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Let’s Look:Rail Wars Episode 12 Finale: Nana’s Sweating, Naoto Can’t Sit Down, and Where The Light Novel?

So here we are at the end. How will things turn out for Rail Wars’ final adventure?

So we open up with Naoto sleeping on the train they’re on and the cutesy Nana decides to wake him up. Once he wakes up we get this.


Yeah that’s you should start the day. No Raisin Bran. No Wheaties. No Frosted Flakes. Just a face full of huge boobs. It’s the most important thing of the day!

After that Nana and Naoto transfer off the train to another one that will take them to Tokyo.

Nana and Naoto then explain to us why they’re together and why the others are gone. Turns out as the leader of this little group Nana had some serious paperwork and straightening out she had to do after the whole Prince indicent and being the vice-captain that he is Naoto helps out. As for everyone else is back in Tokyo waiting for something do.

So now it’s time to take the long train ride home and just relax.


Aw it looks like a bulldog. Reminds me of my cousin’s dog. That dog bit me at a tender age.

So after a quick explanation of the train and why it looks the way it looks(thank goodness I skip all this train stuff from Naoto), it’s time to get on and head back to Tokyo.


Ah nothing like sitting on a train, relaxing. Now if it was me and this train had wifi, I’d be playing Love Live School Idol Festival or playing my imaginary Nintendo 3DS which I can’t get because my Mom wants me to get other stuff for the house.

Not the time for a rant and who knows I’m getting a large check for my final one and I might have enough to get what she wants and what I want.

Anyway, it’s a nice ride and Nana and Naoto will arrive back in Tokyo by 19:30 or 7:30 standard time.

So what can they do until then?

Of course Naoto’s going to get into trouble.

Looks like he hears something. Show us the way, train boy!

So Nana tells him to just leave it to the train’s staff and that they’re just customers. Good reasoning right? It’s not enough for Naoto.

After a quick flash to Tokyo with Aoi and Koumi eagerly waiting the return of Naoto we head back to Nana and Naoto.

Relax bro. Just sit back and chill…

So despite that the conductor(which looks like Passione was lazy and reused Princess Bernina’s character design for her) takes Naoto and Nana up to the driver.

So once he gets up to the driver, he doesn’t even listen to him. Or rather he listens, he just doesn’t think anything’s wrong.

The cute little conductor explains that this is his final job for the National Railways and wants it to end on a good note. Oh if only you knew what kind of stuff was about to go down.

Naoto goes back to his seat and Nana asks if he solved the problem. He says no but then just rushes off again. And he calls…

Mari Sassho!

Wow I legit thought he was just going to go somewhere on the train and find her. She has been in nearly every episode and been in all the arcs.



So he calls her and asks her to listen to the sound of the engine over the phone…hmmm bad idea.

Mostly because it looks like he’s got an iPhone all that money and they don’t do half the stuff an Android can do. Personally I have an Android phone and tablet but my music player(R.I.P.) was an iPod. Android just doesn’t make any good handheld MP3 players so I go to Apple for them.

Sorry for that. Those darn tangents.

So Mari says because of the sound quality she can’t really get a good listen on it. Naoto apologizes and hangs up on her. Then immediately calls Koumi to look up what might be happening in the manuel.

Aoi gets mad and wonders if Naoto thinks about her as similar to Iwaizumi(only good for hitting things around) because he called Koumi first. What do you expect girl? Can you read as fast as she can and memorize it? I didn’t think so!

So we flash back to the train and Koumi has the answer! Turns out that the heat-absorbing fan belt is worn out. How can they tell?


Ooh that has to hurt. I’ve got a few burns and they’re some nasty little things.

Okay now you know the problem but how are you going to fix it? Oh I know. A ex-girlfriend of mine(she was really handy and insanely cute…) her car’s fan belt broke down while we were driving so she took a pair of pantyhose and switched them out until we could get it to an auto shop.

And that’s exactly what they do here. Unfortunately for me, my girl wasn’t wearing the pantyhose so I didn’t get this sight.

So after that we’ve got one problem fixed. While they’re stopping to change the belt, Naoto spots a rail bus.


Aw it’s a cute little thing. Nana explains that how she used those little rail buses you used to work. And we see a picture of Nana working in one of those things. Looks like she followed the path of Mari Sassho and wore a cute maid outfit!



So after that they’re back on the train and Nana explains how the train is able to take curves so well.

Then Nana takes off her jacket…yay!

Then Nana notes that all the passengers are sweating so Naoto checks the air conditioning. And it’s broken! Aw come on. Another problem!

So Naoto consults the legendary all knowing Koumi-san for advice in this matter. After that they head up to see the driver and they see the breaker for the air conditioning was tripped.

Looks like it broke because it keeps flicking down.

So what does Nana do?


Necesity is the mother of all creative ideas but if you have to come up with clever ideas to fix a broken down train then it’s the train’s fault not yours. Scrap this thing as soon as we get back to Tokyo!


That it does, Nana. That it does.


Now this is funny. Check the next picture.

As they talk on the train and mention the Goddess of Trouble Aoi sneezes and you know what that means in Japanese culture. Someone’s talking about you somewhere. Ahahah, Aoi-chan’s the Goddess of Trouble!


So after fixing another problem the team of Nana and Naoto find another one! Why did the Japanese put this train out there? Do they even check for problems?

Turns out Nana heard something short out as they walked pass and the air conditioning hasn’t turned back on.
That’s all nice and all but look at this.


Wow she’s sweating through her shirt. Oddly other than Mari running out of the shower in a towel, this is the only fanservice we’ve gotten. Rail Wars is slipping in its final episode.

With another call to Koumi, they get some answers to how to fix it.

After everything’s fix up, Naoto and Nana head back to their seats and Naoto apologizes for dragging her into this. Nana says that she wanted to ignore it at first but he just couldn’t let her. It was kinda dangerous and so she moved to help him. Just like how she’d do with Gonou. Then cue Gonou sneezing back at Tokyo. Hahaha well at least she said something nice.

So after long journey, the conductor thanks Naoto for all his help.


Give some longer hair to Bernina and they’d be twins. Just lazy Passione. Just lazy.

So another problem pops up and of course Naoto rushes off to help. Strangely it’s endearing after Nana says this.


After a tough journey of having to fix every problem on board they finally return to Tokyo and the K4 room. After that long day Nana and Gonou give everyone tomorrow off.

Well after everything you’ve done today, going above and beyond the call of your duty, you deserve it.

Now that everything’s over, Naoto walks home alone. Strange since ever since joined he’s always had someone by his side. He’s alone but not for long!


Minori Chihara-sama! I mean Noa Kashima! What’s she doing here?

Side note: Minori Chihara appears in the last five or so minutes of the episode but still gets paid the full amount for voicing Noa which is around 3000 yen at least. It could be more because she is a top class Seiyuu. At least 3000 yen for about five minutes of work, now that’s beautiful

Turns out everyone’s having a party in Naoto’s room including his harem! Everyone’s calling him a womanizer and the girls want to finally straighten out this whole harem mess.

But not until after a toast.

And with that Rail Wars is over.


Rail Wars in my opinion the first five episode were half decent and okay. They did what they needed to do but they weren’t the best. Episode six sucked, blatantly and firmly. However episode seven and onwards were the great ones. They had some good action and some great parts to them.

So I give Rail Wars as a whole a 7/10. It had a good ‘daily peace’ ending and a relaxing carefree end to the series. Hopefully it will get a second season and a OVA.

With that, all my stuff for the Summer 2014 Season is completely. Stay tuned in for my stuff for the Autumn 2014 Season.

Just to remind you I have:
1. Fairy Tail the 2nd Series
2. Fate Stay/Night: Unlimited Blade Works
3. ShiroBako
4. Trinity Seven(Side List)

Now remember Trinity Seven’s on my Side List here so you’ll only see it if I drop ShiroBako. However I’m also posting it with Skycorps so if I don’t drop anything you can definitely see them there.

So the hype is real and the countdown to the Autumn 2014 Season is close. So until the first anime of Autumn comes around,
Later Days

Let’s Look:Rail Wars Episode 11:Who’s Koumi’s and Aoi’s Prince?

Episode 11, wow the summer season went fast. Now we’re down to penultimate episode of Rail Wars! Let’s see how things turn out

I’ve seen this episode and Rail Wars reminds me of a cousin I have. It’s has its occasional stupid moments but they hit a competency streak and ride that until the end

So we start the episode off with Naoto pushing Bernina into a bathroom and Aoi tells them to hurry it up. However the guy that Aoi pwned last week comes up and pushes her out of the way.

Naoto tries to block him but he gets owned. He tries to use the taser but Aoi takes it like a champ!


Then she kicks him so hard he freaking flies into the hallway.


I think horses should take lessons in how to kick from this girl.


Crap. Looks like he’s coming in again!


Too heroic. Just in time Iwaizumi. Maybe you don’t just think about food.

So after the opening Aoi explains how she managed to catch up to them. She took a Tohoku bullet train make it. Clever. Did she think of that herself? Not knocking her intellect. Just that Aoi isn’t the train type of girl.

Turns out Nana took her so she could catch up. Lucky she did. They needed her.

Anyway Iwaizumi ties up and locks down our captives, Naoto gets a call from Haruka. That’s good. Why are you sitting around chilling when you missed all the action Koumi?


Oh she got captured…awkward…but isn’t she the first to get captured? It seems like she’d be one that we’d just assumed to be caught when ever things go down.

So what does Aoi think on the subject?


Now that’s my Aoi! She’s like an American! We don’t negotiate with terrorists!

Note:Got the wrong picture so just imagine a pic of him saying their find another use for her


Hmm…very curvy big boobed girl with innocence and naivety written on her forehead. He’ll…pop her cherry, deflower her, ummm….make her a woman….I’m running out of jokes. You try it. It ain’t all that easy.

Side Note: Look at this box. How the hell does she fit in it?


Either that’s a massive suitcase if it is I wanna know where he shops because I never seem to have enough room whenever I go on a trip or Koumi’s a lot smaller than she looks.

Note:The average Japanese woman is between 5’1″ and 5’4″ in height which translates to 154.29 centimeters for you Metric system folks

So they check Koumi’s room and inform Nana of what’s happening. She says that’s she’s personally coming to assist them and backup’s on its way but it will take time for them to arrive.

Something I need to show though.


Nothing like a woman in a suit. Sexy professional!

Before she hangs up Nana says that she trusts that he’ll make the right decision

So mysterious terrorist guy’s got them by the balls and what are you going to do Naoto? He blames himself. While as the leader a lot of things are your fault. This isn’t one of them. Koumi, as a member of the Public Safety Force, knew the risks of being on any assignment and took them.


So things get heated between Aoi and Naoto so what does Mari do? She asks Aoi to come and help her take a shower.

Normally I’m the first guy on the fanservice bus but that came out of left field.


That’s nice and all but what does have to do with the plot. Trying a less obvious reaction to the fanservice. How you like?

Okay got that out of my system. Now back to your regularly scheduled review.

Aoi thanks Mari for taking her away when she needed it. She needed a bit of time to cool off. She also says since the terrorists have seen her with them she needs to be on her guard so Aoi advises her to stay beside her ‘prince’ ie Naoto.

So the next scene the train stops to attach an electric train so they can get through the non-electric parts of the Sapporo route without having electric tracks. I assume this is going to come up later.

The scene after that, Aoi and Naoto are watching the prince in their makeshift base of sorts. The subject of Naoto being Sassho’s prince comes up and it gives Naoto an idea.


So Naoto apparently has a genius idea to switch places with the prince while Bernina is escorted off the train and to her destination by Nana


So after we get a flashback from Naoto with Bernina guessing that this might be an attempt to kill her so the sixth person or below in line could be come the king.

Makes sense. If they were selling 3DS for half price, I’d drop kick and leave my brother for it. Shoot. Every man for himself in type of stuff.


Naoto x Bernina! Although I’m still Naoto x Mari though.

So after that everyone gets fired up with Iwaizumi out for blood and Aoi asking to shoot to kill! Yay this going to be a good fight!

So after that we get some stuff from the kidnapper on the drop is going to be done.

Once the train gets to the Datemombetsu Station, the team brings Naoto(our fake prince) to the lead car but of course they realize it’s not the prince.

Let’s see, Duh! He’s taller, he has blue freaking hair, and they don’t even look alike. So what possessed you to think that it was the prince you idiots? If I was your employer, I’d ask for freaking refund.
So Aoi shoots the gun out of guy’s hand Note:Nigh Impossible. Even a sniper on his best day couldn’t do that. and after the dude retreats to get Koumi out, Iwaizumi goes in on him!

So like most times where there’s something stressful, Koumi collaspes into Naoto’s arms. So predictable Koumi-san.

Now the real battle begins since the train’s speeding up really fast. They need to stop it but the dude that wanted a piece of Koumi is holded up there with an automatic.

However Koumi’s brains aren’t going to fail us now! She asks Aoi to shoot out the flares in the lead car for a distraction and it works.


And that creates a smokescreen that Aoi uses to her signature Aoi Kick!

So once they get to the lead car they realize that the controls for the brakes are all busted. Crap! This train’s a runaway!

So at the end of everything what are they going to do?


It works but it’s insane. They’ll have to jump the gap between the cars while they’re at top speed.


It works but at the end this happens.

So now Aoi and Naoto are trapped on a runaway train and faced with that what does Aoi do? She takes off her stockings! Yay Aoi’s long sensual legs!


Yeah I was going to have two pics here but I didn’t want to go too far.

So at the face of being alone and on a train they start talking while Naoto wraps up Aoi’s injured leg.


So it’s true. People don’t have a good opinion of their own looks. Because her legs are her best part!

Another shift in the train has Aoi fall into Naoto’s arms and we get really close to the kiss but we lose it thanks to Gonou.



I guess I can forgive her since she saved them from a train crash but I wish they showed us that.


Total Naoto x Aoi moment!

And they end the episode staring out that this beautiful scene.


I say it’s a pretty good episode in my opinion. It had action, a bit of shipping, and a bit of drama. I’ll give Rail Wars Episode 11 a 8/10.

Now normally I’d have a few more reviews today but I’ve got nothing. I didn’t go to my local library on Saturday to download Fairy Tail also I’m mad that I didn’t get Sword Art Online II either.Reason being that I went to a garage sale, bought an Xbox 360, and got my money stolen. It doesn’t work! Lucky the lady gave me a money back guarantee so I’ll get my money back next week.

I’m here now so that review will probably be out Monday.

I’ll also have the Fuuka Review and the newest Fairy Tail Zero review out soon too.

So next week is the finale of Rail Wars. Have you liked it just as much as I have. Next week, even though I’ve been using them all this time, I’ll use PNG images for the occasion.

Looks like the final episode will be very Nana heavy, in both senses of the word!

So until some Nana action next week,
Later Days!

Let’s Look:Rail Wars! Episode 10: She’s Everywhere! Behold The Magical Mari Sassho!

The title isn’t really the most important part of this episode but still in this arc here it is nearly impossible for Mari to be here! She’s in every arc!

So we open up with Naoto and Aoi doing some running training but Naoto collaspes on the ground. So uncool.

Aoi walks over to help him up.


Tsun moments are good but nothing he’s better than Dere Moments!

So of course Naoto trips and falls into her beautiful boobs! She kicks him off her and then we switch scenes to where Aoi’s bandaging Naoto’s twisted ankle.

Naoto comments that all he wanted to learn was some self defense moves but Aoi says that they wouldn’t work for him. What he needs is an indomitable spirit.


So she finishes tying up his ankle and we go over to them in the the K4 room.

Side Note: Why is their room look like a freaking storage closet?

So Aoi’s cleaning her gun, Iwaizumi’s cleaning something that looks like a cross between a nightstick and a taser, and Naoto’s on his phone.

So Naoto wonders how she can put her gun back together to which Aoi taps him in his bad ankle. Ouch.

Then she says that wrap is only a temporary fix and he should go to the doctor after work.


Ah she’s got the tea. Then Naoto says that she can do more than just break stuff. Then for some reason Aoi says that she knows how to do massages. Yay!!! Me first! Forget the harem lead for me!

Anyway Koumi comes over and gives Naoto his tea and then looks at the article he’s reading on his phone.


So Aoi says she’s not a fan of princes and basically describes every fairy tale ever created. Girl goes to ball, meet prince, and happily ever after.

She snarks that a girl doesn’t need to have a prince to get her a happy ever after.

Note: when I was writing this I was going to put happy ending but then I realized after she said she gives massages and saying she wants a happy ending would be just wrong…


That he is but instead of saying anything to counter Aoi says just nothing…she likes him!

Anyway after the opening we have the team at the Ueno Station getting ready to get on the Express Night Train to Sapporo.

Ah I love Sapporo especially during the winter during the Sapporo Festival. In a lot of my stories that go to Japan, they always go to Sapporo in the winter and go up Mt. Teine. In Thief King Chronicles, there’s Yuki Onna up there!

Anyway getting past my fanboyingness for Sapporo, turns out that the prince that was talked about in that article that Naoto was reading is going to be their mission for this episode. They just got to take him to Sapporo.
His name is Bernina and he’s the fifth in line to be King of some country I think is named Aleta or something.

Snapshot_7 Snapshot_8

Well crap. It’s another train lover. Doesn’t this anime have enough of them with Naoto?!

Anyway after Bernina hugs the train(I know. Just I know) he jumps into Koumi’s chest and gives her a hug and asks her some questions.

Lucky royal bastard…


So after a quick explantion of how the engine works, Bernina just goes on and on about how much he loves trains.


That…was kind of cute…wait a second! I’m not one of those types of guys! Not there’s anything wrong with that!
So after finding out that Naoto’s a train fan too, Naoto calls up Nana and explains the situation both to her and the audience.

You know what puzzles me. Why can they get a high level assignment like protecting royalty but they’re still stuck in what looks like a big broom closet as their main room. I think that they should get at least a normal office.

Anyway after that Nana hangs up and Naoto goes to Koumi and Bernina’s room. Bernina says that Haruka has been going on and on about him.


He called her by her first name! That’s a no-no in Japan unless you’re really close friends.

So after agreeing for Naoto to call the Prince by his first name and vice-versa. Naoto asks how does Bernina learned Japanese so well. He explains that Koumi taught him a few years ago.

Koumi gets all embarassed and we switch scenes to outside the Prince’s room. Naoto says that it’s really good for her to have a prince that’s her friend. She makes it clear that she and Bernina just were classmates while she studied in England. That’s all.

I can read between the lines here…too bad Naoto can’t. She wants to make it clear that they never dated.

Snapshot_13 Snapshot_14

Side Note: How rich is Haruka Koumi? She just casually says she studied abroad in England. Oh that’s how she knows English so well. Anyway and she became friends with a prince like it’s all casual and nothing. And when you see her grandpa in the flashback he’s all dressed up. Is she some type of super rich girl or something? Just something to think about.

So we switch scenes to Aoi walking. Normal right? Wrong!


I know what this! Rail Wars is getting back to its roots!

Anyway Naoto calls Aoi to ask where is she is? She says she chasing after some suspecious guy . Aw come on Aoi. Priorities! Get on the train!

So anyway Aoi doesn’t make it and the train leaves without her, leaving the team with only one hard hitter with Iwaizumi.

Let’s hope that it’s a easy ride so we don’t need Aoi that much.

Snapshot_16 Snapshot_17

So Naoto goes back to the room and explains that Aoi will be taking a different train. Then he goes over the plan and who’s going to take what rooms.

So after briefing Iwaizumi on his assignment Naoto goes over to Koumi and Bernina’s room.


They’ve clearly remembered their roots. Now for the real reason she had her skirt off.


Turns out she’s been taking lessons in self defense from Aoi and she’s ready to fight too! Alright Koumi! Maybe you won’t get left in the dust by Aoi after all!

However Naoto says she’ll just be the bait and for her to act like the real thing. Then he gives her a compliment saying she’s the most refined person he knows.



So all that needs to go is dealing with Bernina and Naoto goes over the plan with himself. Once he opens the door, he realizes that Bernina’s gone!

Not really…



So Naoto apologizes to the conductor and while Naoto’s apologizing Bernina runs off again and meets you guess it, Mari Sassho!


She’s everywhere! Every arc! Every place!

So while Mari’s busy talking to Naoto Bernina escapes but not before ruffling up her skirt so basically Naoto might have seen her panties. I don’t know. This isn’t the Crunchyroll version I don’t get all the good stuff…

So after chasing him around for a bit Naoto finally gets him back to the room.

So after a quick scene that Bernina wishes that he had a bit of Naoto’s life. Bernina asks to take a shower and makes him promise not to peek.


So cute. Noooo! I’m so confused! He’s so cute! But the confusion!

So after getting himself a coffee, Naoto tries to call Aoi but nothing then he checks the news. Turns out there was an accident involving the entire royal family of Aleta. The situation’s touch and go but if they don’t pull through Bernina will have to be the king.

So Naoto gets up to tell Bernina but before he can knock on the door we see this.


Thank you Arceus! I legit was confused for a moment. He’s a girl! Thank you now I can lust after her without being confused.

So after questioning did he enter the wrong room, Naoto has a little fantasy about Koumi.


Keep control…keep control…!
Okay I’m under control now.


Still drooling but under control.

Bernina calls out to Naoto and Naoto breaks down the door to realize that Bernina’s a girl.

Gee bro. I saw that when I saw the woman’s underwear over the prince’s clothes. And Koumi’s got huge boobs so her bra and panties would be a lot bigger than a girl that’s flat enough to pretend to be a boy.

Now this is something I enjoy in manga and anime. The length they go to cover the naughty bits. Look at Fairy Tail Chapter 355 to see a master at work. Then again that’s one of the most blatantly sexualized chapters in Fairy Tail. I’ll be doing a post about that soon.

Anyway after getting the Princess(can’t call her a Prince anymore) out of the shower Naoto apparently has to wipe her down so she doesn’t get a cold. Yeah because showering with warm/hot water and then leaving the shower always gets me sick…

I’m not going to post pics of that. I may like my harem and my occasionally ecchi but even I like it to have some subtext. There’s no subtext here. Naoto is rubbing down a naked girl. Nothing else.

Anyway after that Bernina explains that she passed out after she saw the news about her family on her phone. Also she’s got an iPhone! Lucky! I still have a flip phone.

So Bernina tells Naoto that only a few people know that’s she really a girl and not even Koumi knows. Question. How can she not know!? Maybe it’s just me but I tend to know my friend’s genders. Kinda part of the whole frienship package. Maybe Koumi got that half off special. You know rich royal friend but no idea that’s he’s really a girl.

Anyway Bernina makes him promise to keep it a secret and he does.

The later that night they go into the dining car where Mari serves them an late night cup of tea/coffee(They look the same in a tea cup)

Anyway when Mari gives Naoto his coffee this is what he sees.


Mari Sassho. Why hasn’t he started dating her yet?! She knows better him than all these other girls. That’s good wife material right there! And she’s creative enough to make that in a tea cup!

Of course things aren’t always easy so someone comes into the dining car with a taser. Three guess who’s they’re after.

And another guy shows up and it’s time for an escape with the Princess.

So they run away while Iwaizumi fights against the two guys and oh Mari hides.

However one of the guy manages to get pass Iwaizumi and starts using his taser to shock Naoto out of the way but he doesn’t fall!

Apparently Aoi did beat it into him.

Speaking of Aoi…


Knee meet face!

Now it’s time for the real fight! But unfortunately it has to wait until the next episode.

I’m giving Rail Wars Episode 10 a 10/10 for a good plot and good cliffhanger!

I can’t wait to see what’s up next but I have to wait until next week, so until then,
Later Days!

You can ask me as many questions as you want on and you can follow me on Twitter to know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll also be update on what’s happening.

Rail Wars Episode 9 Super Mini Review Version: Save Those That Need To Be Saved; Now with 100% more plot!

Side Note:There’s not really a super massive amount of stuff to work with here even though it’s really good. So I’ll do a Super Mini Review on it

It’s a race against time for the team! Will they get to Tokogawa in time? Or will they derail before they even get there?

So we open back at the Tokyo Office with Gonou and Nana..

Ah my beloved Mai Nakahara. I love it when she uses her mature voice. It makes her sound like Sayaka Oohara.

Gonou questions Naoto and the gang are even going to be okay. However Nana’s not worried because she believes in Naoto and the team.

After the opening, we return to K4 in the ATP car. Everyone’s about to fall on Naoto but looks like most of the squad missed Naoto. Of course Aoi’s boobs land right on Naoto’s head. I believe it’s called Mickey Mouse ears when a girl does that.

So they head into the next few tunnels, still going fast, until Koumi comes up with an idea to slow them down with using the break and Iwaizumi pedaling to force them to slow down. However it only works so well and they nearly tip over until Naoto and Aoi lean the train back over onto the tracks. However around the last stretch there’s some curve that’s just too much for one person.

So the only thing to do is for the entire team to lean the train. Once they get close to the station, Iwaizumi puts too much on the brake and that forces the team to have to jump the APT onto the platform.

Things go well. Organ delivered. Everyone’s safe. The entire team passes their training. Yep, today’s a good day!

This was an awesome episode. It had some good music, some good action, and a continuation of a good plot. One thing I had trouble with during this little mini arc is the fact that they just glossed over the harem fight and Noa just appear to be a source of trouble.

Despite that I’ll give Rail Wars Episode 9 a 9/10. It’s really good episode and it’s got a lot going for it.

Looks like the next episode has to do with some type of princely character. Those are always a bit interesting.

So until the next review,
Later Days

Let’s Look: Rail Wars! Episode 8: Action! Adventure! Ah Rail Wars Lives Up To Full Potential!

What is this thing? It looks like a legitimate plot! But Rail Wars always cut plot in favor of ass and huge boobs. Let’s see how things go!

So we start off the episode with Noa saying that it’s okay for Naoto to want to be a driver. Aw she supports him. However it would make a bigger impact if we weren’t seeing this while she was talking.


I’m not complaining…just saying. Side note, nice rear.

Then Noa saying she understands going out in her best clothes and when she wasn’t playing the main role. Hmm…and then the anime shows the scene with Aoi and Koumi thinking Naoto’s a bastard for bringing three girls to the same place.

So it really was a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding that almost got him killed but one nonetheless.

After Noa finishes her explanation of how she saw the events, Aoi blushes and says for her not to get the wrong idea.

Then Noa sits down with Naoto and grabs his arm.


Lucky dude.

But apparently Koumi’s got some problems with this.


Oh something’s about to go down!


Oh! She just got shut down but Noa! Also on a meta example, Minori Chihara just owned Maaya Uchida! Oh! Someone get Maaya some cream for that bruised pride!

So after some soft mutterings about much of a power keg this is Iwaizumi and Mari come in! Just in the freaking nick of time. I think something might have started off.

So Mari brings some coffee to drink and offers some to Noa.


See! Even she can see it and she just met her for the first time!

So after she accept it Noa says she’s got to leave for a rehersal. What! It’s only 3:51 minutes in the show and already Noa’s gone and the three girl harem conflict’s gone! What the hell!

You bring Minori Chihara in just for almost 4 minutes and then just kick her out! Well it doesn’t matter she still got paid for the full episode even if she’s only in the first few minutes.

Note:This seems to be as good a time as any. I planned on having a post about Seiyuu get paid but I don’t have the source material anymore. So I’ll just go from memory. Seiyuu are paid very differently from Voice Actors in America. While Voice Actors are paid by the hour, Seiyuu are paid by the episode. So while Voice Actors, who often do 3 and 4 hour sessions, can make more in one day. They make less over the course of one season because they record multiple episodes at once. Seiyuu however get a certain amount of money for each episode they’re in, regardless of how long their recording session was. So it adds up quicker. Also Seiyuu pay is based on a combination of popularity and experience. Minori Chihara would make a lot more than someone that just came out of the gate. However someone like Kana Hanazawa who’s currently the most popular female Seiyuu makes more than she does. Goes to show how popularity can change things.

Anyway Naoto gets a call and finds out there’s been a landslide and it’s blocked off the tracks so they’ve been called in to help with getting the people off the current train and back to the station.


Ready! Roll out!

Now that’s some good teamwork.

So after they get everyone off the train, they head back to the training building where we get this.

Snapshot_13 Snapshot_14

Oh looks like something interesting beginning.

Turns out this is Oito from the Japan Organs Transit System. She’s charged with transporting an organ to Maebashi Hospital for surgery. However she got stopped on the National Highway and with things on the train she can’t get anywhere with them either.

So everyone’s wondering what to do and Koumi coming up with crazy ideas like running it all the way there, Naoto comes up with an idea.

Snapshot_15 Snapshot_16

That plan, using a rail way that was built during the Meiji Restoration Era, is very clever but insanely risky. Do you know when the Meijji Era started? In the late 1800s and it lasted until around the early 1920s! That track was one of the first ones ever freaking built and you want to use it. Can I have your stuff after you don’t make it back?

But hey it’s their only option right now. So there’s no other choice.


So this little pedal powered thing is supposed to get them all the way to the hospital and through a dangerous and old tunnel? Hmm…makes for interesting plot though I wouldn’t want to be on it.

So the little dude explains what the drasine can and do and gives Naoto the manuel.


I’ve seen telephone books smaller than that and I live in a big city! However when you need something read quickly in this anime who do you call? Haruka Koumi!


Something about a woman reading just warms me up. Mostly because the girls in my area avoid books like the plague. I can’t wait to go to college this winter.

So after getting the drasine pushed out to the track, they get the organ and all they need to do is get to the station and the person in charge handles it from there. So they get the okay from Narita to disregard all the traffic signals and just as Koumi finishes reading man she reads fast! they get going with Naoto as the driver!

See man! If you had been a driver then you wouldn’t been doing something as fulfilling as racing the clock to save someone.’s life. Sure it’s not safe and filled with danger and scary hot girls but you’re helping people and it’s that what being a person is all about? Helping people.

So Naoto’s driving while Iwaizumi is on pedaling and Aoi and Koumi are on support duty.


However before we can even get started with everything we need a little push and who else to get things started is Aoi Sakurai!


With some pushing on Sakurai’s side and some pedalling on Iwaizumi’s side, they managed to get moving.


It doesn’t look at that dramatic but trust me it is…

So after a bit they reach the first tunnel…


Now remember all that useless stuff they said about the Usui Pass last episode? Now it’s all coming up. Usui Pass is an uphill tunnel and to get to the training center our team had to go uphill. However the Maebashi Hospital is downhill so now it’s going to be a dangerous roller coaster ride from here on out.

So after a tunnel or two Koumi explains that it will be roughly smooth sailing until they reach the Kumanotaira Signal Station because the tunnel’s been recently built and maintained. However after the half way point we get into the tunnels that were made during the Meiji era.

One tunnel down…sixteen to go!

So they hit a hard right and of course someone’s boobs have to fl y into someone’s face.


Now that feels like home right there.

So now with that hard right, the little car is starting to tilt, meaning a derailment might happen. What are you going to do Naoto?


So Naoto says that they need to lose some speed and so Koumi tells Aoi to use the D equipment to slow them down. However it takes time to work and that’s time they don’t have since they go through another tunnel and start to tilt again.

What to do?

Get Aoi!


Clever. Using her own body weight as a counterweight, she was able to put the car back on the track. Clever.

So we go through a few turns with Aoi and Iwaizumi basically leaning off the train to balance back on the tracks. It’s a lot of screaming and a lot awesome music. Can’t wait for the soundtrack so I can get that.

So they pull into the Kumanotaira Station and pass it by to see this.


They believe in these kids. Make sure to not let them down!


From here on out one mistake equals a derailment. So of course something happens.


Now that’s a good ending. We’ve got a great episode and everything’s going good. I’m really liking how things are going now.

I give Rail Wars Episode 8 a 9/10. It misses out on 10/10 because they just smoothed over the harem problems with all types of ease. I just can’t accept that it’d be that easy.

I’m really hyped for the next episode so until then,
Later Days!

You can ask me as many questions as you want on and you can follow me on Twitter to know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll also be update on what’s happening.

Let’s Look: Rail Wars Episode 7: Harem Hijinks and Super Tsundere Nation!

It took me a second but I’m back and with the original format. I know what I’m doing! I’m getting back to my roots and apparently so is the Squad 4!

So apparently after only seven episodes and about two or three months at the job, our semi-competent group is sent to the Karuizawa Training Instiute.

Note: How I can tell is because Naoto, Iwaizumi, Aoi, and Koumi stopped wearing their jackets. This is the equivalent of a Japanese high school switching to their summer uniforms around July. Add to the fact you can guess they started around April or March when school starts in Japan

Now they’re taking the Railway Public Safety Crew Advanced Education and Training this time around. Personally I like Karuizawa. It’s…refreshing. Yeah that’s a Ouran Host Club reference. I only watched the Funimation Dub recently.

So after hearing this, what does Aoi do?

Snapshot_1 Snapshot_2

That looked like some WWE type stuff. Are you sure she doesn’t lift?

Then this happens…

Snapshot_3 Snapshot_4

Then as if he wasn’t being held down by a hot woman with some unreal strength, Naoto pops up and he’s ready to go!

Then Iwaizumi ask if the food’s going to be good. He reminds me of this kid I took care during my last job. All that was on this kid’s mind was breakfast and lunch. He would have been thinking about dinner if I didn’t stay until two.


That’s all you need for the eternally hungry…

So Nana asks if Koumi wants to go…

Now that’s what we call the Freudian Slip. You mean to say one thing but you say what you mean instead. It’s typically for accidentally saying something sexual.

Getting passed that…

After the opening which is once again done by the beautiful Minori Chihara, we have the group on a train

What else? This is an anime about trains!

Note: Minori Chihara in the near future will have an art book of pictures to celebrate 10 years as a voice actress. Normally I don’t care about art books. I’m not even really serious about the SquareBeFair movement. Not because I don’t care. It just means more time and I put enough on my plate without having to lobby to the Japanese for a game I can’t play until I get a PS3. That being said this is definitely something I have to get in some way or fashion.

They’re going through the Usui Pass which is said to be one of the steepest rails in Japan. So of course Naoto is practically orgasming here.

Let’s look at everyone else.


Iwaizumi’s eating. That’s new…Koumi’s making sure that Naoto doesn’t fall off the train to his highly possible death. And what’s Aoi doing? Trying not to watch the idiots. See that’s why we love her and she’s voiced by Manami Numukura. That doesn’t hurt her hotness either.


As they walk in Iwaizumi says he’s hungry, nooooo! Dude you just ate about ten minutes ago max! You can’t be hungry!

So they met their trainer, Tetsuya Narita.


Looks like a big fella.

So after that we go to the training which starts off with some running which Koumi fails at. Looks like all that logic she tried to use in episode 6 why she should be a good runner bombed.

We flash over to after the training and the whole group’s sitting around in the dining hall until someone arrives to take their order.


Mari Sassho?

I know I’m known to be that guy that points out the fanservice but did Mari’s boobs get bigger? Just asking…

Anyway after Mari says how weird of an coincindence meeting them here is, Koumi immediately…immediately doesn’t really cover it. The girl scoots over to Naoto like Mari was trying to take her man! Come on Koumi. Mari’s got the lead without trying!

So with Mari and Koumi all up on him, Aoi says this.


Hmmm…what’s your response Naoto?


Oh!He just reversed it! So Aoi spills some hot tea on him for just the implication that she might be interested in him. Yeah Aoi. You’re not interested at all. The fact that Naoto had his hands all on your butt in episode 5 was nothing but pure friendship right? Or when you collasped inbetween Naoto’s legs after disarming the bomb? That was just all in good fun right?

Anyway they order lunch which Iwaizumi orders three servings of curry just for himself. The explanation is that he burns a lot of
calories with all the running he does so he needs to replace them but come on! 3 servings of curry!


They sure do look good!

So once they start eating, Aoi notices that Naoto has sliced pickled vegetables on the side instead of leeks like the rest of them. Naoto comments that he doesn’t like leeks so Mari switched them out for something he’d like.


Yep she does and she’s in the lead without even knowing. That’s the best type of lead!

So next we go over to the gun range and of course this is the part that Aoi excels at.


Now look at her sheet. There’s all head shots! That’s inherently wrong for any type of law enforcement. You’re only supposed to kill the criminal when they’re threating the public safety. The proper way to deal with a criminal is something in the chest or in the arm.


This guy can’t hit the broad side of a barn with a gun…


If that’s what it was truly frightening but since it isn’t he sucks at shooting.

So Narita calls over our trigger happy attractive redhead Aoi to help Naoto out. While she helps him, she talks about how they’ll be in the public safety crew together for a long time. Naoto starts to say something but then Aoi does this.


Now that was strangely sexy. Now why can she be completely at ease and even possibly score some points at a gun range but put her at a lunch table and she’s screwed. I think there’s a Rail Wars Speculation that must be done on Aoi Sakurai! Expect it before the anime ends!

Anyway we flash over to the end of the day the group’s getting to the bath. Of course they’re only one bath so it’s guys first then girls.

So Iwaizumi leaves to go dinner leaving Naoto with Koumi and Aoi. Aoi says that Naoto can learn from Iwaizumi about having a lot of energy to burn and she offers to let him join her on the training tomorrow. See she’s so at ease right now.

Now here’s the part where it all goes to pieces.


Both girls get suprised and Aoi asks why did he even come to the training if he didn’t even want to be a member of the public safety crew. Naoto says the reason he came is because so he could drive the EF63 train.

Aoi gets mad because he could have just said that and told them before hand. Naoto says that he didn’t want to make her sad because she looked so happy while she was helping him.


Aoi blushes and storms off with Naoto trying to figure out what’s wrong.

We slid over to Naoto in the bath alone and says to himself it isn’t so bad that he wants to be a driver. He has a flashback to when he was a kid, taking pictures of trains in a blizzard in what looks like a mountain. He falls down and collapses.

We get out of the flashback and turns out Naoto fell asleep in the bath. Now I’ve watched Suzuka a few times and the number one thing you do not do is fall asleep in the bath. It makes you light headed.

Koumi pulls Naoto out of the bath but tragically she’s not naked. For someone that sleeps naked she sure isn’t proving it.

Anyway she calls out for Aoi to come and help Naoto. Naoto gets confused and thinks that Koumi is Aoi and explains the reason why he wants to become a train driver.

I’m going to get to that but first this


Great character, great body, and a nearly perfect balance on the tsundere scale. She’s like Rail Wars version of Maki Nishikino but with bigger boobs.

Moving on the reason that Naoto wants to be a driver is because he was saved by a driver that noticed him pass out in the middle of a blizzard taking pictures of trains…why were you taking pictures of trains in the middle of a blizzard? Idiot.

So after that he passes out and Koumi notices that Aoi’s left.

So the next they start off with some stretches and we see this.

It has nothing to do with the plot. I just wanted you all to see it and apparently the animators did too. We get it! They are sexy as hell! Don’t shove it down our throats.

So we go through a long explanation of how the Usui pass works…


Then we get to the most interesting part. The train driving part!

Of course Naoto takes the driver’s seat and the head car while Aoi takes the rear one.

Oooh this one might be difficult.

So they get moving and once they start heading downhill it’s all going to hell. Aoi takes up too much speed and makes the train go insanely fast downhill.

So with the speed that Aoi’s adding on along with the speed of going downhill, it brings up a choice. Either break and crush the cars in between forcing a derailment, killing everyone on the train. Or not break and hit a train in front killing everyone on both trains…

What are you going to do Naoto?


He chose to derail their train and save the people in front. However turns out it was a similator so no one was really in danger. However the viewers didn’t know that so it looks like Aoi just almost killed them all because she was jealous and angry. Pretty bad Aoi. You lose some points with me.

So after that we go to the dining hall where Naoto is talking with Mari wondering if he’s cut out for being a part of the Public Safety crew.


Cute pose.

So they go to Mari’s room to talk while playing some Old Maid. Question? Why is Old Maid always the game they play in anime? The only time I’ve seen another card game played is in Rio:Rainbow Gate and they had an excuse of being set in a casino.

So Mari says that he looks good in his uniform all blushing and stuff.


She tells him to believe in himself and be confident in himself. Once they leave Koumi comes around and tells him that the training for tomorrow is cancelled because they aren’t ready for it yet.

So they decide to take a day off and spend it in the city of Karuizawa.

So Naoto goes back to his room and sees a note from Aoi saying that’s sorry. Then Naoto sends her a email asking does she want to go with them to the city.


So they come to the station and we get this out of Koumi.


So cute.

Of course Iwaizumi is only thinking of food and Mari asks somewhat annoyed shouldn’t Naoto being saying something about her clothes. He immediately compliments her. He’s so whipped.

So after that Naoto gets a call from Nana to pick someone up at the chapel.

Snapshot_33 Snapshot_34

So Naoto explains what’s up and Koumi offers to go with him but he says that it’s okay. While going to the chapel, he gets an email from Aoi saying that’s she’s arrived.

Once he gets to the chapel, we and our lucky protagonist gets this.

Snapshot_35 Snapshot_36

If I could drool a river I would. That’s what makes a woman! Elegance and beauty! Now I live near Chicago and when I go out for a walk or go to work, there’s not enough female elegance to fill an egg cup.

Of course things have to go wrong. They’re legally bound to.

Snapshot_37 Snapshot_38

Well ain’t this one bad situation.

Two hot girls and things are getting hairy. At least it can’t get worse…


Minori Chihara! …I mean Noa Kashima! Well yay and all bad. Now it’s three hot girls fighting over this guy. Things are about to get hairy but we’ve got to wait until the next episode.

I’m giving Rail Wars Episode 7 a 8/10. There’s some weak parts to it but hey after Episode 6 my standards were kinda low. It has an awesome ending setting up for a total harem hijinks moment.

I can’t wait to see what happens but unfortunately I have to wait so until the next episode,
Later Days.

You can ask me as many questions as you want on and you can follow me on Twitter to know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll also be update on what’s happening.

Let’s Look:Rail Wars! Episode 6 Super Mini Review Version:Do You Understand The Meaning Of Keeping Your Clothes On Koumi?

Wow this is a lot of Fanservice. It almost makes me say it’s too much and that’s saying something.

So after the events of Episode 5 and all the random stuff that happened, Naoto, Aoi, Koumi, and Iwaizumi are put on home stay for a week. So Naoto hangs out his room with Mari and she goes on about how he saved her and how cool he is. She’s technically right since even though Aoi fired the shot Naoto was the one that thought of the idea.

So after Mari leaves Naoto checks out the mail and finds a death note…not really the best word for me to use. It’s not Light Yagami’s Death Note. It’s more of a threat note.

So he calls Aoi for some help but she doesn’t answer. Side note. She’s apparently out of the house too. These guys don’t listen…
So Naoto calls and goes to meet up with Koumi but while heading to meet with her Aoi sees them and follows. After seeing the letter, Koumi guesses it must be from an accomplice of the accomplice of the bomber. Try saying that five times fast.

So they try to call Aoi to warn her and she picks up but the wind carries her phone out of hand and it breaks. Koumi and Naoto just jump to conclusions and assume that the guy got Aoi. Seriously…have you seen this girl in action?

Anyway they run away again, guessing that the accomplice is after them now. Aoi spots them again as she walks out the cell phone shop and she shoots at them. Why? Because Aoi’s a jealous tsundere in her tsun mode. She misses and hits sometype of toy and Koumi and Naoto think it’s some type of sniper fire.

They run and jump a fence, landing in some cat food/catnip. Which of course draws cats. Now this is where things get stupid. They think they’re assasin cats…so they think the cats are tracking them. How? Because when Koumi took off her jacket the cats jumped right on it. Did you ever think that you fell in cat food?

The little cat chase continues with Koumi getting more and more stripped down. Nothing I mind of course but come on! Where’s the plot! They end up hiding in the Transportation Museum and it turns out someone is breaking into the museum!

….why? What could possibly be in there that anyone would want to steal? Anyway Nana and Gonou get the call that the place has been broken into and they head over with Aoi who was already tracking Koumi and Naoto.

They fight the thieves and they win. But before the end, Koumi asks if Naoto remembers something that happened over eight years ago. Turns out that Naoto pulled Koumi out of a closet she was trapped in when she was little and that’s why she cares about him. Turns out too that he’s the person that inspired her to join JNR.

So the episode ends with everyone figuring out that the note was an advertisement for life insurance.

Now that was just a suckish episode. It had no plot and the fanservice meant nothing to the episode. I’m giving this episode 2/10 because of bad plot, pointless fanservice, and just nearly useless to the anime itself. The only good thing was that we learned why Koumi likes Naoto.

So I personally can’t wait for the next episode. Apparently Iwaizumi is actually going to show up. That’s always interesting.

Until the next review,
Later days.

You can ask me as many questions as you want on and you can follow me on Twitter to know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll also be update on what’s happening.

Let’s Look: Rail Wars! Episode 5 Super Mini Review Version: Critical Cuteness

Too cute to be stopped. That is what Aoi Sakurai and Manami Numakura are in their simplest and most pure form

Episode five of Rail Wars is called “Quit Staring”. Now this is episode is a lot different from the ones before it in that it’s an episode focused on Aoi and Naoto.

So Aoi takes Naoto to the gun range which as you all know is kinda of an interesting place for a well endowed woman like Aoi. Why? Because her boobs jiggle with the recoil! Then they go to the paintball range and Naoto ends up getting a lucky shot on Aoi…between the legs and pays for it bad. By bad I mean she just shoots him in the face with a paintball…ouch.

After that we get some information that the bomber that tried to blow the Tokyo Station(before his bomb got stopped by a few teenagers and got owned by Gonou) had an accomplice and now they need to keep their eyes out for him.

And what happens next? Aoi and Naoto run right into him. They follow him onto a train fairly far north but end up loosing him in the dark. Then they’re ordered back to Tokyo but since they’re no more trains leaving they stay the night at the station. Now this is interesting because Aoi got wet earlier in the episode so she takes off her clothes to dry and Naoto gives her his shirt. So we get a good look of her long sensual legs….drool

That’s highly unprofessional of me….Aw when did I care about being professional here. Anyway, because he stayed the night with Aoi, Naoto misses a trip he was going to have with Mari Sassho. In the morning they see the accomplice try and board a train. They chase after him but he leaves a bomb on the tracks. It goes off and blows the tracks while he gets away. However thanks to Naoto’s quick thinking the on coming train which ironically has Mari on it is saved from a derailment. After they get back, Aoi insists that Naoto have more training at the gun range and Koumi gets angry at this for some reason. Maybe she wants him for her self.

And that’s the Mini Review. Hopefully the sixth and seventh episode reviews will be out as fast as possible.

Edit: I’m writing this on August 14, 2014 and I just checked where I get my anime from and they just put up Rail Wars Episode 7. So it’s been a week so Episode 6 is now going to be a Mini Review. Sorry guys I really want to do it the normal way but this is the only way I’ll be able to catch up. Even with Glasslip not on the roster(Thank God), I’m still a little bit behind. But rest assured that I’ll be back to the normal version of reviews soon.

I’m really liking this episode because of the good fanservice and you really get a good view of Aoi. You start to see that she’s falling for Naoto.

For Episode 5, it gets a good review of 8/10 for good plot and well done art and fanservice. You also get some good stuff about Aoi’s character which is always good.

You can ask me as many questions as you want on and you can follow me on Twitter to know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll also be update on what’s happening.

Let’s Look:Rail Wars! Episode 4 Super Mini Review Version:Super Idol Chihara Minori-Sama!

Hey everyone it’s Deven once again! I’m back to give you some good reviews. Unfortunately I’m seriously behind. So just like all the greats laziness is the mother of all inventions along with creativity. Thus was born the Super Mini Review. I’ll write maximum of two paragraphs and put most of the story telling on the pictures. So here it is, the first Super Mini Review!

Ah our Idol Demigoddess, Chihara Minori-sama!

Episode four of Rail Wars is called ‘I Think I Like It’. Now if you love yourself some hot fanservice on the beach with your girls in bikinis and tight one pieces, you’ll watch this episode until you die. Because that’s everything you’re getting here. The JNR Idol Noa Kashima is singing in(fill in the blank) and since she’s this years’ spokeswoman and she’s speaking about the JNR she gets protection.

Who does she get? Our heroes of course(it wouldn’t be much of an anime without them). During a practice session, flash paper is burnt as a threat to Noa. Oh I forgot to say that someone’s threatening our poor super cute idol. So what do our heroes do? They get in their bathing suits and watch the place for anything suspcious…that’s what the guys do. Nana, Aoi, and Koumi they just look sexy. That’s all they need to do.

The next day after Noa’s performance, Ah I love hearing Minori Chihara’s voice. I have so many of her songs on my iPod it’s unreal…, the criminal disguised as a member of the stage staff rushes the stage, trying to stab Noa but Naoto takes the blade instead.(He’s fine though) Thanks to Nana’s quick thinking they were able to play it off as a part of the act and everyone goes home happy. After the end of the episode it looks Noa Kashima is falling in love with Naoto. Add another to the harem. We’ve got Aoi, Koumi, Mari, and now Noa. Let’s try and rope Gonou and Nana into the mix.

Now it’s time for the pictures!

And that’s it the first of possibly many Super Mini Reviews. Now know this. I will not make every review a Super Mini review. I know you guys like my normal style of reviewing. These types of reviews will only be for when I’m falling behind. So if an anime’s more than a week late on the review it will be a Super Mini Review. That’s it!.

Until the next review and the next episode,
Later Days.

You can ask me as many questions as you want on and you can follow me on Twitter to know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll also be update on what’s happening.

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