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Let’s see who’s next to want to kill Haru.

Wow didn’t expect any of the girls that were here on the first day to go so early.

So Haruki’s different from Otoya and Kouko. I want to say that she’s Otoya. How? She’s not an insane serial killer for one thing. As for Kouko she’s got some talent in being an assassin.So that’s great.

So Haruki’s got a good past not well developed because all she got was one episode but because she was there in the first episode and we got some hints about Haruki’s past in the first episode we know.

She became an assassin in order to be able to provide for her very large family.

Man that's a lot of kids.
Man that’s a lot of kids.

She’s got a lot of siblings like 10 little kids in there with a sick mom. Now that’s just sad.

Now I’m going to go into the sub-plot of the episode only to add to the main plot. Now after the exams that happened last episode the school’s having a school festival where the Black Class in putting on the play Romeo and Juliet with Kirigaya playing Juliet and Namatame playing Romeo.

Now this is real Yuri
Now this is real Yuri

Now this is the yuri that we need to see this series since our main girls aren’t so affectionate.

Anyway after setting up some of the lighting for the play Haruki goes outside and gets a call from her family. Her demeanor changes up, she talks with Nio, which never a good sign, and she goes to talk with Tokaku saying that they need to free Haru of her burdens…

By killing her. Yeah good idea Haruki.

But how did Haru get in the gym? The answer lies in Haru’s sheer dumbness. She thought that Tokaku sent her a note to meet up with her at the gym and she fell for it. Come on Haru! You live in the same room as the girl! You could have waited until she came back or called her. Oh just oh Haru.

Haruki goes for the kill right at all the beginning with a wire garrot but Tokaku comes in out of nowhere. I can’t deny that I want Haru to die sometimes with how dumb she is sometimes. Anyway Haruki and Tokaku at it and I want to say that it was a good physical battle since Haruki wears some type of leather and metal gloves but Tokaku managed to pull out of a win but Haruki pulls out an ace in the hole. She drops the lightning set!

And we get a flashback of what Haruki said to Nio asking if she killed Haru but died herself too would her wish still be granted. Answer’s yes.

Good. She’s still alive.

But it didn’t work and Haruki gives up.

This is the flower that represents Haruki Sagae.
This is the flower that represents Haruki Sagae.

This is a Geranium. It’s a unique little flower that can appear in a multitude of colors that have different meanings. This one is a purple geranium which means esteem and gentility.

I want to say that if Haruki’s family wasn’t going through what they going through she wouldn’t be an assassin. She’d be a normal girl. You can see it through her interactions with some of the other girls in episodes 1-4. She doesn’t show any anger or aggressiveness to any of them other than Nio and that’s only when she threated her family. She’s a good girl and now she’s going back to her family.

This was a good episode. I knew the girls that came on the first episode were going to be good. I can’t wait for Nio’s turn.

So until the next episode
Later Days

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