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Let’s Look: Fuuka Review Episodes 6-12: Drama the Music Anime!

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Let’s Look: Fuuka Review Episode 1-5: Music the Animation!

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Fuuka Anime Announcement

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Monthly Manga: Fairy Tail Zero

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Monthly Manga: Suzuka

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Fuuka Manga Review Chapters 20 to 24


Hey everyone. It’s Deven here coming with the first of many Fuuka reviews. So these are going to be mass reviews of five chapters at a time. Why not review each week? Because I like my social life and I swamp myself as it is.

Also this seems like a good place to announce that I’ll also be manga reviewing Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail Zero which is a monthly series. I’ll review those  every month.

So now that that’s out of the way let’s begin!

Fuuka Chapter 20: Problem Child

Fuuka Chapter 20

So this chapter opens with Yuu talking to Fuuka about the stuff they did over summer break.

They worked as waiters in a beach cafe to pay for instrument to start a band.

Yuu comments that they didn’t do much but work and go to the beach. He also talks about how he nearly drowned which makes Fuuka blush.

In Chapter 13, For A While, while having a day off from their jobs on the beach, Yuu and Fuuka go out on a rubber dolphin. Unfortunately Fuuka falls off and starts to drown  and Yuu goes to save her but ends up Fuuka saves him. This ends up being Yuu’s first kiss.

Pretty nice kiss in my opinion

Anyway Fuuka blushes when Yuu mentions the kiss and quickly changes the subject to the fact that they had a good time and made a lot of memories.

Yuu ponders for a minute in his desk why she would avoid the subject like and he wonders the further he falls in love with her the less he understands.

Yep, bro that’s how it works with girls. Also Yuu just said the exact same thing his precedessor  and Fuuka’s father Yamato Akitsuki. Then again Seo’s really done the same protagonist about three times in my book but the girls and the drama keep me coming back.

Back to the story,  Fuuka, Yuu Mikasa(it’s a guy, you Attack on Titan fans!) set up plans to practice in a studio owned by the Hedgehogs during lunch. They try find a table but this cool girl with shiny black hair is sitting at the table they want. She gets up when they say they want to sit there.

The Hedgehogs are a band that made the song that would later become the theme song for Yamato Akitsuki while he goes to the World Olympics and wins a Silver Medal.

Fuuka, Yuu, Mikasa(it’s a guy, you Attack on Titan fans!), and Nachi head over to the studio and meet Hisashi who tells them his younger sister just got kicked out of a band. They go into the room where she’s playing and find out it’s the exact girl they met during lunch.

Fuuka, almost like Luffy from One Piece, immediately asks her to join their band. When Yuu tries to tell her to slow down, he trips and falls face first into the girl’s boobs and she smacks him with her bass and says yes.


And that ends Chapter 20.

Fuuka Chapter 21: One of Us


So we open the chapter with Yuu learning how to play the bass while Sara, Hisashi’s little sister, watches. It’s also told that she’s a second year while Yuu, Mikasa, and Fuuka are first years.

Yuu with his total ‘I suck and I’m a burden on everyone’ thing thinks that she must think that he’s a total amateur. Normally I have nothing against romance manga heroes ragging on themselves but come on! You are an amateur dude! You’ve literally picked up the bass a grand total of twice! Don’t beat yourself up.

Anyway ironically Sara does say that he’s messing up the part he’s supposed to be playing.

After that Mikasa says that they should call it a night. Fuuka calls out to a leaving Sara and asks if she wants to join them for dinner, celebrating their first practice. She goes and the four of them head out to a restaurant.


While they eat our five characters talk about what song they’ll do. When Sara is asked to chime she says that the song has a tricky bassline and looks right at Yuu. Everyone else laughs it off while Fuuka, Mikasa, and Nachi leave to do some stuff, leaving Yuu and Sara at the table.

Yuu tries to leave with them but those darn manners prevent him, leaving him in an awkward situation sitting with Sara. Sara keeps her mouth shut and calls for the waitress to give her a sundae. Once it comes in she takes a picture of it and uploads it to Twitter.

Yuu gets an update on his Twitter feed with the same picture that Sara just posted. Yuu sends Yamato(admiral) a message asking if he/she is sitting right in front of him because the situation is odd.

Turns out it is and Sara goes totally red faced and talking about pretty much everything she’s done since she came on screen. You can’t really get it if I explain it. Here you go.



I’ve seen cheerleaders say less…

Anyway she explains the reason that she hasn’t been able to get into a band is that people often misunderstand what she says when she talks so people don’t want to deal with her. Yuu comments while she’s a bit intimidating she’s a nice person at heart.



And with that so ends Chapter 21.

Now there was a quick omake called Chapter 21.5 for Fuuka where it crossed over with a few other romance mangas that are in Weekly Shonen Magazine.  It’s not really important. Just a lot of fanservice, a few girl on girl kisses, and a lot of shipping.  So I’ll move on.

Fuuka Chapter 22: In the Band


So we come up on Yuu’s sisters asking him to come down for dinner.  Maaya(normally I’d spell it as Maya but hey it’s Japan you’d assume this spelling’s right.) gives up and assumes he’s on his phone and Twitter again.

Wrong! He’s practicing his bass. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to get the hook down right. His fingers start to hurt but he keeps practicing because he doesn’t want to slow down the group tomorrow. Come on man. You know that you don’t want to look back in front of Fuuka. Be real with yourself.

Next Yuu wakes up and goes to practice and meets up with Sara outside the studio. Looks like Sara’s really perked up. She’s smiling and not wearing all black. It’s amazing what a change in clothes can do.

Yuu says that he feels weird carrying around this huge bass while Sara says that it makes him look cool, like a real rock star. They go inside where they meet up with the rest of the group. Fuuka tells them they might not be able to get in because someone else has got the space.

Sara moves to make her brother give them some time but Yuu tells her that it would be impolite to take advantage of Hisashi’s kindness like that.  Sara agrees but they still have no where to practice.

Mikasa says they could find another studio but then they’d have to pay and studio time is expensive. Yuu offers that they could use a club room since they have five people but Fuuka  shoots that down because there are no more club rooms available at that point.(Trust me. There’s going to be one that magically opens up soon.)

Nachi gets all flustered and says that he knows a place they can get some practice done, his place!

Nachi takes them over to his house where they go into huge shed. Turns out Nachi’s brother used to be a musician and used to practice there with his band. The place is nearly soundproof but they can’t practice at night. Great! They’ve got a place to practice when Hisashi can’t come through.

All the members tease Nachi about the place and they get down to business. They try running straight through it and while they’re doing that Yuu thinks that he’s not cut out for being in a band. That bands are only for the popular people and what not. Those types of thought are rarely good.

However once he starts playing he realizes that the song sounds way better than when he played it by himself. All the instruments are blending together and it makes the one instrument better because it’s working with others.

After they finish Nachi comments that they suck while Mikasa says it was their first time.  Nachi says that Yuu was a bit sloppy and still needs some more practice. However it doesn’t get Yuu down. He’s still riding on that thrill!

Fuuka says that while he made a lot of mistakes Yuu looked really cool. Our man Yuu gets all red faced and then Sara ‘accidentally’ smacks him with her guitar. Yeah…accident… Harem has begun!

After that Nachi says that in a few days or weeks they could really get the song down. So Fuuka exclaims to the entire group that they’ll debut at the school festival in two months!


And that ends Chapter 22.

Fuuka Chapter 23: So Glad


So we open up the chapter with Nachi on Yuu’s butt about messing up the bass part of the song. Mikasa chimes in and says it wouldn’t much of a problem if it wasn’t a bass solo. Everyone basically gets on Yuu’s back, saying that he needs to get his part down for the festival comes in two weeks. Fuuka defends him and Yuu tell them he’ll keep practicing.

We go over to Yuu’s place and see one of his hot sisters Hibiki, half naked telling him that the bath’s free for him. He ain’t listening because he’s practicing. Now if that wasn’t his sister he’d have my respect. She’s standing around in her panties with just a towel to cover her boobs. Too Heroic!

Hibiki leaves and talks to the other sister about how Yuu is constantly practicing, almost to the point where they’ve got it memorized. Hibiki says he’s pretty good but he holds himself to such high standards. So the others were wrong? He’s good? Come on then! Cut the guy a break. One part is messed up and he sucks. Nope. He’s good in my opinion.

We go to Yuu in the bath thinking over what everyone said that day. He looks at his hands and says that this sucks. His other older sister, Maaya leaves some clothes and a towel out for him. She comments how hard he’s working and how he’s grown from giving up before he even started.

But Yuu beats himself up by saying he’s not even getting any better. Maaya counters by basically saying this. It’s better with a picture!


As she leaves Maaya says that Hibiki and Chitose are rooting for him too.  Once Yuu gets out of the tub, he says how impossible that it is. Then he sees some band-aids with both his sisters’ signatures on it for him to do his best.

We flash to the next day during practice and Yuu promises himself that he’ll definitely get the solo today. They start practice and Yuu totally nails it! He gets congrats from everyone. Even some snarky ones from Nachi.

Yuu says that he really likes playing the bass but he felt like he wasn’t making any progress and that he was holding everyone back. He cries because he’s so happy that he finally gets it. Sara looks happy and she’s blushing(I smell harem romance.) Nachi tells him to knock it off or he’s going to make him feel like he made Yuu cry. Mikasa chimes in and says that he did make Yuu cry.

We end the chapter with Yuu realizing that he’s really made progress and he loves being in a band.


And with that we end off Chapter 23. One more to go and this one’s a Color Cover!

Fuuka Chapter 24: Renewing A Promise


We open up with Yuu walking back home, trying keep himself calm about the school festival in two days. Then he sees someone outside acting all suspicious and what not. Get him Yuu! They’re trying to steal your sisters…that wouldn’t really motivate him.

Turns out it’s Koyuki, his old friend. Yuu invites her inside and she explains that she came by to visit but no one was home. She hands Yuu some tickets to her show in Yokohama . Then she apologizes for how she acted the last time they met.

I could tell you but then you’d have no reason to read the manga. Go read the manga! I use Red Hawk Scans personally.

Turns out that she was scared that Yuu was mad at her for what happened and she didn’t message him because of it. Yuu comments that’s the reason why he didn’t send her a message too.

Koyuki jumps up and gets in his face and says that he should have said something. Yuu tries to argue but like a clever man he knows he isn’t going to win an argument with a woman so he apologizes. He knows! Then again he has three sisters so if he doesn’t know how women work then no one in this manga does.

So Koyuki asks if Yuu is coming to her concert and he says yeah and he asks if they’re still friends. Now look at this.

fuuka-5064515 Total fish eye. It’s that ‘he doesn’t get it? What is wrong this is guy?’ Or otherwise know as the ‘I’m surrounded by clueless guys’ look.

Anyway the topic shifts to Yuu’s concert and Koyuki gets happy over it while Yuu tries to play it off. Koyuki asks if he’s in the band with Fuuka and Yuu says yeah. Now if he just shut up right there, things would be all good. But like his predecessor Yamato Akitsuki he doesn’t shut his mouth and makes her jealous. Difference is that she’s not like Suzuka(she would have yelled at him) she’s more like Honoka(she avoids saying how she feels by saying she has to leave.)

So Yuu walks her out and Koyuki asks for them to renew their promise if they ever make it big they’d play on the same stage together. Yuu agrees and they pinky swear.


So after that we shift to I guess the next morning where Yuu’s sisters run upstairs to his room and get him out of bed to show him something on Twitter.


Yep turns out someone snapped a picture and posted on Twitter.

Note:Twitter is the fastest growing social platform in the world, easily out placing the competition.

They  call him stupid for being so reckless with how he was acting.

The chapter ends with how many times the photo had been retweeted.


Wow that’s a lot of retweets. The most I’ve ever gotten is three and that was a good day.

So with this that’s the first of many Fuuka chapter reviews. I can’t wait to do the next one. So until the next one,

Later Days.

Fuuka Manga Reviews

Hey everyone. It’s Deven coming at you with another update but this one’s short, promise. Starting in two weeks I will be reviewing every five chapters of Seo Kouji’s hit manga, Fuuka.


Yuu Haruna just moved into town and loves to be on twitter. Out on his way to buy dinner he bumps into a mysterious girl, Fuuka Akitsuki, who breaks his phone thinking he was trying to take a picture of her panties. How will his new life change now?

Now for those that don’t know, I’m a huge Suzuka and Fuuka fan. I got in on it by the Funimation dub of Suzuka and finished the manga. Leah Clark is a genius in the voice acting community and she really did Suzuka’s voice excellent well. Same for Todd Habberkorn and the rest of the cast.

I didn’t read Kimi No Iru Machi,A Town Where You Live, because of the constant bad reviews on it but I’m still willing to give it a chance later because it’s a part of the Suzuka Universe.

Quick explanation. The Suzuka Universe (which can be called the Seo Universe) is the world which Suzuka, Kimi No Iru Machi, and Fuuka exist in and interact with each other in. A lot of Suzuka characters have made cameo appearances in Kimi No Iru Machi and the main characters of Suzuka, Yamato and Suzuka, have appeared in a Fuuka special chapter(then again they are Fuuka’s parents.)

I think that’s it. Since Fuuka’s on chapter 24 as of this post(Saturday, July 19, 2014) so the first review will be the week after the 25th chapter. Time to get on Fuuka love train! Hope you love her as much as I do.

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