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School Days First Week

I had to make this joke! Granted I haven’t any prospects or none of the girls I have talked tried to kill me yet.

Anyway…I’m here taking a leaf out of my good friend Nick SkyCorps’ book. I’m going to be blogging about my school experiences.

Why? Mostly because I can and I feel that at least saying something makes it better. And besides you can laugh at my pain.

It’s going to be a monthly series since unlike Nick, I go to school everyday instead of once a week. However this first one is just going to be about the first week.

So Monday…

Monday wasn’t very hard but in a way it was. See I did all my admissions work right before Christmas Break. So when I applied for my financial aid, it didn’t come until after Christmas so I couldn’t register for any of my classes until the first day of classes. Darn them.


Anyway so the morning of the 12th, I woke up, got dressed, and tried to go to the school but the bus pass that my cousin gave me didn’t work. So I had to get off and grab another bus pass an d use that one to get to school. That’s when it got hard.

Now if you all remember I’ve been out of school for two years since I graduated high school so I’m a little rusty. As a result, I got a suckish score on Math and they put me in a Development Course. I tried to test out of it on Monday but my score wasn’t high enough and I ended up in the exact same class… Studying doesn’t work…

Oh I forgot! Because it was the first few days of class everyone was rushing to get things settled. So I had to wait for like a hour to get all of my stuff together. By the time I got in line to take the test, got my recommendation for my classes, and got out of there it was already 4 in the afternoon. Then it took me two hours to register. Mostly because most of the classes were taken.

Note: When in college, register early. You’ll get the classes you want rather than the ones that are left over.

So by the time I finished registering and getting my books it was 7. I slugged home and got into bed to go to school the next morning.


So the next morning, I had two classes, English 101 and Computer Cabling. English was fairly fun and interesting. The professor has a good sense of humor. However Cabling was tough. You know that feeling when someone says something and you heard it but you have no idea what it means. That was me in Cabling.

So I dropped it and returned the book. No regrets…until later.


So I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to get to my first class, Math. And that was pretty good. And there are some cute girls in Math. Next up I was Computer Literacy and Applications but I got lost…and the class was right down the hall.

Computer Literacy was really interesting especially since stuff like this is what I want to go into.

Finally I had Overview for College Success and it was pretty much class that helps you transtion to being a college student.


I only had English that time but the real issue was what I learned. Turns out that by dropping that class, my credit hours went down from 14 to 11. That meant that my financial aid took a hit and now I owed the school $18. Not much right.

But I was wondering ‘Pay the money’ or ‘take another class’ I chose to take Intro to Psychology and I’m happy to say that I got the last spot open!

Note: It might seem that I’m not going to be able to get that new computer this semester. It seems like everything was there to take away my precious money. I might be able to get it next year but I’m not sure.


Once again I had to get on the bus in freezing cold at 6am to get to the bus. I had Math and it was all I needed to do that day.

So that was my first week. I had to say that I was really shy on the first few days. Mostly because I was scared out of my mind. However as the days went on, I start to crack a few jokes which is more like me.

It’s going to be a long time before I can get my degree but I know that I can get it if I keep at it. As for the social side of college, I’m going to try and get into that more. That’s something I really regretted that I didn’t do in high school.

There’s no need to worry. Posts will come down on time. All of my classes are in the morning so that leaves my afternoons and evenings free to write.

Well I think that’s it.

Until next month’s School Days,
Later Days

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Fuuka Manga Review Chapters 20 to 24


Hey everyone. It’s Deven here coming with the first of many Fuuka reviews. So these are going to be mass reviews of five chapters at a time. Why not review each week? Because I like my social life and I swamp myself as it is.

Also this seems like a good place to announce that I’ll also be manga reviewing Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail Zero which is a monthly series. I’ll review those  every month.

So now that that’s out of the way let’s begin!

Fuuka Chapter 20: Problem Child

Fuuka Chapter 20

So this chapter opens with Yuu talking to Fuuka about the stuff they did over summer break.

They worked as waiters in a beach cafe to pay for instrument to start a band.

Yuu comments that they didn’t do much but work and go to the beach. He also talks about how he nearly drowned which makes Fuuka blush.

In Chapter 13, For A While, while having a day off from their jobs on the beach, Yuu and Fuuka go out on a rubber dolphin. Unfortunately Fuuka falls off and starts to drown  and Yuu goes to save her but ends up Fuuka saves him. This ends up being Yuu’s first kiss.

Pretty nice kiss in my opinion

Anyway Fuuka blushes when Yuu mentions the kiss and quickly changes the subject to the fact that they had a good time and made a lot of memories.

Yuu ponders for a minute in his desk why she would avoid the subject like and he wonders the further he falls in love with her the less he understands.

Yep, bro that’s how it works with girls. Also Yuu just said the exact same thing his precedessor  and Fuuka’s father Yamato Akitsuki. Then again Seo’s really done the same protagonist about three times in my book but the girls and the drama keep me coming back.

Back to the story,  Fuuka, Yuu Mikasa(it’s a guy, you Attack on Titan fans!) set up plans to practice in a studio owned by the Hedgehogs during lunch. They try find a table but this cool girl with shiny black hair is sitting at the table they want. She gets up when they say they want to sit there.

The Hedgehogs are a band that made the song that would later become the theme song for Yamato Akitsuki while he goes to the World Olympics and wins a Silver Medal.

Fuuka, Yuu, Mikasa(it’s a guy, you Attack on Titan fans!), and Nachi head over to the studio and meet Hisashi who tells them his younger sister just got kicked out of a band. They go into the room where she’s playing and find out it’s the exact girl they met during lunch.

Fuuka, almost like Luffy from One Piece, immediately asks her to join their band. When Yuu tries to tell her to slow down, he trips and falls face first into the girl’s boobs and she smacks him with her bass and says yes.


And that ends Chapter 20.

Fuuka Chapter 21: One of Us


So we open the chapter with Yuu learning how to play the bass while Sara, Hisashi’s little sister, watches. It’s also told that she’s a second year while Yuu, Mikasa, and Fuuka are first years.

Yuu with his total ‘I suck and I’m a burden on everyone’ thing thinks that she must think that he’s a total amateur. Normally I have nothing against romance manga heroes ragging on themselves but come on! You are an amateur dude! You’ve literally picked up the bass a grand total of twice! Don’t beat yourself up.

Anyway ironically Sara does say that he’s messing up the part he’s supposed to be playing.

After that Mikasa says that they should call it a night. Fuuka calls out to a leaving Sara and asks if she wants to join them for dinner, celebrating their first practice. She goes and the four of them head out to a restaurant.


While they eat our five characters talk about what song they’ll do. When Sara is asked to chime she says that the song has a tricky bassline and looks right at Yuu. Everyone else laughs it off while Fuuka, Mikasa, and Nachi leave to do some stuff, leaving Yuu and Sara at the table.

Yuu tries to leave with them but those darn manners prevent him, leaving him in an awkward situation sitting with Sara. Sara keeps her mouth shut and calls for the waitress to give her a sundae. Once it comes in she takes a picture of it and uploads it to Twitter.

Yuu gets an update on his Twitter feed with the same picture that Sara just posted. Yuu sends Yamato(admiral) a message asking if he/she is sitting right in front of him because the situation is odd.

Turns out it is and Sara goes totally red faced and talking about pretty much everything she’s done since she came on screen. You can’t really get it if I explain it. Here you go.



I’ve seen cheerleaders say less…

Anyway she explains the reason that she hasn’t been able to get into a band is that people often misunderstand what she says when she talks so people don’t want to deal with her. Yuu comments while she’s a bit intimidating she’s a nice person at heart.



And with that so ends Chapter 21.

Now there was a quick omake called Chapter 21.5 for Fuuka where it crossed over with a few other romance mangas that are in Weekly Shonen Magazine.  It’s not really important. Just a lot of fanservice, a few girl on girl kisses, and a lot of shipping.  So I’ll move on.

Fuuka Chapter 22: In the Band


So we come up on Yuu’s sisters asking him to come down for dinner.  Maaya(normally I’d spell it as Maya but hey it’s Japan you’d assume this spelling’s right.) gives up and assumes he’s on his phone and Twitter again.

Wrong! He’s practicing his bass. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to get the hook down right. His fingers start to hurt but he keeps practicing because he doesn’t want to slow down the group tomorrow. Come on man. You know that you don’t want to look back in front of Fuuka. Be real with yourself.

Next Yuu wakes up and goes to practice and meets up with Sara outside the studio. Looks like Sara’s really perked up. She’s smiling and not wearing all black. It’s amazing what a change in clothes can do.

Yuu says that he feels weird carrying around this huge bass while Sara says that it makes him look cool, like a real rock star. They go inside where they meet up with the rest of the group. Fuuka tells them they might not be able to get in because someone else has got the space.

Sara moves to make her brother give them some time but Yuu tells her that it would be impolite to take advantage of Hisashi’s kindness like that.  Sara agrees but they still have no where to practice.

Mikasa says they could find another studio but then they’d have to pay and studio time is expensive. Yuu offers that they could use a club room since they have five people but Fuuka  shoots that down because there are no more club rooms available at that point.(Trust me. There’s going to be one that magically opens up soon.)

Nachi gets all flustered and says that he knows a place they can get some practice done, his place!

Nachi takes them over to his house where they go into huge shed. Turns out Nachi’s brother used to be a musician and used to practice there with his band. The place is nearly soundproof but they can’t practice at night. Great! They’ve got a place to practice when Hisashi can’t come through.

All the members tease Nachi about the place and they get down to business. They try running straight through it and while they’re doing that Yuu thinks that he’s not cut out for being in a band. That bands are only for the popular people and what not. Those types of thought are rarely good.

However once he starts playing he realizes that the song sounds way better than when he played it by himself. All the instruments are blending together and it makes the one instrument better because it’s working with others.

After they finish Nachi comments that they suck while Mikasa says it was their first time.  Nachi says that Yuu was a bit sloppy and still needs some more practice. However it doesn’t get Yuu down. He’s still riding on that thrill!

Fuuka says that while he made a lot of mistakes Yuu looked really cool. Our man Yuu gets all red faced and then Sara ‘accidentally’ smacks him with her guitar. Yeah…accident… Harem has begun!

After that Nachi says that in a few days or weeks they could really get the song down. So Fuuka exclaims to the entire group that they’ll debut at the school festival in two months!


And that ends Chapter 22.

Fuuka Chapter 23: So Glad


So we open up the chapter with Nachi on Yuu’s butt about messing up the bass part of the song. Mikasa chimes in and says it wouldn’t much of a problem if it wasn’t a bass solo. Everyone basically gets on Yuu’s back, saying that he needs to get his part down for the festival comes in two weeks. Fuuka defends him and Yuu tell them he’ll keep practicing.

We go over to Yuu’s place and see one of his hot sisters Hibiki, half naked telling him that the bath’s free for him. He ain’t listening because he’s practicing. Now if that wasn’t his sister he’d have my respect. She’s standing around in her panties with just a towel to cover her boobs. Too Heroic!

Hibiki leaves and talks to the other sister about how Yuu is constantly practicing, almost to the point where they’ve got it memorized. Hibiki says he’s pretty good but he holds himself to such high standards. So the others were wrong? He’s good? Come on then! Cut the guy a break. One part is messed up and he sucks. Nope. He’s good in my opinion.

We go to Yuu in the bath thinking over what everyone said that day. He looks at his hands and says that this sucks. His other older sister, Maaya leaves some clothes and a towel out for him. She comments how hard he’s working and how he’s grown from giving up before he even started.

But Yuu beats himself up by saying he’s not even getting any better. Maaya counters by basically saying this. It’s better with a picture!


As she leaves Maaya says that Hibiki and Chitose are rooting for him too.  Once Yuu gets out of the tub, he says how impossible that it is. Then he sees some band-aids with both his sisters’ signatures on it for him to do his best.

We flash to the next day during practice and Yuu promises himself that he’ll definitely get the solo today. They start practice and Yuu totally nails it! He gets congrats from everyone. Even some snarky ones from Nachi.

Yuu says that he really likes playing the bass but he felt like he wasn’t making any progress and that he was holding everyone back. He cries because he’s so happy that he finally gets it. Sara looks happy and she’s blushing(I smell harem romance.) Nachi tells him to knock it off or he’s going to make him feel like he made Yuu cry. Mikasa chimes in and says that he did make Yuu cry.

We end the chapter with Yuu realizing that he’s really made progress and he loves being in a band.


And with that we end off Chapter 23. One more to go and this one’s a Color Cover!

Fuuka Chapter 24: Renewing A Promise


We open up with Yuu walking back home, trying keep himself calm about the school festival in two days. Then he sees someone outside acting all suspicious and what not. Get him Yuu! They’re trying to steal your sisters…that wouldn’t really motivate him.

Turns out it’s Koyuki, his old friend. Yuu invites her inside and she explains that she came by to visit but no one was home. She hands Yuu some tickets to her show in Yokohama . Then she apologizes for how she acted the last time they met.

I could tell you but then you’d have no reason to read the manga. Go read the manga! I use Red Hawk Scans personally.

Turns out that she was scared that Yuu was mad at her for what happened and she didn’t message him because of it. Yuu comments that’s the reason why he didn’t send her a message too.

Koyuki jumps up and gets in his face and says that he should have said something. Yuu tries to argue but like a clever man he knows he isn’t going to win an argument with a woman so he apologizes. He knows! Then again he has three sisters so if he doesn’t know how women work then no one in this manga does.

So Koyuki asks if Yuu is coming to her concert and he says yeah and he asks if they’re still friends. Now look at this.

fuuka-5064515 Total fish eye. It’s that ‘he doesn’t get it? What is wrong this is guy?’ Or otherwise know as the ‘I’m surrounded by clueless guys’ look.

Anyway the topic shifts to Yuu’s concert and Koyuki gets happy over it while Yuu tries to play it off. Koyuki asks if he’s in the band with Fuuka and Yuu says yeah. Now if he just shut up right there, things would be all good. But like his predecessor Yamato Akitsuki he doesn’t shut his mouth and makes her jealous. Difference is that she’s not like Suzuka(she would have yelled at him) she’s more like Honoka(she avoids saying how she feels by saying she has to leave.)

So Yuu walks her out and Koyuki asks for them to renew their promise if they ever make it big they’d play on the same stage together. Yuu agrees and they pinky swear.


So after that we shift to I guess the next morning where Yuu’s sisters run upstairs to his room and get him out of bed to show him something on Twitter.


Yep turns out someone snapped a picture and posted on Twitter.

Note:Twitter is the fastest growing social platform in the world, easily out placing the competition.

They  call him stupid for being so reckless with how he was acting.

The chapter ends with how many times the photo had been retweeted.


Wow that’s a lot of retweets. The most I’ve ever gotten is three and that was a good day.

So with this that’s the first of many Fuuka chapter reviews. I can’t wait to do the next one. So until the next one,

Later Days.

Review: Glasslip EP 2- Premonition

[Kaylith] Glasslip - 01 [720p][26161EF9].mkv_snapshot_02.23_[2014.07.03_21.41.54]

P.A. Works latest anime returns for another ep. This time we’re treated with some plot to go along with the beautiful art.

Here’s my review.

After last week’s ep, I was left with disappointment about how this might proceed. While on a whole I like Glasslip, it was lacking the plot to really get me engaged in ep 1, thus making it not super enjoyable, but more of a filler-ish introductory ep. That being said, as ep 2 rolls around I was hoping the actual anime would start now, given that we pretty much know the characters now.

We start off right where we ended ep 1, back in the cafe as David makes the statement that he saw what Touko saw that one day. Still wondering what that means, but don’t worry, we get the answer in this ep. David also makes arrangements to meet up with Touko tomorrow so the two of them can talk.

Note: This is Deven chiming in. Look at the comments. You’ll see why it isn’t going to be on my Review List much longer.

We cut to the lovely OP before coming back 1:30 later. Now that David has left, everyone starts to pepper Touko with questions about what exactly is going on and why he’s asked her to meet up with him later. Also, notice how annoyed Yuki looks with this conversation. It’s clear that he’s got feelings for Touko, so her going to meet up with this David guy has him on edge. Sensing she might be worried and anxious about going to meet him, Sachi says she’ll go with her as support. Points for coming to her aid.

The next day we see David at home, lounging a chair when he suddenly hears Touko’s voice and wakes up quickly. Okay, weird. He mentions that he was “too careless” about something. We also find out that if David wasn’t weird enough, he’s living in a tent while his room is getting worked on or something. While it’s not actually said what exactly is wrong with his room, I’m guessing it’s being renovated or something. Maybe painted.

Anyways that’s not the matter at hand here. David arrives at the location chosen for their meet up, where Sachi gets very protective for Touko. David is still an edgy prick here as he’s yet again shooting his mouth off, asking Sachi what he has to do to earn her trust. Geez, can’t this guy take a hint that no one likes him?

But then he says something that’s slightly interesting, asking Touko if she can see visions at certain times. Hmm? What’s this now? What’s also interesting about this is that Sachi doesn’t really react all that much to that; any normal person would at least wonder what he’s talking about, but she didn’t seem worried about it. That leads me to believe that Sachi must know something here.

Touko asks Sachi to give David and her moment so they can talk, Sachi is a bit nervous about leaving them alone. Assuring her that it’ll be fine, Sachi leaves, but not before saying that there is a no dating policy in their group. Hmm, interesting she’d bring that up at a time like this. David of course has some shitty come back to that, which Sachi gives him a very angry look for. Geez David, you’re on thin ice already, don’t start intentionally breaking it you dumb ass.

Now begins the slight info dump moment. David and Touko chat about this ability of hers, seeing visions of the future, and what it’s all about. Now outside in the sun, David goes on to say that he wasn’t concentrating and heard her voice earlier. Touko is of course confused as to what exactly he’s talking about, so David explains that he was accidentally eavesdropping on something she’d say in the future. Okay… sounds legit. Touko mentions that at the festival the other day, she also heard something too, “fragments of the future” as David calls them. Trust him to coin some cheesy name for them. So what this is boiling down to is that Touko can somehow see the future when she looks at something sparkly, or just glass in general. Being that she’s does glass blowing, making beautiful glass objects, she’s gonna be trippin’ if she starts looking at them too much.

Anyways, David proves this to her as he gets her to look at the necklace she’s wearing, as it’s got glass on it, and concentrate really hard on it. Touko then starts to see the future, something that she’s never seen so clearly before, but this happened because David was with her this time. Hmm, I see where the trouble will arise now, David will have to join their group. Later we see Sachi and Touko talking over ice cream, Sachi asking if everything went alright with David. Touko insists that everything went fine, prompting Sachi to say that she’s not sure what she’d do if anything bad happened to Touko.

Okay that’s weird coming from her. First of all there still is a lot we don’t know about Sachi. She’s got something wrong with her, as it’s mentioned she was at the hospital for regular check ups, but other than that she’s hiding something. She must know about the visions Touko is seeing because she was too calm when that was mentioned; she must also know who David is as she had the most reaction when he walked up to them in the cafe. Couple that with the fact she made mention that she’s not even sure how she’d react should something bad happen to Touko, I’m thinking we should be very worried about Sachi now. Pretty much everything lines up for her to be some absolutely ape shit insane killing machine should something set her off. What do you think about her?

The second half of the ep is a lot of romantic drama. We kick things off with Yuki and David running into each other while out for a jog. Yuki obviously wants nothing to do with David, so that conversation is very short. Once back at his house Yanagi is surprised to see him back so soon, as I guess his runs are longer than that. Also I noticed he was wearing a knee brace, indicating that he must have injured his knee at some point and it now going through the recovery stage.

What furthers this point is that not only does Yanagi make a direct mention that he’s still recovering, but she’s helping him stretch it out. In ep 1 Hiro made mention that running was the only thing on his mind all the time (or something along those lines) so I’m going to say he was injured possibly during a race in the past and he’s still bitter about it somehow. I’m sure we’ll get more info as it goes along. Also I find it interesting Yuki says he won’t lose to him; this is obviously relating to his feelings about Touko, this really gets Yanagi flustered.

The following scene is of Yanagi calling Touko to ask her for some advice on something. This brings into question what exactly the relationship between Yanagi and Yuki is. They act like siblings, they live in the same house, they seem to hang out together a lot, yet they don’t have the same family names. I’m not sailing the wincest ship yet because I don’t think it is, mostly because if they were related and Yanagi is calling Touko to get advice about how to ask someone she likes out (Touko understandings this must be Yuki), I highly doubt that Touko would be so open and encouraging for a brother and sister to start dating. I mean think about it, it really doesn’t make any sense for them to be related because of that reason, but it still doesn’t answer the question of why they live together. Plus, if they are related, when Touko mentions Yuki to her, being the person she wants to ask out, Yanagi showed no sign of Yuki being her brother. But the final thing that happens before this scene makes me wonder if I’ve got it all wrong. Yuki has finished taking a shower and walks into Yanagi’s room (fully clothed of course) to tell her that he’s finished. Only a brother and sister would be that calm about entering each others rooms. To close out that scene, Touko overhears Yuki telling Yanagi that the bath is ready for her, and Touko seems to question if they’d be taking a bath together. Once again it shatters that theory that they’re related, as Touko wouldn’t be so calm about a brother and sister bathing together. So all this is going through my head as I rewatch this scene, and once it’s over I’m still back at square one, and I’ve got no solid answer of what their relationship is. If you’ve got your own theory about this matter, I’d love to discuss this with you, so leave a comment and we can talk!

The ep close out with a few key scenes. At the cafe, Hiro talks about their upcoming hiking trip that they’re all going on. Touko also lifts the dating ban, something that gets a reaction form everyone. Once again, going back to the previous paragraph, if Yuki and Yanagi are siblings, Touko wouldn’t be encouraging their forbidden love so eagerly. Later on once they’ve all left, except Hiro who’s still working, Yanagi shows up looking for everyone. Hiro tells her that they’ve all left and also mentions that Touko has lifted the dating ban. Bolting from the cafe, Yanagi fears the worst is about to happen.

Yuki and Touko are about to part ways on their walk home, but Yuki has something he wants to tell Touko. Okay, so I keep having to back to that paragraph, but once again Touko wouldn’t be pulling the strings trying to get a brother and sister to date, so the siblings theory is tested once more. Anyways, Yuki and Touko talk for a bit about things, all the while cutting back to a running Yanagi trying to get there in time, and it finally rolls around for Yuki to confess to Touko. At this point Yanagi has arrived and has overheard all this happen. Touko is very flustered and flees the scene quickly, leaving Yuki a bit depressed about the whole ordeal. Acting natural about everything, Yanagi causally walks up, saying she’s just on her way home. Having enough excitement for one day, Yuki and Yanagi walk home, both unknowing the others feelings now.

Be careful what you wish for Touko, it might just get you.
Be careful what you wish for Touko, it might just get you.

We end the ep with Touko calling up David and asking to see the future, something that she foresaw earlier! What happens next, well we’ll have to wait till next week to find out the answer to that question.

So as far as episode 2’s go this was pretty good. The plot is actually starting and the romantic drama is already starting off at a high level. Yuki confessing was kinda a big deal to have so soon off the start, but that ending with Touko wanting to see the future, damn girl, sometimes it’s better not to know. The truth can hurt and Touko might just find something out she won’t want to know.

Let’s take a look at some screen shots now.[Kaylith] Glasslip - 02 [720p][9E69FD95].mkv_snapshot_03.50_[2014.07.12_14.37.37] [Kaylith] Glasslip - 02 [720p][9E69FD95].mkv_snapshot_04.04_[2014.07.12_14.41.11] [Kaylith] Glasslip - 02 [720p][9E69FD95].mkv_snapshot_04.12_[2014.07.12_14.40.40] [Kaylith] Glasslip - 02 [720p][9E69FD95].mkv_snapshot_04.13_[2014.07.12_14.40.46]

So there you go, Glasslip ep 2! I hope you enjoyed this review and subsequent episode as well. Up next I’ll have… hmm, something. I’m not sure what but something will be posted. I’ll see how my new writer is doing as well, I personally want to see some Aldnoah.Zero, Akame ga Kill and Zankyou no Terror reviews posted too, but I can respect the fact things happen.

Here’s what’s gonna happen next week!

[Kaylith] Glasslip - 02 [720p][9E69FD95].mkv_snapshot_23.39_[2014.07.12_16.58.45]

I’ll cya in the next post!

Bonus Pic!

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Let’s Look: Akuma no Riddle Episode 12 Finale:Two Roads and One is Way Better.

Tokaku vs. Haru. It’s time to begin the final episode!

After a quick flashback of Tokaku’s birth we go back to Tokaku and Haru down in the graveyard.

Haru asks why is she doing this and Tokaku says that before now she wasn’t able to kill but now but now she can kill.

Tokaku says that she’ll chose her own path.


First blood!!!!!

Tokaku throws away her sheathe as she advances on Haru.

After the opening,we have Kaiba talking to himself about Tokaku telling her to make her own decisions. She can wield her sword as she sees fit.

After that we go back to Tokaku vs. Haru. Haru throws one of the lanterns at her but Tokaku dodges her and tries to slash her but Haru totally does the Matrix and dodges the sword.

Of course though she lands her butt and she’s wide open. Well Haru you had a good run. You beat 11 assassins but the 12th was too good.


Haru like all people that are about to get killed ask one question.

Tokaku says that this was the only way that she could prove it to herself if she was being manipulated.

Snapshot_9 Snapshot_10

Tokaku jumps back into the fog while someone picks up Haru.

Snapshot_11 Snapshot_13

One Tokaku takes Haru into the fog and explains that the Tokaku that tried to kill her was Nio. Turns out that Nio is a member of the Kuzunoha family. Unlike the Azumas who excel at assassination abilities, the Kuzunoha family excels at shamanism, using hypnotism to trick them into lowering their guard or tricking them into killing themselves.

Snapshot_14 Snapshot_15

Tokaku says that Nio never said that she wasn’t an assassin and that she was just biding her time until the Black Class ends and then she’ll strike. That explains why Nio had the ending last episode.

Good summation Tokaku.

So after that Haru and Tokaku run pass one of the graves and Haru stops to look at. She says that it might be possible that she manipulated her into protecting her but Tokaku says that it’s possible that she was manipulated. However she says that she’s gained something important here with Haru.

Aw…that’s so cute.

Too bad Tokaku-Nio tries to stab Haru from the shadows but Tokaku pulls her away and starts shooting at Tokaku-Nio. Once she runs out of bullets she goes in close with the knife.

Turns out that Nio is trying to figure out if Haru really has the Primer. I don’t know if the chairwoman ordered her to do it but come on! She survived 11 assasins. If that doesn’t prove it then I don’t know what will.

So they keep at it and it’s basically an argument…with some knives. Not the best one. It does have a good impression. You can guess that with Nio taking on Tokaku’s appearance she can be Tokaku’s more confused side, not sure that Haru is manipulating her. And the other one is yeah I don’t know. This scene is hard to follow.

Yeah so after Nio-Tokaku is defeated, she tries to kill Haru but the other Tokaku throws a knife at her hamstring then stabs her in the chest.

So then Haru picks a knife and tries to stab Tokaku but as we see after the commericial it doesn’t work.


I’ve never been so sad.

Turns out the only way to prove if Tokaku was under the Primer was to kill her. If she was under the Primer then she couldn’t do anything as Haru went at her with the knife. This proves that everything that Tokaku did was of her own free will.


But was it worth it? Haru is dead!

Nio taunt Tokaku saying that all she can do is kill and she also says that’s been planning to kill Haru by taking on Tokaku’s form for a while. After that she dies.


Nio! You were my second favorite after Kouko(You got to love those smart girls with the glasses)

After Nio dies, Tokaku cries over Haru’s corpse as Yuri arrives to see the scene. After that Yuri says because of Haru’s death, Tokaku is the
winner of the Black Class and she can have anything she wants.


The only thing she wants is Haru back.

After that we timeskip to the spring and Haru’s graduating from the Black Class.


Turns out that Haru has a titanium rib that barely blocked Tokaku’s knife away from her heart, sparing her life. Come on guys. You give us that tearful ending that you take it away not less that a minute later.

Also turns out that Nio’s still alive and talking with the chairwoman. How? She’s not that easy to kill apparently.


You got stabbed in the heart, woman! Unless you’re an immortal that typically does in everyone.

After that Nio leaves the room and tosses a white lily out of the window. It’s supposed to be Haru’s flower symbol, symbolizing purity.

Then we go to Haru singing the school song and we go to somewhere outside a mansion.

It’s Sumireko Hana-freaking-busa!

She’s alive!


And she wants to cook…

Now at this point is when Akuma no Riddle loses all its credibility. And thus a new meme has been born!

Now here I was going to have a pic of a meme but I can’t find said meme so the joke is dead…

Edit: Found the Picture!


Now let’s keep going.


Now that something I can accept.


Now that’s sweet.

She gets two pics because she's my favorite girl
She gets two pics because she’s my favorite girl


That’s my hot nerd! Being badass! She doesn’t need to be let out of her group. She’s fighting her way out! Too bad it’s a sin to kill a nun.


Why isn’t she in containment? She’ll just escape again! Also why are you looking to be let out!? You’re a serial killer.


Looks like someone’s having some fun in the sun. She may not own the beach but at least she’s happy with her family.


They’re supposed to be dead! Kirigaya got stabbed in the chest and Namatame got poisoned by Angel’s Trumpet. Now if you don’t know that’s one of the most powerful poisons in the world and she shrugged it off.


So Shiena was supposed to be a part of this group that killed bullies of kids and other people. That’s why her flower is a thistle for revenge. However the anime cut that out.


Looks like Mahiru is deciding to move on with Shinya. That’s good.

So we go back to Haru who walks out of the school to meet Tokaku.


So now they’re going on a journey to deliever all the diplomas to all the girls.

Snapshot_43 Snapshot_44

That’s the most Yuri other than the kiss that they had in this anime.

And with that Akuma no Riddle is over. Well there’s the ending which is done by all thirteen girls. It’s pretty good.

Now time for final thoughts.

Akuma no Riddle has some serious issues with the words pacing and characterization! They move too fast to try to fit a bigger plot into 12 episodes and it’s safe to say they failed. A lot of the characters are unknown and half developed.

However the art and the character designs are good along with the action scenes and the songs. So I’ll give Akuma no Riddle a 6 out of 10.

So if you’re feeling mad about how the anime ended, READ THE MANGA. It’s way better and it actually has everything the anime cut out because they were strapped for time.

So with Akuma no Riddle finished that ends my Spring 2014 season. I hope you liked it and keep reading for the Summer 2014 season.

Until then,
Later Days

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Let’s Look:Akuma no Riddle Episode 11:Gifts and Curses

One more episode before the finale. Let see what they’re going to go for now!

So we start off the episode with Nio, Haru, and Tokaku sitting through a lecture from Mizorogi-sensei. Boring right.

Boring but ironic. The only good part of the lecture is that sometimes and by sometimes means all the time a worker bee will die to protect the queen. Hmmm…seeing a parellel here?

After school, Nio comments that she actually feels sorry for Mizorogi since he got the Black Class but hey at least next year he can get a better class.

Now that over we get this.

Then before the opening we get this from Nio.

So cute you forget that she’s evil!!

She looks and acts like a cute little girl but she’s a demon. Count on it.

After the opening, we have Tokaku and Haru eating lunch where Haru brings up what happened with Sumireko with the Queen Bee stuff. Nio comes in at the last minute, telling them that they should wait until tonight.

Tokaku leaves, telling Haru she can take her time eating since no one should be coming to attack her.

After leaving, Tokaku goes to the roof and texts someone, Kaiba I guess.

After that she flashes back to the talk with Hanabusa while looking at her charm from Haru. She says that Hanabusa was just trying to psych her out.

We go back to Nio and Haru. Nio comments that Haru should know the chairwoman because they’re a part of the same clan. Aw man. I thought she was Nio’s mom.

Nio comments that Haru must feel pretty good since she finally doesn’t have a target on her back but she apologizes after saying that’s a bit too far.


Can’t deny that. Haru has always has been different from the assassins but then again you can see that right when you look at them.

After this, we go to Haru and Tokaku going up to the True Orientation. After Nio greets them, she introduces the chairwoman, Meichi Yuri. I know Yuri is an actual Japanese name but it isn’t kinda ironic in a yuri anime one character has the name Yuri.


She offers some words of congratulations before Tokaku tells her to cut the crap and get down to business. Someone’s not wasting any time. I like that!

After explaining what an intitation, Yuri explains that the Black Class wasn’t made to kill Haru. Rather to see if Haru could survive against 12 assassins. It’s safe to say the plan worked.

The plan was figure out if Haru was worthy of being the leader of their clan.

Okay, okay, okay. You rule the world. You don’t have to be so smug about though.

And the leader of all this is one woman, the Primer and Queen Bee. It’s a special power that allows for the user to charm people and work them to her advantage whether they know it or not. The greater the danger, the more strongly her power is exerted.

That’s also why all the girls in their clan are targeted from birth by assassins. So let me get this straight. You send assassins to attack your children just out of the hope that this one might be the Primer. How many little girls had to die before you found your Primer?!

So now that Haru’s survived the Black Class she’s proven to be the next Primer.


Now that I look back on it. She was awful calm back then. That should have been the first clue that the Black Class wasn’t everything that it appeared to be. Why didn’t I see it sooner?


Haru says that she doesn’t have this power. She was told if she managed to survive all of this stuff she’d get to have a normal life. Some one has some good control. I would have caved to the power of being the leader of a vast underground family that controls everything.

Yuri counters with asking how could she survive against 12 assassins as well as all the assassins that came before them?

Well when you lay it out like that it has to be true.

Haru breaks down and runs out of the room. While Yuri comments that she needs some time to accept what she is. Then she turns to Tokaku tells her that because she led Haru to victory she can have anything she wants.

After the commercial we’re in Haru and Tokaku’s room and they’re talking about the Primer. Haru never imagined that she could be it.

Snapshot_26 Snapshot_27

Yeah…I doubt that. Why? Takechi had her cold…I could descibe all the times that Haru was dead but was saved by Tokaku. One particularly sticks out. You remember with Kouko she grabbed one of the charms and it was pretty obvious that she was after her and she uses bombs!

Can’t deny that. The whole reason Haru didn’t die the first freaking day is because of Tokaku.

Tokaku says basically she can’t prove that she didn’t do it and she leaves.

Next we catch up with Tokaku who’s having a video chat with Kaiba. She asks him if he knew the truth of the Black Class when he sent her and Kaiba responds with would it have made a difference?


So what was the point of sending them. He later says that if there were any answers they’d be inside Tokaku herself. I get it now. It’s a message for the larger picture. You can follow what you’re told but in the end the decision is yours.

After that we go to Haru knocking on Nio’s door.

She may be crazy but she does have Yoshino Nanjo’s voice and that’s so cute

She asks to be taken to see Yuri personally.

After that we go back to Tokaku in the room, taking a shower. She remembers all the things that happened to get this point. She mulls over what could be the truth? Did she want to protect Haru because of herself? Or was it the Primer making her do it?


It’s time to make a choice.

After this we go to Haru telling Yuri that she won’t be the Primer. Yuri says that not being the Primer would be a bad way to pay back the people that died for her.

Yuri tells Nio to take down to a certain place which turns out to be a cemetery of all the people that died in service of the clan and the Primers.

After telling Haru this, Nio leaves Haru amongst the names of the dead to think about her decision. She looks around and finds some names of people that are really important to her.

Snapshot_34 Snapshot_35

She questions one of the greatest things that a child whose parents sacrificed themselves can ask. Why did you die for me? Did you do it because you loved me or did the Primer make you?

Snapshot_36 Snapshot_37 Snapshot_38

It’s a big question…I like to think that Haru’s mother and family loved her enough to die for her. As should any person for anyone they truly love.

Haru hears footsteps and turns around to see Tokaku.


She says that she’s thought about everything that’s happened and understand that Haru has changed her in ways that she never imagined until now.


But why!


And the episode ends with that. It’s a pretty good song at the end sung by Yoshino Nanjo/ Nio Hashiri.

So here we are. The next episode will be the season finale. Will Haru be able to get away from Tokaku with her sword?

We’ll have to find out next episode.
Until then,
Later Days

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Let’s Look: Akuma no Riddle Episode 10:The Queen Bee vs. the Princess

When will the action stop?! When damn you? Not that I’m complaining.

Let’s see who wants to kill Haru this week.

Okay we open up with Nio looking out the window, saying that Mizorogi-sensei must be depressed because he put them on self-study and left. You kinda expect it. The Black Class, which he has no idea is full to the brim with assassins, is down to four members. Poor guy must think its all his fault…

While Nio’s commenting on this Tokaku thinks that there’s only one more assassin left.

Then Hanabusa walks up to Haru and gives her her this.

Now I can read outside the lines pretty good. She’s going to kill her there.

Anyway after we get the opening we get this.

First rule in watching a serial killer: Watch them. Second rule:Repeat the first one!
First rule in watching a serial killer: Watch them. Second rule:Repeat the first one!

Otoya Takechi broke out! How the hell were you idiots not watching a serial killer?

And she coming after Haru!

After that we get Hanabusa preparing for the tea party, mixing various dry teas together. As someone who has a strong love for tea and coffee, I have never made my own tea from scratch. I guess it would good.

No poison as far as I can see}
No poison as far as I can see

Then after that we go to Haru and Tokaku in their room with Haru showering(not going to show you. She’s a cute girl but the scars don’t do it for me.)

Haru comments that she’s going to ask Hanabusa to give up to which Tokaku asks why. Haru says that Hanabusa might be thinking the same thing because she invited her to a tea party instead of giving her an advance notice.

Someone who’s thinking! And here I thought no one was going to say anything.

Anyway Tokaku tells Haru that just because Hanabusa is that last one left doesn’t mean that she should let her guard down. Can’t let your guard down if it was never up in the first place.

After a cute little apology from Haru, we switch scenes.

Oh my gosh, she's hot
Oh my gosh, she’s hot

Can anyone else see a resemblance here? If you can’t…

They look alike! Like Nio with longer hair or something. Mom and daughter, Niece and Aunt, or something. Heck in anime your grandmother can look about forty so it could grandma and granddaughter. The point is that I think that Nio and the Chairwoman are related in some way.

Anyway we get Mizorogi coming up to the chairwoman’s office(he ain’t let into the real office with all the secret cameras and stuff. No she’s too awesome and secretive for that.)

He asks if it’s his fault that the girls of the Black Class transferred out. The Chairwoman puts him at ease, telling him that he’s the perfect teacher and he should have more confidence in himself. Now this would sound sweet but remember Chairwoman was a assassin in the Black Class back in the day. She’s a good liar and probably feeding him some crap to get him off her butt.

Now get out there and teach those assassin girls!

Now after that we see Otoya sneaking on to the grounds. After that we see also that Hanabusa sent a dress for Haru to wear. Nice but not important.

This is important. Otoya gets outside of Haru and Tokaku’s room, scissors ready before this happens.

Looks Hanabusa caught her in the act. Oh but wait Hanabusa’s body is supposed to be weak so she can’t fight off the strong Otoya. Right?


Weak body, my ass! More like she’s freaking strong!

After breaking the scissors, she could just kill her but hey apparently Hanabusa’s a nice girl and she does this.

Now why do I feel that this isn’t so nice?

We hit the night and we have Tokaku and Haru riding up to the 99th floor for Hanabusa’s tea party.

Oh it looks like we have more guests other than Otoya.

Hanabusa brought them all back!!!
Well Nio isn’t there but hey.

Wait a second! Kirigaya and Chitaru are there. They’re supposed to be dead.

Hanabusa’s from Naruto obviously…she’s using the Puppetmaster Jutsu…

Then Hanabusa asks Tokaku a riddle.
I’m stumped.

Apparently Haru isn’t because she gasped. We’re getting close to when I can say one of the biggest secrets of Akuma no Riddle.

Anyway Haru asks if the game of the Black class will end today. She says she’ll make sure that she can grant her wish that the Academy would have granted for her.

Hanabusa laughs and says that only she can grant it but her wish is to be a stronger queen than Haru is. Another hint. One more and I’ll say it.

Hanabusa’s backstory is a lot like Haru, consistantly being the target of assassins. You can expect that since she’s the heir of a huge company.

So anyway…

No one should act all surprised and what not. We all knew it was coming. Now this is what we didn’t see coming.

Snapshot_18 Snapshot_19
Now that is unexpected.

Not let’s begin.

Then Hanabusa decides to go after Haru while some type of glass comes down to seperate the room but Tokaku pulls her back just as the glass comes down. Looks like it’s Tokaku Azuma vs. Sumireko Hanabusa from here on out!

She’s apparently from Naruto. She’s a puppet or a cyborg. I’ll keep saying puppet because that way I can keep making Naruto jokes. She’s Sasori’s daughter. She was born in the Hidden Sand…anyone. These any good?

Moving on.

I understand that you’re an assassin. You lie. That’s a part of the game and the job but come on. Weak body and you can break walls without even slowing down!

After Hanabusa’s utter wreakage we get this.

Turns out Hanabusa had a very similar childhood to Haru, constantly assassination attempts. The difference is that Haru kept her body. Sumireko’s was broken down to the point where it was useless. She had to be rebuilt with prothestics and had to relearn how to walk with them. Now if you know pride, you never can imagine how humilating it has to be to learn how to walk again and relearn how to do everything with your body. It’s embarrassing and Sumireko’s had that since she was a kid. No wonder she hates Haru.

As we continue with the battle between Tokaku and Sumireko we get this.

Looks like she’s back in the game!
She goes after Sumireko with a Kukri and she even gets a blow in before well you know how it is. Main character stuff…

Taking advantage of Otoya’s move Tokaku kicks in the Kukri and injures Sumireko but hey she’s a cyborg/puppet no harm.

Okay she’s got a new arm…

Then Sumireko talks about her earlier riddle where the rabbit and the worker bee are both willing to throw their lives away for the queen bee. The difference is that the worker never knows that it’s a worker bee.

There is it! That makes three! Now it’s time to come clean on the biggest secret of Akuma no Riddle, Haru’s Queen Bee effect.

Queen Bee is Haru’s ability to gather protectors to defend her from any type of harm, similar to how worker bees in a hive will throw themselves in the line of fire for the queen. However it’s an ability that works over time. It’s the reason why Haru has never had her guard up during this entire show. She was trying to turn the entire class into her protectors. It’s also speculated if not outright said right here that Tokaku’s under Haru’s Queen Bee effect. Bet ya didn’t expect that?

Moving on we got Otoya over by the wall when Nio comes out. She questions why she’s here and Otoya freaks out. I would too look at what’s she seeing.

Scares the shit out of me too.

After that Tokaku takes out the chandelier and lands it on Sumireko. What is she going to do in response?

She gave you what she gave her but harder!

After that Haru picks up a rocket launcher, blows out the door, and run down to the elevator. Oh come on Haru. You don’t go into the elevator when something’s chasing you.

Snapshot_41 Snapshot_43
Oh you clever girl…

Nice try but full points for the effort.

Haru runs out into the roof where Sumireko follows her. At this point the music changes and gives it a real Terminator feel to it. Good for the anime crew.

After she catches Sumireko gives her the spiel about how she was able to survive without worker bees to protect her all the time and how she’s the strongest. Can’t deny she doesn’t have a point. Haru would have been dead a loooooong time ago if she didn’t have pawns to throw in the way of the danger.

Anyway, Sumireko tries to snare Haru with some type of wire but Haru dodges. Haru grabs her and pulls her over the edge.

And this happens…

Snapshot_45 Snapshot_46
Haru ends this battle? Didn’t expect that.

After that Haru comes back into the room and Tokaku asks what did Sumireko meant by Haru being the Queen Bee. All she says it’s not the right time to tell her.

We end the episode with Nio standing over the hole that Sumireko fell through saying that she didn’t become a queen after all with a devious smile on her face.

Now that was a good episode. Didn’t expect Sumireko to be a cyborg thing though. These last few episode have definitely cut down on Nio’s funny parts and pulled out her scary raep faces. It’s clear she’ll be the final fight for Haru and Tokaku.

The next episode is “How to Distinguiush a ‘Congraluations’ from a ‘Curse'”. Now remember Haru and Tokaku think Nio’s just working for the Academy. They don’t know that’s she in the game too. Heck the chairwoman forgot until Nio reminded her and the chairwoman put the class together. Nio’s making her move next week. You don’t want to miss it.

Until next week,
Later Days.

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Let’s Look:Date A Live 2 Episode 7: The Reason We Watched the Other Six Episodes is Back.

Kurumi’s back…that’s all the needs to be said.

Now then let’s our date begin(I haven’t been using my opening lately. How is it? I think it sounds better in Japanese)

Now we start the episode with the announcement of who won the Tenou Festival stage portion.

And while that’s happening Origami’s fighting AST.

Who’s going to win?

Damn…well it’s what you expect. Do you want me to go over again how the odds were blatantly stacked in Miku’s favor?

Smug arrogance never looked so hot.

After the opening Miku talks to Shiori about the reason she lost is because she depended too much on her friends.


Yeah you won. Don’t brag.


Oh looks like we spoke too soon. Turns out Miku won the stage portion but her school lost in the booths and because of Shiori(Shido)’s awesome performance they were able to win the entire thing but lose the stage portion. So Miku lost! Ha now you’re going to get sealed, Ms. Cuteness.

Aww someone’s a sore loser. Well pucker up Miku…

Shiori says that the reason they won is because the students of Raizen banded together and covered each other. You know what the beautiful Miku Izayoi says to this?

Sore loser…well everyone’s screwed.


And with only a few notes on the organ she’s got the entire audience under her spell.


Apparently she’s not the “Keep my word” type.

Now this would be kinda hot if I didn’t know Shiori was Shido.


Yeah I’m thinking that she’s about to get a nasty suprise.

Her shocked face is hilarious!

And then she turns the entire arena into zombies.

Looks like he’s screwed. Wait what if he just hit her? She’s just a music type fighter so she should have good defense.


What can’t she control?!


Apparently there is no limit to being screwed in Date A Live.


Now he’s really screwed six ways to Sunday. So what’s up next…

Apparently death’s next on the list until…


Turns out that Tohka had her rhythm monitors in her ears so she couldn’t hear Miku’s Angel, Gabriel.

So I think it’s time to get the hell out of dodge. Time to call up to the Fraxinus.


Crap how far does Miku’s song reach?

Kotori prepares to fire the Fraxinus’s magic cannon but someone stops her.

We flash to the battle between Origami and DEM and it looks like Origami’s going to lose until…

It’s Mana! And it looks like she’s defecting to the Fraxinus!

Wow she may have only ten more years to live but she’ll be kicking ass until she dies!

We flash back inside the arena where Tohka fights against Yoshino, Kaguya, Yuzuru, and Miku.

Then it turns from bad to worst. Ellen comes in and attacks. Tohka manages to throw Shido out of the arena but this happens.


Things are really really bad right now.

No allies, functional zombies looking for him, but at least he’s wearing pants!

All kidding aside how are you going to get out of this Shido?

The answer is two words: Kurumi Tokisaki.


She’s back!!!

After we come back, Shido asks for Kurumi who accepts. So cute…

Next scene we get Tohka captured by Ellen.


Ellen talks about how they plan to capture Shido and how it’s futile for Tohka to try and escape in her sealed form.

To the next scene away!!!

We get with Shido and Kurumi sneaking into Miku’s house….


Or mansion. It’s really more of a mansion.

Once inside Kurumi does a little bit of teasing with the whole Shiori situation and comments on just how freaking large Miku’s boobs are.

Kurumi is really the sexiest girl in this anime.

Lucky bastard. Anyway while getting his face licked by Kurumi Shido finds some old CDs of Miku’s but they don’t have her name on them, it’s Tsukino Yomachi.

Kurumi uses the first bullet, Yod, to know what’s up with the CDs and the picture they found.

We flash to the final scene which is Shido and Kurumi surrounded by our loony townsfolk, ready to face her down and seal her.

And we end the episode with that.

Now that’s a good episode solely because it’s got Kurumi in it. She’s the reason why a lot of people come to this anime. I totally can’t wait until the next episode and see what Shido and Kurumi are going to do against Miku.

I can’t wait to see what happens in next week episode. Curse this one week wait but until then

Later Days

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Also check out some of these pics I got off of Pixiv. Give me a post or two before I’m crediting the artists.

Such a beautiful demoness
Such a beautiful demoness


Let’s Look: Akuma no Riddle Episode 7: How Old Are You, Shuto-san?

We are just getting back to back awesome episodes!

Let’s see who wants to kill Haru this week.

I’m not going to lie I didn’t expect the twist in this episode. It’s something that doesn’t pull you out of the story but it definitely throws you for a loop.

As for backstory, I really think that Akuma no Riddle should have gotten a 26 episode season because this little tidbits of backstory is really getting on my nerves. It’s good stuff but it’s so little especially here with Suzu.

Turns out that Suzu Shuto has Highlander Syndrome, which is a disease that gives the inflicted eternal youth and eternal life. If you seen the movie Highlander it’s the exact same thing.

Anyway she had a friend that had a birthday right after hers, July 15th. However because of her Highlander Syndrome she never aged and eventually married someone else and later died.

Moving on to the episode, Suzu decides after a long school day for all of the girls in the Black Class to take a nice break at an indoor water park. So of course you know what this means.

All so cute

Aw I wish Nio had a more sexy swimsuit but a wetsuit has cuteness in a certain way.

Now it ain’t the Black Class without someone trying to kill Haru.

and...boom goes the dynamite
and…boom goes the dynamite

Suzu’s making her move and she decides to make it a game. The collar’s going to explode at midnight and trying to cut it off will make explode automatically. The only way to get it off is to find the four cards that have the numbers for the code.

So where are those hints?

Then the other girls decide to do some watermelon splitting for some fun while Tokaku and Haru are in the water looking for one of the hints.

Tokaku guesses that one of the cards might be in the watermelon because the inside of watermelon would be dark and the other girls talking about would be showing the way.


Looks like she’s got one of the cards. Good move Tokaku.

However there’s a way around all of these search games and it looks like Banba and Sumireko figured out.


Looks like Tokaku figured it out and the only cards that aren’t in the deck are the 7s of the four suites. Let’s see how that works…


Come on girls! Nio outright said that 7777 is one of the three combinations that you shouldn’t use for a password.

Next scene is the teacher looking at some of the students records and he stops when he looks at Suzu’s record.

Then we go to the next scene which is at sunset.


Ah now that’s clever, putting it in the light like that.

Two down!

So what about the next ones…

Haru actually figures it out which shocks the hell out of me. I thought she was going to sit there and chill while Tokaku figured everything out.


That gives Tokaku an idea to check in the cards because the saying works both ways. The best place to hide a card is in a deck.

Then we get this.


Turns out it’s Suzu’s birthday. Happy Birthday, you cute blue girl!

So after the teacher is kicked out, Suzu explains her past about how she has Highlanders’ Syndrome which prevents her from dying and gives her eternal life. She had a friend who born the year after, her the day after so she was always older.

But because of her disease they could never be together and eventually he chose to be with someone else and eventually died.

Now look at the pictures. They’re in a sepia color which of course always hints that something’s old. However look at what Suzu’s wearing, a kimono with a parasol. That was more common during the Meiji period. Combine that with her friend always wearing a suit leads me to think that she was born during the Meiji period, making her anywhere between 142 and 102. That’s old!

Anyway back to the episode. We’ve got one card left and it’s in the water.


Tokaku’s definitely one of the smartest girls. If she wasn’t protecting Haru’s she’d be dead. However…

Suzu’s even smarter.


Wow the first time Haru wasn’t just sitting around and that kiss!

But to get Tokaku out they had to sacrifice the card so they’ve got to figure out the last digit. we’ve got 7, 0, 1.

So we’ve got only a two more tries and less than a few minutes so Isuke puts in a guess and she fails.

Okay now we’ve got one try left.

Since they girls know that today’s Suzu’s birthday they think that the password’s her birthday. But Nio says that ‘s another one of the most common passwords.


Now that’s a good password. Your friends, if they’re good friends, know your birthday. They don’t know family or friends’ birthday.


Good one Haru! You don’t go boom today.


Looks like she’s giving up.

She looks so sad…this was her only chance to get to die. Darn you Haru and your need to stay alive!

I can’t wait for the next episode. We’ve got a lot of good episodes one after another.

Personally I think that Mahiru/Shinya Banba is up next because of the ending talking about the two gatekeepers, one good and one evil. That describes Banba perfectly.

So until the next episode
Later Days

You can ask me as many questions as you want on and you can follow me on Twitter to know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll also be update on what’s happening.

Let’s Look: Isshuukan Friends Episode 1-Don’t Stop Trying

I may be late to it but the feels are here, twenty four hours a day! Let’s go for friends!

Now looking at what we’ve got here, we’ve got the ‘feels’ anime of the Spring anime season. Now being a firm lover of Shounen manga/anime, it’s good to change it up a bit everyone once in a while. That’s why I started watching and reading Suzuka when I was about 14. (It was really good. I’m not fond of A Town Where You Live but I’m currently loving Fuuka.)

For those of you that don’t know Isshuukan Friends is originally a manga written by Matcha Hazuki. If you’re jumping into the series and have no idea what you’re looking at like me, I’m willing to give a quick overview.

High schooler Yūki Hase notices that his classmate Kaori Fujimiya is always alone and seemingly has no friends. After approaching her and becoming acquainted, Kaori reveals that she loses every memory of her friends each Monday. Despite learning this, Yūki endeavors to become her new friend every week.

Okay let’s do a dive.

Like I said this is the ‘feels’ anime of the season. It’s definitely an anime you want to check out if you want have the heartstrings tugged at.

Anyway. Kaori Fujimiya, our fairly smart female protagonist, as seen below, has the memory that the title comes from. She only can keep memories for one week before they reset on Monday.

However it’s not’s exactly true. She forgets the things that make her happy and her friends or at least the people that consider her a friend. It’s kinda hard to be friends with someone that only remembers you for a week. Only her memories of her family remain.

Although if you have a mom this cute looking, I’d want to remember. 🙂


Enter our male protagonist, Yuuki Hase, who as you can see might(read: does) have a crush on our resident amnesiac. He keeps trying to reach out to her and be her friend…

in all the wrong ways.

This anime definitely reminds me of that Adam Sandler movie with Drew Barrymore, Fifty First Dates. Although this inspires more emotion out of you. Barrymore’s character didn’t know or notice that she was losing memories but Kaori does which makes it all the more heart-wrenching to watch. Can you imagine making friends with someone, having a strong connection with them, and then they just forget you? It hurts.

Anyway Hase notices that Kaori doesn’t eat with the rest of the class in the classroom and goes up to the roof(does every high school in Japan keep the door to the roof unlocked?) to eat with her.

It’s clear that it hurts Kaori that Yuuki keeps trying to be her friend so much. So much that she says that they aren’t going to try to become friends. On the surface it seems cold but once you get the revelation at the episode you see that it’s a way for Kaori to possibly keep her memories of all the good times she has with Yuuki.

Like playing concentration.

Or talking about the Crepe shop they both want to go to.

But’s all for naught because Kaori tells him on Friday that she’ll lose all her memories of the fun times they had on Monday.

However despite that after speaking with his other friend Shogo, Yuuki is determined to keep trying to be friends with Kaori.

And the episode ends with this line.

It’s like I said. It’s heart-breaking for me to see Yuuki just stand there and act like he’s never talked to her before and ask her does she want to be friends again even though they did just that last week.

This is definitely the ‘feels’ anime of the Spring.

It has awesome characters and they develop really well and quite quickly. You really feel happy when you see the normally frowning Kaori(see below) smiling.



See how much better that is.

All in all I loved this anime and can’t wait to review the next episode(which will probably be right after writing this one since they’re all going up on the same day.)

Until then Later Days.

You can ask me as many questions on and you can follow me on Twitter to know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll also be update on what’s happening.

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