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Let’s Look:Trinity Seven OVA: A Harem Hero that Goes Down In History

This OVA. My man Arata is just too awesome and his legend grows everyday. I love this OVA.

So we start off the episode with Arata getting out of school with Lilith when the Headmaster’s secretary calls him in.

Turns out that Arata’s being expelled? Eh? But he’s been actually studying.

But there’s one way to save his grade.


With the Trinity Seven? Imagine the possibilities! Arata already is!

It’s only been 5 minutes and it is glorious!

Even his imagination is deserving of legend!

So basically study with each member of the Trinity Seven and do a report on each one. It must be done by 8am. 8 am? He does even look like he’d be up until at least 9.

Anyway run Arata! Your school life is on the line.

So out on the hallway Arata and Sora run into Levy. However she apparently says that he needs to talk to some other member of the Trinity Seven before he understands Envy.

Aw man!

So after that they head over to the Infirmary to talk with Liese.

And she starts off with this.


Best girl!

And when Selina says not to do bad stuff with her body, Liese says that she can join in.

Even more best girl!

So Liese puts the camera and begins her explanation of the Acedia Archive.


That sounds like good times are about to roll.

So Liese connects to her Archive and after that she teleports on top of him and starts taking off her top!


Like I said best member of the Trinity Seven!

And right when it gets good Lilith shows up.


Crap! Why now!

And then Sora offers for Lilith to join and Lilith of course says no.

After that Arata and Sora run for it while Lilith’s yelling.


Time to learn about some Avaritia!


And then we end up in Yui’s dream world. So it’s time to begin learning.

Wow she jumped to nudity fast and she wants to do it! That’s fast.

But Arata isn’t just cool but he’s honorable. He know that Yui’s been alone for so long so she’s eager to please. She wants to make other people happy and she’s willing to use her body to do it.

Arata’s a good enough person to be able to realize this and kindly says no. He also says that she has more friends that just him.


So Yui says that she isn’t really greedy because she’s always dreaming and can just bring up anything she wants in a dream. But lately she’s been a bit greedy.


Yui that isn’t greedy at all. It’s really sweet.

And with that Arata pats her on the head and says he wants that too.

After that we head over to the bath and we get Akio coming in!

Snapshot_36(Pic of Akio and Arata in the bath)(12:29)

So after wondering about Mira for a second, Akio starts blushing when Arata looks at her.


So then Akio starts to explain her Archive.

Someone’s got control over their desires. Others…


So yuri perfect.

And then Lilith falls over and gets covered in soap.



So after that Akio talks about Mira and says to make sure to be kind to her.

After we go over to Arin.

It’s going to be difficult since isn’t really that wrathful.


That’d be nice but what about the Archive?


Ah right on queue.


Arin’s got trolling skills!

Have a hand


After that Lilith goes on a little tirade and Arata says this.


And Arin blushes. He’s getting a lot brownie points today.


And Arata my man heads right over to Mira for some Superbia traning.


And we rejoice!


He always says thanks after a meal.


It was worth it! God that’s a lot of blood.

So after Arata heals, we get some Super Superbia lessons.

You got to admit that out of them all in this series Superbia and Luxeria are pretty broken. Then again I’m reading the manga and I know some Luxeria mages that are really strong. Why are all Luxeria mages evil though? Joe! Got any ideas?

So after that it’s time to hit the books!


I don’t want to study!


I don’t why but that position looks really cute. Yoko Hikasa really brought Mira to life.

After a long study session Mira falls asleep and Arata tucks her in…all while Mira actually wakes up and Lilith is watching.

Lilith you dirty girl. You love to watch.

Of course from the way it looks it looks like he’s about to take advantage of her but he isn’t like that.


She looks like she wanted it though.

And Lilith’s hurting and jealous. She really likes him.


After that Lilith comes over to Arata’s room.

That’d be nice but my man’s got honor and legend!

I’m personally not sure of the number but some guys would have folded. I like Arata because he’s honest about how he feels but he isn’t going take advantage of anyone.

That’s worth respecting. Usually it’s a balance with harem characters. Either they’re losers that aren’t going to take advantage of a girl or they’re bastards that will do what Makoto in School Days did. Arata’s a good balance of straight forward and honorable.

And he comforts her after her jealous moment and tells her that he’s even more grateful to her and can always depend on him.

And with that the lights come on and Levy says that she’s shown him the Envy of a woman’s heart!

And then she explains that he would be doing perverted things with the girls and that Lilith would be following him so she’d get jealous and give her the perfect opportunity for Invidia to show out!

She also drugged Mira so she’d fall asleep…weird. What if Arata wasn’t a good guy?


And we end that with a beating before we head over to the headmaster and we’ve got someone.


It’s Lugh! Looks like they captured her from Ish Karioth.

Then we get some scenes from the future.

For those of you that don’t know this hints at the Sky Library Arc which came right after the anime and the Magic Tournament Arc which is after Sky Library.

You know what this means! Second season coming soon! Granted we have to wait for that eventually official announcement but hey they wouldn’t have done this if they didn’t think they were going to do it.

And we end the episode with Trinity x Seven x Heaven!

Ah now that was a good OVA. It got me hyped for the possible season 2.

So that’s it from me!

Until we get that second season,
Later Days

Extra Pic


The legend of Harem animes, Arata! I get my pics from Zero-chan not Pixiv.

Zero-chan Link

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Let’s Look:Trinity Seven Episode 12: Season 2! I Need It!

The Final Battle of Arata and the Trinity Seven vs. Hijiri is about to begin! The hype is highly realistic!

So the episode starts with Arata, Lilith, Mira, and Akio arriving from their portal and using Lugh as their crash pad.

Snapshot_1Arata says that he needs every ounce of help that the girls can offer. Everyone’s ready to help but someone’s got more help than others.


Still too hot.

Predictably my man Arata’s shocked. Arata maybe it might be Selina? They are twins.


Yep! Those twins definitely belong to Liese! And a beautiful set of twins they are!

But once again Arata’s not sure.


Are you sure now, Arata my man?


Too right. Ah the beauty of Lieselotte Sherlock!


No Selina-chan you’re cute but not insanely sexy like your sister. Then again your Magus Mode isn’t a thigh boots, opera gloves, and what basically boils down to a string bikini top. Also you’re not voiced by Nao Touyama! That’s what makes the hotness!



Don’t take it personally. He’s a harem protagonist. He’s probably more boobs by lunch than I will ever in my life…sad…

Levy agrees with me and so does Hijiri.


Luck is a part of the harem protagonist package. Do you think that stuff like this just happens on purpose!

So now that the comedy’s over it’s time to get into the battle!

So cool. This has always been my favorite part of the anime.

So now that I think about it. Where’s the Headmaster?


Oh there they are. Why aren’t they fighting?

Ah so it’s better to stay out of the battle. Also so that’s where the Headmaster…Headmistress of Liber Academy went after the Ish Karioth destroy it.

So now it’s down to the battle. Hijiri fires off her first big spell but Mira blocks it with White Universe. Turns out even in the beginning of the battle Mira was analyzing Hijiri’s magic. Damn that’s good.

But they aren’t done yet!

Akio’s going in!

Ouch that hurts.


Oh so Yui’s magic isn’t offensive. It’s support magic. Oh I get it now. She’s a Bard type like in Final Fantasy. It even works with her Thema Archsymphony. She even plays violin for fun.

Note: Bards, for those that don’t play Final Fantasy games. You don’t know what you’re missing. Anyway Bards are characters that buff themselves and their allies by singing various songs.

So with that Lugh’s out of the fight.

Don’t stop girls! Keep it going!



They hit the wall and then wall hit back.

Looks like it’s some type of magical protection. Hmm if only we had someone that a magical lance that could cut through magic.

So with that Liese and Levy rush Hijiri again but she’s too smart for that and goes right for the wide open Arin!

But instead she hits Liese and Levy? How?

And now with Hijiri wide open, Arin takes her chance and gets rid of her magical protections with Misteltein…

Just in time for Arata and Lilith to blast her to Kingdom Come!

And Arata and Lilith fire off Meteo Dragonar and Hijiri tries to block but it just doesn’t work.

And with that Hijiri’s defeated but not before she gets a moment of understanding.


Hmm who is it? Now when I was watching this the first time for pleasure I couldn’t see anything. Mostly because I was so hyped for the season finale. But now that I’m watching for the review, I was able to notice that Hijiri saw a specific image that I didn’t notice the last time.


Hmm Lilith is the one that’s going to be cause of the end of the world. I can’t think of a woman that’s not worth destroying the world for. She is cute.

Let’s see how this turns out.

So after Hijiri gets blasted by Arata and Lilith, she explains what she saw after she disappeared. She saw that Arata became the Demon Lord and along with the Trinity Seven destroyed the world again and again in an eternal loop.

Just evil. Just evil.


If I got this after destroying the world then the only thing I’d be asking ‘So how do you want me destroy the world? Blow it up?’

Seven beautiful girls like that and a cool throne, the only bad part is Arata being evil and the world is destroyed.

To stop this and remake the world to ensure that this never happens that is the Iscariot.

Kinda sweet. Even though she’s evil now Hijiri still will do anything for Arata.

Arata says that she doesn’t need to worry and he’ll be the one that controls the demon lord.

However Hijiri starts to disappear and she explains that she can’t stay in the world for very long so she’s starting to disappear.

After that Liber, you know the Headmistress of Liber Academy, she pulls Hijiri away and says that she’ll be training her to be the one that will stop Arata.

What does Arata say?

I love this guy.

And with that Liber leaves and Arata gets stripped by his own power…

How did that happen?

Anyway we flash forward to Arata on the school lawn with Lilith.

They head out into town.


I like Lilith’s casual clothes.

So it’s a nice cute date like thing. Lilith asks where does Arata and want to go but when he flips the question on her she asks if he wants to go to get something to eat.

However looks like someone’s watching…


And guess who they meet at the restaurant.


Awww Kawaii! So that where those casual clothes from the Trinity x Heaven x Seventh ending come from.


Looks cute! And be their friends and to pay back for not being able to help on the Liber Academy mission, Akio gives them a nice free meal.


After that Arata and Lilith have a nice date while Arin and the others watch.

So it all culminates with them sitting on a bench at sunset watching the water. Talk about romantic.


Arata then asks if she asked him out to get his mind off Hijiri and Lilith admits it’s true but she also says that not just her but all of the members of the Trinity Seven really love him.


Aww that’s so cute. For someone that has no parents and his last member of his family is gone it would feel really good to hear someone say I love you.

So we take a quick look at the other haremmetes, Arata says this.


Arata inches closer and closer…

Lilith gets all flustered and stuff. She’s clearly expecting a kiss.


Arata kiss her!


Dude, missed moment but still a good one. He gives her a nice little amulet necklace and gets a little bashful about wanting to protect her.


And with that all the girls just pop out of the bushes.

And with that everyone decides to go to Mira’s restaurant for dinner and the entire series/season ends with this.

Great way to end the season! Wait a second! Where’s the annoucement for season 2?! Where? How is Lilith going to be the one that will make Arata destroy the world?

These answers are things that I need!

Season 2! Season 2!


I’m giving Trinity Seven an 9 1/2 out of 10. It was a very well balanced harem. No girl took the lead too much. Each girl had her time with Arata properly. The action is well done and the comedy is spot on. The music is well done especially all the endings. My favorites are Beautiful Sentence by Lilith and Arin, ReStart the World by Liese and Selina, and Trinity x Seventh x Heaven by Mira and Akio. I’m not fond of Shavababa in Amazing…I didn’t even download it.

I’m really wanting a season 2. Liese didn’t get freed yet. There’s so much more that can happen with her.

So here’s hoping for the second season.

Until the next season…hopefully,
Later Days

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Let’s Look: Trinity Seven Episode 11: Levy’s Too Badass!

Levy may not have the flashiest powers like Liese, Lilith, or Arin but you can never deny that she’s a epic badass!

So we start off the episode with the school getting shot at by that girl we saw last episode.

Then after the opening we got the epic battle of Levy Kazama of the Trinity Seven vs. Lugh of Isariot!

They trade some blows for a while until the action slows down. After that it’s shown that Levy got her arm cut by Lugh.

Looks like Levy’s going to have to going to have to face her with only one arm. Interesting!

You know what’s more interesting.

Well morale is good for battle but carrying out a flag. But hey Headmaster can you put down the flag and help her out?!

Okay now at least we have a reason…


She looks like she’s strong but just show them both that Solomon’s Gate that you show Liese and you’ll be fine.

But what about the students? This looks like it’s going to be on some DragonBall Z destruction levels. They need to be out of the way.


Her head must be pounding with so many people inside her head…

So with all the students safely evacuated it’s time that Levy got serious!


Hmm are you taking requests? Can you play Oracion from the Rise of Darkrai Pokemon movie? I always liked that song.

So Lugh asks what she’s doing and Levy says that she’s calling for help so she’s going to stall until backup comes.

So it’s time for the battle get started again.

Levy and Lugh and it’s so awesome. You know for being a mage most of Levy’s fights are all physical. However Lugh is just as good…


But not as good as Levy.

But now Lugh’s getting serious and uses her magic and my lord just look at the results.

Turns out that while Levy has awesome ninja speed, Lugh can move at the speed of light. Can you say broken power much?

With all the damage that she’s taken, Levy can doesn’t have much of a choice.

Apparently it really is Last Crest

Nooo! Levy don’t die or get trapped like Liese!

But Lugh isn’t going to sweat it and she cuts down the whirlwinds.

I’m liking Lugh. It’s strangely cute how she’s so funny without trying.

Talk about awesome! She had me going legit. I thought she was going to end up like Liese.



So sleepy…

Deven wakes up 8 hours later

What happened?

Inner Writer: You hit the wall. You did too much with too little sleep. You’ve been burning the candle at both ends man. With taking your GED, registering for college, studying, taking your entrance exam, writing 3 three reviews, two Love Live Posts, and Fate Stay Night Speculation, and trying to stay up until three am to write your Trinity Seven. I’m shocked that you didn’t hit the wall days ago. Take a break. Your friends at AnimeWithSky and your fans at AnimeThief wouldn’t like it if you got sick because sleep deprivation.

I suppose you’re right that’s why I waited three days to finish this review. Now I’m fully rested and all types of good!

So we flash to Levy and the Headmaster inside the school where it’s explained that Levy used the leaf whistle to call out to Yui to use her Archsymphony to enhant the area ahead of time.

Clever of her but she’s still fighting an uphill battle. She needs help. However with Yui needing to protect the other students and the rest of Trinity Seven and Arata still trying to make it back there’s no one that can help.

We get a short scene of Arata, Lilith, Arin, Mira, and Akio reaching the nearest teleportor to find that it’s been broken by a Ruina spell…it must have been Hijiri. Now they’ve got to find a different way to get back to the school.

We go back to Lugh and she’s casually walking through the school, looking for Levy.

Then Levy goes all ninja on her, spinning and going for her neck but Lugh blocks the last second.


She may be evil but she is a badass!

But Levy’s got her number now!

Levy throws a few kunai at Lugh but the real kicker is that she set up a wire web so Lugh can’t move unless she wants to get cut up by the wires.

Oh they use the same archive! Well what’s the odds that she can break out?


Shonen anime you never fail to deliver on the power ups.

She stole that from Byakuya from Bleach. His introduction scene was that! It doesn’t take away from the awesome though.

So as Levy falls, all the students watch and Yui screams out for her first friend.


You can’t go! What about the dream? If you leave then all the other students are in danger!

That’s really sweet. Liese would be so proud of you.

Taking bets! How long do you think she’ll last against Lugh! My money’s about 5 minutes max!

So Serina jumps out of the dream and lands right at Lugh’s feet.

Not bad…but…


Well she had her run. It was very heroic and dramatic but now Lugh is coming after our cute blond newshound!

Lugh blows Serina and Levy away and plans to face down the Headmaster.

Ummm no! Now there’s three members of the Trinity Seven on campus!

Liese is back!!!!!

She then explains that Serina used her magic along with the fact that the place Lugh blew up was right above the nurse’s office where Liese was defeated. That allowed for the twins to switch places temporarily. Liese’s mind and power is now inside Serina’s body while Serina’s trapped inside the hyperspace.

So now it’s Lugh vs. Liese!

Lugh may be as fast as light but when you can manipulate time you’ve got the win in the speed fight.

However Lugh breaks out by getting rid of one of her Trinity weapons and without wasting a second, she gets back on the offensive.

This is definitely why I started watching Trinity Seven…I wish I didn’t have it on the Side List when this season first started…

Anyway turns out while Lugh and Liese were mixing it up, Levy was getting her wits about her.

Now things are getting good on the Trinity Seven side! Lugh can’t take on two of them at once.


Damn she’s back.

Once she makes her appearance, Hijiri questions Liese about why she decided to rejoin the good mages side. She explains that it’s because she’s evil can betray the other evil mages. But the real reason is because her friends and Arata want her back.

Do you really think that you can kill them all so easily? Also Yui shows up to get into the battle too!

This is just one of those funny moments of this episode.

One of those dark portals that Hijiri came out of opens over Lugh’s head and cue the rest of the Trinity Seven and Arata coming out and landing right on Lugh.

Also Arata gets a hand full on Lugh.


And now the final battle really begins!


With that the episode ends.

Now everytime there’s a battle Levy just epically shines. She’s so badass!

I really can’t wait until next week. It’s 8 on 1 for Hijiri. Let’s see how well she does.

Until next week,
Later Days

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Let’s Look:Trinity Seven Episode 10: Arata’s Demon Lord Form and Countdown to the Final Battle!

Inner Writer:Damn it, Deven! Wake up! There’s a review that needs to be done.

Deven twitches on the ground from the sheer awesomeness

Inner Writer: Get up!

Sorry but just so much awesome was put in this episode. It’s just like…the fight against Death Gun in SAO II. You just feel the awesomeness in the air of this episode.

Okay I’ve gotten some of the hype out of my system.

So we open with Arata completing his transformation into Astral Trinity. So he’s evil and all that stuff so what’s he going to do first? Evil’s got to start off strong!

Hmm firm start in my opinion. Even evil, he knows how things are supposed to be!

Then his power breaks out Sora from her cube.

Then Astral just casually walks to the middle of the floor and the world literally starts breaking down. You classic Dragonball Z power up style. All the ground starts floating in the air and stuff.

Sora then explains that Astral is taking control of the world away from Illia by using a freaking Breakdown Pheanonmeon.

So as the world is falling apart I can’t help but notice that Illia’s got some nice boobs in her human form. Way more than the flat chested Sora. Not knocking her in any way.

Mira then notices that her powers have returned. Now to save Arata before literally blows up the world, Mira and Sora rush him!




And knocked out in the first round. Thanks for playing girls.

So after that Astral comes over to Mira and tries to put the moves on her but she slaps him.


Ouch looks like it hurts.

And with that Sora takes the opening to put Astral back to sleep.

Once Arata wakes up he remembers everything that happened and thanks Mira for the wake up call.

I just got to say that Yoshitisugu Matsuoka does evil so very well. I was hoping for a full out evil laugh but there’s always later…or even season 2!

Anyway Sora says that the only way out is to defeat Illia.

But hey it isn’t Arata’s style to hurt friends so he just asks Illia just to let them all out. He also promises to thank her for all things she did while she pretended to be Hijiri.

However Illia says that she lost control over the world when Arata went all Demon Lord on everyone.

So despite the fact that they all might be trapped in this world forever they still make a few jokes.

So the only way to get out is to blow up the black sun that Arata made while he was all Demon Lord like.

And with that the barrier is broken and the group ends up back in the real world.


Oh they’re right on time.

But Arata’s exhausted to the limit so he collaspes…


Best way to pass out. Too bad he can’t enjoy it.

So with Arata nearly out of magic they’ve got to get out of there and to a safe place.

However Akio notices that Mira started calling Arata by his name.

Aww she’s officially a part of the harem now!

With that they leave but not before Lilith gets the feeling that they were being watched…what could ever give you that idea?


Maybe that’s it…nah

So after that we move to a different time where our group is resting in some type of hotel room.

Arata’s totally out of it and Mira talks about the dangers of Arata while he was in Demon Lord mode.


Wow! That was quick.

But relax. Akio’s just kidding. She likes him herself and besides she knows that Lilith and Mira as well as all the other members of the Trinity Seven care about Arata in their own ways.

Moving on they start to speculate on who could have destroyed Liber Academy and only the group that Hijiri belongs to makes sense.

And it only makes sense to see that Hijiri, being a powerful mage, and Arata knowing her can’t be a coincidence.

Things are only getting more complicated.

So the next scene, Arata starts to wake up calling out for Hijiri.


Cool! He calls for it and it comes! Call out for some cute girls Arata! They’ll come because you asked!

Anyway Arata apologizes for being unable to save her on that day and promises to save her no matter what even if they are enemies.

It looks really cute and nice and it has that very shonen ‘I’m going to save you no matter what’ feel to it.


Do you know what Hijiri says even though they’re enemies now?


See Ayaka Suwa may have been on the bench for nearly 10 episodes(9 if you count Episode 9 as a Hijiri appearance but it wasn’t really her but then again Ayaka Suwa was still doing the voice so it’s kind of a moot point) but she can pull off an awesome moment.

Nothing can ruin this beautiful moment.


Well…that was completely unexpected…

Good thing that unexpected is the standard for the day in this episode!


Lilith arrives to save Arata’s butt, just in the nick of time.

Although we do get this.


See that’s why I like this anime. Even though we’re in a battle it’s still got the time to give us the fanservice! Simply beautiful.

So back to Hijiri, she lists off all Lilith’s achievements and basically says that she’s got a Demon Lord Element like Liese. And it’s even more powerful that Magus Mode.

Apparently they like having some of this stuff look like a borderline orgasm or maybe I’m just perverted….nah it’s definitely them!

Well it’s been nice living. She’s running two different Thema and each one is a top tier one on top of having her own version of Arin’s Chaostic Ruin.

In short, she’s the strongest character in the room right now!

So Lilith drops her gun and runs to protect him no matter what. Sweet right?


Now I know I’m not the most deep guy but it just looks like she stuck her boobs in his face.

So now it’s time for Hijiri to fire off her attack.


Well they’re toast but not really.


Arin! Arriving just in time to be too badass! This just solidifies that Aya Uchida is having a great year! Second Season of Love Live came out, her first CD came out, a great role as Arin in Trinity Seven. Things are good in Aya World!

And she ain’t just coming alone.

See she brought company. Big, long, and sharp company!


Thief! I guess while she was jumping through space and time to save Arata and Lilith she must have stopped off in the Fate Stay Night universe and stole that spear from Lancer!


All right! Now it’s four on one!

Side Note: Girls there’s a door. You can use that too!


Completely true. She’s an official harem member now.

So Hijiri seeing that Arin’s here, they must be having an even worse time at the school. So Hijiri leaves to go and attack the school.

They’re after the school! But only Yui and Levy are there!

So now it’s time to head out! They’ve got to save the school!

And with that the episode ends with this person looking down at the school.


Now that’s a good end! I knew this was going to be a good anime! Harem of the year! Perfect combination of action, fanservice, and drama!

But the best part of it is yet to come in the next episode. Liese might be returning!

The hype is real!

I can’t wait until the next episode but until then,
Later Days

Here’s a Bonus Pic for you! I decided to start this up!

Bonus Picture


You can check out the artist here!

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Let’s Look: Trinity Seven Episode 9: Superbia Tsundere!

Aww Mira so cute! That ending though

So we continue from where we left last week.

Hijiri, or the person that just looks like Hijiri, leaves after being all mysterious as she leaves.

So if she’s not Hijiri who is she?

Sora’s nice enough of to explain.

Ilya? Well don’t I have egg on my face. Two Illya’s this season.

So facing the idea that missing Hijiri’s Grimoire is at a school that should be destroyed means that something must be up.

So Mira heads in and Arata and Sora follow behind but she snarks that Arata should go find his girlfriend.

Sora immediately says that she must be jealous but she says she isn’t but of course she is.

After the opening they start walking around the school where Sora explains that despite the school being destroyed in the report they’re actually in a world created by Illya.

Hmm doesn’t this remind you of the first episode.

Anyway the scene shifts to them in the school walking around looking for Akio and Lilith but they find no one.

Well they find someone but they ain’t friendly.


Hmm looks like it’s time to fight!

Go Mira!

Too badass! Yoko Hikasa is awesome!

Arata, you hero! But it’s not the time bro!

Turns out it isn’t him. Sora explains that the place might be charmed to seal Magus Mode.

So my man Arata strips his blazer off and gives it to Mira to cover herself while Sora says she’ll take the ghosts.


Sure! What do you want?! Crepes? Ice Cream? Frozen Yogurt?

She seems like a desserts lover girl.

So after Sora takes down the ghosts, Illya comes in and starts a fight with Sora.

Taking bets! I’ve got my money on Sora.

We shift over to Arata and naked Mira. They try to get out through the front door but it’s locked.

Then they move over to a classroom to regroup. Arata hands over his shirt to Mira so she can better preserve her modesty.

Aww man. But I respect that at least Arata understands this is not the time to fully indulge his perversions.

However she’s wearing nothing more than a man’s shirt which is cute in it’s own way.

While they rest up Mira and Arata speculate on how they are trapped. Mira comes up with the idea that they’re in a barrier.

Mira explains the two types of barriers, the five point barriers and the central ones. So since it’s easier to look around at the top tower than it is looking around five random spots around the school, Arata decides to check out the tower while Mira rests up.

But she ain’t having that! She’s coming along too!

I knew I liked her a lot!

Arata takes her hand and runs out to find the barrier.

Now we switch over to Sora vs. Illia.


She’s so cute when she’s being all badass.

So after a quick conversation about the students being the monsters, Sora stops holding back and attacking all out.

And by all out I mean she destroys everything in the hall and blows out the windows.

Strong master even stronger grimoire…I’m not remotely shocked.

That’s what you get for using super big attacks, Sora-chan! You end up wide open afterwards.

And Illia-chan picks up the cube all cutely but then smiles evilly at the tower.


Does this look like the face of mercy? Quite cute but no visible mercy.

So we move to Arata and Mira about to go up the tower but with Mira just wearing a shirt, her going up the ladder will be just a beautiful sight for Arata…wait her panties got destroyed too. He’s going to get way more that just a panty shot.

Then Arata acts all honorable and tries to go up first but Mira brings up the possibilities of traps so he can’t go up first.

That leads Arata carrying Mira on his back. Aww it looks so cute and it makes Mira blush. I think someone’s opinion of the MC is changing.


So as they go up the ladder, Arata asks why she became the leader of the Security Commitee. Mira explains in a flashback how she was alone and unable to connect with people before Akio reached out to her and was there for her.

And since Akio was a member of the Security Commitee she joined too.

And that influenced her Thema. Mira is not the type of person that would seek out being for lack of a better word the cop or the dealer out of justice. It isn’t her. She’s actually a shy, awkward and quiet girl at the center of her nature. However she knows that the things she does, protecting people and destroying impure things, are something worth doing and that’s why chose Justice as her Thema.

So after her story she gets all embarrassed about telling her story.


And after a little banter they continue up the ladder to the top of the tower.

It looks all clear from the top but there’s something extra there.


Oh so this is clearly a trap…


Yep this is a trap. I can see right here.

So Illia calls out to Arata and says that she’s not going to hurt him but Mira’s in the way of them being together.

Also on the side, Sora starts up some mental communication with Arata. She tells him that the cube she’s stuck is the focal point of the barrier, if he destorys it then they’ll be all good.

So Arata says that he’ll stay with Illia in exchange she’ll have to let Mira go.

Nice of you Arata.

Illia accepts.


Looks like she copied that pose from a romance movie but it’s so damn cute! Loving Mira’s Dere side.

Now that’s noble. Truly the harem of the year.

After Arata asks about what will happen to Sora if she stays in the cube, Illia betrays him.

Deep down we should have expected this.

Then Illia goes that subtle type of crazy. Not that Yandere crazy like Kurumi Tokisaki or Yuno Gasai where it’s kinda cute. It’s the type of crazy where it’s only crazy in context.

See crazy grimiore.

So now Illia gets serious, she starts sucking out Sora’s magic and the ghosts are about to start eating Mira.

And with our poor hero tied down by Illia’s vines all he can do is watch…

And with that the darkness takes over Arata and all that’s left is Astral Trinity!


And that’s the end of this episode. I’m beginning to think that Trinity Seven is the harem of the year! It’s got good action, classic harem antics, drama. What more could you ask for!

Now things are getting serious in Episode 10, I can’t wait to see what happens with Astral Trinity next week.

Until next week,
Later Days

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Let’s Look: Trinity Seven Episode 8: Trinity Seven’s Getting Back To The Roots of All Harem Anime!

Even the greatest harem protagonists, the ones that dodge all the classic pitfalls, have to fall for a few of them occasionally. Without it, it’s not a true harem show. Also the background music here is awesome!

So we start the episode off with Arata studying with Selina, Levy, and Yui and Lilith is all confused. After Arata doesn’t work hard?

So what happened to Arata?


That works…let’s leave that one as possible for later….like two hundred years in the future later. or could it be possible now? They are in a magical world.

So after the opening, we have Arata, Lilith, and Sora in the same room and Arata’s explaining that he wants to save Liese as soon as possible. That’s why he’s putting his nose down in the books.

We all know he wants to save her so he can get those hands on her massive boobs. Shoot. I’d be studying day and night to do that.

Sora says that he’s really close to mastering Logos Art too but Lilith tells him again that there is a risk with learning too much to fast. He could run the risk of becoming a monster, one far more powerful than the Code D Dragon that they fought to save Yui.

Sora keeps telling him that but he doesn’t care. He’s going to save Liese no matter what!


I know he’s a good guy and all but I swear a lot of Arata’s actions are driven by Hijiri. Poor Ayaka Suwa, still no lines and we’re on the eighth episode.

Anyway Lilith starts to say something but then she and Arata are called to the Headmaster’s office.

Once they reach Arata just goes in and bumps into Mira. But we have to remember this is a harem comedy so it’s not going to be any normal bump.

Hmm something’s different.


That’s it! Count on my man Arata to notice the little things.

So Mira sends Arata flying through the roof. Ah a classic harem gag.

So after Arata returns, the Headmaster makes Arata the Security Committee’s Second in Command and he plans to send Arata, Mira, Akio, and Lilith to check out some strange happenings at Royal Liber Academy. Turns out they were completely wiped out while our heroes were fighting against Liese.

They leave in two days and now Lilith needs to get Arata up to scratch.

So it’s time for some dedicated tutoring from Lilith!


Is it too late for me to join the class?

But the private lessons gets broken up by…Levy, Selina, Yui, and Arin. Lilith gets all flustered and makes snarky comments as everyone enters and that gets everyone laughing so they start calling her the ‘Comeback Alchemist’

So Arata asks a big question…

Hmm good question.

Can you make up your minds! Last episode you said it was Final Technica but now it’s Last Crest! Make up your minds!

Anyway then they go through a little slideshow of all the girls and their archives. I’m willing to show you that too!

So after that Arata’s got to wonder. What’s Lilith’s archive? Well if you’re keeping track at home we’ve got:

Levy: Invidia(Envy)
Yui: Avaritia(Greed)
Arin: Ira(Wrath)
Akio: Gula(Gluttony)
Mira: Superbia(Pride)

Hmmm now if my intensive training into the Latin language isn’t wrong, which it isn’t because Latin is too awesome to not have in the book you’re writing, the only one left is Luxuria or Lust and there’s only one member of the Trinity Seven left!

So it gets down to forcing it out of Lilith, you can just see the comedy in her face.

Hahahaha best harem this year!

Snapshot_28 Snapshot_29

Disagree! That’s all she should be doing!

And Sora agrees with me.

Yay! Is there room for one more! Arata’s happy but Lilith’s had enough and by enough I mean this.


Wow that’s a big gun. Lucky it isn’t pointed at me!

So anyway Arata goes on a thing about how a person’s Thema and Archive is the furthest thing away from them. So using the Luxuria Archive actually works well for Lilith since she’s actually a prude.

So with that Lilith and Arata begin their lessons! All right!

So they have a quick little montage of their lessons, and afterwards Lilith falls asleep and Arata puts a cover on her.

Then Arata crashes in bed but Sora gets on top of him. They banter a bit about how he likes that she’s a girl now because she’s all warm and soft now.

Then as if someone planned it that way, Mira and Akio come in and see Sora on top of Arata.

See this is why you wait until late at night before you do anything ecchi. You don’t want anyone to walk in on you.

So turns out that Mira and Akio came over to check if Arata was really studying. Well that’s why Mira came. Akio came because Mira didn’t want to go over to a boy’s room alone during the middle of the night. What would everyone think?

After that Mira and Akio explain the situation about Royal Liber Academy. They are a school on the level with their own and its their mission to figure out how and why it was destroyed.

But you know what’s the coolest part! They’ll be teleported there! Turns out there’s a whole system of teleports to places all around the world.

What do you think brother Arata?


Once again the truth is said by Brother Arata and king!

But little Sora gets serious.

Indeed. The truth is also spoken by Brother Arata’s grimoire!

So Akio starts to talk about Mira’s showing off some boobs but Mira gets all flustered. Then a roach comes crawls out and Mira gets surprised and it pretty much ends like this.


Then you know how Lilith’s going to go!


She’s firing her laser! That’s for you guys that like DragonBall Z the Abridged Series.

Anyway we flash to the next day and it’s Arata and Lilith finishing up their studies. For a job well done, Lilith takes him and the other members of the Trinity Seven…well except Mira and Akio to a hot spring that’s apparently near by.

Tragically at least on Arata’s side everyone’s wearing a swimsuit…sad…


So Lilith takes Arata down the river to see this awesome sight of the city below them.


It’s beautiful.

It looks really date-like here! Arata’s blushing. Lilith’s hot.

They even start splashing each other in the water. So cute but then Sora throws a leaf at Lilith’s bikini, cutting it off. And we know how this is going.


So the next day everyone’s ready to go on the mission but someone interferes with the transport and Arata, Sora, and Mira get separated from Lilith and Akio.

And someone appears…behind them only to leave in a second.



Looks like Ayaka Suwa might getting some good lines now!

And with that the episode ends.

The ending’s changed again but it’s only for this episode then it will go back to Restart the World. The ending is Heaven and Trinity Seven by Mira and Akio.

It’s a pretty good song in my opinion. I can’t wait until Restart the World and this one come out on December 19th.

So that’s all I’ve got for you. Looks like Trinity Seven is well on it’s way to being one of the top harems of the year.Hmm maybe I should do a post on that. I’ll be pondering that. The top two would defintely be between Trinity Seven and Date A Live 2 though.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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Trinity Seven Episodes 6 & 7 Mini Reviews

Dishonorable of me, a Double Mini Review. But it’s the only thing I can do being sick this week.

I call Trinity Seven Episode 6 Review, Lieselotte Rocks!

So we continue from last episode where Liese has been revealed to be a Demon Lord Candidate.

Lilith tells her that it’s wrong for her to become a Demon Lord Candidate this way. You’re supposed to do with training and study…boring. Looks like Liese agrees. She can’t be bothered with boring crap like that.

Arata agrees with her shortcut ideology but he doesn’t like that she stole her sister’s magic for her own evil deeds.

Arata prepares to fight Liese but she just chills on a rock and looks through her tablet Grimoire. She checks out Arata’s stats.

So Liese asks Arata to join the evil mages’ side and if he does, she help him find Hijiri…wow it’s been a long time since we seen or mentioned Hijiri. Ayaka Suwa must be mad. She thought she got a major part in this anime but we’re on episode 6 and she was only in one episode. I bet she’s feeling gipped.

Anyway at that point Arata’s brains just goes into ‘Find Younger Cousin’ Mode. He lets Liese get too close and she lays a big wet kiss on him.

Now normally I’d be vague to what happened afterwards but I’m sick as I write this. So I don’t have time to be all creative and coy with my wordplay.

After Liese kisses Arata and steals his magic, she has a freaking orgasm. I might get in trouble for being so obvious but come on! Last week when this episode aired, everyone on Twitter was saying the same thing. That’s my reasoning and I’m sticking to it!

After that Arata’s down for the count and Liese uses Arata’s magic to strip everyone except Mira and Levy.

It turns into a battle of Levy vs. Liese while Mira uses Scan to understand Liese’s magic. This shows us just how badass Levy is!

She holds her own against Liese until Mira finishes with her Scan and lets loose a massive White Universe Spell.

It’s a flash of light. Liese looks like she’s about to crap herself and then all we see is Mira standing in a crater.

Looks like Liese is dead right? Wrong!

But it looks like she’s losing control of the power that she stole from Arata so she retreats for the moment but she’ll be back.

So after that Selina’s put up in the hospital wing with Yui, Levy, Arin, and Lilith protecting her while Arata trains with Akio and Mira to master his magic before Liese comes back.

But of course this isn’t any normal Shonen anime. She’ll be back in within the episode! Now the battle against Liese begins next episode.

But before the episode ends, Liese gets into a fight with the Headmaster.


So I’ll be calling the seventh review of Trinity Seven, How To Save A Fallen Angel 2:Magic Girls Version!

I like this little title because it references my Date A Live 2 Episode 10 Review where Tohka and Miku were saved by Shido and now something similar going to happen here with Liese.

Anyway we continue from the last episode with Lieselotte vs. the headmaster.

The Headmaster’s insanely strong. So how’s Liese going to win? Simple. Show off those nice boobs and hit him when he’s open.

And she walks away like a Little Miss Badass.

After the opening we see that Arata’s finally figured out how to copy Akio’s Mantra Enchant.But since it isn’t a magic that changes the Grimoire into a weapon so the Astil Codex changes into a little girl by the name of Sora.

Aww she’s so cute! It’s good to see Rie Kugimiya getting back to voicing flat chested snarkers. She’s getting back to her roots! I’ll always love her as Happy from Fairy Tail though.

So we go to the infirmary where Liese just busts right through all happy and what not but she gets caught by a trap that Levy set up…when is anyone’s guess. Why? Because she’s a ninja!

Anyway she cuts herself down and then goes over to talk with Selina. You really get to see that Liese legitimately cares about her sister right here which makes the reason why she went after Selina during the battle in the Eternal Library more obvious.

The reason that Liese went after Selina in the Eternal Library is so no one would think that Selina had turned traitor too. Because it’s natural for people to think that family members are working together when one goes bad. By sucking her sister’s magic out, she wanted to make sure that everyone knew that her sister wasn’t a traitor. I give her a C+ on the Caring Big Sister Scale. Not bad but not good either.

Anyway after Selina makes a bet with Liese, if Arata manages to beat her she’ll return to the school, Liese agrees and goes on the attack against Lilith, Levy, Yui, and Arin.

However she blindsided by some type of spectral dragon thing. Turns out it’s Arata’s Mantra Enchant and by that dragon biting Liese’s magic, he’s gotten back the magic that she stole from him last episode.

So now the battle between Liese and Arata begins. Liese has the advantage with speed but with Sora by his side predicting Liese’s moves, it’s about a stalemate.

So with the fight going nowhere Liese goes all out and uses her trump card, the Lost Technica of the Acedia Archive.

In fact to become a member of the Trinity Seven, one must master this technique but it’s dangerous. They’re all life risking techniques just like the one Liese is about to do.

So Liese uses Baal Peor to freeze time and goes on the attack against Arata and Sora but it doesn’t work. Arata puts a Mantra mark on his tongue when Liese goes to kiss him to steal his magic again. So that let’s Arata absorb her Demon Lord Element and bring her back down to normal.

After the battle Arata tells her how all the other members of the Trinity Seven feel about Liese. They want her back and they don’t care about things she’s done.

That’s nice and all but now because she’s used Baal Peor, Liese is trapped in a state of hyper speed for all time. With the last amount of her magic, she sends Arata and Sora back to normal time. Arata promises no matter what he’ll save her from Baal Peor.

Once they get back, Arata and Selina swear they’ll get to work on a way to save Liese.

The episode ends with the Headmaster saying that another magic school has just been wiped out and they might be coming around for them next.

So here’s my scores. Too Awesome! The Lieselotte Sherlock Arc was awesome! Liese was so cute and the fact that she wasn’t just all talk made it even better. I give both episodes a 10 out of 10!

Oh also the ending has changed again from SHaVaDaVa in Amazing by Levy and Yui to ReSTART the World by Lieselotte and Selina. I’m definitely liking this one way better than Levy and Yui’s ending theme.

So it looks the next episode is Arata studying with Lilith….Oooh I can’t wait and we see a little bit of Lilith in her swimsuit.

Until next week,
Later Days!

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Let’s Look: Trinity Seven Episode 5: That First Scene and Evil Chitoge Kirisaki/Yuhiko Kousaka!

Continue reading “Let’s Look: Trinity Seven Episode 5: That First Scene and Evil Chitoge Kirisaki/Yuhiko Kousaka!”

Let’s Look: Trinity Seven Episode 4: Battle Against a Dragon and Bunny Panties!

So now we’ve got the sixth member of the Trinity Seven and now we’ve got a battle against a dragon! And Arata finally figures out his powers

So after the opening we get Arata and Lilith walking through the hallways of the school…looks like everything’s finally fixed.

As they walk they talk about Arata’s ability to copy magics.


Noooo! Not that! Did he not listen to my rant about competitive balance in a story? The main character can’t be too overpowered or there’s no story. Look at Superman. Most boring hero ever. Batman on the other hand…

So once they get to class they find that everyone’s asleep.

Maybe they hit that snooze button just one too many times…


Hmmm…could be. You saw that lecture she gave in the second episode. Boring!

So Levy comes down from the ceiling and takes a look at everyone and says that it’s something else.

Ah that makes sense. So what’s the plan?



I’m shocked but I completely agree! Quick get me my shaving cream and black marker!


See Brother Arata will lead the charge!

Then we get a quick pic of the school, the sound of something getting whacked and we see this.


I don’t need to be a genius to see what happen. Lilith unleased Harem Nanny Hell on their faces.

So Mira’s tired of all the playing around so she and Akio head down to deal with the Breakdown Phenomenon.

What? You don’t want to work together? Loner. Don’t worry you’ll love being a part of the harem soon.

So after they leave the Headmaster explains properly that Yui Kurata, the hot girl that looks like Mirajane from Fairy Tail, is causing this effect because she’s close to waking up. If she isn’t put back to sleep even the members of the Trinity Seven and Arata will fall asleep and soon the world! MWhahahaha!


I’m starting to think I do the evil laugh thing too much…nah you guys love it.

So we head down to the dungeon and Lilith explains the reason that Yui’s powers went out of control was because of the Breakdown Phenenemenon that Arata caused earlier.

Smooth move bro.

Also when they went to the beach, did they take Yui with them or just leave her in the basement?

So Lilith assures him that they can still save Yui if they make it to Yui before Mira and Akio. Because if Mira and Akio make it first they’ll kill her.

Everyone switches into Magus Mode and then they find these things.


Hmmm pretty weird looking ghosts.

Okay Arata time to bust out some magic…but the Codex doesn’t have any idea how to make the gun he copied off Lilith. Thank goodness he isn’t alone. He’d be dead otherwise.

So leave it to the cute haremettes to save the day.

Arata tries again and gets a toy gun…you’re playing twisted games Codex. Of course it doesn’t fire anything so Arata throws it to the ground.


Sexy but now their Magus Mode is deactived. Now you’re all going to die. Well it’s been nice.

Too badass!

So they get started at a run down to get to Yui and Lilith explains that Levy is one of the top five mages in fighting.

Once they get into some dark corridor some little things slip themselves into Lilith’s clothes…oh and they get into Arata’s too but we care more about Lilith.

So with the power of her Ruina, Arin uses her Chaostic Rune to destroy them.


Why does that word seem familiar? Oh it’s a computer term! Macro is a type of program where you can rig it to a repetitive task for you.

Then Arin explains how a Macro works.

So it’s like Shortcutting to the pouch in any type of RPG. Useful.

So after that they finally get down to the final floor but there’s one more thing they’ve got to deal with before they get to Yui.


Damn it! Wait…they left before Arata and them how did they just get here?

That’s one way to get down to the basement…the other is the freaking stairs woman!

So when Arata asks if they’re going to kill Yui, Mira says that she’s causing the Breakdown Phenamenon so she has to be stopped.

She also throws down a challenge!

And who picks it up? No other than Levy!

Who starts a fight with Akio!

Things are about to get interesting. Two members of the Trinity Seven going at it!

Of course this is a action harem romantic comedy. We’ve had the action now to have the romantic comedy harem part.

Bunny panties?


So after taking advantage of Mira’s embarassment they run down to Yui’s room where we see this.

Wait a second… she doesn’t look Mirajane now!


Hmm that explains that any thoughts Arata?


I always go to Arata for the truth on any subject. I’m guessing a loli like face with big boobs got some really use with Mikuru Asahina from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Anyway once the dragon opens its eyes Arata drops down on his knees and his Breakdown Pheamenon begins. Remember his Breakdown Phenamenon caused Yui’s so it’s logical for the two to be connected.

So then Arin and Lilith try to go at ahead with the dragon but they don’t do anything. Then Akio and Mira come through all casual. Wait…if they’re here that means…they killed Levy!


Oh she’s fine. I thought she was dead for a moment.

So Mira and Akio agree to a truce because the dragon’s just too tough for them to beat on their own so teaming up is best.

So Lilith, Akio, and Mira take the charge while Levy gets Arata away from the action so he can recover from the Breakdown Phenanemenon.

She explains that he’s time for him to learn how to use his magic and battles like are likely to happen if he ever wants to save Hijiri(Ayaka Suwa is getting like no time in his anime. Rie Kugimiya is the voice of the Codex so she doesn’t even do that. Sad…).

Arata agrees with her and Levy says that it’s also the best way to save Yui. Arata says that they must be good friends.

Levy explains that she never expects anything of people and Yui can’t have real friends because of her power needing to keep her asleep. However despite that they do care about each other.

I know it sounds sad that Levy doesn’t expect anything of others but she doesn’t see anything.


She goes into things with no expectations so she’s always surprised. Life is a great adventure for her. She takes a negative and makes it positive. That’s the mark of a good person.

After their little talk the dragon turns on Levy and Arata and Levy jumps into the battle, asking Lilith to give Arata the basics about how to use magic.

Lilith and the Codex explain that magic is a give and take either with magical energy or psyche as the cost. If the cost is too high, then you’ll end up just like those ghost things.

And it’s worst for Arata because of the fact that he’s a Demon Lord Candidate.

What’s your thoughts on it Arata?


I knew I’d love this guy. Just like the action parts of Sora no Otoshimono!

So Levy takes his hand and tells him to imagine the Codex becoming a gun and tells him to focus all his energy on that. And you know what’s she does to finish it.


I think Levy just jumped to the lead of the pack! Go Levy!

And it works!

And he takes out the dragon in one shot and saves Yui!

So how does Yui show her gratitude?


She hugs him naked and the episode ends with Levy saying that Arata has surpassed her all expectations.

Now I’m sad. The ending changed.

The first three episodes ending was, as you know, Beatiful Sentence by Yumi Hara(Lilith Asami) and Aya Uchida(Arin Kannazuki). However the new ending is SHaVaDaVa in AMAZING by Ayane Sakura(Levy Kazama) and Rie Murakawa(Yui Kurata).

The ending is going to change two more times and I think they’re going to be good ones.

Also because of a fansubber that said something to me on Twitter. I feel the need to get my anime a different way. So starting now, I’ll be posting my reviews with pics from the stream then later I’ll update them with pics from a fansubber I trust.

So here’s some good pics of the girls from that great sub that I got!

So that’s all we have for this review. I really liked this episode we’ve got here and I can’t wait for the next episode. It looks like the seventh and finale member of the Trinity Seven appears and you’ll never guess who’s voicing her. Or maybe you will. Regardless I’ll have a whole bunch of jokes about it in the next review.

So until the next review,
Later Days

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