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Future Rogue

Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 23 Super Mini Review Version: What Happens When Fairies Die?

Sorry this is so late. Work is tiring but better late than never right?

Another question even more important than “Do Fairies Have Tails?” What Happens When A Fairy Dies?

So we open with Lucy explaining how they’ll be able to save the world. Turns out if the Eclispe Gate is destroyed in their time, Future Rogue won’t have a way to go back in time. So it basically activates a paradox that sets everything straight.

But we’re all missing the big question? How are they going to destroy the gate?


How stupid am I? This is freaking Fairy Tail! They excel at property damage!

Then you can cue Natsu fighting Future Rogue on top of Motherglare. After getting one more bite out of Atlas Flame’s Hellfire, Natsu gets a Fire Dragon’s Sword Horn and rams Future Rogue and Motherglare through the Eclipse Gate, saving the world.

As the dragons and Future Rogue disappear, Zirconis tries to attack one more time but Hisui apologizes to him for pulling him out of his natural time and calls him the Jade Dragon. He apparently likes the name since it’s the name that he uses when he speaks with Wendy after his spirit was brought back with Milky Way. So that distracts him long enough for him to disapear.

Atlas Flame promises to never forget Natsu as he disappears. Future Rogue explains why he went bad. All the stress of Acnologia rulling the world and finally Frosh dying, just pushed him over the edge.

‘Hi I’m Future Rogue. One of the most powerful Dragon Slayers in the Fairy Tail manga/anime. I went back in time, manipulated a princess, possessed my younger self, killed a girl, and released seven dragons to take over the world. Why? All because my kitty died?’

Hahahahahaha it hurts! It’s never hurted this much to laugh. Hahahahaha

Anyway as the episode ends all the normal guildmembers are patting each other on the back while the Dragon Slayers are seriously depressed.

Because even though they all fought their hardest, not one Dragon Slayer was able to kill a dragon. And with Acnologia being a very real threat(check the most recent chapter to see just how much), the Dragon Slayers need some serious training if they want to get rid of him.

As the episode ends, Future Lucy’s body fades away and her soul ascends to the Golden Grasslands where all the members of Fairy Tail are there to greet her as they head out on their next journey.

So I ask you. What happens when fairies die? They meet all their fallen friends and the story goes on.


I’m giving Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 23 a 9/10 for beautiful art work, good fight scenes and that ending! NaLu for the win! That gives me an idea for a Fairy Tail Speculation! Time to talk Shipping!

Anyway that’s for another time,
Until the next episode,
Later Days

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Fairy Tail Episode 20 Super Mini Review Version: Ah One of My Goddesses, Miyuki Sawashiro! And Some Stuff About Dragons Killing Folks…

If you’ve read the manga, you know what Ultear’s about to do. It makes me sad. She’s such an awesome character voiced by an awesome Seiyuu. At least I can see her as Sinon in Sword Art Online II. It’s not the same though. Ultear’s so sexy. Sinon’s got just not on Ultear’s level.

So we open with watching Atlas Flame just wreck everything while the Thunder Legion and Laxus prepare to go at him. Unfortunately they didn’t even leave a scratch. Luckly Natsu just drops down from the freaking sky and starts eating Atlas. Just chomping down on the freaking fire dragon!

So Natsu tells Laxus he’s got this and to go to the palace to back up Wendy against Zirconis. So Laxus heads over to the palace while Natsu plays functional piggyback with a freaking flaming dragon! After a few minutes of being unable to knock Natsu Atlas asks how does he know Igneel. To which Natsu responds that he’s his dad. This breaks Future Rogue’s control over Atlas and they fly over to Future Rogue and Motherglare and get into a heavy and powerful battle in the skies.

Meanwhile Rogue’s fighting his dragon it tells him that this attack is led by his future self. Turns out our beautiful sexy Ultear’s watching. She has a flashback after Natsu’s first battle with Future Rogue in which she suggests that they kill present day Rogue to insure that Future Rogue never shows up. However Natsu says that somewhere along the line Future Rogue made the wrong decision but present day Rogue has done nothing wrong. Killing him would make them just as evil as Future Rogue.

After the flashback is over, Ultear looks over all the destruction that both Future Rogue and the dragons have wrecked over Crocus. She plots to kill to save the future. With that the episode ends.

I think this was a pretty good episode especially the part at the end where Ultear’s staring murder at Rogue.

I’ll give this episode 8/10 for all that filler with the guilds fighting Motherglare’s hatchlings. It was good stuff but you could have had stuff with the Dragon Slayers fighting the dragons.

So I can’t wait to see what happens next with the anime. I love Ultear and I can’t wait to see how they animate what’s she going to do. So until next time,
Later Days

Let’s Look:Fairy Tail Episode 12:Iron Shadow Dragon!

Fairies never lose! Let’s go!

So we start off the episode with this!


Oh Rogue you done stepped in it now.

So after the opening we go to the Rescue Lucy team in the palace. Future Lucy explains that a swarm of 10,000 dragons will attack destroy the entire capital.

We go to Princess Hisui who confirms this and says that she will open the gate if the person that told her of the future is correct.

Side note: I just realized that Princess Hisui is voiced by Suzuko Mimori of Love Live fame. Yay, Umi-chan!

Sonoda.Umi.full.1437738 tumblr_n4a740Ufvd1stg31so1_500

(cough) Ignore that idol fanboy moment and let’s get back to the show.

We go back to the Rescue team who shows looks of fear and confusion. Well except one person…

Snapshot_2 Snapshot_3

The others spitball ideas about where the dragons are coming from or what is their purpose while Natsu does…well just look.


Like that’s going to stop a dragon.

Future Lucy asks why do they believe her. Mostly because the story does sound a bit far-fetched.


After Future Lucy gets a quick scolding by Present Lucy, Carla finally connects the dots about the vision she’s had for like 20 episodes ago.


Yeah in the first episode we saw Natsu fighting against all the dragons so what did happen at the end?


They died…

After Future Lucy’s flashback she explains that she used the Eclipse gate to go back in time to July 4 X791.

But Arcardios seems to see something wrong with this.

Future Lucy advises Natsu’s group to go and meet up with Jellal’s group to figure out what to do next since she didn’t have a plan coming back to the past.

Arcadios also has a flashback showing how Princess Hisui got the idea for the Eclispe 2 Project. He concludes that if Future Lucy told Hisui about the Eclipse 2 then it was impossible for her to arrive on the 4th.

Future Lucy starts to worry about the future and how she was unable to do anything but all Natsu needs to do is this.


After that we go to Jellal, Ultear(she’s so hot and she’s got Miyuki Sawashiro as her voice in Japanese and Lydia Mackay in English!), and Meredy sitting outside out the city trying to figure out what’s true about what Future Lucy said.

We move back to Gajeel vs. Rogue.


Someone’s been busy laying down the smashdown on Rogue.

Rogue explains that he always looked up to Gajeel while he was in Phantom Lord but once he went to Fairy Tail he couldn’t believe it at the time. However over time he realized that it was because of friends and that Sabertooth doesn’t have bonds like that.


He says that Frosh is Rogue’s friend and Rogue agrees. Rogue is about to give up but something speaks to him in the darkness.


And his shadow tells him to kill Gajeel. Wow this looks like a badass battle after the commerial.

But we go to Natsu’s group back in the palace and other than Arcadios and Yukino leaving, the rest is all filler to make sure that the episode gets to 22 minutes. So I’ll make sure to skip that part and focus on the good stuff.

Back to Gajeel vs. Rogue.


Looks like someone’s about to get power up.


There is it!

So they start up the fight and it’s just better to show with pictures.

Wow, this is a good one. This is why the anime needed to come back!

During the fight Mavis comments that something must be possessing Rogue and it’s deeply evil.


After that we go back to Jellal and the others where they sense a spike in magical energy they realize that Future Lucy has just gotten into a battle but in the fighting she isn’t fighting at all. What’s up?

I could comment on the filler parts but I respect you all too much.

After that we have Gajeel completely owned by Possessed Rogue.


Looks like he’s about to kill him. Come on that’s too far for a game but it looks like things aren’t in the game territory any more.

Snapshot_28 Snapshot_29

Oh crap things are getting serious now! When Natsu ate Laxus’s Lightning, he became the Lightning Flame Dragon Slayer. Now what will Gajeel be when he mixes shadows with iron?

Snapshot_30 Snapshot_32

Oh crap. It’s about to go down it’s…it’s…


It’s the Iron Shadow Dragon!

And with that we end the episode. Can you even wait to see the battle of the Possessed Rogue vs. Iron Shadow Dragon Gajeel! Until next week,
Later Days!

You can ask me as many questions as you want on and you can follow me on Twitter to know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll also be update on what’s happening.

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