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Happy Birthday to μ’s Fashion Expert, Kotori Minami!


Today’s September 12th. That means today is a good day! Why? Because it’s the birthday of second member of Muse, Kotori Minami!

Kotori is one of my fav members of Muse because she’s just so cute and her voice(voiced by Aya Uchida) is high and funny. Her indecisiveness and her happiness is something that really works for Muse. You also love her because she makes all of Muse’s costumes for all the lives.

Kotori’s personality doesn’t really change much unlike Honoka who has to be more responsible because of her duties as the Student Council President. Question. What is Kotori’s role in the Student Council? Honoka’s the president and Umi’s the vice-president. So what is she?

Anyway, I’ll follow Nick Corps‘s example and put a video that works with Kotori here. He did Wonder Zone so I’ll do Wonderful Rush! Check it out and enjoy!

Now let’s check out those pics!

And that’s it. Happy Birthday Kotori-chan! Make sure to check out my full season review of Love Live School Idol Project as well as my Muse Confession Rejection Post, my Snow Halation Comparison, Love Live School Idol Project Speculation, and Love Live School Idol Project Season 2 Full Season Review.

Also since today’s Kotori’s birthday, if you have it, please log in to Love Live School Idol Festival and claim your 5 Love Gems.

Also another shout-out to my man, Nick Corps who got me into Love Live!

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There’s No Point to Reality: Muse Members Give Rejections to Confessions


There’s no point to our reality or our lives…

I’m so shocked I can’t even give you a good explanation so I’ll let the guys from AnimeNewsNetworks explain it for you

Pop idols garner the love and affection of countless individuals. Many times, it is the ultimate dream of these fans to one day have the chance to confess their feelings of adoration to their shining stars. Unfortunately, not every follower has the privilege of having his or her love returned. Twitter user @karamone_ze has taken this thought to the next level, using the nine members of Love Live!’s µ’s as an example of the harshest response that any admirer can get. He then illustrated nine different instances of rejection and uploaded them to his pixiv account.

While the members of µ’s might normally be sweet and lovable girls, you may begin to see them in a different light after taking a look at their flat out rejections in karamone’s aptly named “Getting Rejected When Confessing to µ’s” series.
I need to cry!

Like I said I need to cry and to laugh at the same time. So even though it’s a bad time, I’ll use this to count down my favorite girls in Muse. Now the pain of being rejected will be really painful. I must be a masochistic

Note: The words are in Japanese so I will post the translation that ANN gave as a caption since I rarely caption my pictures

First up is my favorite girl, Nozomi Tojou. She must love me right?

"Sorry.. The cards are telling me you might be strange... Um... could you stop this?"
“Sorry.. The cards are telling me you might be strange… Um… could you stop this?”


It’s okay maybe. Eli-chan will accept my feelings…

"No matter what you do, someone even lower than an amateur like you becoming my boyfriend? I'll never accept."
“No matter what you do, someone even lower than an amateur like you becoming my boyfriend? I’ll never accept.”

Eli-chan? Why are you so cruel?

Okay maybe Nozomi and Eli didn’t accept my feelings but maybe Hanayo will! I know she will!

"Wha– no... Somebody help me!..."
“Wha– no… Somebody help me!…”

She’s scared…I need a tissue…

Maybe Maki-chan…

"Huh? Why would I go out with a piece of trash like you? I refuse."
“Huh? Why would I go out with a piece of trash like you? I refuse.”

So cruel but still so cute. I can’t stop loving you Maki! Then she’d probably call the police on me…

Maybe the sensual and lovely Umi will accept my feelings?

"Oh? So you've been looking at me with those kind of eyes. From now on, I'm going to ask you to forget me, so please never think about me again."
“Oh? So you’ve been looking at me with those kind of eyes. From now on, I’m going to ask you to forget me, so please never think about me again.”

What? I can’t even think about her beauty? Not fair.

I’m getting down the list. Now I’m out of my top five and down to the other four.

Maybe Kotori will love me?

"I-I'm sorry! You're the only one I absolutely hate... Could you please stay away from me?"
“I-I’m sorry! You’re the only one I absolutely hate… Could you please stay away from me?”

Hate is such a strong word, Kotori-chan…why do you hate me? 😥

Maybe Honoka likes me. After all she likes everyone.

"Are you the one going around confessing to people...? Shall I make you into mochi?"
“Are you the one going around confessing to people…? Shall I make you into mochi?”

See she likes me! She’s going to make me some mochi….

Wait a second she’s going to make me into mochi.

Note: Mochi is made by pounding jellied rice with a hammer…exactly the one that Honoka’s holding in the picture….

Run she’s got a bat or a hammer…whatever it is run!

Rin-chan will love me. After all she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Right?

"U-um... Isn't that enough?... Rin is in a hurry."
“U-um… Isn’t that enough?… Rin is in a hurry.”

That just hurts. She casually brushes aside my feelings…

Now the only one left is Nico….darn.

"Huh? If I did something like go out with you I'd seriously die."
“Huh? If I did something like go out with you I’d seriously die.”

Now that’s just extreme! I’m not that bad!

Now here’s the bonus one in the post!
I’m not interested in her just putting in there.

"Uh... um... I'll call the police?"
“Uh… um… I’ll call the police?”

Ha eat that Lolicons! She’ll call the police.

So just to make my favorites clear it’s:
1.Nozomi Tojou
2.Eli Ayase
3.Hanayo Koizumi
4.Maki Nishikino
5.Umi Sonoda
6.Kotori Minami
7.Honoka Kousaka
8.Rin Hoshizora
9.Nico Yazawa

And now that you and I have thoroughly  suffered. That’s the end. The ANN article also talks about the newest Love Live video game to hit the market, Love Live School Paradise for the PS Vita. It’s currently only in Japanese and only for Japanese PS Vitas but thanks to no region locking you can have it for yourself just by importing it!

If you do play it can you tweet some pics my way?

Until the next Love Live post and until my heart heals from 9 rejections,
Later Days!

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Love Live School Idol Festival Review and Guide

Now just a mere few days after my Love Live Speculation and Love Live Season 2 Full Season Review, I feel the need to drill even more Love Live into your heads.

So here’s my Love Live School Idol Festival Review and Guide!


First the Guide.

(Note: As I write this (September 2, 2014) I don’t know if I’ll be able to put any pictures in this other standard promo pics that come with app. Getting anything else would mean restarting my app…no way in hell.)

First part.

When you first get the app, you’ll go through the tutorial with Honoka, Umi, and Kotori on the basics on how to play. Since they teach you how to play I don’t really need to reexplain it. Do I?

Anyway after that, you need to go to your fridge and pick up a sandwich and soda because then the game will take a download. Now later I figured out what the game was downloading. At this first download the game’s downloading all the normal songs and all their versions.

screen568x568 (1)

Depending on your internet speed, it could take about 30 minutes or if you have a bad connection like me it could take up two hours.

After the game’s fully downloaded with all the songs, you’ll go through first parts of the story mode and learn about honor student recrutiting, normal recruiting, center position, and what I call Muse Abilities, and Leader abilities.

Now the game explains it their way but I’ll explain it in basic terms because that’s the way I wish they explained to me.

First off!

Love Gems:

Love Gems are like freaking gold. They are the be all and end all of the game. If you have a good few love gems you can really do anything. You can boost your LP, increase the amount of members you have, go Honor Student Scouting(more later) and even continue a song after you’ve run out of stamina.

However all these things are things you should never do! Why because unless you pay for them Love Gems are a bit hard to come by at the beginning of the game except for the first week where they give you three love gems each day for logining in.

There’s only so many ways to get Love Gems and they are:
-Getting a full bond on an Idolized Card
-Finishing any card’s side story
-Finishing any live 100 times on Hard Mode
-Achieving an Album bonus

Now there are some other ways that just don’t come up during the tutorial. For example, you can get a Love Gem after an update. I guess the Devs get sad because they make us wait and stuff. Also you automatically get five Love Gems on a member of Muse’s birthday. You can go on the Love Live Wiki to find out when each member’s birthday is. As of this writing(September 7, 2014), Kotori Minami’s birthday is next on September 12th.

screen568x568 (2)

Normal Recruiting:

Normal Recruiting to put simply is like the tutorial of a Pokemon game when you’re a long time player. It’s something you have to get through to get to the good stuff.

The Normal Cards are nearly worthless in the later parts of the game. What saves them from being totally useless is the fact that they can be easily idolized and get bond points so to get a love gem after finishing their side story.

Oh I forgot about Idolization and Bond Points.

Idolization is the act of fusing two of the same card together during Special Practice. This makes a more powerful card. It makes Normals somewhat more useable and Muse cards even more powerful.

However what clinches the game is Bond points. Bond points come around as you play Lives. Depending on how big of a combo you get during a Live(A combo is getting Great or Perfect in a series without getting a Good, Bad, or Miss).

Note:According to what I’ve heard, the 15 LP Hard Songs if you get a Perfect Combo{Do not miss one note} can net you a guaranteed 50 bond points.

screen568x568 (3)

Honor Student Recruiting:

Honor Student Recruiting is basically getting members of Muse’s cards for your team. These are the cards that you want the most because face it, the other cards suck. However to do an Honor Student Recruiting you must have at least 5 Love Gems. If you cash in the gems at this point, you can recruit one member of Muse.

However there are multiple types of cards. They are Cool, Pure, and Smile. And those cards come in Normal, Rare, Super Rare, and Ultra Rare. Members of Muse are guaranteed to be Rare and above.

Now you can be impatient at the beginning like me and just cash in the second you get 5 love gems but it’s the worst play you can make. Why? Because of two things. One if you cash in 50 love gems instead of getting 10 Muse cards you get 11, one free. Second, the game runs a few promos a month where if you cash in 50 love gems you have a higher chance of getting Super Rare and Ultra Rare cards. So waiting pays off.

screen568x568 (4)

Muse Abilities:

Muse Abilities is what makes Muse cards so much more useful than the Normal cards. Now I haven’t gotten any cards better than Rare for Muse so my info is only partial.

Pure Muse cards at least at the Rare level boost your stamina(you lose stamina if you miss notes in a song) after getting certain length combo. Really helpful if you’re a beginner.

Smile Muse cards boost your numerical scores. Not really super useful ability.

Cool Muse cards boost your numerical scores. Same thing.

However I’ve heard of cards that can boost stamina by two and three points, turn your goods into greats and greats into perfects.

Leader Abilities:

Leader Abilities are something only a member of Muse can have and they are some of the best parts of their cards.

See your rank in a song is based on how high your specific number in pure, smile, or cool. What I mean is if your cool number is high while you’re playing a cool song then you’ll get a higher number.

And members of Muse have abilities as their leader abilities that can boost your numbers.

So far I’ve only seen Cool, Smile, and Pure Power and Cool, Smile, Pure Heart. Power boosts your stat slightly while Heart boosts it a bit more than that.

However leader abilities are the hardest to level up. Because you must feed a Muse card that has the same ability at the same level to guarantee that the ability will rise.

So now that you know all the stuff that the game didn’t tell you. Here’s the real stuff.

So you start playing the game and you’re trying to hold the phone/tablet(I recommend a tablet. They have bigger buttons to hit than a phone) there’s a few ways to hold it.

You can go handheld video game style using your thumbs. It’s very natural but unless you have fast reflexes or know the song well you’ll get outpaced by level 18 or so.

You can go one hand while the other hand supports your device but unless you quick reflexes and can stretch your fingers far then you’ll fail.

The best way to hold it is not at all. Put your device if you have a tablet on the holder or on a tablet flat and use both hands. If you can get the timing down for the double hits then you’ll be fine.

I think that’s it…

Oh wait! Events!

Every month the games runs two events, one in the beginning of the month around the first week until end of the second. And the other at the end of the third week to the beginning of the next month.

As long as I’ve been playing I’ve seen three events, the Weary Princess(Eli Event), My First Tune(Hanayo Event), and Can You Shine?(Nozomi Event)

BuMJjvyCcAA8NOa BvarRBxIEAE4xwn 640px-Can_I_Really_Shine_Event

In events, you can get a guaranteed Ultra Rare card if you hit the event point mininum.

SR_129_Eri_Event SR_136_Hanayo_Event SR_150_Nozomi_Event

However when you’re first starting out it’s impossible to get so you’re better off using the event for its second use, leveling up.

During an event you get some type of event marker. During the Weary Princess event, they were diamonds. During the My First Tune, they were leaves, and during the Can You Shine event, they were seal spirit tags. While you’re playing the normal songs, the various event markers will appear and you’ll get them.

Once you have either 15(easy), 30(Normal), or 45(hard), you can play the event song for a higher amount of event points. There’s no real point to getting your hopes up for getting the Event card at the early stages of the game because scores and levels are calulated by how high the level of your cards are, their rarity, and if they’re idolized or not.

So at the beginning of the game, unless you’re a lucky genius with blinding reflexes you won’t have a lot of Muse cards until around level 20 if you follow this advice.

However that’s not important at this point. The point is leveling up because with your event markers you can push out that extra song to get you over the top. For example, you can do 3 songs with your LP amount but you need 5 to level up. However you have 30 event markers so you can push out those extra 2 songs.

Add to the fact there are a lot of extra things on the way to getting the Event Card like extra friend points, love gems, and exclusive normal cards.

So in short Events are your best friend no matter what level you’re at.

And this is the best part! The Love Live Doujin about Love Live School Idol Festival!

So turns out there’s a doujin about the Love Live game and all the members of Muse are playing. Eli and Nico are addicted. Kotori has nothing but Honoka cards and Umi takes it too seriously.

Maki’s a badass at the game but then again what do you expect she wrote the songs all of them!

I’ll leave a link below for you to download it yourselves.

01 - JqXn13N

Now for the review part, let’s just say that before my internet blew out, I was like Eli playing the game! I’d play until I dropped then my LP returned then I’d play until I dropped again.

It’s highly addicted and you can even hear Muse songs that you’ve never heard before. One bad part is while you’re grinding you’ll hear a lot of the same songs over and over again. So you can either turn off the sound to keep the love of the song or keep it on and learn to hate it. I can’t listen to Bokura no Life, Kimi no Live anymore.

Despite that little part and the difficulties of getting a good team together, it’s still an awesome game.

I give Love Live School Idol Festival an 11 out of 10. Yeah that’s right I did it! I gave it an 11 on a ten point scale!

So that’s all for this little guide/review I hope you like it and it helps you out a bit.

Until next time,

Later Days

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Love Live Concert: Endless Parade Review

I can’t stop the Love Live posts! One because I love it and two there’s so much stuff I can do with it. Music reviews, OVA reviews, Game guides, News about the recently released Love Live School Festival Parade game, Full Season reviews! I can’t stop! Too much to love!

Love Live! School Idol Project - OP - Large 02

Honoka Kosaka is a girl who loves her school, Otonokizaka Academy. When the school is planned to be closed down due to a lack of applicants, Honoka becomes determined to save it. Learning that school idols are popular, Honoka and her friends start up a school idol group called U’s (pronounced muse) in order to attract new students. Once they successfully prevent Otonokizaka Academy from closing, the girls from U’s aim for higher grounds and participate in “Love Live”, the ultimate school idol competition featuring the best groups in the country.

Even though I said these were OVAs they technically aren’t. These are Omakes. OVAs are called Original Video Animation which denotes something unique. Omakes are basically side stories to a manga, anime, or whatever.

I definitely love Weekly Shonen because they have a lot more Omakes in their manga than Jump does.

Anyway…this review is going to be more words and explanation than pictures because Lantis kinda skipped on the animating, they’re just heads talking. You expect it since this is a Omake shown before a concert so they can’t really overshine the concert can they?

Anyway we open Muse at a theme park and Eli and Honoka explain that they’re there to figure out the theme for their next live. Nico pitches a theme about her epic rise to sucess but no one listens and then Maki asks where’s Umi. Eli comments that she went over with Nozomi and Rin to check out the roller coaster.

Now I know this next part is going to get a little spoilerish but bare with me.

Now Muse seperates into three groups of three to look at the part and here’s how they look:

1. Umi, Nozomi, and Rin
2. Eli, Maki, and Nico
3. Honoka, Kotori, and Hanayo

Hmmm these groups look familar. Oh wait maybe you’ll know them as Lily White, BiBi, and the Primtemps.

That’s right!

They seperated into the three mini-idol units in Muse. This in my opinion gives us a hint about what songs were sung at this concert if they seperated this way. I’m guessing that Bibi sung Diamond Princess no Yuutsu and Primtemps sung Love Marginal and Lily White sung Anone Ganbare. Sounds like epic concert…then it’s Muse so automatically epic so there’s only higher to go.

So just wanted to let you know that. Back to the review.


Also while watching this episode, I learned that apparently the Japanese call a roller coaster a jet coaster.

Now back to the review seriously!

So we shift over to the girls of Lily White first.

So Nozomi and Rin try to get Umi because she’s never gone but their real plan is so they can see her be all scared and take a picture of it. I have to admit it would be funny because Umi’s so serious all the time.

Umi doesn’t get the appeal of riding a roller coaster. Rin explains how exciting by describing all the sounds and screams. Yeah…Umi doesn’t get that. So Nozomi takes over by saying that even though people are scared they get on for the thrill and that thrill is just like a Live.

However Umi flips it around and scares the crap out of them by thanking them so gracitiously. Nozomi and Rin get really scared while Umi jumps right on the coaster without an ounce of fear.

The next episode we switch over to the girls of BiBi next.


We have Nico trying to get Eli to go into the house of horrors but Eli’s really scared. Eli Ayase scared? The legendary school council president? Voiced by Yoshino Nanjo who voiced Nio Hashiri who scared the crap out of Manami Numakura(as Otoya Takechi) so much that developed a freaking fear about her is scared.

Hahahahah oh God my ribs! It hurts to laugh this hard! Ahahahaha.

This went on, me laughing for several minutes until I regained my composure

I apologize. Let’s continue with the review.

So Nico is trying the same ‘I want to see the cool beautiful girl scared’ thing that Nozomi and Rin tried to do. Difference is that Nico ain’t all that smart…come on. If you’ve seen it her logic ain’t really all that good.

And Maki’s just standing off to the side, snarking all the way and pointing out all the holes in Nico’s logic.

So through some insane logic and apparently Eli not even listening Maki, Nico tricks Eli into going to the haunted house. Eli runs into the haunted house with all types of Japanese exorcising gear and then comes out about 10 seconds later. Turns out a lot of Muse fans are working as monsters in the haunted house so Eli signed some autographs and gave a few handshakes.


And now I laugh. Hahahaahha Nico wa Baka! Baka!

So we end with that and head over to the third episode with the Primtemps.


So the Primptemps are on the Ferris Wheel, having fun and enjoying the view. Until Kotori reminds Honoka that they came there to figure what their next live’s theme. Honoka just freezes and does the Japanese equal to ‘Oh Crap’.

There’s a bit of part where Kotori and Hanayo shoot all ideas Honoka’s ideas and Honoka starts to shake the car but Kotori kinda goes off her. Well as ‘going off’ as a polite kind Japanese teenage girl can be. She explains the rules and reasons why they can’t shake the car as the fireworks come on.

Hanayo comments on how much she loves fireworks.

Note: Honoka comments that Hanayo would love fireworks because they both have ‘Hana’ in them. Now just with my experience in Japanese just because something sounds right doesn’t mean is right.

Anyway Kotori and Hanayo eventually get into a conversation about why they love fireworks and riding the Ferris Wheel and how they wish they’d never end. That gives Honoka an idea and as they met up with everyone else Honoka tells them what their theme will be, Endless Parade!

Snapshot_5 Snapshot_6

And that’s the end of the Endless Parade OVA!

I have to say that I’ve done a lot of Love Live Post lately. My Love Live Season 2 Full Season Review, Snow Halation Anaylsis, and the Love Live Endless Parade Review, and the next one coming up will be Love Live School Idol Festival Guide and Review!

So please keep your eyes out for it!

Also I give the Love Live Endless Parade OVAs a 9.5/10. The only reason it doesn’t get those last .5 points is because it was too short and I couldn’t find the full concert!

Update: I’ve found the full concert. Well I’ve found it and I’ve not found it. The whole concert was done in Saitama Super Arena on February 8th and 9th 2014. The DVD/Blu-ray set for the concert was cut up and separated into four parts. Day One was separated into three parts, being released on July 25th, September 24th, and an currently unknown date in November. The Second Day was released in its entirety on July 23rd. 

So as a result it is impossible to get the whole concert right now but that doesn’t mean you can get the parts that are out now.  Click the link in the picture below to be taken to NyaaTorrents where they’ve got it. Be careful. It’s 15 Gigs.

Also check out this link to know what songs were sung. I have a personal love for Garasu no Hanazono(Garden of Glass). It’s filled with so much Eli x Nozomi stuff!


So until the Love Live SIF Guide and Review,
Later Days!

Love Live School Idol Project Snow Halation Comparison

I can’t stop doing Love Live Posts! Don’t help me! Don’t save me!

Hey everyone. It’s Deven coming at you once more with a…I don’t really know what to call it. It’s not a Speculation. I guess it’d be more of an anaylsis. Okay we’ll call it that. I’m coming at you with a Love Live Song Analysis of Snow Halation! One of Muse’s best songs.

Now if you don’t know Lantis which is the company that owns Love Live and produces all their songs and merchandise makes Love Live CDs. What makes them really awesome and you really got to love the voice actresses for this, they make both group CDs and solo CDs. So you can have your favorite girl singing your favorite song! Isn’t that great!

Now Snow Halation is one of the few songs that has every member of Muse sing it. So I’ll be doing an anaylsis of how each member of Muse sings the song.

Note: The order is no particular order. This is the order that my iTunes gave me when I looked up the songs.

First up is Honoka Kousaka!


Honoka(voiced by Emi Nitta) sings with a medium sounding voice and not the usual perkiness that you see her with in the anime. It’s more soothing. It reminds me of a flowing river, her words just flow out naturally.

Next is Umi Sonoda!


Umi(voiced by Suzuko Mimori) is what I call Elegance against Adversity. She makes every song she sings sound so sensual and beautiful. It reminds me of a nice cool night where the snowflakes are falling slowly. It’s so relaxing.

Next is Maki Nishikino!


Maki(voiced by Pile) is another example of Elegance against Adversity but with a little edge. When Maki sings Snow Halation, it sounds more lovely like she’s singing right to you. It reminds me a lot of a serenade. So Maki cute!

Next is Nico Yazawa!


Nico(voiced by Sora Takui) well sounds kinda like my little sister when she was about five(she’s about 16 now). Her voice is quite high more in that place where Nozomi, Hanayo, and Kotori’s voices are. Despite that it sounds very cute. It reminds me of playing around in the snow with my little sister.

She’s actually my godsister and a lot taller than me but we’ve been raised like family

Next is ironically Kotori Minami!


Kotori(voiced by Aya Uchida) has a very high voice but it works for her especially in this song. In the PV Kotori’s grouped with alongside Maki and Rin. Rin has a medium pitched voice and Maki has a more edgy lower voice so they harmonize well. Kotori’s performance reminds me of those good days making snow angels with my godsister.

Next up is Rin Hoshizora!


Rin(voiced by Riho Iida) is not particularly my favorite member of Muse in the anime. However when she sings she’s one of my favorites alongside Hanayo, Eli, Umi, and Nozomi in that order. Why? Because she clearly changes her pitch in the anime for Rin’s voice but while she sings I’m guessing she’s using her normal voic e and it sounds so much better. It sounds like a casual and nice conversation. I rate Rin’s singing voice like Umi’s, very sensual.

Next up is Hanayo Koizumi!


Hanayo(voiced by Yurika Kubo) has a very high voice. Probably the only member of Muse with a higher voice is Kotori but it works for her. It’s one of the main reasons that Kokuhaku Biyori, Desu! is one of my favorite Muse songs. Hanayo’s Snow Halation version just has one of those cuteness levels that makes you want to hug her. I love it so much. She’s one of my favorites on Muse because of this voice!

Next up is Nozomi Tojou!


Nozomi(voiced by Aina Kusada) has a voice similar to but not the same as Hanayo and Kotori but it’s a inch lower. However it doesn’t make her less awesome. I think that Nozomi puts the most emotion into this song and makes it a song you want to dance to.

Last but not least is Eli Ayase!


Eli(voiced by Yoshino Nanjo) has a such a beautiful voice. It sounds so mature and soft yet filled with energy. I can’t just listen to an Eli sung song once. It must be listened to at least five times.

Now that I’ve looked at the girls solo. Let’s look at things as a whole.

Now I’m an absolute idiot with Music Theory but my younger cousin who’s a bass singer taught me one thing. You have the soprano, the alto, and the tenor in group based songs. Then again he sings in church but I think that it still applies.

However in this case we’re dealing with girls so it’s more of the highest, the medium, and the mature low.

Now the group’s divided(at least in my eyes) into three groups during this song which I think work that dynamic well.

One group is Eli, Hanayo, and Nico acting as the center. I think that Eli takes the mature, Hanayo the medium, and Nico the highest.


The next group is Kotori, Maki, and Rin acting as the center. Maki takes the mature, Rin the medium, and Kotori the highest.


The final group is Umi, Nozomi, and Honoka acting as the center for the group and the entire song as a whole. Umi takes the mature, Honoka the medium, and Nozomi the highest.


And it all comes together to make one of Muse’s best songs in my opinion.

Now I’m going to be super nice here. Since you listened, or in this case read me, ramble about music. I’m giving you my copies of the nine versions of Snow Halation for free as well as my copy of the Snow Halation PV(the original not the 2014 anime version).

Just click on the two Snow Halation pics below and download them from my Dropbox.

Love_Live_Snow_Halation1 30571l

And that’s all for this review…hmmm…I think I can push out one more Love Live Post. I’ll let it be a surprise though.

Until the next one(you won’t have long to wait)
Later Days.

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Love Live School Idol Project Speculation #1

Love Live School Idol Project Speculation #1

(Honoka Kosaka is a girl who loves her school, Otonokizaka Academy. When the school is planned to be closed down due to a lack of applicants, Honoka becomes determined to save it. Learning that school idols are popular, Honoka and her friends start up a school idol group called µ’s (pronounced Muse) in order to attract new students. Once they successfully prevent Otonokizaka Academy from closing, the girls from µ’s aim for higher grounds and participate in “Love Live”, the ultimate school idol competition featuring the best groups in the country.

Hey everyone. It’s Deven coming to you with my first Love Live Speculation. Now being hopeful this post will be up before Love Live’s second season ends. So since I didn’t review it during the Spring season, I feel the need to say something about it in some way. So that’s why I’m having this speculation:

Muse vs. A-RISE

Now before I get started. No bashing. I love Muse a lot and love A-RISE too. However I’ve got to talk about both groups good parts and bad parts and when you talk about something’s bad parts on the internet someone gets flamed.

Now that’s over let’s go!

First thing we’ll talk about is their schools.

The girls from Muse are from Otonokizaka Academy.


Now Otonokizaka Academy is a school in near the Akibara district of Tokyo. It’s mostly an open grounds school with the area taken up mostly up by the actual school building, the gym, and their famous alpaca stables.

UTX High School is a school near Akibara district of Tokyo. Unlike Otonokizaka it has a lot less open grounds. Then again that’s not really a bad thing because their school is a freaking skyscraper with a cafe and open garden on the roof.

Now not saying anything bad about either school but when you compare Otonokizaka to UTX, they look poor.
Now this shows that A-RISE has a lot of money to work with from their school and it shows.


Now that’s money!


It’s well done but yeah…

So that’s a point to A-RISE.

Let’s move on to clothes.

Now like I said it looks like A-RISE has the backing of their school with their lives and even their clothes.

Snapshot_3 Snapshot_6

They all look very well made and very professional and they kinda look like their school uniforms. Very formal and suit-like.

On other hand, Muse does not have the school backing them but that doesn’t mean that their costumes are bad. In fact is it’s the opposite.

Kotori really has a talent for design and it shows! Each song has a unique themed costume and it fits each girl’s personality and unique style.

The clear variety of costumes that Muse has as opposed to A-RISE is good because there’s nothing more boring than wearing the same thing again and again just with different colors like A-RISE.

So looks like Muse gets a point on the board.

Score’s tied.

Let’s go on to Music. Granted Muse has had over the course of both seasons of the anime about 12 songs, six times as many as A-RISE has. But we can still get a good grip on the groups.

Muse’s music is awesome and great J-Pop. It’s very upbeat and happy. It’s the stuff that energizes you. I’ve listened to No Brand Girls and it’s really brought me up.

As for their dance moves, it pays to have a 1/4 Russian ballerina as your Choreographer. All the moves flow together perfectly and keep in pace with the song. I also love the fact that the girls’ moves are so upbeat and quick.


I just really love the ‘Fly High’ jump in Snow Halation. In short Muse makes you be happy and energetic.

A-Rise’s music is still as interesting but it’s more club music. Private Wars is catchy and easy to dance to and the same for Shocking Party.

Let’s go on to Presence. I guess presence can be how they present themselves and how the act as a group.

When it comes down to it for A-RISE it’s very formal in all their appearances and shows. For example we don’t see at all during the first season and the only time we see them in the second season is during their lives and when Muse and A-RISE talk in UTX’s cafe. It’s a very professional form of working. Don’t let the public see you too much, that way your appearances mean more to them.

As for them as a group it’s definitely very formal. They don’t seem to be friends. I’m not saying that they don’t like each other but they don’t seem to show the same warmth and sisterly bond that Muse has.

On other side of the city, there’s Muse. They are definitely very relaxed in how they go. They aren’t afraid to get out there with the crowds and interact with the people. For example, during the Halloween episode when Muse and A-RISE were doing a live together Muse sent Honoka, Rin, and Nico. A-RISE…they sent a TV with a promo. It’s kinda ironic since Tsubasa said they wanted to change up their image but they didn’t do anything but send a TV! 😛

Now I don’t know whether it’s because we see them more but Muse definitely is closer to each other. They hang out before, during, and after practice. They spend their days off as a group and as they disbanded the group after the third years graduated. Something I personally think that A-RISE wouldn’t do.

So that’s to Muse.

Now to go to my final one, Crowd Control. Now unfortunatly this is something that A-Rise has in spades. Tsubasa, the leader and center of A-RISE, is a well trained speaker and knows how to keep A-RISE in the minds of people. Think about it. That screen on the side of the school must play Private Wars and later in the 2nd season Shocking Party every so often. That’s free publicity and reaching an audience of people that would have never noticed them because probably thousands of people walk pass that screen everyday. Tsubasa also has a good command over words when she acts as the spokeswoman for A-RISE.

Now for Muse…yeah if you saw the first episode of the 2nd season as well as the last one you can see that Honoka can’t really speak all that well in front of people. She’s flubbed a good few speeches like her introduction speech as the Student Council President as well as the Meet and Greet for the Final Preliminary. But she’s not an idiot. She did the Open House speech well. However public speaking is not something she can beat Tsubasa in.

So it goes to A-RISE.

So in conclusion the two groups after all that have 3 for A-RISE and 3 for Muse! It’s a tie!

Now to get more real life on you. In my opinion A-RISE represents the people that are trained for years on years to become idols. They do it for the money and the fame and the excitement but also for the fun of it. By no means they’re bad people. However Muse represents the people that love it for the sport, love it for the singing and the dancing. And that’s important too.

So in the real end there is no winner. You need to figure out which one you like the best. Personally I like both. Shocking Party is one of the reasons I’ll be getting the next album as well as Snow Halation and a lot of other Muse songs.

So that’s our end. Until the next Love Live speculation, which I’m hoping to do a colloboration with one of my fellow anime bloggers for,
Later Days.

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Love Live School Idol Project Season 2 Full Review

Welcome back to Otonokizaka Academy! Now it’s time for full season review for Love Live School Idol Project Season 2!


Honoka Kosaka is a girl who loves her school, Otonokizaka Academy. When the school is planned to be closed down due to a lack of applicants, Honoka becomes determined to save it. Learning that school idols are popular, Honoka and her friends start up a school idol group called U’s (pronounced muse) in order to attract new students. Once they successfully prevent Otonokizaka Academy from closing, the girls from U’s aim for higher grounds and participate in “Love Live”, the ultimate school idol competition featuring the best groups in the country.

So welcome back to Full Season Reviews. Of course I have to start strong and there’s no stronger than Love Live.

My Opinion
What’s not to love? Nothing! Love Live Season 2 is the very epitome of what a second season/sequel should do. Continue the series and build on what happened last time. All the songs are well written with really good animation. Even better the characters are very well fleshed out. They truly are well done characters. You’ll definitely love this season as well as the last one if you’re a fan of J-Pop and idol anime like Idolmaster.

Speaking of Idolmaster, I’ll be doing a Love Live School Idol Project vs Idolmaster post some time within the next few months. Just to keep your mind on Love Live even though it’s over.

The Highlights

  • the filler. It really expands on a lot of the characters that didn’t get a full characterization last season.
  •  the songs have deeper meaning than ever like Snow Halation.
  •  most of the Muse girls become more rounded as people as we learn their backstories
  • The Finale Arc(Every episode after Episode 10)

The Downsides

  • The constant switching between CGI and normal animation is still weird
  • There was no Maki, Umi, Hanayo, or Kotori backstory episode. While they are full characters they can always go further. For example, Hanayo’s mother used to be an idol when she was young. That’s one of the reasons she’s so into idols. There could have been a filler about that.
  • Snow Halation was shortened. The version we got was awesome but since the song was at the end of the episode i was expecting them to use the extra time to put the entire song in there. Especially the Fly High jump. I love the Fly High jump!

Now when I looked over the first Full Season Review I noticed I just talked about the characters and not the episodes. So I’ll be doing that here. Don’t worry it’s not going to be something super long.

Episode 1
Episode 1: Love Live Once Again!
So this episode it’s explained that Love Live will happen again this year near the end of March. All the others want to participate but Honoks doesn’t. After a talk with Yuhiko, Honoks realizes this is the last chance for the third years(and Muse as a group of 9)
to win it. After a quick race with Nico to determine if they’ll go it’s decided that Muse will participate in the Love Live again.

Episode 2
Episode 2: Aim for Victory
Due to a new rule with the Love Live Muse cannot use any songs they have already used before. So what are nine cute girls to do? Training Camp! Specifically Maki’s mountain villa. However our three creatives of Kotori, Umi, and Maki get a major dose of creativity block. They lost their muse…get it? Anyway the entire group splits into threes and managed to get together the brand new song, Door of Dreams.
Few things that gets me in this episode is why didn’t Maki work with Umi? Lyrics work with the composition. By working together they can give each other ideas. Also if Kotori’s drawings are so simple then why are her clothes so detailed and beautiful?

Episode 2


Episode 3
Episode 3: Door of Dreams
After their return from training the cute girls of Muse need to pick where they’ll perform for the preliminaries. They can choose anywhere in the area they live, one of the preliminary arenas, or they can stream it on the Internet. After looking all around the city for a spot to hold the Live, they meet up with A-Rise and they offer their school’s roof so they can both perform. After A-Rise takes the stage, all the girls feel like they’re outclassed but Honoka pumps them up and they sing Door of Dreams.

Some times I wish A-Rise had their own show. They only have two songs, Private Wars and Shocking Party. It would totally be good. It’d be the same as now just with A-Rise as the main characters.

Episode 3

Episode 4
Episode 4: No. 1 Idol in the Universe
So this is the technical end of more official material. Some would call it filler but filler isn’t really liked. This isn’t filler! It is awesomeness! So during this episode we get a lot of Nico’s backstory and shows how she was as a first year trying to start her own idol group. So she lied to her younger siblings saying that she was a super successful school idol. She eventually manages to tell them that’s she not a solo idol but still keep their view of her intact. I love this episode because it makes Nico more human.

Episode 4

Episode 5
Episode 5: A New Me
Honoka, Umi, and Kotori head out on the second year class trip to Okinawa. Since the new leaders of the student council are gone, Eri and Nozomi take up the slack leaving Muse without a leader. So through a few texts Honoka appoints Rin the leader. She doesn’t do so well on the first day, trying to imitate Eri and Umi but eventually she settles into it. However they’ve got a live at a fashion show they need to do and someone’s got to wear the wedding dress! Rin-chan! Turns out she doesn’t want to wear it because of her issues with dresses and her belief that she isn’t cute. Those boys teased her so bad that she can’t believe that she’d look good in a skirt. But after some good talking with friends Rin takes the center in the song and wears the dress. Note that Rin starts wearing dresses and skirts all the time.

Episode 5 Episode 6
Episode 6: Happy Halloween
It’s time for Halloween! In Love Live that is. By the time this gets up it might be though. So A-Rise and Muse have been invited to be a part of Akihabara’s Halloween Festival. They guess this is going to be an awesome opportunity to show off before the final preliminary. However A-Rise decides to change up their look for the Halloween Live and that makes the girls wonder if they should do the same. We go from imitating each other, school club dress up, and even go hardcore and dress up like KISS. Also those pictures of Muse dressed up like KISS made it on Twitter and even got retweeted by Gene(Add last name). Anyway Honoka realizes that they’re good already and don’t need to change their image because they’ve got a variety of members. So they perform in the Halloween parade, debuting Dancing Stars on Me. This was a hilarious episode mostly with the cosplay and the acting like each other part.

Episode 6 Episode 7
Episode 7: We Have To Do Something
So turns out Honoka and Hanayo have gained weight and need to work it off before the final preliminaries. Now I get Honoka to a certain extent because she does pack on the sweets and junk food and she lives right over a Japanese candy shop! Hanayo I don’t get. She’s very cute but she’s a baby face with a young girl voice. Plus her body type is more similar to Eli and Nozomi rather than the others like Umi and Maki. So are Nozomi and Eli fat? No! They are very well curved. That’s what Hanayo is! Anyway Umi puts them both on a exercise and diet regenment and it works…until they find this awesome rice buffet on their run and pig out there. Umi catches them and puts them on a harder diet and they manage to lose the extra weight.

Episode 7 Episode 8

Episode 8: My Wish
So we come up on the Preliminary Finals for the Love Live and Nozomi suggests that they write and perform a love song. However the group struggles with it because none of them have any experience with dating or love. Come on! Look at all these girls! They are all a combination of hot and cute and not one of them has had a boyfriend? Granted you can give them a little break since they go to an all girl’s school. Anyway they try to get into the mood of a love song by making confession videos and watching romance movies. After that Maki(Ah Maki and Pile-sama!) follows Nozomi and Eli home. She learns the reason why Nozomi wants to make a song together. Because she never had friends before Eli and she had a big hand in the creation of Muse that allowed the girls to be connected and share the same feelings. Once Eli and Maki hear that they call the others over and they get inspired while the snow’s falling, leading to the writing of Snow Halation.

Episode 8 Episode 9
Episode 9: Melody of the Heart
I love this episode! So the day of the Final Preliminary is here. but Unfortunately Honoka, Kotori, and Umi have their duties as members of the Student Council to deal with for the school’s open house so they’ll be a bit late. The others get moving to the stage. After the address we find out that the second years get snowed into the school. Despite the massive snowdrift that just appear Honoka, Umi, and Kotori are determined to reach to get to the stage. They get about two feet before the snow stops and they find out their schoolmates cleared the snow all the way to the stage and gave them some snowboots. They manage to get to the stage just in time and they perform one of the best songs that Muse has, Snow Halation!

Episode 9 Episode 10
Episode 10: µ’s
They won! On their way to the shrine that Nozomi volunteers at, the girls meet A-Rise who congratulate them. It’s okay A-Rise. Better luck next year…wait a second they won this year! Anyway the girls arrive at the shrine where Eli and Nico are helping out Nozomi. After the girls wonder about needing a catchphrase for the official Love Live website, Honoka gets approached by A-Rise’s leader Tsubasa who questions how A-Rise lost to Muse. I’ve got an idea. You did the same song twice! They did Shocking Party twice! Now the first preliminary was some time during September and the finals took place in December before Christmas so they had the time to write a new song but they didn’t! The next day the girls get together at Honoka’s house to make Mochi for all their supporters. Note: Umi’s favorite food is the Kousaka family’s mochi. After going to the shrine once again and seeing people’s emas(equalavent to New Year’s wishes) and they come up with their catchphrase, ‘The story we all realize’

Episode 10 Episode 11
Episode 11: That Which We Decided
After Yukiho and Alisa pass the Otonokizaka entrance exams, Yuhiko asks Honoka what will happen to Muse after the third years graduate. With the girls divided on the issue, Eli says that the decision should rest with the juniors. Later Muse uses their day off to go all around the city to see things that each member wants to do. At the end of the day they go to the beach where the younger members decide that they’ll disband Muse after the Love Live.

Episode 11 Episode 12
Episode 12: Last Live
After getting their drawing for the Love Live it’s decided that Muse will be the final performers for the event. After finishing their final practice together, the girls find it hard to seperate so they have a sleepover at the school. The next day at the Love Live, Muse debuts Kira-Kira Sensation and it’s so good that they give an encore with Bokura wa Ima no Naka de!

Episode 13
Episode 13: Come True! Everyone’s Dreams
Aww. It’s the last episode. After Muse wins the Love Live, Graduation Days comes around for Otonokizaka. We get to see Nico’s really hot mom and we find Hononak seeing Eli rembembering her time as the student council president. As the opening ceremony begins for the new students all the students sing a special song for the leaving third years. Awww… After the ceremony, Nico appoints Hanayo as the new president of the Idol Research Club who in turn appoints Maki as the vice-president. Once that happens all the girls go on a reminiscing tour around the school. Once they arrive on the roof where everything started Honoka paints the Muse symbol on the floor in water before they leave. However before get a chance to part ways, Hanayo gets some big news on her phone, prompting everyone to rush back to the club room. Instead of some boring old credits(granted the song is catchy) we have Muse performing Oh Love and Peace to end out the season.

Episode 13

What’s the big news?


Someone catch me! I’m about to faint! A Love Live movie! I have to see this even if I have to go to Japan to get it!

As for my top five favorite songs this season they are:
1.Snow Halation by Muse(It’s generally considered to be one of Muse’s best songs for a reason)
2.Shocking Party by A-Rise(If there was an anime about A-Rise and how they got to the top. I’d watch it.)
3.Bokura no Ima no Naka de(The song that started it all last season. Enough said)
4.Kira Kira Sensation(It’s so super happy and good I can’t help myself)
5. Oh Love and Peace(This is one of my favorite songs from Muse)

Now for the scores!

I’m giving Love Live School Idol Project a 10/10 because that’s the only logical score it could have!

So with that it’s end of this month’s Full Season Review. Sorry it’s so late. That being said never again! Never again will I do Full Season Reviews like this. It took me a month to finish this entire post! That’s right I started on the first and it took me this long to finish! I’ll look at things in a more general and arc based style from now in Full Season Reviews.

Now for what’s up on the next Full Season Review, I still don’t have much on internet. So I have to work with what I got on my computer.

For September, I’ll Full Season Review Rio: Rainbow Gate, an anime from the Winter Season 2011.


As for October since I just got into it I’ll be reviewing the first season of Sword Art Online! Yay! So you on here got that to look forward to.


So until the next Full Season Review,
Later Days

You can ask me as many questions as you want on and you can follow me on Twitter to know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll also be update on what’s happening.

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