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Fate/Grand Order Anniversaries: NA and JPN Game Impressions Part 2

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Let’s Look: Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family Episodes 1-3: Sweet and Cute Fate Cooking

Let’s go! Next review is What’s Cooking at the Emiya House Today.

Let’s go!


The story centers around Shirou Emiya cooking dishes for the other Fate/stay night characters.

-From the Type Moon Wiki

Let’s get down to the main review.


Ufotable, the studio known for most of the current Fate anime, Kara no Kyoukai, God Eater, and Touken Ranbu, made this. I have to say that I’m surprised. Not to say that I thought it was outside of their ability but more that it doesn’t fit what they’ve been showing off with Fate things lately. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

What’s Cooking at the Emiya House Today is a beautiful anime with gentle colors and bright pastels which provides for a relaxing and warm environment for the show to work its magic in. And oh my gosh does it work magic.

Rin and Sakura look adorable together.


The story and the anime genre fall in to the Slice of Life and the Iyashikei genres. Basically it’s one of those animes that you sit back and enjoy the cute and the good food while also having your favorite Fate characters from Fate/Stay Night enjoy Shirou’s cooking.

It’s simple but in Fate where there’s a lot of glass half full moments and half victories, it’s nice to see an anime that’s entirely full of warm and nice moments like this.

In terms of where you would put the story, it’s hard to say. Some people would say that it’s in its own universe. Others would say that it would be one of the days in Fate/Hollow Ataxaria. I’d say it’s a mix of the two, but that’s just personal opinion.

The reason being that having all of the servants alive and together in Fate/Stay Night is something that only happened in Hollow Ataxaria and it is certainly possible for these events to have happened in the Hollow Ataxaria timeline. What most people don’t know is that Hollow Ataxaria does have a timeline before the 4 day loop began and there are some events known to have happened or at least the characters acknowledge that time has passed since the 5th Grail War. So fitting New Year’s in December(1st Episode), a random day with Lancer(2nd Episode), and Girls’ Day in March(3rd Episode) seems possible in the time before the game starts.

Regardless the story is nice, similar to other cooking anime like Koufuku Graffiti and Restuarant to Another World, the show has beautifully presented food while also giving the recipe if you want to make it at home.

I definitely enjoy it.


We have most of the Fate/Stay Night cast here although the first three episodes have only shown us Shirou, Saber, Rin, Sakura, Rider, Taiga, Lancer, and Illya. Shirou does Shirou well by having still usual attitude towards things yet not being just a cooking bot.

It’s something that I wasn’t really fond of in Restaurant to Another World with the Owner of Nekoya. He basically made the food, gave to the customer, and that’s it. There wasn’t much to go off with his personality from that while Aletta and Kuro(the waitresses) had more development along with the customers being very devoloped over the course of their introduction episode. Perhaps I’m being too hard on it but it was one of my gripes with the show.

So that’s all I’ve got. I’m trying to do two posts per week, one on Wednesday(the anime I’m review this season) and one on Saturday(a random review or article). I hope I can keep it up.

So until the next Full Season Review,
Later Days
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