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Fairy Tail 2nd Series

Let’s Look: Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 32 Super Mini Review: Where Do You Find Fish? Umi-Dah!

I have to do it! I dare myself.


It’s a joke people. Princess Hisui voiced by Suzuko Mimori returns!

Note: I am epically behind. I’m writing this review on Friday November 14th. And if you didn’t know, Fairy Tail comes out on Fridays later tonight. And with Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works coming tomorrow I’ve got to get through this backlog. So comes a Super Mini Review.

So the episode opens up with Princess Hisui and Arcadios walking around with pumpkin hats, planning to go to the Fairy Tail Guild Hall.

They end up meeting Natsu and the group after their beatdown by Virgo. Hisui explains that the current events are her fault. The reason is that the Eclipse Gate’s magic had a major effect on the Celestial Spirits and the world at large which basically explains why the weather’s acting up and the Spirits are going loony.

She also explains that she is a Celestial Wizard who invented some unique Silver Keys that can force close the door between the world and the Celestial Spirit’s World.

Sounds good right? Someone may want that, right?

So a fish dude with a shark comes around and Yukino explains that it’s Pisces. Gosh, remember when the Mom of Pisces was hot. I’m trying after seeing this.

So Natsu being Natsu tries to fight them but it’s a stalemate between him and the Son. After that it’s a pretty confusing fight. Arcadios jumps in and gets knocked around. Yukino tries to fight but gets handed to her. The Spirits look like they sucessfully escape with the keys but turns out that Arcadios swapped the cases. Clever man.

I’m giving Fairy Tail Episode 32 a 6/10. It’s not really all that interesting. I was going to give it a five but Umi…I mean Princess Hisui is there. Can’t give it a bad number with her in it. It reflects bad on Umi.

Anyway with that I just need to do two more reviews, Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode and this week’s Trinity Seven.

Until Next Week,
Later Days

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Let’s Look:Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 31: Cute Glasses Girls and the Final 12 Days

Not knocking the Celestial Spirits’ plight and the fact that they’re about kill themselves on accident but I can’t get pass the cute glasses that Lucy, Yukino, and Levy wear when they’re researching. Maybe it’s just me?

So we start the episode with a recap of how Celestial Spirit Contracts work from Yukino and she also says how it’s impossible for that contract to be broken.

Yep during the first series they do a whole little bit about how it’s impossible for the Spirits themselves to break the contract. Only the Celestial Wizard can let the Spirits out of their contract through three methods:

1. The Celestial Wizard cancels the contract and lets the Spirit go

2. The Celestial Wizard is arrested which also breaks the contract

3. The Celestial Wizard is killed which breaks the contract as well and sets all the Spirits under them free.

So as you see it focuses mostly on the Celestial Wizard so the fact that the Spirits broke the contract by themselves is a sign that something big happened.


Not really relevant right now but she has them all nice and straightly alligned so I had to take a picture especially since I’m working with a 1080p episode of Fairy Tail now. The color looks so crisp and clear.

So after the opening and explaining everything to Makarov, everyone questions what do the Spirits mean about Perfect Freedom?

They suspect Loke of being it all but it’s too early to say anything. And all of this talk about the Spirits’ betrayal is really making Lucy sad.

I think it’s time to put on your big girl pants, Lucy. Kick some butt and bring them back by force!

As you can see I’m back to form. I’m now at least over Fuuka’s death…but I still need to do my part of getting the news and spreading it out by doing my Fuuka Manga Chapter Reviews as well as my Suzuka Full Season Review.

Side Note: Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 4 Review will be coming…after all the Fuuka and Suzuka stuff. They’re more important to me right now.

As Lucy and Yukino muse about they can’t believe that the Spirits are rebelling, Lucy comes up with the idea to summon Crux one more time.


Looks like it worked…


Lucy if you can’t even get the right Spirit when you use the key, you should just be using those keys as necklaces or on a wind chime.

Anyway turns out that Crux is hiding inside Horologium.



Okay you had me confused there so after the title of the episode pops up, Team Shadow Gear arrives back at the guild but no one cares about those other two.

Levy! Levy is the only one we care about!

Note: Levy was intended by Hiro Mashima to be a background character like her team but she just kept popping up until she gained a following and now she’s one of the mostly liked girls in Fairy Tail.

So Crux explains that all of a sudden the contracts between the 12 Zodiac Spirits and their wizards just up and were nullified. Now the 12 are going on a rampage through the Spirit World.

As for the Celestial Spirit King, He’s epically MIA. And since the Golden Key Spirits are so freaking powerful the Silver Key Spirits can’t do anything more than hide and watch.

So when the topic shifts over to that Perfect Freedom that Crux simply sais Liberum. Yukino just pulls out a book on the subject…how convient…

Anyway Levy starts to read and says that the book is written ancient Merciedus and Crux explains that Liberum is the name of a ritual that Celestial Spirits perform. So it’s safe to stay that Loke and the others want to do it. But what does it do?

Hmmm got to be some type of catch or something.


Ah there it is!

So Natsu promises to put a beatdown on Loke and knock him. Lucy thanks him and when Makarov asks where it is, of course Levy has an answer to where they can find a clue. At the Magical Library!

All right! So the guild gets divided into teams! Erza’s in charge with Lucy, Yukino, Levy, Natsu, and Happy to head to the Magic Library to get more info on Liberum.

But there’s one problem with that.


Oh Natsu going all Shonen hero on us and trying to save the world by yourself.

So Natsu dives into the Celestial Spirit World and who does he meet when he arrives?


Moo! Welcome foolish human! If you try to go all Shonen hero on him, it’s not going to work!

So we leave Natsu’s ass whipping and we go to the girls in the Library and they’re all using Gale Reading Glasses!

So cute!

So the girls keep reading but only get bits of semi useless information but then the fun starts.


Dark Virgo’s here!

So now it’s Virgo vs. all of them. Who’s going to win?


Hmm that doesn’t look like the run of victory?

Looks bad! Levy be heroic!

Hmm I thought that spell of hers only at the stylized O when she was with Gajeel. But it doesn’t work because apparently Virgo can put a hole in anything! Why didn’t you do this when you weren’t evil Virgo!

Yukino do something!

Note: This joke would be a lot funnier if this review went up right after Fate Stay Night Episode 3 Review but hey

Is everyone going to Pokemon and learning Close Combat!?

Is there a freaking move tutor for Close Combat in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire? Because everyone seems to know it now!


Hmmm shocking. Squishy mage type no longer. Lucy! Take a leaf from Yukino’s booK!

So while Lucy and Yukino are trying to keep Virgo off, Levy does the research and finds the Library’s donation list. Virgo manages to get a look at it over Yukino’s shoulder while she was starting own her.


Levy runs to find whatever she’s looking for and Yukino goes with her for protection.

We switch over to Taurus vs. Natsu. I say Taurus vs. Natsu because it’s painfully obvious who’s winning here.

He’s not even trying!

So we go back to the girls and Levy explains that the
Celestial Globe is actually in the library they’re looking. Now that’s a good stroke of fate!

….Something good happened. Balance the scales!


Wow that was fast. I have a solution to be Virgo! When she comes out of those holes, grab a mallet and let’s play Whack a Mole!


Then we switch back over to Natsu’s ass whipping in the Celestial Spirit world before we go over to Levy and Yukino looking for the Celestial Globe.

Then Levy gets an idea that the globe is in the Southern Warehouse because the Merdius means in that language means South so they start going to the South Warehouse.

How nice of you to show up.

Lucy summons the Silver Key Pyxis to point the way south but Virgo shows up and starts mixing it up with Lucy and Yukino.


Then we switch back to Natsu’s pwnage where Taurus keeps Natsu he doesn’t remember Lucy at all.

Then this happens.


You have no one to blame but yourself dude.


I wouldn’t want to. Your service stinks!

So we come back to Levy and she manages to find the Celestial Globe. Yay now we can stop the Liberum!

But let’s be real we all know what going to happen.

Aw man but deep down you already expected it.

What else can go wrong?

Oh welcome back bro. Hope you didn’t land on your butt. It needs time to heal from the whipping that Taurus gave you.

And with that Virgo escapes and Levy explains what she found out about Liberum.



So they have to stop them!


It’s countdown to save the Spirits from themselves! Which unfortunately starts the next episode.

I can’t wait to see how things turn out with this. It looks like Princess Hisui will be in the next episode. That means…Suzuko Mimori!!!!!

Until the next episode,
Later Days

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Let’s Look: Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 28: Bunny Erza, Maid Erza, and How Bisca Joined Fairy Tail

This is one of the times that I love Erza. She’s a great character and one of the most badass female characters that manga has. But my favorite part is her love of cosplay!

So this episode start off like any other. Something crazy and strange happening in the Fairy Tail.


I have to say I’m half good at pool.

So Gray and Juvia went on a job together(totally going to end up together) and the guy that gave the job playing a few games of pool with them. Then he gave them the table in addition to the reward. Nice old guy.

So Gray prepares to shoot some pool the only way he knows how.


Is there one activity in the world where he doesn’t take off his clothes?

I haven’t found it yet. And I’ve watched the entire original series, read every chapter of the manga, watched all 6 OVAs, and even read Fairy Tail Zero and Ice Trail.

Anyway everyone totally swoons over Gray’s awesome pool skills. So of course Natsu has to try it out.


Not even close man. Like not even in the same reality close.

So Happy joins in by pitching the cue ball…and making a golf reference. Do you even know what you playing cat?!

So predictably everything goes to chaos, pool balls flying everywhere and breaking stuff.

Now this is funny.


Now that’s just blatantly asking for sex. More points to Gruvia for being the best Fairy Tail ship!

Back on track…

Snapshot_5 Snapshot_6

At this point Erza has a flashback of when she went to a pool hall expecting sweets. She’s wrong and they direct her to the sweet shop next door.

Normal right? Wrong! With Erza Scarlett of Fairy Tail nothing can be normal!

This is what she shoots pool in.

Snapshot_7 Snapshot_8

Hey she wore that in the 6th OVA, Fairy x Rave! As you can see I am a big Fairy Tail fan…but you can see that by the fact that I review it every week.

So Erza totally destorys all the balls and pretty much wrecks the place. However while she’s all sexy in her bunny girl costume, one of the guys notices her Fairy Tail guild mark on her arm.

They all get afraid.


As they should be. Why? Because it’s Erza!

So turns out that a bandit named Moulin Rouge has been saying she’s a part of Fairy Tail and stealing stuff. Erza swears to bring her to justice…as soon as she gets some cake. That’s Erza for you!

So she runs into Moulin Rouge in the sweets shop and takes one of the workers’ uniform to try and sneak up on her. Of course she doesn’t though.


This is Fairy Tail. Save the sublety and hiding for Part 1 of Naruto(Part 2 is more massive explosion than clever hiding)

Anyway Erza gets into a fight with Moulin Rouge and of course she owns her.

Turns out her friend needs medicine and she was just stealing to help them. She needs work and food since she’s a new immigrant to this country.


Erza doesn’t give a damn! Impersonating a member of Fairy Tail is a serious crime. Check out what Natsu did to Bora in the first episode of the original series if you want to know.

Anyway after beating her down, Erza offers her work at Fairy Tail which she takes up.

After which the flashback ends and Bisca, Alzack, and Asuka return from a mission. It turns out that Moulin Rouge was Bisca when she was younger. Fairy Tail took her in and gave her a home.

Now I know a lot of people rag on Fairy Tail being too Power of Friendship heavy but you can’t ever say that they don’t create a family atmosphere.

So the episode ends with Bisca and Erza about to play another game of pool.

So this episode isn’t all that good. Not all good but not bad either. I’m giving Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 28 an 6/10. It does good with the fanservice and explaining the past of a minor character but it doesn’t have that key factor that makes it a really good episode.

So now that this episode is over. We get into the good stuff. The filler arc! The real one and not these one shots. Pity. I really wanted them to adapt 419 Days mostly because a whole of Juvia x Gray shipping goes down as well as Gajeel x Levy shipping.

But tragically I’ll have to wait. It seems that this one is focusing on the Celestial Spirits so it looks like Yukino will return. Good I always liked her.

Also once the Grand Magic Games Arc ended, the ending animation changed. I’m happy for it because the first ending was depressing. All it was seeing what happened to Future Lucy after she died. While it was happy in a way, it’s still sad.

So now the new episode is a pan up of a character(of course female) in their pajamas. Hmmm seems like they used a lot of the budget and couldn’t get creative. Despite that I like it. I’ll start showing you those in this review.

First one was Lucy of course. Then Wendy. Finally it was Erza in this episode.

Strangely it’s kinda relaxing. It makes me want to go to sleep and relax. Maybe it’s May J.’s song and the characters in pajamas? Who knows.

So that’s all for this review.
Until the next episode,
Later Days

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Let’s Look: Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 26:Even Moles Love Lucy and Zeref vs. Mavis

Let’s Look: Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 26:Even Moles Love Lucy and Zeref vs. Mavis

I knew Lucy’s sexiness was universal but I didn’t know it crossed species? Also Zeref just threw down the gauntlet and Mavis just said bring it! The battle between Fairies and Demons is about to begin…in one month

Once again heroically double posting. Do I really need to say this? I’ve already done a few posts on AnimeWithSky…Yeah I need to do this until I can finally get an update post out. And with my backlog it will take a few days…

So anyway Episode 26 of Fairy Tail 2nd Series is called ‘Present’.

So now those epically cool mages of Fairy Tail have returned back to Magnolia and greeted by the entirety of the city. Everyone’s living it up and celebrating save one person.


He still remembers what happened when he saw Old Ultear. I still can’t get over it myself. See Ultear was only max in her mid to late twenties. She was still in the prime of her life. Now she has to spend her last days watching all her friends live on. Sure she doesn’t have any regrets but imagine if this was forced on her. The despair would be overwhelming.

On that note Juvia notices that Gray is feeling down and tells him that it’s rude for him to have such a sad look on his face while everyone else is so happy. So Gray puts a smile for her.

Now stuff like this is what makes me think that Gray x Juvia or commonly referred to as Gruvia will be a thing. Out of all the people in the entire crowd, Juvia was the only one to notice that Gray was sad. Now if that wasn’t love or future wife material I don’t know what is.

But getting anyway from the sad parts and to the comedy, so Natsu digs around in his backpack and pulls out this.


He stole the King of Fiore’s crown! He stole the crown….

Then he just puts it back in his pack. Apparently he grabbed the wrong thing. Dude you just stole the freaking crown and now you’re just casually putting it back like a trinket.


Wow the trophy is nice! Still stole a freaking crown! Return it man!

Note: We never see Natsu return it, someone come and get back it, him mail it, or anything. It’s safe to assume that he kept it….What the hell?!

So after that everyone just crying because they finally won but the greatest comedy comes from Makarov. Turns out that townspeople fixed up the guild and payed off their debt! Yay


It’s okay man. Let it out. I will too. Hahahahhaa oh the pain and the comedy. I love this anime!

But after this we see this little thing.


Obra’s Imp? What it doing here?

So at this point I’m at a crossroads. I can continue the review in a linear fashion, reporting things as they happened or break it up into the filler and the canon stuff. I’ll do the second.

So the little imp runs out of the town and into the forest where he goes up to a certain person…


It’s freaking Zeref, the Black Mage! Run! Run! Those of you with weak constitutions may want to leave the review.

Just joking with that last part.

So Mavis appears, you see her walking to this little glade in the middle of the filler, and she starts to talk with Zeref.

Now note while this sounds like a conversation, it isn’t. Zeref can’t see or hear Mavis at all because he lacks a Fairy Tail guild mark. However he can sense her. And this is what surprises you if you really think about it. Mavis asks questions and Zeref’s responses sound like logical answers to her questions. But once again Zeref can’t hear her so that means that he know hers that well where he can anticipate her answers perfectly.

Damn that’s good.

So after experiencing the world for seven years, what do you want to do now, Zeref?

Wow, whenever Zeref appears things get real! I love this dude! Humans keep making the same mistakes over and over again. To someone 400 years old like Zeref, it must be like a parent that watches their kid do the same dumb stuff again and again. Now this parent wants to cut us off…permenantly!

Scary, right.

What’s Mavis’s response?


Oh Zeref throws down the gauntlet and Mavis accepts the challenge! I can’t wait for the epicness!

Wow just the epicness. Now back to the filler.

It’s pretty simple. Natsu, Lucy, and Happy go on a job to stop a mole that’s terrorizing a town. They can’t beat it because it keeps ducking underground. Erza, Gray, and Wendy show up. They help out and the day is saved. All in all, very simple and overwhelmingly boring.

I’m not going to go in depth with it because in a lot of Fairy Tail filler this isn’t good stuff. So I’ll just do a pic spam of moments.

There is some funny stuff in there. Turns out that the mole is looking for a mate so he goes after Lucy. Erza asks since she’s a young attractive woman(yes she is! Thanks Mashima for making her so hot and that’s Sayaka Oohara for giving her a sexy voice) why isn’t it going after her.


Hahaha. Still insanely hot.

Then Wendy asks the same question….


Hahahah oh god the pain and laughs! It hurts!


It’s okay Wendy. Remember your Edolas self. She had huge boobs. Maybe you’ll grow up to be like her. Who know? Every manga and anime needs the token loli for the perverts to drool over and for the normal people to ‘aww’ at their cuteness.

Okay now Picture Spam go!

And that’s it for the Episode.

Now I believe it’s been announced that this entire month will be filler to give the anime some more distance between the manga. I like a lot of Fairy Tail’s filler mostly because it isn’t technically filler.

Most of what the Fairy Tail anime adapts into filler is Hiro Mashima’s omake chapters. And that guy pumps them out. So there’s rarely something that goes up in the filler part that’s not canon in someway. The next episode is in fact canon that happened right after the Grand Magic Games with Sabertooth and how they’re rebuilting themselves. But of course they’re got to be some shipping there too. There’s some Gray x Juvia shipping and some of my favorite Sting x Yukino and Rogue x Yukino shipping. Poor Yukino. Stuck in an entire guild of guys.

Anyway that’s enough of me rambling. So the next episode is Welcome Home, Frosh. I personally can’t wait for it. It’s chance to see the new Sabertooth.

So until next week,
Later Days

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Let’s Look: Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 25: A Witch’s Sin is Finally Forgiven

Oh Ultear. Oh Gray. They suffer so much in this anime.

So this is my first double post on AnimeThief and AnimeWithSky. I’m going to love this so much!

Side Note: Since I’m on two blogs now, I’m going to mix in more pictures with my normal Fairy Tail reviews. It makes it more interesting and fits in more here

Episode 25 of Fairy Tail 2nd Series is called ‘Drop of Time’.

This episode is all about things returning to normal after the attack of the dragons. Except one thing.


Who is this?

So as we go through the episode first we see that the pace is really slow but it’s not bad slow. It’s good slow. It’s relaxing.

The members of Fairy Tail start heading back to Magnolia while Jellal and Merudy start leaving Crocus.

Now on the Jellal and Merudy side, they search the wrekage of Crocus for Ultear until Doranbolt comes along to fill them in on the situation.

So turns out that Doranbolt modified the memories of all the members of the Magic Council including Lahar so they wouldn’t go after the Royal Family. After all the Royal Family used magic from the Book of Zeref so that would make a major problem in the entire country of Fiore. So it’s best that it stays in the shadows

So after that and this is my favorite part. Cobra returns to prison without a fight but not before saying a few choice things. One, he heard the voice of Cubellios(Kinana). Aw now if you watched the Key of the Starry Night filler arc(which is actually canon) then you know there’s a fair bit of Cobra x Kinana shipping…

Anyway the big thing is that…well let Cobra tell you.


Now I didn’t know this when I downloaded but it’s a suckish translation. Gates of the Underworld should be translated as Gates of Tartarus As in Tartarus, the third part of the Balam Alliance, the only one that hasn’t been taken out yet.

They’re about to make their move!

Now since I’m on AnimeWithSky with this post I can’t really go off on a long tangent but I’ll do a quick one.

So if Cobra heard this while he was fighting that means that a member or members of Tartarus was there during the Grand Magic Games. The only reason that I can think of is that they wanted something…or someone. The only question is did they get it?

For those answers we’ll have to wait until the Tartarus arc begins.

So back to Fairy Tail, they’re in a carriage heading back to Magnolia, relaxing. Erza’s drawing a custom armor(very badly), Natsu’s about to barf, and Lucy and Happy are laughing. However Gray’s just looking out the window. He can’t get that vision of dying out of his head.

He tells Wendy what happened with Ul and the feeling he felt after the fight with the dragons.


So after that we go back to Jellal and Merudy leaving Crocus and passing an old woman on the road who gives them a letter from Ultear.


Now if you’re not well versed in Seiyuu, the old lady is Ultear. Turns out Last Ages aged her down to her last few days alive.

You can even tell at the beginning of the episode when she talks. Miyuki Sawashiro doesn’t really lower her voice at all. She just elongates her words to make her sound a bit older.

As Merudy finishes reading the letter, she cries and Old Ultear disappears as Jellal looks back. Old Ultear walks for a bit until she passes the carriage with Natsu, Gray, Erza, Wendy, and Lucy in it. As Gray looks out of the window he sees Ultear and recognizes her.

As he asks for the carriage to stop, Ultear nods no. She’s had her time. Her part in this battle and in this life is over.

The episode ends with Ultear looking up at the sky, being bathed in the sunlight, saying finally she’s forgiven herself for the things she’s done.

Now this is just the feels episode of Fairy Tail and I’m giving it a 9/10 just for that.

Now the episode is epically awesome but bad because according to Hiro Mashima’s twitter, the entire month of October for the Fairy Tail anime will be filler so to give the manga a chance to get some more distance.

Aww man. I really want to see the Sun Village arc and the Tartorus arcs get animated.

I guess I have to wait.

And you will need to do until next week with Fairy Tail Episode 26, Present.

Until next week,
Later Days

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Let’s Look:Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 24 Super Mini Review Version:Super Big Party and Princess Hisui’s Cruel Punishment!

Nooo! I’ll take Suzuko Mimori-sama’s punishment….Sorry I’m not allowed to think about her…

Note: I’m referring to my Muse Rejection post and the fact that in the Umi picture she tells you to never think about her again

2nd Note: I’m beginning to think that these Super Mini Reviews are really good for Fairy Tail 2nd Series. Mostly because Fairy Tail reviews can be a fair bit long so doing it like this lets me do more.

Episode 24 of Fairy Tail is called ‘The Grand Ball’.

So let me start this off by saying that you can technically skip this episode. Nothing really happens so you can go right to episode 25 without really losing anything.

So we open with Yukino wondering if clothes like this work for her.

Actually we open with a recap of what happened last episode but I respect you too much to tell you something I already told.

Mirajane, Lucy, and Wendy say she looks beautiful. Turns out that for saving the kingdom of Fiore all the guilds that helped fight the dragons and the mini-dragons were invited to a giant party at the palace.

The food’s delicious looking, everyone’s looking good, and everything’s happy and carefree!

So the first thing that happens after seeing all the guilds are here is Levy writing in her journal on how they defied their fates and saved the day! Good righ? Wrong! Things only get better through shipping!

So Gajeel comes in and asks what’s she up to and she says nothing. She starts about how she was scared for him during his fight with the dragons and how she’s glad he made it back. Awww…that’s why GaLe is my second favorite Fairy Tail pair.

So Hisui goes up to Lucy while she’s eating and we go into a little thing about how Hisui was a good friend of Lucy’s father. She apologizes for treating her friend’s daughter so badly before we switch over to Gray and Juvia.

So Juvia says she’s entering a new age and Grey rejects her once again. Aw come on Gray we know that Juvia’s the only girl that you can be with. She’s the only girl you spend a lot of time with other than Erza, Lucy and Wendy. And the rest other than Wendy are all shipped off to other guys.

Another little thing is Cheria and Wendy eating some jello but Mavis can’t eat any because it would get weird if food was disappearing.

So after everyone just confirming Natsu isn’t around, Erza talks to Kagura about how she would like to be friend despite everything that’s happen. Kagura says no way and wants to be like a little sister to Erza…

Now I am the only one shocked or is it with everyone? Kagura owned Yukino, would have beaten both members of Lamia Scale by herself and fought in a three way deathlock with two of the most powerful female wizards in the series and now she wants to be the cute little sister? I’m filing that one under the repression files. And I’m good repressor. I don’t even know what we’re talking about it’s in there so deep.

Anyway seeing that Millianna’s down, guess what Erza does? She pulls Happy, Carla, and Pantherlily out of her boobs! I just passed weird and went straight into crazy.

So after that, Milliana’s feeling spiffy. My questions how the hell did they fit? Are Erza’s boobs that big to fit three cats?!

Moving on…far along!

Gajeel ends up running into the guys from Sabertooth and after Rogue promises that he’ll never turn into Future Rogue, Yukino rolls around. She tries to run away but Sting speaks up, apologizes, and asks her to return to Sabertooth.

However everyone just jumps in trying to get Yukino to join them and it ends up turning into a fight. Ah now that’s some good fun Fairy Tail standard stuff…

During the fight Yukino smiles and says that it’s good to be wanted.

Then Arcardios stops everything and brings out the King…which turns out to be Natsu who stole all the king’s stuff!

We get some little dances that do a bit for the shipping crowds like Elfman x Evergreen, Happy x Carla, and even Wendy x Grey although Juvia’s staring at them like a creepy little girl…

After the break we get some stuff from Hisui, meaning her punishment for starting the events that led up to the gate being opened. She’s ready to take her punishment. However all the guilds, Arcadios, Darton, and all the masters speak on her behalf for some mercy.

What is Hisui’s punishment?

To wear the pumpkin mask…hat…whatever it is for one week! True evil! You might as well kill her!

So the episode ends with everyone saying kabo and wearing pumpkin hats too.

I’m going to give Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 24 a 6/10. It’s funny but not really all that action filled but then again it’s not really supposed to be. It’s supposed to funny and relaxing.

Now this episode was one chapter of the manga just stretched out. Next week we’ll getting two chapters covered and we’ll see the return of some super important and what really happened to Ultear after she used Last Ages.

Until next week where those answers are,
Later Days!

You can ask me as many questions as you want on and you can follow me on Twitter to know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll also be update on what’s happening.

Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 23 Super Mini Review Version: What Happens When Fairies Die?

Sorry this is so late. Work is tiring but better late than never right?

Another question even more important than “Do Fairies Have Tails?” What Happens When A Fairy Dies?

So we open with Lucy explaining how they’ll be able to save the world. Turns out if the Eclispe Gate is destroyed in their time, Future Rogue won’t have a way to go back in time. So it basically activates a paradox that sets everything straight.

But we’re all missing the big question? How are they going to destroy the gate?


How stupid am I? This is freaking Fairy Tail! They excel at property damage!

Then you can cue Natsu fighting Future Rogue on top of Motherglare. After getting one more bite out of Atlas Flame’s Hellfire, Natsu gets a Fire Dragon’s Sword Horn and rams Future Rogue and Motherglare through the Eclipse Gate, saving the world.

As the dragons and Future Rogue disappear, Zirconis tries to attack one more time but Hisui apologizes to him for pulling him out of his natural time and calls him the Jade Dragon. He apparently likes the name since it’s the name that he uses when he speaks with Wendy after his spirit was brought back with Milky Way. So that distracts him long enough for him to disapear.

Atlas Flame promises to never forget Natsu as he disappears. Future Rogue explains why he went bad. All the stress of Acnologia rulling the world and finally Frosh dying, just pushed him over the edge.

‘Hi I’m Future Rogue. One of the most powerful Dragon Slayers in the Fairy Tail manga/anime. I went back in time, manipulated a princess, possessed my younger self, killed a girl, and released seven dragons to take over the world. Why? All because my kitty died?’

Hahahahahaha it hurts! It’s never hurted this much to laugh. Hahahahaha

Anyway as the episode ends all the normal guildmembers are patting each other on the back while the Dragon Slayers are seriously depressed.

Because even though they all fought their hardest, not one Dragon Slayer was able to kill a dragon. And with Acnologia being a very real threat(check the most recent chapter to see just how much), the Dragon Slayers need some serious training if they want to get rid of him.

As the episode ends, Future Lucy’s body fades away and her soul ascends to the Golden Grasslands where all the members of Fairy Tail are there to greet her as they head out on their next journey.

So I ask you. What happens when fairies die? They meet all their fallen friends and the story goes on.


I’m giving Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 23 a 9/10 for beautiful art work, good fight scenes and that ending! NaLu for the win! That gives me an idea for a Fairy Tail Speculation! Time to talk Shipping!

Anyway that’s for another time,
Until the next episode,
Later Days

You can ask me as many questions as you want on and you can follow me on Twitter to know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll also be update on what’s happening.

Let’s Look:Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episodes 21 & 22 Double Super Mini Reviews:Death of Grey and Ultear

Need to do a double just to catch up with Fairy Tail. Positive side, I just marathoned Rio:Rainbow Gate and OniAi.

Noooooo! Don’t kill off Ultear! Ah Miyuki Sawashiro! I guess it’s okay since I see her as Sinon in Sword Art Online II

Episode 21 of Fairy Tail 2nd Series is called ‘Sin and Sacrifice’. Millianna, Erza’s friend with the cat theme and the stripper/dominatrix theme, confronts Jellal for trapping them in the Tower of Heaven or Tower of Paradise depends on what translation you started with. Then again you could call Jellal Gerard if you have one of those weird translators at the beginning. Also he killed that dude that was Kagura’s brother…Simon I think. Anyway before Jellal tries to take responsibility for his actions but Ultear explains how she manipulated Jellal for her purposes. She tells Millianna to get into the battle and they’d settle their score if they were still alive. Then we see a sight of Kagura resheathing Archenemy as she hears this. Maybe she’s letting her grudge go?

After this Ultear has a flashback where she was about to kill Rogue but then Sting arrives to help our Shadow Dragon Slayer. This makes Rogue remember that even he falls to the darkness he’ll be purified by the light.

This makes Ultear see that she was wrong and she truly hasn’t changed from the person she used to be if she wanted to kill an innocent person so easily.

We get some boring filler about the guild’s fighting the mini dragons but you don’t care about that. You care about the good stuff.

So we go to Gray, Juvia, and Merudy where they’re fighting off some mini dragons. They dodge the first few but when another wave comes up Gray pushes Juvia out of the way, saving her life but dying in the process.

Episode 22 of Fairy Tail 2nd Series is called ‘Time of Life’. Many wizards are killed by the dragons such as Bacchus of Cuatro Cerberus, Droy, Macao, and Wakaba of Fairy Tail as well as some members fighting the full sized such as Lucy, Gajeel, Laxus, and Wendy. As Ultear sits in the courtyard, she remembers her time as a member of Grimoire Heart where she learned of the spell, Last Ages. It’s a spell which in exchange for one’s entire life they can turn back time.

Ultear uses this spell but is only able to turn back time one minute. Now I know this is rather dark but in the original manga this part was tragically funny. One because Ultear’s reaction. Now here in the anime, you’ve got the sad music, Miyuki Sawashiro’s low sensual serious voice, and you see all the pain that Ultear’s going through. I mean in the manga you see that’s her skin’s burned up but her you actually see it.

Anyway Ultear dies thinking she was unable to save anyone. However she was able to save so many of the wizards fighting against the dragons including Gray as well as giving all the wizards a fighting chance against the dragons.

After basically running for two episodes(I assume those huge boobs slowed her down) Lucy finally reaches the palace and explains that if the Eclispe Gate is destroyed in their time it will send the dragons and Future Rogue back to their own times saving the world.

And here we go for the scores. Two good episodes in my opinion.

1.For Episode 21, it gets a 7/10 for good art and a big twist at the Grey death. However it loses out for all those fillers with the guild wizards. Have some filler with the actual dragons.
2.For Episode 22, it gets a 8/10 solely for Ultear’s sacrifice as well as some greatly done art.

And with that I’m finally caught up with my reviews. Finally! I’m going to drop a really important post soon. Probably right after this one. Make sure to keep your eyes open for it!


Fairy Tail Episode 20 Super Mini Review Version: Ah One of My Goddesses, Miyuki Sawashiro! And Some Stuff About Dragons Killing Folks…

If you’ve read the manga, you know what Ultear’s about to do. It makes me sad. She’s such an awesome character voiced by an awesome Seiyuu. At least I can see her as Sinon in Sword Art Online II. It’s not the same though. Ultear’s so sexy. Sinon’s got just not on Ultear’s level.

So we open with watching Atlas Flame just wreck everything while the Thunder Legion and Laxus prepare to go at him. Unfortunately they didn’t even leave a scratch. Luckly Natsu just drops down from the freaking sky and starts eating Atlas. Just chomping down on the freaking fire dragon!

So Natsu tells Laxus he’s got this and to go to the palace to back up Wendy against Zirconis. So Laxus heads over to the palace while Natsu plays functional piggyback with a freaking flaming dragon! After a few minutes of being unable to knock Natsu Atlas asks how does he know Igneel. To which Natsu responds that he’s his dad. This breaks Future Rogue’s control over Atlas and they fly over to Future Rogue and Motherglare and get into a heavy and powerful battle in the skies.

Meanwhile Rogue’s fighting his dragon it tells him that this attack is led by his future self. Turns out our beautiful sexy Ultear’s watching. She has a flashback after Natsu’s first battle with Future Rogue in which she suggests that they kill present day Rogue to insure that Future Rogue never shows up. However Natsu says that somewhere along the line Future Rogue made the wrong decision but present day Rogue has done nothing wrong. Killing him would make them just as evil as Future Rogue.

After the flashback is over, Ultear looks over all the destruction that both Future Rogue and the dragons have wrecked over Crocus. She plots to kill to save the future. With that the episode ends.

I think this was a pretty good episode especially the part at the end where Ultear’s staring murder at Rogue.

I’ll give this episode 8/10 for all that filler with the guilds fighting Motherglare’s hatchlings. It was good stuff but you could have had stuff with the Dragon Slayers fighting the dragons.

So I can’t wait to see what happens next with the anime. I love Ultear and I can’t wait to see how they animate what’s she going to do. So until next time,
Later Days

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