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Rail Wars!

Let’s Look: Rail Wars! Episode 3:Triple Shipping Wars!

And another cute girl arrives to start up the Shipping tides! I’m still Naoto x Koumi.

We open up with two girls sitting around in the snow with a microphone listening to a train pass by.


So cute…

After the opening Minori Chihara is such an awesome singer and now the opening is out on HikariOST. Check it out!, we have the same girl with the mic in the snow on the train.

Wow she’s really cute.

So anyway Naoto comes in and greets her and we found out that they’re apparently friends. Her name is Mari Sassho.

Mari teases and calls Naoto senpai and Naoto gets confused because they’re the same age. Mari says that he’s a month ahead so it still counts. Naoto says he may have been only working there a month but it feels like he’s been working there a year.

So they reache the Tabata stop and both of them stop to listen to the trains race to the Tokyo stop. Their train wins.

So after Naoto gets off the platform we see this:


Oh Aoi-chan…

So someone asks for Naoto’s attention but guess what? He doesn’t speak Japanese. He speaks English.


Oh I always love these types of parts in Anime because most of Seiyuu can’t speak English. They can do those occasionally Engrish words but not full out English. The only Seiyuu I know that can speak English is Sayaka Oohara, having passed the Pre-1st grade in STEP Test in Practical English Proficiency. I don’t really understand but apparently it makes her a fluent English speaker.

Okay did my research. 1st grade doesn’t mean like 1st grade school level speech. It’s the top tier of speaking English in Japan so that means that’s Sayaka Oohara is one of the most fluent English speaking Seiyuu

Back to the story, predictably Naoto panics but luckily someone comes by to help.

Snapshot_6 Snapshot_7

I’m shocked on two levels. One Koumi knows how to speak English and two Maaya Uchida has really good English.

So after we go back to the K-4 where Aoi’s writing out a apology letter to the criminal that she owned. Why did I use owned?


Just a tad bit extreme, Aoi-chan.

So after that they go to the cafe where the entire team tries to figure out what to have until Naoto and Aoi have an argument over Aoi’s constant snarking until the waitress comes.


I don’t know why I feel the need to say this but her boobs are pretty big but not as big as Aoi’s, Nana, and definitely not as big as Koumi’s.
Okay after some quick introductions on everyone’s side, we switch scenes to Naoto and Mari at some bench near the water.Wow this seems a lot like a date…

There ya go bro! You had her eating out the the palm of your hand and you blow it!


Oh he’s been doing this for awhile has he? It’s still creepy even if you think it’s cute, Mari-chan.

After a second of musing if he’ll be able to make a living as a member of the public safety crew, Mari brings up Aoi and wonders if she should be a member of the crew with the way she is. Now that’s a legit question but she says it very timidly. My shipping instincts tell me that she’s got a crush on Naoto! Now it’s a three way battle for Naoto’s heart. I’ve got my money on Koumi personally.

After that we flash to the next day and we see this.


Vile fiends! They tied up the legendary penguin mascot of the National Japanese Rail Company!
Turns out that Nana isn’t going to be in today so apparently they need to put a stuffed penguin in her chair…anyway.

Koumi comes over to Naoto’s to give him some papers to sign. Simple right? Not when you have Moeness that rivals Mikuru Asahina!


It’s so sad that she can do this just by leaning over. I’ve seen girls try way harder on purpose and get nothing. Maybe because they aren’t as hot Haruka Koumi?


That’s what happens when you get too much hotness with so much boobs at the same time. You can’t take it and fall over.

Anyway turns out that Naoto gets a call from Mari that her friend, Kaori, is missing. Kaori…does she forget her friends each week and you have to reforge your bonds over and over again. Was she in an anime that was a romantic one in a way but had no romantic conclusion with any of the couples? Nope. Then she’s not from Isshuukan Friends.

Okay now that I’ve had my fun let’s get back to the story.

Mari tells the crew that Kaori went to some station to record some train sounds and hasn’t been seen since yesterday and hasn’t been answering her phone.


Wow he sounds so heroic like right now!

Snapshot_22 Snapshot_23

Wow he sounds all shonen hero on us but now the Rail Wars crew has to deal with an enemy more deadly and dangerous than any other.


Truly terrifying indeed…
So begins the look for something suspect via the reports.

I’d have passed out a long time ago. Just looking at books like that would make me a bit drowsy. I’m serious and I totally tell you no lies.

So while they’re looking through the reports in the other room, the sexy Capt. Gonou is preparing to move out to deal with some radicals. Just another day as the head of the riot police.


There can only be so much good looks in one anime. Lucky we haven’t reached our quota here yet.

So after the Riot Squad leaves Nana comes in and asks if they’ve made any progress to which they haven’t. I don’t blame them. Looking through books all day. It’ll make a lot of people tired and unfocused.

So Nana asks if they want to add more groups to help them search the records but Naoto says no and goes to the bathroom…he’s going to come out with this huge idea. Why? Because all great ideas were born in a bathroom! I came up with most of my book ideas on the toilet…too personal back to the story.

Anyway after relieving himself, Mari comes to talk to Naoto about what’s happening with the case. So far nothing but they’ll keep looking because that’s their responsibility as members of the public safety crew.

After that the girl’s whose name I can’t remember comes in and asks Naoto to come with her. She’s the only flat chested girl in this anime that should tell you who she is. She’ll stand right out!

Then Mari’s cellphone rings and the other girl recognizes the ringtone.


Looks like they found her cellphone when one kid found and started playing with it. Don’t you hate that? Back when I was a kid, every kid and their brother asked if your phone had any games on it. Anyway they don’t where she was because the mother of the kid didn’t see where he picked up. So we’re at a dead end right?


Wrong! Super smart and super sexy Koumi works her computer magic and manages to find some sound files. Now this is a mess up on the studio’s part here.


So they have like fifty files but they act like only one is important what’s up with that? Then Koumi just outright lies when she’s asked is that the only file.

Snapshot_34 Snapshot_35

Looks like there’s no need for fear because Mari taking a listen. Also in the background, Aoi and Naoto argue about how he should be able to figure out which station she was at from the smell. I’m not even sure if a dog could do that…

Then using her awesome hearing, Mari figures out what station Kaori was at last.

She’s got better hearing that my mother and she can hear a pen drop on a carpet a hundred feet away. Yes I have tested that and it’s true.

We flash to the station and it’s freaking beautiful. Things like this make you remember how beautiful Japan is. Also note that a large amount of Japan isn’t modernized because of the tough terrain. So they have a lot of nature where most countries would have cities.

Snapshot_40 Snapshot_41

After that traditional look around Koumi and Aoi ask how did Mari know which station was the right one to go to.

Dogs are deaf compared to this girl. This girl has a freaking superpower she’s so good.

So after that they begin searching starting with some warehouses near the sea.

Snapshot_45 Snapshot_46 Snapshot_47

After a few warehouses Naoto and Mari hit the jackpot and find Kaori.


Wow they worked her over good. That’s why I try to avoid beatings. I can’t take them well…

So after they find her they cut off the ropes and try to get away but of course this is Rail Wars so there’s got to be a fight somewhere.


Unfortunately they didn’t show it. Darn. No more sexy Aoi fights.
So after that we cut to Nana and Gonou basically giving the wrap up and explaining that the crew won and saved Kaori. Also Gonou herself is really interested in their development. Sounds like some spots might open up in the Riot Police when they’re ready.
We close with Mari thanking Naoto for all he’s done.

Snapshot_51 Snapshot_52

And they end the episode with a salute.

All in all, I thought it was a good episode. I think that they could have amped up the tension and the interest level by actually showing the fight but hey. Whatever right.

I give this episode 6/10 for failing to follow through on what they sent up.

Looks like the next episode we’ve got all the girls in bikinis and the crew’s protecting a famous idol. I can’t wait.

Until next week,
Later Days

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Let’s Look:Rail Wars! Episode 2:And…Boom Goes The Dynamite!

We’ve got a good show here. Shipping, fighting, explosions, what’s not to love!

So we start off the episode with this.

Does everyone in this anime have huge boobs? I’m not complaining just asking…

So after a quick talk about the coicendence that they’re all on the same squad, Nana the Squad Leader makes her introduction.


I have to say that it’s very refreshing to Yui Horie’s voice not coming out of Carla from Fairy Tail. I haven’t seen much of her in anything else so it’s good for me to see her in a new role.

Also Nana makes a pun. See since they’re the Fourth Peacekeeper squad, they are called K-4 but it’s pronounced K-Yon similar to the anime to the K-On!


So after the still awesome opening by Minori Chihara(which character is she going to be?! I need to know.) we see a train called Black Star getting preped to go.


Looks like someone called in a bomb threat at the station in Yokohama and Gonou, being the commander of the Riot Police, is going there to check it out.

Note:They are currently in Tokyo which is in the Tokyo Prefecture of Japan. They’re traveling to Yokohama which is in the Kanagawa prefecture. Kanagawa is pretty much Tokyo’s neighbor and a journey between the two takes thirty minutes either way because they are in the same region of Kanto. Yes the name is the same as Pokemon I know.

So after they leave, Naoto whines about how he was supposed to be a train driver and not a peacekeeper. Quit whining man! You stopped a purse snatcher and used some pretty creative ways to catch up with them.


That’s right time to get into action.


Ooh What is it?


So your job is basically hold down the fort until Gonou stops being a sexy badass? You’ll be at that fort for awhile…

Aoi complains how can they be PSF members if they aren’t even in the action?

After that an old lady asks how to get to the platform and Aoi just points her over to the place while Naoto walks her over.

Snapshot_15 Snapshot_16

Look at you man. Being all chirvilous and what not.

After that we get a crying kid and guys try to get him to stop but of course things like this need a woman’s touch. So Koumi comforts him.


Lucky brat. Reminds me of Momonosuke of One Piece. Come on! He’s a boy. He knows what he’s doing!

So we cut to Aoi complaining to Nana that they’re basically like mall cops.


Hahaha! Good one!

Nana gets out of her seat and explains that they are protecting the people. It’s just not in a flash and obvious like Gonou does. They’re needed in a different way basically.

So to show her takes her gun in the most sexual way possible.

After that we cut to Naoto and Koumi at the lost and found with the cute pup from yesterday. Then we go to our group hanging posters but what’s weird is this.

Snapshot_24 Snapshot_25

Magic!!! Someone’s casting magic on them! Or someone wasn’t paying attention during final edits. I’ll go with the first one. Makes the anime director sound less stupid.

So anyway Nana invites the girls out to lunch while the guys keep on the job.


Wow that looks good and apparently they spray it with liquid nitrogen to make it cold and crunchy.

So after that we go back to Naoto and Iwaizumi hanging up posters. Boring right…


So other than some scorch marks and a broken locker, there wasn’t any casualities, nothing’s broken, and apparently Iwaizumi’s a freaking psychic because he was able to pull Naoto out of the way just in time.

After that we basically get a break down of what happened: the terrorist made a fake call so to pull Gonou and her team to Yokohama and get rid of the A-Team, leaving the kids to take care of it. So it worked perfect to catch them off guard.

The stationmaster states that terrorists want a 100 million yen for telling them where the bomb is. Wait a second…that’s about 986,729 dollars. It’s kinda low if you look at this way but then again a lot of yen.


Oh my god, that’s a lot of money! Imagine what I could do with that much cash…

I need to try not to think about it.

If they don’t give them the money then they’ll set off a massive explosion. Naoto immediately says they have to do evaculate the customers. One of the assistants say that since this is the Tokyo Station, and not any small little stop, it would cause a massive panic. And we all know what happens when people panic. Theft, death, trampling , and general havoc. My kind of party but it tends to be bad.

So they say that they’re going to give in to the demands but Aoi argues back.


Naoto says that if they can find the bomb before Gonou comes back or the bomb goes off they might not have to give the money away.


Nana explains how they’ll go about searching but if they can’t find the bomb by 2:50 then they’ll give into the demands.

We go to the group checking the lockers and Koumi comments that there are 3000 lockers in the station.

Snapshot_33 Snapshot_34 Snapshot_35

So after checking 368 lockers, Aoi gets an idea.

Snapshot_38 Snapshot_39

Then Koumi gets a phone call saying that the dog they turned into the lost and found last episode just started barking and won’t stop. Iwaizumi gets the idea that the bomb must be in the Lost and Found.

Aoi tells Koumi and Iwaizumi to evacuate the area and tell Nana about the bomb.


So it looks like with fifteen minutes of the clock, it looks like Gonou’s going to come back to a small crater where the lost and found was.


Can you say badass?!

Side Note: This is how you get yourself blown up when dealing with a bomb. Any smart bomb maker knows to keep the real wires that do anything out of sight and out of reach. You can’t trust the clock. The timer can speed up, show the wrong countdown time, and whole lot of other things.

Aoi says that if Naoto wants to get out he can run but he stands firm with her.

While cutting the wires, Aoi and Naoto have to line up some wires so she can cut them at the same time. So this ends up happening…


It’s not his hand but it’s just as good right? Side note: Whoever said more than hand full is a waste is deluded. Bigger is better.

So the clock hits near three and Aoi and Naoto are down to the last two wires, one pink and other red.


If that ain’t ship teasing I don’t know…that gives me an idea for another meta post. God I create more work for myself.

Aoi decides to cut the red wire but then this happens.


And the clock starts diving. Aoi dips out to go to do something and Koumi asks if she can do anything and Naoto says to help Iwaizumi.

Naoto has a vision of him driving a train in a void. Looks like he’s going to the big train yard in the sky…

Snapshot_48 Snapshot_50

And Aoi comes in and saves the day with the liquid nitrogen.

Side Note: This is actually how it works if you ever see a bomb. The liquid nitrogen freezes the electrons in the bomb and stops the electric from flowing.


So we cut to the platform with the stationmaster and then this happens…


They swarm him like they were playing Ride of the Valkyries in the background.


Such a sexy serious voice.

So after that Aoi explains how she managed to beat the bomb and then she collapses.


If this isn’t fanservice and shipping, I’m clearly blind.

After that we head back to the K-4 room where Naoto’s made Deputy Squad Leader.

Now I barely get it. Aoi did the actual save by freezing the bomb but what Naoto was more important. He made the command decision to take care of the customers and delagated responsibilies well. That’s better in a leader than Aoi’s more hotheaded style.


Indeed you are man. Indeed you are.

And with that, the episode is over. It’s definitely an okay episode but there’s a few flaws to it especially with the posters.

All in all, I’ll give this episode an 6/10. It had some good parts but it wasn’t enough to get a better score.

 Bonus Pic!

You can click for full size.
You can click for full size.

So that’s the episode so until the next one,
Later Days

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Let’s Look:Rail Wars! Episode 1:Hype Train Now Boarding!

Now me and my man Skycorps have been hyping this anime up. Let’s see if it’s as good as we say it is.

Note: Reviews will be coming up as soon as possible. I’m working now so I don’t have as much time as I used to but once I get my tablet I’ll be able to go faster with reviews.

So it’s time to get the hype train rolling!

We start off with our main character riding into Tokyo on what? Well it is an anime about trains. He’s got to come in on a train.

After a quick explanation of how the trains work, running from Hokkaido,one of the most northern prefectures in Japan, to Kagoshima prefecture in Kyushu, one of the most southern prefectures in Japan. You need to take a plane just to get there from Tokyo!

Anyway after explaining that the entire rail system is controlled by the government

I’m taking this moment to say that in real life this isn’t true. Japan’s rail system is actually privatized but of course that’s the point of this anime: What if Japan’s rail ways weren’t privatized?

So after Naoto gets off the train he sees a kid with his balloon in the tree.

Aw. That’s sad. You know what this reminds me of that Spiderman game, I think it was Spiderman 2 where you had to do those ‘save the kid’s balloon’ missions. Those sucked.

Anyway so how are you going to get the balloon back, Naoto?

Good you can be a jumping platform for a sexy redhead with big boobs. We’ll see that this is Aoi Sakurai later and she’s voiced by Manami Nukamura. She’s got a really cute voice in this anime as well as in Akuma no Riddle.

Anyway we after Aoi-chan’s daring balloon rescue we see this.

Darn it! No pansu! Anyway Aoi calls Naoto a pervert(she uses the work Chikan which is a guy or a girl mostly a guy though that gropes or flashes himself at woman on a train. I think that she should have used a different word like hentai or ecchi or something but hey that’s their choice)

Anyway then we see the opening which is a really good song by Minori Chihara, coming off her awesome role in Date A Live 2 as Miku Izayoi. The woman is an awesome singer and voice actress. She’s apparently got a role in this anime too but her character hasn’t been announced yet. So if you’re a Minori Chihara fan then you’ve got to stick around.

Haha that kept me laughing through the opening. Let’s keep going.

So once Naoto enters the school and gets into the class we get a proper introduction of all the main cast.

She’s so cute and she’s voiced by Maaya Uchida, coming off her good role as Kaguya Yamai in Date A Live 2 as well as doing a badass job singing the Opening song to Akuma no Riddle.

Now the teacher comes in and this is where it gets a bit weird for me. Now when I first watched this I watched it after Fairy Tail Episode 13. So I’m sitting around watching and then I heard my lovely Juvia-chan’s voice!

It’s kinda weird to hear Mai Nakahara in a serious role when most of the time I see her voicing Juvia.

After introducing Captain Gonou, Naoto explains how things work at the school. They’re being trained to be a part of the public safety crew.

After that little bit of explanation Capt. Gonou says she ain’t going to baby them. After that she explains as the rail company they are charged with protecting and insuring the safety of their customers. They need to be smart and watchful. Wow she sounds serious…

I need some Juvia-chan after that!

This pic comes from Law67. Click the Picture to go to the original at full size.
This pic comes from Law67. Click the Picture to go to the original at full size.

Okay now that’s out of my system. They start the training.

Hmm…good question. It’s a problem that a lot of women on trains deal with in Japan.

However good old Naoto doesn’t have an idea what to do.

I like this girl already! Nice boobs, cute face, redhead, tsundere, voiced by Manami Numakura. Have her voiced by Pile and have her sing a few songs and she could be Maki from Love Live!

Anyway Gonou says that she agrees and wishes that it was like that but it’s not allowed. Someone’s triggerhappy and it’s not the hot lady with the blue hair.

After that we see this.

Wow she’s smart! Naoto compliments her test scores and Haruka blushes.

Oh goody! Shipping wars have already begun! I’m good with Naoto x Haruka but I’m for Naoto x Aoi. It’s always good for the main character to get with the tsundere.

Okay after that Aoi comes over and snarks Naoto about flirting with Haruka, saying that he’s always checking out her chest. You can’t really blame him.
See you can’t really blame him. Her boobs are so big they can bounce while she’s sitting down.

After that Iwaizumi asks her about a question on one of their tests.

I didn’t say anything when he was there earlier in the episode but here’s my chance. He’s voiced by Satoshi Hino and I don’t really know him from much other than Naruto as Sai. I’ve got some high hopes for him though.

After Koumi explains how she deduced the answer, everyone says that they want to study together with her!


After that we move to the track where I guess they’re practicing stamina and speed.


Looks like he’s tearing up the track! Looks like Aoi’s no slacker too since she’s right behind him.

Now this next one just defies logic.

Now I’m not the most well versed guy in women’s anatomy but do boobs do that?

Anyway we move on to our foursome(not in that way. I like to say that I can have a blog that kids can read) at the gun range.

Naoto can’t shoot the broad side of a barn, Iwaizumi got good form but he’s the same, Koumi got knocked her onto her very nice rear by the recoil. Can’t anyone shoot in this anime?

Now that’s sexy! Add gun slinger to that list!

After that we go to through a explantion of Naoto saying that the final test is coming.

Looks like the objective is to get up to 100 km/h on a coal train which of course since I’m an American means nothing to me. Wait a second.

Oh it means 62 miles per hour rounded down. Oh everyone in the world why can’t you use empirical measures instead of the metric system.

So the teams are Naoto and Iwaizumi and the other Aoi and Koumi.

Snapshot_28 Snapshot_30
Sounds kinda bad, don’t you think. It should be more even by having a girl and boy team. The girls might get outpaced by the boys.

Not saying anything bad about women or anything. Normally I wouldn’t comment on it but there’s a lot of internet personalities that people bitch at for not being political correct and sensitive to people. I don’t want to be one of them. Personally I think it’s a load of crap. I didn’t start this blog to be snarked at that I’m not appealing to everyone. I started this blog to talk anime with people like me…

Wow that’s off track. Back to the show.

So after a explanation again by Naoto about a coal train can get up to 100 km/h, we find out that they aren’t getting anymore speed after they got up to 80 km/h. Turns out it’s combustion efficency. They’ve got to spread out the coal to all sides of the burner instead of just in the middle.

So after changing it up and throwing it to both sides, they manage to get up to 100km/h. So after that Gonou says that they pass and they were actually the only group to get up to the required speed. Good job!

So they go to the Tokyo Station for the final training where they get this old dude that whines about they need to do what he says or he’ll have to send reports up to the main office. Fool! This is a shonen-esque anime born from a shonen-esque light novel. Protagonists don’t listen to the rules!!!

So after that the old dude says that someone’s been hearing a dog in one of the trains and Naoto and Koumi volunteer to go.

Nice looking train.
Snapshot_34Naoto asks why Koumi decided to join the National Rail Ways but then they hear the dog. Looks like it’s in the ceiling. That means someone’s got to go and look.

Looks like someone’s going to get a look at some panties. Oh Naoto. You and your perverted ways.

Anyway Koumi says that her reason for joining up is because someone that she admired was a part of it. Now if you’re just looking at the subs that’s all you get. However if you’ve been studying Japanese like I do you’ll see that she uses the word Akogare which is one thing. One a word they mostly used in love stories so it’s not someone she’s just looked up to and respected .

So Koumi likes someone…that’s nice but look at this.

I’m not a pervert…

Anyway Naoto explains that his case is similar and Koumi gets surprised and falls off the ladder. Now this is shonen so there’s only a few ways she can fall on him.

Snapshot_36 Snapshot_37

Hmm they chose one of the classics. Always a good choice.

Anyway Koumi thanks Naoto and says that he saved her again.

They find the dog and bring it to the lost and found.

Aw he’s so cute!

After that all that needs to be done is the paperwork. So how much is a dog worth?

Apparently one hot girl with big boobs.

So after that Aoi and Iwaizumi come in and catch up with them as Naoto and Koumi come out.

Then some purse snatchers come and steal this lady’s purse and our group gives chase.

Wow it looks really interesting.


Looks like they’re going to get away since the next train heading to that stop leaves Tokyo at 1:20 so they’d never make it in time.

So Naoto, Aoi, Koumi, and Iwaizumi jump onto Doctor Yellow and manage to beat them there! Now that’s a fast train.

Yeah bro that ain’t going to work…

This is what you need to do!

Snapshot_59 Snapshot_63
Now that’s some good action.

Don’t worry Koumi-chan helped too.

Looks like she’ll really need to use that medical kit now.

So after that they return to the old dude’s office where he chews them out for going off the reservation. He’s going to report them…looks like their futures on the trains is over…

Looks like they still got on the team!

And with that the episode ends.

Now some thoughts about the ending done by ZAQ. I’m guessing she learned English or is from somewhere that speaks English because her spoken English is really good during the song. Most of the time when Japanese people say English words they use the Katakana way of saying it. This sounds like she was actually using English.

Anyway that’s it for the episode. I think starting this review I’ll take a leaf out of my friend Skycorps book and give each episode a score out of ten. So the first episode of Rail Wars in my opinion gets 7/10.

We had good characters, some not over the top fanservice, a badass in Aoi Sakurai, and the premise of the anime was explained well.

However there were some faults. Those Ear protector headphones disappearing and reappearing is definitely one of them. Check it out during that scene if you don’t believe me.

So that’s it for this review. Until the next review,
Later Days!

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44663703_mHere’s a sexy pic of Aoi Sakurai done by Kazenokaze and here’s a link to the full size.

First Impressions: Rail Wars!

First up for the Summer Season is Rail Wars!

The “dream railway paradise entertainment” story is set in a parallel world where Japan did not privatize its national railways. Naohito Takayama is an ordinary high school boy who dreams of a comfortable future working for the top-rated Japanese National Railways. He is assigned as a trainee in the Railways Security Force full of odd characters such as Sakurai, a troublemaker who hates men. On top of that, an extremist group called “RJ” plots to privatize the Japanese National Railways.

Now when I saw this coming up and I was doing my look around for what I was going to be watching this summer, I picked this. Why? Because it looked interesting and it wasn’t standard everyday shonen. However I also felt a bit like I should choose something more mainstream so I can get in on some of the hype of that anime. However I didn’t want to sell out.

However out of sheer luck, I got one that’s going to be a hit. Rail Wars has a lot of Seiyuu that I love.

They’ve got Jun Fukuyama from Code Geass(I haven’t really watched anything else with him.


Manami Numakura known for her work in Idolmaster but I know from last season’s Akuma no Riddle as Otoya Takechi and Gokoukou no Brynhildr’s Nanami. I know she’ll be a good addition.


Maaya Uchida. I don’t know much she’s been in but I just saw her in Date A Live II as Kaguya Yamai and she got me hooked.


Satoshi Hino. I haven’t seen much of him other than Naruto as Sai but I think he’ll pull it off.


They’ve also got Mai Nakahara and Yui Horie. I know Mai as Fairy Tail’s Juvia Lockser, Kaori Fujimiya’s mother, ummm and a whole lot more. Sorry it’s late as I write this. I don’t know much about Yui Horie other than Carla but I think that’s she’s a good one.

They also have Minori Chihara doing the Opening Song as well as voicing one of the characters. I made a joke with my friend Nick Corps that if Minori Chihara’s doing the opening or ending of an anime she must be in it someway. He said she might not in this one. Then a few days later she was announced to be a part of the cast. Hahaha. I know her as Yuki Nagato(The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), Miku Izayoi(Date A Live II), and Anatasia Nasuhara(OniAi).

Don’t say thing about OniAi. I watched that one on a bet. Friend bet me that I’d get disgusted with the sheer amount of wincest in the anime. He lost and I got twenty bucks. I’m actually looking forward to its second season if they ever have one.

All in all I think that Rail Wars is going to be one of the hottest(pun not intended) animes of the season so I suggest you check it out and look at my reviews on it.

You can ask me as many questions as you want on and you can follow me on Twitter to know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll also be update on what’s happening.

Side Note: Sorry for the reviews not coming out as fast. Internet at home is bad. It’s hard to get the episodes to watch and get the pictures. I download them at the library and then watch them at home. I was going to post Akuma no Riddle Episodes 11 and 12 but I forgot to put the files on my flashdrive. I’ll have them up by tomorrow or later this evening.

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