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Episode 8

Let’s Look:Date A Live 2 Episode 8: An Army of Beautiful Kurumis

Is there anything that Kurumi can’t do while being hot?

So we come back in on the episode with Shido and Kurumi still dealing with Miku’s psuedo zombies until Kurumi does this.

Snapshot_2Now that was pretty easy. Why were we worried again?

So after Kurumi knocks out everyone outside we flash inside to Miku realizing that Shido’s coming to seal her. She turns to Yoshino and the Yamai twins and tells them to get ready for battle.

Snapshot_4After the opening, Shido and Kurumi enter and Shido tries to talk to Miku but gets her usual ‘I hate men’ talk.

So what she do?

Snapshot_5She orders Yoshino, Kaguya, and Yuzuru as well as all the people in the arena to kill Shido…yeah that won’t work. Why?

Snapshot_6Kurumi ties up everyone with her shadow hands but the Yamai twins go all out with a wind attack but Kurumi blocks it.

Looks like things are getting serious.

Snapshot_7Do you think that they’ll let me have one?

Yoshino and the Yamai twins start fighting back until Kurumi summons Zaphkiel and asks Shido to make sure that Miku won’t interfere with them saving Tohka.

So Cute
So Cute

Then Kurumi busts out Aleph and makes a clone to take Shido to Miku.

You know with all those clones saying Me all the time must get confusing.

Anyway clone Kurumi rushes at Miku while another covers her mouth so she can’t use her powers Kurumi sinks them both into the shadows so they can have a private conversation.

Snapshot_11 Snapshot_12Now that’s just insulting Miku.

So while in the shadow world(not an official name. It’s just the best thing to call it.) Shido explains that he needs to save Tohka and he asks for her help.


Then she launches into a spiel about how humans are selfish and evil beings. Wow someone has a lot of hatred. Ironic seeing as she’s technically like Kotori, a human turned into a Spirit. Shido tries to ask why she hates humans so much only for Kurumi to call out and say they’ve run out of time.

Kurumi pulls them out of the shadow world and we see this.


Okay not bad girls but remember all of Kurumi’s clones don’t have her powers only her guns. That’s one of the only reasons why Kurumi isn’t easily the most powerful Spirit in the series(she’s pretty close to the top if not already there)

After leaving the shadow world Shido tries to talk with Miku again only to a warning shot from Yoshino. Kurumi uses Aleph and they teleport away.

So we flash to an alley somewhere where Shido apologizes for being unable to get Miku’s help or make her stay out of the way while they rescue Tohka.

Kurumi basically says no problem and you know what the basically the most powerful Spirit in the series asks for…a pat on the head.


Yeah that’s a good reward…

Anyway Kurumi explains that she doubts that Miku will do anything to endanger herself and she basically put the fear of the Lord in Miku so she won’t try and cross them.

Then we go to this.

Is everything she does sexy? The answer is yes.

After that little part is over Kurumi says that she knows where Tohka is being held, DEM’s main office in Japan.

We go inside the building with the captured Tohka, Isaac Wescott, and Sneaky Ellen(she really deserves more respect from me since she’s the most powerful wizard but all I remember her falling in that hole and getting owned by Ai, Mai, and Mii.)

Wescott explains that he wants to use Tohka’s Spirit powers to turn the world upside down and he’ll do anything to make her despair.

Ha! That’s nothing for Tohka…

Snapshot_24And he hits the jackpot. Now they’re going to wait until they can get Shido so they can use Tohka’s power.

After the commericial we join up with Shido and Kurumi outside DEM’s main office while Kurumi’s going over the plan until…


That’s strange. All the Spirits are already here.

Snapshot_27 Snapshot_28

Kurumi manages to save Shido and call up her clones to fight the now in coming Bandersnatch.

They change up the plan using the clones as the distraction while Kurumi and Shido take the entrance.


What the hell happened?


Looks like Mana’s returned. That’s good. Kurumi says that she has some business to take care of in DEM so she’ll leave Shido’s protection to Mana. Kurumi disappears into the shadows and Shido and Mana move forward after a quick talk with Kotori, who’s been freed from Miku’s control.

We flash over to Miku who’s basically pissed off that Shido had the apparent arrogance to talk to her and asks the girls around what Shido thinks of Tohka. Ai, Mai, Mii give nothing of value while Yoshino and the Yamai twins say even though they’re being controlled that Shido wouldn’t care how far he had to go to save Tohka.

We go to the Fraxinus and Shido getting ready to storm the DEM building. We have a quick scene with Origami trying to get moving to the fight before we get to the real fight.

First thing about this next scene is that Kurumi’s second theme, Rage, is playing in the background so it gives this an awesome feel and it really amps up the action.

We’ve got the Kurumi army vs. the DEM wizards and the Bandersnatch.

Next up Mana vs. Jessica Bailey!

Snapshot_37This is so awesome but this is what really seals it.


He’s got Sandelphon again!

And then he goes in on some dumb DEM wizards and one tries to stab him…umm do you know that he’s got Kotori’s healing?


And we end the episode with Shido calling out to Tohka.


After that you really understand why the studio chose the song they did for the ending theme. It’s all about a hero going the distance to save the princess…and Tohka’s codename is Princess. How did I miss that?

Now that was a good episode. It’s one of those episodes that makes you sad that this is only a 10 episode season. That being said this month I’ll have the Date A Live season 1 full season review as well as three Date A Live Speculations. One’s about Origami, another speculating if Kurumi will ever get sealed, and one if the anime will get a third season. So make sure to watch out for those!

I can’t wait until the next episode it’s going to be really awesome. It’s episode 9 so you know it’s going to be awesome. I hate this wait so until the next episode

Later Days.

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Let’s Look:Fairy Tail Second Series Episode 8 Finally! It’s over!!!

Finally the Boring Knights are beaten and the great part is Erza vs. Minerva vs. Kagura is next

Side Note: I didn’t have a review last week because you have to be interested in what you watch to write a review. Last week’s episode was so boring I just didn’t feel it.

Just like in the last episode(Just because I didn’t review it doesn’t mean I didn’t watch it.) Lucy starts off the episode summoning Aquarius.

After the opening we get the fight between Mirajane and Kamika. After sealing her with the Purple Paper, Kamika follows up with Red, White, and Yellow Paper but Mira doesn’t even flinch.

So Kamika uses Green Paper, God of Poison on Mira which actually starts doing a good effect. Then Mira starts talking about how magic isn’t meant to kill people instead you’re supposed to protect people with it.

She obviously doesn’t know Zeref…ya know the Death Wizard that dropped Zancrow like he was nothing and killed Hades with a flick of his wrist.
Anyway heading to the next scene we’ve got Natsu vs. Kama.


Looks like Natsu’s on the ropes with Kama’s second scythe which can cut right through magic.

On to the next one, we’ve got Pantherlily vs. Neppa and just like everyone else’s he’s on the the ropes.


Now we flash back to Lucy and Yukino vs. Uosuke and predictably everyone’s who’s seen Aquarius knows what’s about to happen.


Then we get some classic Aquarius and Lucy comedy with Aquarius wondering if Scorpio might be dating another woman.

Now if it was me, I’d get pretty mad if this just devolved into a whole conversation wondering if Scorpio is cheating so thank goodness Uosuke decides to make a move.

Yeah…not really a good move attacking a water spirit with water dude!!

After some figuring Uosuke switches the water from cold water to boiling hot and prepares to fight Aquarius.

However before we get to the good stuff we get this…

Hmmm not bad. Give that girl a record contract! Don’t ask. Inside joke.

Anyway looks like Wendy’s up. How?


Then Wendy goes on the offensive but Cosmos hits back just as hard with Spore Bombs. You know the way this battles goes around in a round robin reminds me of episode 6 of Date A Live 2.

We head back to Natsu vs. Kama when Natsu decides to go in close with Kama with hand to hand combat.

Now we’ve got some side plot filler about the others in the arena wondering about the Rescue Team…it’s not worth caring about. Let’s keep going.

We come back to see Mira walking through Kamika’s field of poison like it’s nothing.


Then Mira tells her that she made a big mistake by separating her from the others because now she can go all out. She goes Satan Soul and you know what she does next…

Call me crazy but Mira's lips are really sexy
Call me crazy but Mira’s lips are really sexy

She eats the poison! Like a boss!

Now as a reviewer I have a responsibility to report the episode as it happens but with Mira fighting Kamika it’s a complete and utter curbstomp battle.


That was easy once she got serious.

Back to Lucy and Yukino vs. Uosuke.

He just heated the water so Aquarius can’t use it anymore or can she?


Someone’s about to get screwed.

Quick flash to Pantherlily vs. Neppa. Panterlily remembers his training with Gajeel and remembers that the strength of the heart makes the blade able to cut through anything and …


Now that doesn’t make sense but hey it’s anime.

Let’s go over to Wendy and Cosmos. Who basically thinks what would Natsu do?

We figure that out in the next scene with Natsu owning Kama in hand to hand combat and Kama asks would he be willing to make enemies of the country and Natsu says…


After that we’ve got totally ownage of all the Garou Knights at the exact same time.


And the episode ends with this.


Now I’m happy here not because it’s a good fight but because it’s finally over!!! Thank goodness now we can get back to the battles happening during the Grand Magic Games. I’m definitely going to love Erza vs. Kagura vs. Minerva mostly because it’s Sayaka Ohara vs. Saori Hayami vs. Kikuko Inoue, my three favorite female seiyuu.

So I can’t wait until next week! Until then
Later Days

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Let’s Look: Akuma no Riddle Episode 8:Two Gates and They Both Lead To Hell

I can’t even breathe. Akuma no Riddle doesn’t give you a breather episode even once!

Let’s see who wants to kill Haru this week.

Looks like Mahiru/Shi’nya Banba are going this week….

We’ve got two making their move and unlike Shiena, Hitsugi, and Chitaru these two are heavy hitters!

Okay let’s start this episode.

We start with Isuke, talking on the phone with her “Mama”, Esuke.


Esuke asks why hasn’t Isuke(this must be really difficult when talking) returned home yet.

Isuke comments that there’s a bug so she can’t finish yet.

I’m guessing Tokaku’s the bug…

Anyway Esuke comments that Papa(I’m guessing Esuke’s partner) misses her. Now this isn’t a big moment but this is what’s he’s doing while he’s talking to her.


Only a badass could raise Isuke Inukai and this is him.

Isuke asks if Esuke misses her too and he says he does. This really makes Isuke smile and she says she’ll be back soon with a lot of souvenirs.


Wow, I never imagined that Isuke cared about anyone. It’s clear that she loves Esuke. I wonder what her wish is…

Anyway after the opening we’ve got Nio with the freaking chairman…chairwoman of the school.


The chairwoman comments that there are only three more girls left to make their move. Nio comments that’s she’s still around.

Chairwoman laughes, apologizes, and continues. She says that because of her wish, Sumireko Hanabusa will probably go last which makes sense since she’s always shown last in the opening and she seems most pramagtic since she pulls a gun on Tokaku in the opening while she’s injured.

The Chairwoman says that she guesses that Isuke or Banba will probably make their play.


Oooh that’s bad. That means they’ll all be trapped inside and they’ll be no where to run.

We go to the bath with Tokaku and Haru where they’re talking about how it’s so quiet around because most of the girls are gone. Then we get this…


Looks like Banba’s decided to crash the bath.

After the bath the girls head back their dorms and Banba(I use her last name because calling her Shinya or Mahiru would get annoying) goes back to hers.

So basically I can’t really describe this scene. I want to say that it’s a conversation inside their soul but I’m not sure. I’m not even sure about what they’re talking about but I’ll make my best guess. I’m guessing that Mahiru has grown to like Haru as a friend so she can’t kill her. Lucky that Shinya doesn’t have those reservations.

That’s more yuri than we’ve ever gotten with Tokaku and Haru.

Banba wakes up out of wherever they were, talking to Sumireko. Never thought they’d be roommates. Anyway Sumireko talks about how they’re going to be a typhoon tomorrow afternoon and Banba says it’s the perfect time for a party.


We all know that she means she’s going to make her move. I wonder what weapon she’ll use?

Go to the next scene with Isuke and Nio.

Nio comments on Isuke’s wish to have a villa bought for her parents for when they get old as well as on the upcoming typhoon.


Sounds like Nio isn’t going to participate tomorrow either.


Looks like Isuke isn’t giving up either. Things are getting interesting.

Over on the next day after a quick lesson in class Tokaku and Haru leave for the day but something interesting happens.


Looks like Banba’s making her move.
After the commercial we have Tokaku and Haru running to the dorms so they can get in before night and before Shinya comes out but we get this…


Oh hey Isuke what you doing here?

What the hell? She didn’t even send her notice.

Looks like someone that isn’t Tokaku has the advantage. Man this is a first.

Tokaku comments it’s against the rules to attack Haru if you haven’t sent your advance notice.


Isuke you clever girl. She put someone else’s name so Tokaku and Haru would lower their guard against her.

Guess when you got to get away you got to get away, right?


I think Isuke might actually win.

We have a quick flashback for Isuke’s past. Turns out that Isuke was abused by her parents and then saved by Eisuke.

Yeah…she loves her family. It’s creepy but it’s love.

Going to the next scene we’ve got Tokaku and Haru in a science room. Tokaku barricades the door shut Haru inside and goes out the window to face Isuke.

Looks like round 2!

And it looks like Tokaku’s losing, she totally on the defensive during this fight.


Oh yeah Isuke knows that Tokaku can’t kill anyone and as a result she can beat her. See an attack meant to kill and an attack meant to just hurt have different power behind them. The latter is weaker and that means that Isuke can counter it. In short Isuke’s got the advantage and she knows it.


Next scene we got Haru in the science room with something slamming into the door. Then we get this…


See if that was me she would have killed me because I would have looked.


And we end the episode with that. Turns out according to Kaiba the riddle’s kinda like a trick. Both gatekeepers are lying and both gates lead to hell.

What’s Tokaku going to do against Isuke, especially since she can counter so easily?

How’s Haru going to fight against Banba with that freaking huge sledgehammer?

We’ve got one of the best episodes here. I can’t wait to see what’s up next.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

You can ask me as many questions as you want on and you can follow me on Twitter to know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll also be update on what’s happening.
Side Note: I’ll be making a post of all the flowers of the girls revealed up until now and what they mean. That will come up on May 30th in America because I’ve got the day off.

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