Deven: Okay! Let’s do this! Time to write a post all about Aina Kusuda!

Inner Writer: That’s what you want to do but wouldn’t be better to do Pile first then Aina? She and Maki are the most popular members of the Love Live Franshise.

Deven: But I love Aina Kusada!

Inner Writer: Tough love! Pile first then Aina!

Deven: Okay…

So my Inner Writer advised me to do Pile first and he’s got a point so let’s go!


Name:Pile(Her real name is Eriko Hori)
Birthday: May 2, 1988
Blood Type: O
Love Live Character: Maki Nishikino

Pile was born on May 2, 1988. She’s currently a solo singer and voice actress. She’s affiliated with SPACE Y PRODUCE. She’s also a live actress, doing her parts under her real name, Eriko Hori.

She’s best friends with Emi Nitta(voice of Honoka Kousaka) and Aina Kusuda(voice of Nozomi Tojo).

Pile got her start in 2006 when she auditioned for ‘Asian Doll'(I’m not making this up) and was chosen out of 700 applicants. Next year she debuted as a solo singer and continued until 2010 when she became a member of the Love Live School Idol Project Franchise as our beloved Maki Nishikino.

She’s half Korean and half Japanese and can speak both languages very well.

Her stage name, Pile, is meant to mean, “Wrapped with warmth, an artist that will be loved by everyone” then she was named Pile, like the pile used as material for towels.

Her hobbies are shopping, cooking and watching sports. Her strong points are her long patience and her laughter. Her weak points is being a dork, apparently. The things she’s confident with are her ability to speak Korean, Dance, and a nice smile because of the good alignment of her teeth. The thing she’s addicted to recently is Hawaiian Cuisine. The things she does after going home is to walk straight to the living room without going to her room first. Her average sleeping time is around 7hours ~ 4hours. She is also apparently an M.

As in a Masochist. Who would have thought?!

She loves simple and light food, and hates heavy and strong food. Her favorite color is pink. She is happiest when she’s not alone, and she wanted to be a Singer and a Ballerina when she was a child. The thing she wants at the moment is happiness, and the place she wants to travel to now is Korea, so she wouldn’t forget how to speak the language.

Okay now that the information’s over here’s my take on Pile.

Pile…hmmm well out of the Seiyuu for Love Live she’s second on my list which odd since Maki herself is fourth on my list.

She’s mostly my favorite because she’s got a great energy and passion that really brings me in! She’s so cute!

My favorite Pile solo is Darling…or Daring. Either title works…

As Maki she has a collection of solos called Muse’s True Diva: Maki Nishikino.

So I think that’s all I’ve got for Pile. She’s really awesome.

I have to give big thanks to the girls at Seiyuuri for compiling all the stuff about the nine Love Live Seiyuu.

Now a pic spam of Maki and Pile!

So until later with my beloved Aina Kusuda,
Later Days!