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Date A Live Speculation #2

Spirits. Different life forms that exist in a critical space and cause peculiar disasters.

Strategy 1: Annihilate them by military force.
Strategy 2: Date them and make them fall in love.

Hey everyone. It’s Deven coming to you with another Date A Live Speculation. Now since the end of Date A Live 2, it’s not much news for Date A Live other than the movie coming out and the OVA thats coming out this winter. So I’ll try to keep you guys entertained with some speculation posts.

The first one we’ve got is the big one. You know me I always want to start off strong.

Will the anime get a third season?

First off on the list is the sales of the first season, only subbed since the Funimation dub hasn’t been out very long. I’ll also throw in the two video games, Date A Live: Rinne Utopia and Date A Live: Arisu Install. During the week of June 24, 2013 to June 30, 2013, Date A Live came out on Blu-ray. Now according to Anime News Network, it premiered at 8th with 7,171 copies sold. Pretty good for a first time out.

Now let’s check the video game, Date A Live:Rinne Utopia.

480px-DAL_GAME_U-Cover Rinne Utopia

During its first week(June 24, 2013-June 30, 2013) it sold 23,340 copies. Now what’s unique about this according to’s page about Date A Live there was a large influx of orders from other countries such as America. Why? Because the game is basically a dating sim where you can date all the Spirits that had been introduced at the end of the first season including Origami but most of them came for Kurumi. So add Kurumi’s popularity plus an ending with you get to marry her that got the Americans as well as a lot other countries that had no idea how to speak Japanese on the bandwagon.

Now the new video game, Date A Live:Ars Install.


During the week of June 30, 2014 to July 6, it sold 4,383 copies. It’s low right. Completely true but the game came out the week before those stats came out. The week that it came out it sold 9703 sales! And it’s still climbing. It’s a rinse and repeat as the same as Rinne Utopia. You can date and fall in love with all the Spirits that had been introduced at the time in the anime including Miku, Kaguya Yamai, and Yuzuru Yamai. So it’s guaranteed to be a good time just by having Kurumi.

So with good stats like that at the beginning it’s safe to say that people loved the first season. We’re still waiting the sales from Funimation’s dub but I’m hoping for a good haul.

Next up is Light Novel sales. Now this info is really fresh. Like only a few months old. The stats for the top selling Light Novels was released a two months ago and Date A Live is on there twice. Once at 18th for the most recent volume 10, Angel Tobiichi. It’s there again at 22nd for volume 9, Natsumi Change. Now it’s not top ten but out of the thirty most popular Light Novels in Japan, Date A Live got on the list twice which is awesome.

So it’s pretty much locked up on the Light Novel side. We got to wonder though. Is it’s rank going to go up even higher after the release of the volume 11?

Next up is how much of the Light Novel has been adapted. Now unlike long runners like Naruto and One Piece, Naruto more than One Piece, seasonal anime don’t have much room for filler. Also filler is well hated in anime community. We know why the studios do it but doesn’t mean we have to like it. Now we look at how far the anime is from the Light Novel.

Now the first season of the anime adapted the first four Light Novels.

Dead End Tohka, Puppet Yoshino, Killer Kurumi, and Sister Itsuka

Then the second season that just ended adapted the next three.

Tempest Yamai, Lily Miku, and Truth Miku

The only ones that haven’t been adapted yet are Search Natsumi, Change Natsumi, and Angel Tobiichi.

Now the big question is why? Why didn’t the anime go further? Well the answer is pretty simple.

The last one, Angel Tobiichi came out the month before the Spring Anime season started. There’s no way that they’d be able to add in all the stuff that happened in the Natsumi arc and add to the fact that the Spirit Origami arc isn’t finished yet. Which is the reason why this season only had ten episodes as opposed to twelve or thirteen.

But I’m getting off track. The anime does still have a fair bit of stuff to still adapt. Personally I can’t wait to see the volume 10 adapted.

Another big part is characters. Come on guys you know there’s some anime you only look at because some of the characters are your favorites. Date A Live is no exception. And according to this:

Sorry for the quality. It's the only picture I could find.
Sorry for the quality. It’s the only picture I could find.

A lot of you guys come for some Tohka!


As well as a whole lot of Kurumi!


With characters this awesome and well loved(Seeing as you guys buy games you can’t understand without a translator), Date A Live’s got some good characters.

Next up is how much do you want it or basically how big is the hype? So this is all up to you all. Date A Live could have the best video game sells, anime sells, and be the best Light Novel in the world but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t support it. That means buying the merchandise! Get your Date A Live DVDs, Blu-rays, your t-shirts, plushies, and video games out the wazoo. Why? Because companies measure how good an anime is by how good the sells are, not by how much you talk about it. Because talk is cheap but buying something shows that you love it.

So at the end of it all the third season of Date A Live depends on you. We’re counting on you.

Until the third season and the next speculation,
Later Days

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Let’s Look: Date A Live 2 Season Finale: How To Save Two Fallen Angels

Here we are at the finale. Now it’s time to save two Fallen Angels.

Now the stuff before the opening is just Shido getting stabbed by Ellen.

After the opening we get this.


The whole room’s covered in this purple darkness and when it disappears we see this.

Now for a bit of backstory…it’s quick! I promise. Now the Spirit’s Inverse form, triggered when a Spirit reaches an emotional negative. It’s only happened twice in the series, once is here with Tohka when Shido got stabbed by Ellen. The other is in volume 10 when Origami despaired after she realized she was the Spirit that killed her parents. Now for the biggest fact, this is the Spirit’s true form in the dimension they come from. Now imagine an Inverse Kurumi…poor reality.

Back to the story.

Inverse Tohka ask Miku where she is and why she’s here. To which Miku explains that it’s DEM’s Japanese Branch and she was kidnapped by Ellen.

Wescott comments that everything they’ve been working for has come true and he orders her to fight Inverse Tohka.

Now this is set up to be an awesome fight…but we switch to Mana vs. Jessica Bailey.

Looks like Jessica’s got Mana on the ropes but…


Looks like she’s coming up on her time limit.

As Jessica gets weaker and weaker, her shot gets wilder and wilder until she’s not even hitting anymore.

Jessica questions why Wescott and Ellen put her a young Asian girl to such an important post in DEM. She wanted to be Adeptus-2. Looks like someone’s jealous.


Mana comments that Jessica’s always been jealous and ambitious but she’s loyal which she respects. You can’t deny that loyalty’s important but when you’re loyal to a bastard like Wescott.

It’s over now. Jessica asks if Wescott will acknowedge her now? Mana…what will you say? Tell her the truth? That Wescott doesn’t give a damn about her? Or let a dying woman have some peace before she dies?


Wescott’s a bastard. No other words need be used to describe him. He used Mana and cut her lifespan down to ten more years and she’s only fourteen! She’ll die before she even gets a chance to live. Jessica got so much power stuffed in her that she only had one day to live.

Let’s go to the next scene.


Now this is the type of power that Tohka had before she was sealed. She isn’t even trying!

Then Ellen blows the roof trying to get rid of Tohka but it doesn’t work. Now guess whose turn it is?

Someone shouldn’t be calling themselves the strongest Wizard. More like the most pwned Wizard…if that’s the case then everyone in DEM is the most pwned Wizard. They always lose.

Moving on.

Miku protects both herself and Shido with her voice. While across the room, Ellen saves Wescott. Wescott asks if she can keep fighting and Ellen says that she can’t fight Tohka now because she’s not at her best because she got cut by Origami.

Now that’s just a scratch. All I hear is coward.


So you fuck up the world by causing a Sephira Inversion and then you just run away?! Get back here and fix it!

After Wescott and Sneaky Ellen make their escape, Inverse Tohka attacks Miku and Shido but looks like normal Tohka’s still got their backs.


Inverse Tohka asks why does he possess an angel. While she’s answering, Kotori gets a message through and tells Shido to remind her who he is and do the same stuff as usual. Sweet talk the Spirits and make them fall for him.


See Funanimation, your tagline got him blasted off his feet.

Now looks like Miku’s about to go at it.

Looks like it’s going to work…


Well she’s screwed and she wore out her voice.


Then we get a flashback from Miku, saying that she only felt useful and happy with her voice. Now that she doesn’t have her voice, she’ll be thrown away again. But despite that she wanted to see one person truly love another person from the bottom of their heart.

And then we go to commercial with Shido calling out for Miku.

After the break, we see all the Spirits awakening from Miku’s mind control and Origami trying to rush in and save Shido before passing out. That’s cool but not as important.

Now remember the title? How to save a fallen angel? This is how to save the first one.

You save a fallen angel by keeping your promise.

Now this scene is definitely the big scene of the light novel 8 and it’s been floating around for a bit. Take a look at the original.


It’s soo cute.

Now this is badass on Shido’s part. He’s using three Angels at the same time. He’s using Tohka’s Sandelphon, Yoshino’s Zadkiel, and Kotori’s healing all at the same time. Awesome!

Anyway Shido says the reason he saved Miku because he promised.

Now we go over to Inverse Tohka who’s straining herself saying Shido’s name. She raises her sword and does this!


There are 10 levels of being screwed. This is level 11.

Shido asks Miku to run but she hugs him and begs him not to break his promise. Inverse Tohka’s about to attack but…

Snapshot_48 Snapshot_49

Looks like Death’s late to the party. Don’t worry he’ll be there soon.

Now this is the power of Sephira Inversion. Even at full power without a spatial quake no one Spirit has caused this much destruction in one shot.

Looks like Shido’s gone but wait!


Thanks to the Yamai girls for saving the day but the battle’s not over yet.

Shido drops down to Tohka and you know what he does…


Inverse Tohka has a flashback about all the good times she’s had with Shido and it really proves how much Shido changed Tohka.

After that the sun rises and we see Kurumi commenting that her target wasn’t in the DEM Building before she disappears into the shadows.

So after that we’ve got Shido at the Tengu Square with Miku and she calls him Darling. I’m guessing someone’s changed their tune.


And with that Shido’s sealed up six Spirits. Our man might be getting good at this.

After that Miku comments that the reason why she asked for him to come is because he promised to always listen to her songs even when no one else would. She says like he’s the only good guy and he’s the only one that she can trust. Now that’s sweet but remember she’s naked while she’s saying this. Anyone can just come by and get the wrong idea.


So we go to the ending credits where Miku’s singing the ending song. It’s an awesome ballad and I really can’t wait until it comes out.

Of course we can’t end Date A Live without a little misunderstanding. At the end of her song, Miku says that she loves Shido and calls him Darling again.

Aw man. Don’t you know he’s got a harem of girls that would get angry?

And with that we end Season 2.

But there’s a bit more!


A Date A Live Movie! Now that’s some good stuff! I’ll definitely keep you guys updated on it both on here and on Twitter. So now for final thoughts.

Date A Live 2 had itself a slow start with a filler episode right off the bat. Not a good start and the Yamai twins arc was at least at the beginning very fanservice heavy. However true to the standard Date A Live set itself up for it came through at the end. I feel the same for the Miku arc as well. Not much happening at the beginning but a great ending. Personally I believe that we had a half decent season here, not all good but not all bad. At the end I give Date A Live 2 a 7/10.

Make sure to keep looking here for some Date A Live Speculation posts all month long. I need to keep some Date A Live in your heads until the movie and the OVA come out.

So make sure to keep coming around. Until the next post,
Later Days

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Side Note: Sorry for not having my reviews out this week. A lot of stuff has been happening with my computer. I’ll make sure to finish all the past reviews today and post the new Akuma no Riddle and Fairy Tail reviews sometime this weekend. 

Let’s Look:Date A Live 2 Episode 9: When Despair Comes To The Center Stage, The Birth of Inverse Tohka

Date A Live 2 Episode 9: When Despair Comes To The Center Stage, The Birth of Inverse Tohka

Keep going, Shido! Go as far as you can to save Tohka!

We open up with Kurumi vs. the DEM Wizards.


We get Origami’s immediate superior Ryouko looking down on the carnage that Kurumi’s bringing to the table before going to the next scene.

Shido’s exhausted and panting as he walks through the DEM Building, trying to find Tohka.

Snapshot_2 Snapshot_3

Can Shido go any further?

Now normally I don’t talk about the opening but the words said before the song starts are really important to the episode.

Sorry this is about to get speculative

And remember the opening for episode 10 last season.

Spirits are not human. Likewise, humans are not Spirits. But nevertheless… why is that? Shido Itsuka is confounded.

Now Spirits and humans aren’t the same. They may be similar but that’s nowhere near being the same thing. They’re from two different realms of power and those Spirit powers are taking a toll on Shido’s body right now, from a physical standpoint and a medical and spiritual standpoint.

Medically of course with Kotori’s healing power it might be subject to the Hayflick Limit, which is the limit of how many times cells can divide before dying. Healing is healing, no matter where it comes from. Everytime Shido uses Kotori’s healing power he forces cells to divide rapidly to put him back to normal and the bigger the injury the more cells divide.

So basically Shido’s cutting his life down by years during this battle and add to the fact all the physical stress that his body is taking using Sandelphon. I wouldn’t be shocked if he dropped from sheer exhaustion but he won’t drop. He’ll keep fighting to save Tohka. No matter the cost.

Let’s get back to the review.

After the opening we get Shido on the floor pressed down by a Territory before we get this.


It’s Miku! She came to help!

So now she’s got the DEM Wizards under her control then Yoshino, Kaguya, and Yuzuru fly up and ask what should they do? To which Miku tells them to basically up Kurumi against the Bandersnatch and Wizards outside.

As Shido and Miku walk, Shido asks why did Miku come? Was it for the promise he made her and the promise he made to Tohka. She says no but look at her face.


Mouth says no, face says yes. That’s human emotion for ya!

We head over to the battle between Mana and Jessica and Jessica’s just about lost her mind.

Mana speculates that she’s taken in a massive amount of magical power in a short amount of time. Looks like she’s going to be tough to beat.


Sneaky Ellen!

As if things weren’t already tough on every battlefield. Now it’s Mana vs. the most powerful Wizard in the World and one Wizard with the most powerful tech in the game!

She can’t go any further…




Origami coming in down just in the nick of time!

We head back to Shido and Miku. After a little yuri seduction, they get Tohka’s location but of course those Wizards are going to get in their way.

After dealing with the Wizards Miku goes in on Shido, questioning his reasons for going to save Tohka. She says that he’s too old to think he’s a superhero that can save everyone. She even offers to enslave a bunch of girls to him if he gives up on Tohka. Now remember what I said. Shido’s struggling just to move and he’s shortening his life every time he heals. I’d give up at this point but what does he do?


Then Miku just gets childish, saying that Shido must be lying. She calls men her slaves, girls her dolls. Shido asks how could she hate people so much even when she’s human.

After that Miku gets even angrier as Shido asks what happened her. After saying he’s very persistent, Miku tells her story. She was an idol under the name Tsukino Yoimachi. She was at the top of the world then a TV manager took an interest in her and her manager told her to be nice to him. That type of nice. She refused and then the scandals came and her name was tossed through the mud and all her fans abandoned her. Finally she lost her voice forever and even comtemplated suicide before Phantom turned her into a Spirit.

The sad part about Miku’s story is that it is very much a reality for idols in Japan. Someone takes interest in you. If you accept then your career goes on but if you refuse it all goes away.

After that Miku explains that it was because those men she lost her dream, her passion. That’s why men are pigs in her eyes. But Shido doesn’t believe it for a second. There have to be a lot of fans that stuck with her after the scandals still loved her music.


Shido says that Miku’s created an image of humans and she can’t move forward thinking like that.

Someone’s hit the mark and Shido promises to seal Miku’s powers. She gets shocked that he’ll seal her voice since that means she won’t be able to sing again. Shido says that no matter what he’ll always listen to her and be a fan.

As they walk through the floors they keep arguing or rather Miku is talking in an annoyed tone and Shido’s just listening. It’s clear that Miku’s starting to fall for Shido.

Once we reach the 18th floor we flash to Origami vs. Ellen. Turns out that she stole a piece of unregistered equipment to get around the restrictions she had.

Nice. Don’t play the game, play the man or this case the woman. Take her off guard with a distraction and hit her! That’s Origami!


Well she gave it her best shot. Full points for effort. Ellen thought so. Something Ellen said got me.


So does that mean that no one in DEM thinks for themselves? Wescott’s doing all the thinking.That explains why all these Wizards are going to so far to stop the Spirits even this mission to take Tohka when she’s clearly not a threat while sealed shows that few people in DEM are thinking for themselves. I think max Origami, Ryouko and the now defected Mana have ignored orders.
Anyway looks like Ellen’s about to kill Origami. Well it’s been nice knowing you sweetie.


Just in time guys!


Okay I’ve never seen anyone cut Ellen during this entire anime and according to her it’s the only the second time anyone’s done it. Origami might be one of the most powerful Wizards in the world.


You got lucky, Origami.

We flash to Shido and Miku where they enter the room where Tohka is only to find Wescott. A threat, some strong words there, and he releases Tohka.

Man that was easy but puts down some type of glass to separate them.

Okay that was your move but he’s got freaking Sandelphon. It’s only going to take a second for him to cut through that glass.

Now I didn’t expect that.


Miku do something! Don’t just sit there and stare in shock! (She does just stare in shock for the rest of the episode)

Question. How the hell did she get in without Miku(who’s standing right at the door) not noticing?

Anyway Shido lays on the ground as Wescott gives the order for Ellen to kill Shido.

She can’t cut through glass…


There’s nothing we can do…


What’s happening? On the Fraxinus Kotori gets a report that Tohka’s levels have gone into the negative that means…


This is bad. Inverse Tohka!!!

The episode ends with the darkness that Tohka creates along with Wescott annoucing for mankind to prepare for the coming of the Demon King.

This is definitely an awesome episode. We’ve got good set up for the final episode of the season and we learned a lot about Miku. We’ve got awesome fights with Mana and Jessica and Kurumi vs. the DEM Wizards. More importantly we’ve got Inverse Tohka about to be born!

I can’t wait until next week but I have to so until next week
Later Days.

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Let’s Look:Date A Live 2 Episode 8: An Army of Beautiful Kurumis

Is there anything that Kurumi can’t do while being hot?

So we come back in on the episode with Shido and Kurumi still dealing with Miku’s psuedo zombies until Kurumi does this.

Snapshot_2Now that was pretty easy. Why were we worried again?

So after Kurumi knocks out everyone outside we flash inside to Miku realizing that Shido’s coming to seal her. She turns to Yoshino and the Yamai twins and tells them to get ready for battle.

Snapshot_4After the opening, Shido and Kurumi enter and Shido tries to talk to Miku but gets her usual ‘I hate men’ talk.

So what she do?

Snapshot_5She orders Yoshino, Kaguya, and Yuzuru as well as all the people in the arena to kill Shido…yeah that won’t work. Why?

Snapshot_6Kurumi ties up everyone with her shadow hands but the Yamai twins go all out with a wind attack but Kurumi blocks it.

Looks like things are getting serious.

Snapshot_7Do you think that they’ll let me have one?

Yoshino and the Yamai twins start fighting back until Kurumi summons Zaphkiel and asks Shido to make sure that Miku won’t interfere with them saving Tohka.

So Cute
So Cute

Then Kurumi busts out Aleph and makes a clone to take Shido to Miku.

You know with all those clones saying Me all the time must get confusing.

Anyway clone Kurumi rushes at Miku while another covers her mouth so she can’t use her powers Kurumi sinks them both into the shadows so they can have a private conversation.

Snapshot_11 Snapshot_12Now that’s just insulting Miku.

So while in the shadow world(not an official name. It’s just the best thing to call it.) Shido explains that he needs to save Tohka and he asks for her help.


Then she launches into a spiel about how humans are selfish and evil beings. Wow someone has a lot of hatred. Ironic seeing as she’s technically like Kotori, a human turned into a Spirit. Shido tries to ask why she hates humans so much only for Kurumi to call out and say they’ve run out of time.

Kurumi pulls them out of the shadow world and we see this.


Okay not bad girls but remember all of Kurumi’s clones don’t have her powers only her guns. That’s one of the only reasons why Kurumi isn’t easily the most powerful Spirit in the series(she’s pretty close to the top if not already there)

After leaving the shadow world Shido tries to talk with Miku again only to a warning shot from Yoshino. Kurumi uses Aleph and they teleport away.

So we flash to an alley somewhere where Shido apologizes for being unable to get Miku’s help or make her stay out of the way while they rescue Tohka.

Kurumi basically says no problem and you know what the basically the most powerful Spirit in the series asks for…a pat on the head.


Yeah that’s a good reward…

Anyway Kurumi explains that she doubts that Miku will do anything to endanger herself and she basically put the fear of the Lord in Miku so she won’t try and cross them.

Then we go to this.

Is everything she does sexy? The answer is yes.

After that little part is over Kurumi says that she knows where Tohka is being held, DEM’s main office in Japan.

We go inside the building with the captured Tohka, Isaac Wescott, and Sneaky Ellen(she really deserves more respect from me since she’s the most powerful wizard but all I remember her falling in that hole and getting owned by Ai, Mai, and Mii.)

Wescott explains that he wants to use Tohka’s Spirit powers to turn the world upside down and he’ll do anything to make her despair.

Ha! That’s nothing for Tohka…

Snapshot_24And he hits the jackpot. Now they’re going to wait until they can get Shido so they can use Tohka’s power.

After the commericial we join up with Shido and Kurumi outside DEM’s main office while Kurumi’s going over the plan until…


That’s strange. All the Spirits are already here.

Snapshot_27 Snapshot_28

Kurumi manages to save Shido and call up her clones to fight the now in coming Bandersnatch.

They change up the plan using the clones as the distraction while Kurumi and Shido take the entrance.


What the hell happened?


Looks like Mana’s returned. That’s good. Kurumi says that she has some business to take care of in DEM so she’ll leave Shido’s protection to Mana. Kurumi disappears into the shadows and Shido and Mana move forward after a quick talk with Kotori, who’s been freed from Miku’s control.

We flash over to Miku who’s basically pissed off that Shido had the apparent arrogance to talk to her and asks the girls around what Shido thinks of Tohka. Ai, Mai, Mii give nothing of value while Yoshino and the Yamai twins say even though they’re being controlled that Shido wouldn’t care how far he had to go to save Tohka.

We go to the Fraxinus and Shido getting ready to storm the DEM building. We have a quick scene with Origami trying to get moving to the fight before we get to the real fight.

First thing about this next scene is that Kurumi’s second theme, Rage, is playing in the background so it gives this an awesome feel and it really amps up the action.

We’ve got the Kurumi army vs. the DEM wizards and the Bandersnatch.

Next up Mana vs. Jessica Bailey!

Snapshot_37This is so awesome but this is what really seals it.


He’s got Sandelphon again!

And then he goes in on some dumb DEM wizards and one tries to stab him…umm do you know that he’s got Kotori’s healing?


And we end the episode with Shido calling out to Tohka.


After that you really understand why the studio chose the song they did for the ending theme. It’s all about a hero going the distance to save the princess…and Tohka’s codename is Princess. How did I miss that?

Now that was a good episode. It’s one of those episodes that makes you sad that this is only a 10 episode season. That being said this month I’ll have the Date A Live season 1 full season review as well as three Date A Live Speculations. One’s about Origami, another speculating if Kurumi will ever get sealed, and one if the anime will get a third season. So make sure to watch out for those!

I can’t wait until the next episode it’s going to be really awesome. It’s episode 9 so you know it’s going to be awesome. I hate this wait so until the next episode

Later Days.

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Date A Live Speculation #1

Spirits. Mysterious girls appearing from another world. To fight against their pure strength with weapons, or to address them with love. Now mankind must choose.


Hey everyone. It’s me Deven and this is my first speculation post. Now speculation posts will be taking some of the information from an anime, manga, or a light novel and then make some guesses on what will happen in the future.

The first one I’m going to do is the Spirits and the possible identity of Phantom.

First all of the Spirits correspond to branches of the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Each of those branches have a number and those numbers correspond to each one of the Spirits.


Kurumi is 3
Yoshino is 4
Kotori is 5
Kaguya and Yuzuru are 8
Miku is 9
Tokha is 10

Now there are two Spirits that haven’t been introduced in the anime yet but they also have numbers too so at this point you can stop since they’re going to be spoilers.

Origami is 1
Natsumi is 7.

That’s right! During the 10th Light Novel Origami becomes a Spirit. The story is this.

She meets Phantom during the present timeline and she is given what is called Sephira Crystal which turns into a Spirit. After this Origami goes to meet with Kurumi asking to be sent back in time in order to kill Phantom who she believes to be the Spirit that killed her parents.

Kurumi sends her back in order to test the 12th bullet, Yud Bet. Once she gets sent back she gets into a battle with Phantom. She gets in a good shot on Phantom and gets rid of the fuzzy voice and sight effect that Phantom usually has around it. Turns out Phantom’s a woman with long hair but Origami couldn’t get a good look at her so there is no further description of her.

Okay now that the backstory’s taken care of let’s look at the Kaballah tree.

Now like I said each branch has a number but it also has a meaning which is a Sephria(yes exactly like the crystal) which also corresponds to them. Let’s take a look.

Tokha’s name has one of the kanji for ten in it, showing that she represents the Tenth Sephira Kingdom. You can see Kingdom in her codename Princess.It’s also seen as in her Astral Dress which looks like a combination of princess’s dress and a knight’s armor and weapon. Also the fact that her sword, Sandalphon comes out of a throne.

Next up is Yoshino.
Yoshino’s name has the four character in her name, showing that she represents the Fourth Sephira Kindnesss. You can’t see it in her codename but you can see it in her personality, which is very non-aggressive and unwillingly to hurt others.

My favorite girl!
Kurumi’s name has the three character in her name, showing that she represents the Third Sephira Understanding. We haven’t gotten much information that would make her understanding unless you connect Understanding with Knowledge. If that’s the case then Kurumi’s quick thinking, her ability to hide in the human world, use of her powers were able to let her walk around the human world easily without getting caught.

Our little commander!
Koroti’s name has the five character in her name, showing that she represents the Fifth Sephira, Power and Judgement. You can see it in her codename Efreet, which is a type of Infernal Jinn, well known for killing and general destruction. It also fits with her personality while she’s in her Spirit Form, being so aggressive and destructive she nearly killed Kurumi and Origami while she was fighting.

Cute Twins.
The twins last name Yamai has the eight character in their name, showing that they represent the Eighth Sephira, Majesty and Splendor. You can see it more in how they speak. Kaguya speaks with a very old Japanese style using Ware as her pronoun. I think that Yuzuru speaks a bit more modern but robotically polite.

Miku’s name has the nine character in her name, showing that she represents the Ninth Sephira, Foundation…yeah I have no idea how that works.

Natsumi’s name has seven characer in her name, showing that she represents the Seventh Sephira, Victory and Eternity. This shows through how she tests Shido to see if he’s worthy of her. It’s through games so she likes to win.

Origami’s name has one character in her name, showing that she represents the First Sephira, Crown. It’s shown through her rank in the AST as a Master Seargant, a field commander and her intellect.

Okay now that we’ve gotten past that. Let’s talk about Phantom.

Now my guess is that is someone we’ve already met.


It makes a lot of sense because first Reine’s name has the kanji for zero in it which works with the Kaballah Tree because it refers to the three mysterious forces above and said to be origin of the tree which works since Phantom gave the Sephira Crystal to three current Spirits.

Also look at her voice actress, Aya Endo. During the visual novel game, Date A Live:Rinne Utopia. During the game Aya Endo also voiced Phantom as well as it was commented during the game that their speaking patterns are similar.

Now if you look at animes like Fairy Tail, anime directors like to do stuff like this. It shows relationships between characters before the relationship is even shown. For example Angel of Oracion Seis and Yukino Aguria of Sabertooth are both voiced Fuyuka Oura. It’s later shown that they’re sisters. They do this again with Poluchuka and Grandeeny.

One more thing is that Reine says herself she hasnt’ gotten a good night of sleep for thirty years which the exactly length of time from the first spacequake and the beginning of the series.

Now most of this stuff is a bit unconnected but when you put it together it makes a lot of sense that Reine might be Phantom.

That’s it for now. Make sure to pass this a lot. The more people making guesses and speculating the more fun a fandom is.


Until the next Speculation
Later days

You can ask me as many questions as you want on and you can follow me on Twitter to know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll also be update on what’s happening.

First Look: Date A Live II Ep 1- The Date Continues

[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_00.03_[2014.04.12_18.02.55]

After a long wait the highly anticipated Date A Live is finally back for it’s second season!

How did the season opener go?

Here’s my review!

Tohka is back! Origami is back! Kotori is back! Yoshino is back! Kurumi is back! They’re all back for another season of Date A Live. Wow it’s finally here! Yep it’s been a while since we’ve last seen them all but after all that time… I was actually disappointed by this ep. Yeah, strange I know, but watching it a second time was… ugh, painful actually. Honestly this felt nothing like a season opener should be like, this could’ve rather been an OVA or just another random filler ep! But there were a few key points to bring out, points that should likely set the stage for this season.

So first up we’ve got Origami, who after the events in ep 12, has been suspended for 2 months; not as long a suspension considering what took place in that ep, but anyways she’s off duty for sometime. Overall she never missed a beat from season 1. She’s still the same calm person with that icy voice. I’d forgotten about her lack of emotion she (doesn’t) display, but that’s nothing to get upset about. I don’t mind her, she’s pretty good. Kotori is still the same commanding officer as she was in the first season; sitting in her seat issuing orders, not much new with her. Yoshino, well honestly she didn’t do/say much in this ep, but she’s pretty much the same too. And of course Tohka. I love Tohka and to me she’s the best girl, but… I didn’t like her in this ep. Another disappointment here as I was really looking forward to seeing her once again, but honestly she came across as very anxious and actually downright annoying. Her jumping to conclusions was cute for the first few minutes, but after she just didn’t like that one die, it became just some running joke that needed to stop running and just, well, stop.

I’m letdown by all this, I was expecting something new and exciting to happen, I wanted something big to happen, something that made me go “wow this season is gonna be sick!” but no, I didn’t get any of that from this ep. The only really exciting part came at the ending scene before the credits, where we have Kurumi standing on the roof top looking badass like she always does. You know I’m starting to like her more than Tohka. Then the next exciting part came during the preview for ep 2, where we see the two Yamai girls. Oh and one more thing: are they seriously having the beach ep next time? Normally I’m down for beach ep, I mean who doesn’t like to see their favorite anime girl in a bikini? But honestly having it in ep 2? What is this, some ecchi series where we gotta cram all the bouncing boobs and nosebleed shots into the series as soon as possible? Goddamn it where’s the lead up? Where’s the anticipation? Season 1 had us wait till the last 2 eps before letting us feast our eyes on the swimsuit clad body of our favorite girl, now it’s just “oh throw that shit in the second ep, they’ll like that” fuck man, really?

So all in all this ep was a lack luster experience and one that really took the wind out of my sails. I wanted something else, but this filler ep wasn’t anything to make me excited about this season at all. Oh and before I was pissed that it’s only gonna be 10 eps, now I’m actually okay with that, seeing how if it continues on this path, 10 eps will be about all I can handle.


Rant over. Screen caps of the ep, I’ll cya at the end.

[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_01.09_[2014.04.12_18.06.16] [FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_01.17_[2014.04.12_18.06.34]

Eh...? What?
Eh…? What?

[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_02.23_[2014.04.12_18.08.57] [FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_02.25_[2014.04.12_18.09.09] [FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_02.29_[2014.04.12_18.09.22]

Finally something interesting happens in the form of this guy.
Finally something interesting happens in the form of this guy.

[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_02.41_[2014.04.12_18.09.55]
Oh great…
[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_04.38_[2014.04.12_18.12.38]
For you Origami
[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_04.42_[2014.04.12_18.12.50]
For you Origami
[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_03.24_[2014.04.12_18.10.59] [FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_03.32_[2014.04.12_18.11.14]

For you Origami fans
For you Origami fans

[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_04.42_[2014.04.12_18.12.50]

Panty shot because it was among the only few good parts of this ep
Panty shot because it was among the only few good parts of this ep
[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_15.20_[2014.04.12_18.26.50]
Oh? Sounds like a hint
Looks kinda Epic
Looks kinda Epic

So there you have it, a quick run through of ep 1. The more you watch ep 1, the more you don’t like it; I really, really hope this gets better as it continues because I’m having a hard time liking what was among my favorites of last year. The interesting events that happened near the end are probably the most screen shot worthy out of everything here.

Alright then, that’s all I’ve got time for this week; I’ll cya next week for more Date A Live II. Screens from the preview.

Note:This post belongs to my great friend and fellow anime blogger Nick Corps. He’s just letting me use it because I was so behind. So do me a favor and thank him by following on Twitter and asking him questions on

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