rapid shifting between fights. It keeps up the momentum and gives a really good pace to the episode.

And then…

No way…Tohka lost.

We go over to Shido who flashes back to the battle against Kurumi and remembers how helpless he was in the fight.

And then his eyes glow white or rather they get a white highlight in them. Now for those that don’t know only Spirits have these.





He's got freaking Sandalphon!
He’s got freaking Sandalphon!






He summons freaking Sandelphon! This anime gets better and better.

We go back to the battle on the Fraxinus where they just blocked another attack. Here I thought Kannazuki was just a perv lusting after a middle schooler. He’s a awesome commander!

Now it’s time to go on the offensive!




Alright we’ve got an epic aerial dogfight here and the enemy ship, Ashcroft, is moving on the Fraxinus!






We go back to Shido’s battle against Ellen and the Bandersnatch. She wants to take him in custody with Tohka! So what are you going to do now Shido?

Shido just got his awesomeness
Shido just got his awesomeness






Do what all anime heroes do! Kick some ass!

We go back off to the Fraxinus and they deal a massive blow to the Ashcroft which has a effect on the Bandersnatch on the ground. That explains why this episode is switching between the two scenes so often and so fast.

Anyway Shido and Tohka take the opportunity to run and Ellen tries to give chase but…

Who the hell dug this?!

Thanks girls. You're not as useless as you look
Thanks girls. You’re not as useless as you look






Thanks for saving the day girls!

We go back up to the Fraxinus where the crew realizes that Kannazuki launched a sneak attack with one of the Territories, dealing the blow that made the Ashcroft retreat and putting the Bandersnatch out of commission. Pretty badass, Kannazuki.

We go back down to the ground with Shido and Tohka where they try to talk Kaguya and Yuzuru out of their fight. He tries swinging Sandalphon at them to get their attention but nothing works. Then Tohka tells him to focus on what he wants, to clear his heart everything else, and swing the sword. And it works awesomely!

His words get there attention but they tell him that he doesn’t need to get involved anymore. But he tells them that he’s still going to choose who’s going to be the real Yamai. It is…

Single handedly the most awesome thing this episode
Single handedly the most awesome thing this episode






So badass Shido. You might be one of the best action harem protagonist I’ve ever seen and I’ve Minato Sahashi from Sekirei, Tsukune Aono from Rosario + Vampire, Tenchi Misaki from Tenchi Muyo and whole lot of others!

He gives them these options.
1.Kaguya kills Yuzuru to become the true Yamai
2.Yuzuru kills Kaguya to become the true Yamai

They try to interrupt until my man Shido gives them the third and final choice:
3. In exchange for giving up their Spirit powers they can both live.

The two of them start wondering if it’s possible if they something like that can even happen. They start imagining all the things they could do as normal girls doing thing like going to school, going to cafes, and all that normal stuff.

It really shows how we take the simple things for granted some times.

Of course things can’t be sad for all the time. The Ashcroft comes out of no where trying to capture Tohka, Kaguya, and Yuzuru no matter what.

And instead of being scared or shocked what do the Yamai twins do?

They Blow It Up with the true form of their Angel!
They Blow It Up with the true form of their Angel!






So after the battle, we have Shido and the Yamai Twins in the forest and they tell him to close his eyes.

Twin kiss
Twin kiss






And things get awkward since you know what happens when a Spirit’s sealed. The Astral Dress comes off and the Spirit’s naked. Normally that’s nothing

(well as nothing as two naked girls in the woods can be.)

but then Tohka comes along and you can guess how things go. Typical harem hijinks.

But the really good stuff happens now at the end. Ellen has confirmation that Tohka is the Spirit codenamed Princess and asks if it’s possible that a human can use the powers of a Spirit.






And after the credits, we see Kotori(wow she’s been really MIA in this arc) talking with who I can guess is the director of Ratatoskr that if worst comes to worst they might have to deal with Shido since he’s summoned an angel. Kotori says…






Wow now that was an ending. Forget that. This was an awesome episode from beginning to end. I can’t wait for the next episode especially since it begins the next arc, the Miku Izayoi arc. I’m going to love this arc since Miku Izayoi is going to be voiced by one of my favorite Seiyuu Chihara Minori.

Damn one week just can’t go fast enough. Until then

Later Days.

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First Impressions: Date a Live II

Okay, next up is Date a Live II

Thirty years ago a strange phenomenon called a “spacequake” devastated the center of Eurasia, claiming the lives of at least 150 million people. Since then, smaller spacequakes plague the world on an irregular basis. Shido Itsuka, a seemingly ordinary high schooler comes across a mysterious girl at the ground zero of a spacequake and learns from his sister Kotori she is one of the “Spirits” who are the real cause of the spacequakes that occur when they manifest themselves in the world. He also learns that Kotori is the commander of the airship Fraxinus, crewed by the organization Ratatoskr, and is recruited to make use of his mysterious ability to seal the Spirits’ powers thus stopping them from being a threat to mankind. However, there is a catch: to seal a Spirit’s power, he must make her fall in love with him and kiss her.

Here’s the PV.

Now I came in on this one based on a recommendation from my friend Nick Corps and that alone is enough for me to check out this out. That being said, I haven’t seen the first season so my first impression is going to be total improv.

It seems really harem-like but then again one of my favorite mangas is Sekirei so I’m used to a harem anime/manga.

The premise seems very interesting.  It’s a definitely a new way to do the harem type show that I’ve never seen before. It’s like the harem that saves the world which is pretty interesting.

Date a Live’s also has Marina Inoue as the female lead, Tohka Yatogami, and that gives me even more of a reason to watch.

The character designs are look awesome and the premise is definitely grabs me in. I’ll make sure to watch the first season before the season comes out.

Make to come around here when the reviews come out!

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