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Score Match for the Maki Card! Everyone vs. Everyone!

Hey it’s Deven here and I’m bringing the news on Love Live School Idol Festival. Now I’m writing this post on Sunday, October 5th and the event begins on October 6th.

So the devs on Bushiroad decided to try out something new. It’s called Score Match. It’s fairly simple but it’s not the usual style for events so I’m here to explain it.

First you choose a difficulty after you choose Score Match. Then you’ll be automatically matched with three other players and a random live will be given for the four of you to compete in.

At the end of the Live, you will be ranked according to your score and given Event points based on the difficulty of the Live, your level, and the rank you got in the song.

So for example, Nick Corps, myself, and Justininthief get matched to play Snow Halation Hard Level. I get first, Justin gets second, and Nick gets third. So the points would be distributed with me getting the highest and Justin and Nick the second and third highest respectively.

So basically you have to not only get the required points to get the Event Card you have to face down with everyone that’s got the game so it’s going to be even harder. Some of you might not want to try this event but I love the challenge! I’ll be getting a good card now that I’ve got a good team and have mastered the game. I can get full combos on Normal and even Hard songs now!.

Anyway this is the prize that we’ll be fighting for!


This is what’s going to be the new Center on my Smile team after this!

So let’s make the hype last for the first Score Match for the English version. If you face me down(My name is DevenLuca and I’m level 24 as of this writing),I’ll show no mercy.

Also one more thing, during this event it’s possible to get more than two Maki cards. The baseline for getting the first card(according the Japanese event that happened this time last year) is 25,000 points. However if you can get into the top 6000, you get another card to idolize it. And you get another card past that if you get into the top 1200.

Wow that’s going to be hard but I’ll shoot for at least 6000!

So until the end of the Event…hmm if Nick would let me I might do a recap of my progress through the event on the blog. He doesn’t have much Love Live news and stuff like this on the blog and it would be really good to see something like this every event.

Anyway until later,
Later Days

Happy Birthday to Love Live’s Nico Yazawa!


Today’s July 22nd. Today’s a good day! Why? Because it’s the birthday of the seventh member of Muse’s member Nico Yazawa!

Nico isn’t my favorite girl but she is one of the top ones in my opinion. Especially with her Nico Nico Ni!!!

Now originally in Season 1, Nico’s well…bitchy to say the least. She does care about all her friends in Muse but you can’t deny she’s a bit mean.

Now your viewpoint on her would change in season 2 episode 4 which had Nico take center stage. We find about her home life and the fact that she’s the be all and end all to her little siblings.

Season 2 is really good, mostly because it’s built on everything we had gotten in season 1. The character episodes( the ones about Nico, Rin, and Nozomi) really bring out the characters and make them shine as people. While I would have loved to have a Hanayo episode(since her mother is an ex-idol herself that could have brought out something. Who knows?)

Also Sora Takui, Nico’s seiyuu, voices her entire family including her mother who is insanely hot!


So I’ll follow my friend Nick Corps’s example  once again and celebrate the day by posting a lot of Nico pics. Why? Solely because Nico’s cuteness should be shared with the world!

Let’s go!

127285 10193507a 42064422_m 43769968_m 43936102_m 44070084_m 44279730_m 44562233_m photo Yazawa_Niko_full_462056 Yazawa_Niko_full_1394575 YN-1 YN-6 YN-9 YN-10

42898770_m 43198489_m 44468796_m 44569018_m 44853606_m 44860562_m

And that’s it. Happy Birthday Nico-chan! Make sure to check out my full season review of Love Live School Idol Project.

And shout out to all the Nico Yazawa fans out there! I think you’ll be seeing one of these again next month and it’s going to be for those that love some Japanese candy!

Also another shout-out to my man, Nick Corps who got me into Love Live!

You can ask me as many questions as you want on and you can follow me on Twitter to know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll also be update on what’s happening.

Happy Birthday to My Love Live girl, Nozomi Toujou!



Today’s June 9th. Today’s the best day ever! Why? Because it’s the birthday of the eighth member of Muse’s member Nozomi Toujou!

Nozomi is my absolute favorite character in Love Live School Idol Project, although if you get follow me on Twitter then you can see.

So I’ll follow my friend Nick Corps’s example and celebrate the day by posting a lot of Nozomi pics. Why? Solely because she’s so cute and kinda sexy with the best body out of all the girls. I can’t be a true lover of Love Live if I don’t have a post of my favorite girl.

Let’s have some pics!

I Love some Eri x Nozomi. So cute.
Happy Birthday never looked so cute
This came off of the Love Live School Idol Festival app. Go buy and you can spend time with all the Love Live girls as much as you want.
2014-05-29-652191 (1)
Nozomi’s clothes definitely inspire a lot of my drawings. She’s got good style.
Nozomi and Eri make a way cuter yuri couple than Umi x Eri. Just saying.

Toujou.Nozomi.240.1724982 Toujou.Nozomi.full.1721361 tumblr_mo4usqVC8F1s4qvrdo1_500 tumblr_mvsu1nmVcq1s4qvrdo1_1280 tumblr_mxyvkxzFFB1s4qvrdo1_500 tumblr_mz70ys1vTl1rqif2eo1_1280 tumblr_n6p2sxMDZA1tt3joio3_400 2gX6g1c 2014-04-28-646238 2014-06-01-652737 BpnjR1XCAAIHsGb image (1) image (2) image (3)

And that’s it. Happy Birthday Nozomi-chan! Make sure to check out my full season review of Love Live and check out the new episodes of Love Live Season 2.

And shout out to all the Nozomi Toujou fans out there. I think you’ll be seeing one of these again in July. Not my favorite girl but she’s cute when she smiles. Nico Nico Ni!

Also another shout-out to my man, Nick Corps who got me into Love Live and reminded me that Nozomi’s birthday was today!

You can ask me as many questions as you want on and you can follow me on Twitter to know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll also be update on what’s happening.

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