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Let’s Look: Akuma no Riddle Episode 12 Finale:Two Roads and One is Way Better.

Tokaku vs. Haru. It’s time to begin the final episode!

After a quick flashback of Tokaku’s birth we go back to Tokaku and Haru down in the graveyard.

Haru asks why is she doing this and Tokaku says that before now she wasn’t able to kill but now but now she can kill.

Tokaku says that she’ll chose her own path.


First blood!!!!!

Tokaku throws away her sheathe as she advances on Haru.

After the opening,we have Kaiba talking to himself about Tokaku telling her to make her own decisions. She can wield her sword as she sees fit.

After that we go back to Tokaku vs. Haru. Haru throws one of the lanterns at her but Tokaku dodges her and tries to slash her but Haru totally does the Matrix and dodges the sword.

Of course though she lands her butt and she’s wide open. Well Haru you had a good run. You beat 11 assassins but the 12th was too good.


Haru like all people that are about to get killed ask one question.

Tokaku says that this was the only way that she could prove it to herself if she was being manipulated.

Snapshot_9 Snapshot_10

Tokaku jumps back into the fog while someone picks up Haru.

Snapshot_11 Snapshot_13

One Tokaku takes Haru into the fog and explains that the Tokaku that tried to kill her was Nio. Turns out that Nio is a member of the Kuzunoha family. Unlike the Azumas who excel at assassination abilities, the Kuzunoha family excels at shamanism, using hypnotism to trick them into lowering their guard or tricking them into killing themselves.

Snapshot_14 Snapshot_15

Tokaku says that Nio never said that she wasn’t an assassin and that she was just biding her time until the Black Class ends and then she’ll strike. That explains why Nio had the ending last episode.

Good summation Tokaku.

So after that Haru and Tokaku run pass one of the graves and Haru stops to look at. She says that it might be possible that she manipulated her into protecting her but Tokaku says that it’s possible that she was manipulated. However she says that she’s gained something important here with Haru.

Aw…that’s so cute.

Too bad Tokaku-Nio tries to stab Haru from the shadows but Tokaku pulls her away and starts shooting at Tokaku-Nio. Once she runs out of bullets she goes in close with the knife.

Turns out that Nio is trying to figure out if Haru really has the Primer. I don’t know if the chairwoman ordered her to do it but come on! She survived 11 assasins. If that doesn’t prove it then I don’t know what will.

So they keep at it and it’s basically an argument…with some knives. Not the best one. It does have a good impression. You can guess that with Nio taking on Tokaku’s appearance she can be Tokaku’s more confused side, not sure that Haru is manipulating her. And the other one is yeah I don’t know. This scene is hard to follow.

Yeah so after Nio-Tokaku is defeated, she tries to kill Haru but the other Tokaku throws a knife at her hamstring then stabs her in the chest.

So then Haru picks a knife and tries to stab Tokaku but as we see after the commericial it doesn’t work.


I’ve never been so sad.

Turns out the only way to prove if Tokaku was under the Primer was to kill her. If she was under the Primer then she couldn’t do anything as Haru went at her with the knife. This proves that everything that Tokaku did was of her own free will.


But was it worth it? Haru is dead!

Nio taunt Tokaku saying that all she can do is kill and she also says that’s been planning to kill Haru by taking on Tokaku’s form for a while. After that she dies.


Nio! You were my second favorite after Kouko(You got to love those smart girls with the glasses)

After Nio dies, Tokaku cries over Haru’s corpse as Yuri arrives to see the scene. After that Yuri says because of Haru’s death, Tokaku is the
winner of the Black Class and she can have anything she wants.


The only thing she wants is Haru back.

After that we timeskip to the spring and Haru’s graduating from the Black Class.


Turns out that Haru has a titanium rib that barely blocked Tokaku’s knife away from her heart, sparing her life. Come on guys. You give us that tearful ending that you take it away not less that a minute later.

Also turns out that Nio’s still alive and talking with the chairwoman. How? She’s not that easy to kill apparently.


You got stabbed in the heart, woman! Unless you’re an immortal that typically does in everyone.

After that Nio leaves the room and tosses a white lily out of the window. It’s supposed to be Haru’s flower symbol, symbolizing purity.

Then we go to Haru singing the school song and we go to somewhere outside a mansion.

It’s Sumireko Hana-freaking-busa!

She’s alive!


And she wants to cook…

Now at this point is when Akuma no Riddle loses all its credibility. And thus a new meme has been born!

Now here I was going to have a pic of a meme but I can’t find said meme so the joke is dead…

Edit: Found the Picture!


Now let’s keep going.


Now that something I can accept.


Now that’s sweet.

She gets two pics because she's my favorite girl
She gets two pics because she’s my favorite girl


That’s my hot nerd! Being badass! She doesn’t need to be let out of her group. She’s fighting her way out! Too bad it’s a sin to kill a nun.


Why isn’t she in containment? She’ll just escape again! Also why are you looking to be let out!? You’re a serial killer.


Looks like someone’s having some fun in the sun. She may not own the beach but at least she’s happy with her family.


They’re supposed to be dead! Kirigaya got stabbed in the chest and Namatame got poisoned by Angel’s Trumpet. Now if you don’t know that’s one of the most powerful poisons in the world and she shrugged it off.


So Shiena was supposed to be a part of this group that killed bullies of kids and other people. That’s why her flower is a thistle for revenge. However the anime cut that out.


Looks like Mahiru is deciding to move on with Shinya. That’s good.

So we go back to Haru who walks out of the school to meet Tokaku.


So now they’re going on a journey to deliever all the diplomas to all the girls.

Snapshot_43 Snapshot_44

That’s the most Yuri other than the kiss that they had in this anime.

And with that Akuma no Riddle is over. Well there’s the ending which is done by all thirteen girls. It’s pretty good.

Now time for final thoughts.

Akuma no Riddle has some serious issues with the words pacing and characterization! They move too fast to try to fit a bigger plot into 12 episodes and it’s safe to say they failed. A lot of the characters are unknown and half developed.

However the art and the character designs are good along with the action scenes and the songs. So I’ll give Akuma no Riddle a 6 out of 10.

So if you’re feeling mad about how the anime ended, READ THE MANGA. It’s way better and it actually has everything the anime cut out because they were strapped for time.

So with Akuma no Riddle finished that ends my Spring 2014 season. I hope you liked it and keep reading for the Summer 2014 season.

Until then,
Later Days

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Let’s Look: Akuma no Riddle Episode 10:The Queen Bee vs. the Princess

When will the action stop?! When damn you? Not that I’m complaining.

Let’s see who wants to kill Haru this week.

Okay we open up with Nio looking out the window, saying that Mizorogi-sensei must be depressed because he put them on self-study and left. You kinda expect it. The Black Class, which he has no idea is full to the brim with assassins, is down to four members. Poor guy must think its all his fault…

While Nio’s commenting on this Tokaku thinks that there’s only one more assassin left.

Then Hanabusa walks up to Haru and gives her her this.

Now I can read outside the lines pretty good. She’s going to kill her there.

Anyway after we get the opening we get this.

First rule in watching a serial killer: Watch them. Second rule:Repeat the first one!
First rule in watching a serial killer: Watch them. Second rule:Repeat the first one!

Otoya Takechi broke out! How the hell were you idiots not watching a serial killer?

And she coming after Haru!

After that we get Hanabusa preparing for the tea party, mixing various dry teas together. As someone who has a strong love for tea and coffee, I have never made my own tea from scratch. I guess it would good.

No poison as far as I can see}
No poison as far as I can see

Then after that we go to Haru and Tokaku in their room with Haru showering(not going to show you. She’s a cute girl but the scars don’t do it for me.)

Haru comments that she’s going to ask Hanabusa to give up to which Tokaku asks why. Haru says that Hanabusa might be thinking the same thing because she invited her to a tea party instead of giving her an advance notice.

Someone who’s thinking! And here I thought no one was going to say anything.

Anyway Tokaku tells Haru that just because Hanabusa is that last one left doesn’t mean that she should let her guard down. Can’t let your guard down if it was never up in the first place.

After a cute little apology from Haru, we switch scenes.

Oh my gosh, she's hot
Oh my gosh, she’s hot

Can anyone else see a resemblance here? If you can’t…

They look alike! Like Nio with longer hair or something. Mom and daughter, Niece and Aunt, or something. Heck in anime your grandmother can look about forty so it could grandma and granddaughter. The point is that I think that Nio and the Chairwoman are related in some way.

Anyway we get Mizorogi coming up to the chairwoman’s office(he ain’t let into the real office with all the secret cameras and stuff. No she’s too awesome and secretive for that.)

He asks if it’s his fault that the girls of the Black Class transferred out. The Chairwoman puts him at ease, telling him that he’s the perfect teacher and he should have more confidence in himself. Now this would sound sweet but remember Chairwoman was a assassin in the Black Class back in the day. She’s a good liar and probably feeding him some crap to get him off her butt.

Now get out there and teach those assassin girls!

Now after that we see Otoya sneaking on to the grounds. After that we see also that Hanabusa sent a dress for Haru to wear. Nice but not important.

This is important. Otoya gets outside of Haru and Tokaku’s room, scissors ready before this happens.

Looks Hanabusa caught her in the act. Oh but wait Hanabusa’s body is supposed to be weak so she can’t fight off the strong Otoya. Right?


Weak body, my ass! More like she’s freaking strong!

After breaking the scissors, she could just kill her but hey apparently Hanabusa’s a nice girl and she does this.

Now why do I feel that this isn’t so nice?

We hit the night and we have Tokaku and Haru riding up to the 99th floor for Hanabusa’s tea party.

Oh it looks like we have more guests other than Otoya.

Hanabusa brought them all back!!!
Well Nio isn’t there but hey.

Wait a second! Kirigaya and Chitaru are there. They’re supposed to be dead.

Hanabusa’s from Naruto obviously…she’s using the Puppetmaster Jutsu…

Then Hanabusa asks Tokaku a riddle.
I’m stumped.

Apparently Haru isn’t because she gasped. We’re getting close to when I can say one of the biggest secrets of Akuma no Riddle.

Anyway Haru asks if the game of the Black class will end today. She says she’ll make sure that she can grant her wish that the Academy would have granted for her.

Hanabusa laughs and says that only she can grant it but her wish is to be a stronger queen than Haru is. Another hint. One more and I’ll say it.

Hanabusa’s backstory is a lot like Haru, consistantly being the target of assassins. You can expect that since she’s the heir of a huge company.

So anyway…

No one should act all surprised and what not. We all knew it was coming. Now this is what we didn’t see coming.

Snapshot_18 Snapshot_19
Now that is unexpected.

Not let’s begin.

Then Hanabusa decides to go after Haru while some type of glass comes down to seperate the room but Tokaku pulls her back just as the glass comes down. Looks like it’s Tokaku Azuma vs. Sumireko Hanabusa from here on out!

She’s apparently from Naruto. She’s a puppet or a cyborg. I’ll keep saying puppet because that way I can keep making Naruto jokes. She’s Sasori’s daughter. She was born in the Hidden Sand…anyone. These any good?

Moving on.

I understand that you’re an assassin. You lie. That’s a part of the game and the job but come on. Weak body and you can break walls without even slowing down!

After Hanabusa’s utter wreakage we get this.

Turns out Hanabusa had a very similar childhood to Haru, constantly assassination attempts. The difference is that Haru kept her body. Sumireko’s was broken down to the point where it was useless. She had to be rebuilt with prothestics and had to relearn how to walk with them. Now if you know pride, you never can imagine how humilating it has to be to learn how to walk again and relearn how to do everything with your body. It’s embarrassing and Sumireko’s had that since she was a kid. No wonder she hates Haru.

As we continue with the battle between Tokaku and Sumireko we get this.

Looks like she’s back in the game!
She goes after Sumireko with a Kukri and she even gets a blow in before well you know how it is. Main character stuff…

Taking advantage of Otoya’s move Tokaku kicks in the Kukri and injures Sumireko but hey she’s a cyborg/puppet no harm.

Okay she’s got a new arm…

Then Sumireko talks about her earlier riddle where the rabbit and the worker bee are both willing to throw their lives away for the queen bee. The difference is that the worker never knows that it’s a worker bee.

There is it! That makes three! Now it’s time to come clean on the biggest secret of Akuma no Riddle, Haru’s Queen Bee effect.

Queen Bee is Haru’s ability to gather protectors to defend her from any type of harm, similar to how worker bees in a hive will throw themselves in the line of fire for the queen. However it’s an ability that works over time. It’s the reason why Haru has never had her guard up during this entire show. She was trying to turn the entire class into her protectors. It’s also speculated if not outright said right here that Tokaku’s under Haru’s Queen Bee effect. Bet ya didn’t expect that?

Moving on we got Otoya over by the wall when Nio comes out. She questions why she’s here and Otoya freaks out. I would too look at what’s she seeing.

Scares the shit out of me too.

After that Tokaku takes out the chandelier and lands it on Sumireko. What is she going to do in response?

She gave you what she gave her but harder!

After that Haru picks up a rocket launcher, blows out the door, and run down to the elevator. Oh come on Haru. You don’t go into the elevator when something’s chasing you.

Snapshot_41 Snapshot_43
Oh you clever girl…

Nice try but full points for the effort.

Haru runs out into the roof where Sumireko follows her. At this point the music changes and gives it a real Terminator feel to it. Good for the anime crew.

After she catches Sumireko gives her the spiel about how she was able to survive without worker bees to protect her all the time and how she’s the strongest. Can’t deny she doesn’t have a point. Haru would have been dead a loooooong time ago if she didn’t have pawns to throw in the way of the danger.

Anyway, Sumireko tries to snare Haru with some type of wire but Haru dodges. Haru grabs her and pulls her over the edge.

And this happens…

Snapshot_45 Snapshot_46
Haru ends this battle? Didn’t expect that.

After that Haru comes back into the room and Tokaku asks what did Sumireko meant by Haru being the Queen Bee. All she says it’s not the right time to tell her.

We end the episode with Nio standing over the hole that Sumireko fell through saying that she didn’t become a queen after all with a devious smile on her face.

Now that was a good episode. Didn’t expect Sumireko to be a cyborg thing though. These last few episode have definitely cut down on Nio’s funny parts and pulled out her scary raep faces. It’s clear she’ll be the final fight for Haru and Tokaku.

The next episode is “How to Distinguiush a ‘Congraluations’ from a ‘Curse'”. Now remember Haru and Tokaku think Nio’s just working for the Academy. They don’t know that’s she in the game too. Heck the chairwoman forgot until Nio reminded her and the chairwoman put the class together. Nio’s making her move next week. You don’t want to miss it.

Until next week,
Later Days.

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Akuma no Riddle Speculation 1#

Hey everyone. What’s up? It’s me Deven again with another speculation, first one for Akuma no Riddle. I’m here to talk about something a guy should have to talk about unless it’s for his mother, girlfriend, or wife. Flowers, specifically the flowers that represent the girls of the Black Class.

Let’s go!

How the hell do you think they’ll give you serial killer’s insurance?!

Our crazy little serial killer was first to go after Haru so she’ll be the first one on this list.

These are mountain lillies which mean joy of life which really ironic because as we all know that Otoya’s a serial killer. So I guess her flower goes against her personality.

Ah the beauty of glasses and brains.
Ah the beauty of glasses and brains.

My cute little academic is second.

These are red spider lillies which have two meanings ‘looking forward to seeing you again’ and ‘sad memories’. We really get this a lot with Kouko because she really cared about her senpai Irina. Also to the fact that she was raised by a Christian orphanage so she must be a Christian so she would see Irina in heaven I guess. Sad memories also works since Kouko regrets her mistake with the car bomb that ended up killing Irina.

Pity she got out so early. I like her.
Pity she got out so early. I like her.

The better big sister is third and she’s really cool.

These are Verbena flowers which symbolize familial love. That fits perfectly with Haruki who loves her family so much that she became an assassin. You can guess that with the way she acts that if she wasn’t aiming to kill Haru then she’d be a pretty good person.

Every anime has one, the designated loli at fourth and her princely lover at fifth.

These are white and red roses which symbolize love for the red roses and purity for the white roses. You can see it in their relationship even without the yuri. Chitaru loved and respected her master so much that she joined the Black class to track down the girl that killed her daughter. Hitsugi has in her personality which is very innocent and kind minus the whole Angel’s Trumpet thing.

Nothing...that's what she's got.
Nothing…that’s what she’s got.

She didn’t get much but here she is as number six.

These are thistles which symbolic of revenge. Now in the anime we can’t see this but in the manga we can see this through Shiena’s conversation with Otoya about how she hates bullying. So she could have been bullied while she was little so she could have become an assassin to kill the people that bullied her.

Now there’s still Suzu Shuto left but her flower hasn’t been revealed.

Now let’s talk.

Why flowers?

Well to figure out this question you’ll have to do some figuring and have to read the manga. Currently we’re on episode 9 but we passed the manga a long time ago, roughly around the middle of the Haruki episode. However the anime directors haven’t been improvising. Instead they’ve been using the character sketches and plot notes given to them by the mangaka herself. So they’ve been following the general idea that the manga was going to take barring some creative changes that your typical anime would take.

Anyway now that’s explained all I can guess is that even in the manga the girls aren’t around long, granted they’re around longer than in the anime, so we aren’t seeing much of their personalities much so that’s why the mangaka and the anime directors use the flowers: to show unseen parts of the girls’ personality as well as reenforce them.

Well that’s all for this speculation.

Until the next one,

Later Days

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Akuma no Riddle Episode 9: When Two Gates Lead to Hell, You Make A Third Gate That Leads To Heaven

Now then let’s see what beautiful demonesses can do.

So we start the episode off with a flashback from Tokaku with her grandma holding her.


So let me get the right. Tokaku’s mother didn’t name her! She had the baby! She sired the baby! You don’t have the right!

So go to the next scene and we’ve got Tokaku’s mom telling her sister she wanted something better for Tokaku, for not to be an assassin.

Yeah…you failed.

Tokaku’s aunt, Mako, promises to take care of her.

Then we flash to Mako and young Tokaku at that shrine thing.


She tells her that if she ever feels like killing someone she should remember the shrine. Why? Because ___ is watching her. Who?

We go back to Tokaku vs. Isuke where Isuke explains she and Banba made a deal. Banba will keep Haru busy while she deals with Tokaku.

After the opening we flash to Haru with Banba with Banba swinging around that massive sledgehammer. Looks like Haru’s dead…



Seriously she hit her with a phone. Poor performance Banba-chan, just poor.


Maybe she won’t find her…


Yep she found her and busted down the door too.

Then Banba start smashing up everything trying to get to Haru. You know puzzles me. Banba is a 15 year old unmuscled girl. One the Black Class is for Second years which are `16 so why does something happen with that?

Second and the real reason for this little part, how the hell is she lifting that massive sledgehammer! The hammer part looks like it’s the size of her freaking head.

Anyway we get some small flashback by Banba.

Now you wouldn’t be able to figure out just from the flashback so I’m going to give the full story here. See Banba’s original personality is Mahiru, of course you all know that. She was trapped in either a basement or a mental institution(it’s really hard to see) and she was molested and then her rapist took pictures of it. Mahiru snapped, Shi’nya was created, and they killed him. There’s something else that happened with that but I’ll leave it for later in the review.

Looks like she’s going to be a smear on the floor here…


Once again not bad.

We switch over again to Isuke vs. Tokaku.

Isuke tries to taunt Tokaku into making a mistake but Tokaku keeps her focus but


Of all the times man!

Tokaku lunches forward but Isuke grabs her and puts her in a sleeper hold. Looks like she’s out of the game but

Sure as hell didn’t explain that.

Tokaku goes for a killing move but of course we get the shrine again.


Then Tokaku runs away to look for Haru.

We head back over to Haru who looks like she’s hiding in a broom closet. Bad move, girl. That’s the number one place you don’t hide. Only one way out.


And she plays a kinda funny game with knocking on door.

Looks like Banba’s got her again.


Come on Banba! Get your head in the game.

Then Haru runs out of the bathroom and Banba decides to take a little break because she’s got time to burn and she’s starting to get tired. Who wouldn’t? She’s got that huge sledgehammer. I’d get tired just lugging that thing around.

We go to Tokaku looking for Haru and finding the advance notice that Banba left. Only to get attacked from behind by Isuke. They go at it for a bit with Tokaku, blocking all of Isuke’s attacks which is weird since Isuke’s shown that she’s more than capable of overpowering her.


You clever bitch. There’s a reason she went so late.

After the break we’ve got Haru finding Tokaku’s cell phone and Banba comes up from behind with her trademark hammer. Haru rolls to dodge and runs into the AV room.

I love this girl destroying everything. It’s kinda sexy.

Now Banba’s got her right where she wants her but…


See remember when I told you something else about Banba was going to come in this review. It turns out all those flashes from the pics while she was molested made Shi’nya(the other Banba) afraid of light. That’s why she only appears after the sun goes down and doesn’t like bright lights.

Isuke deals with Banba and tells Haru that Tokaku’s dead.

We go to a flashback with Tokaku running with her aunt Mako through a forest but her grandma stops them. Or rather grandma stops Mako.


She killed her daughter…what kind of mother does that! Even assassins have people they care about.

After that the flashback ends and we have Tokaku in a cloudy place with a woman behind her.


It turns out that the reason that Tokaku couldn’t kill is because her mother was protecting her from that life. Tokaku tells her mother is about time that she starts making her own decisions.


We go to Isuke with Haru.

Looks like someone’s been been busy. Isuke picks up Haru and looks like she’s about to throw her out the window but…


Ah our Yuri guardian!

We have the final battle between Isuke and Tokaku and it ends pretty quick. Isuke tries shooting Tokaku but she dodges and then goes for an arm bar and breaks her arms. Now the next part we don’t see but Isuke either dies or is knocked out.

Haru collapses into Tokaku’s arms, calling her name without honoriffics for the first time. Tokaku does the same and they walk off into the moonlight.

But that’s not the end of this episode.

Before I talk about Sumireko, look at Isuke. Her hands are tied. You don’t tie the hands of a corpse. That means that Isuke’s still alive!

Now to Sumireko. The art in this scene is good. Sumireko is wearing light colors and she’s surrounded by darkness which makes her stand out more and makes you assume that she’s good but that just isn’t the case. Something about how she says what she says makes me think that next episode is going to be just as good as this one.

Now normally that’d be the end of the episode but we’ve got one more thing.

First let me get my perverted part out of the way. For a little short girl, Nio’s got some good boobs….

Now to business. She’s got a freaking full body Tattoo! Normally that wouldn’t be anything worth commenting about but her final line of the episode scares the crap out of me.


Now this is only speculation but I think that Nio’s a part of the Kuzonoha clan, the opposite family to Tokaku’s and those tattoo’s mean that she’s the heiress. Think about like a conversation. Why bring something up if it doesn’t add to the conversation. It’s the same thing as an writer or in this case mangaka. You don’t just add stuff just to add stuff. Everything’s important. Look at Eiichiro Oda(I am not comparing Akuma no Riddle to One Piece. I don’t dig my own grave.) He introduces Haki in the first chapter of One Piece and it doesn’t come up until over 500 chapters later. Now that’s good foreshadowing.


Things aren’t over yet. With Nio of the Kuzonoha clan and Sumireko left, Tokaku and Haru have got their work cut for them.

I can’t wait to see what happens next. So until the next episode
Later days.

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Let’s Look: Akuma no Riddle Episode 4: I Get How She Feels

Being an academic myself I really understand how she feels.

Let’s see who wants to kill Haru now.

I legit didn’t expect a girl that came in on the second day to be a good and interesting character.

Kouko is way different that Otoya in the last episode. One thing is that she’s actually sane! She’s also a very smart girl. She isn’t just all good looks.

And I’m so freaking happy! She’s got an actual past and a pretty good one at that. She was raised in a orphanage, I want say it was a Catholic one, where she was raised to be an assassin but she was teased because she wasn’t very good at it. But one person never teased her or made her feel back, her senpai Irina.

Her ineptitude got her senpai, Irina, killed. So she just killed the one person that cared about her. Sad…

Now time for some sub-plot! Why? Only because it helps the main plot.

It’s exam time at Myojo and out of the Black Class there’s only one person taking it seriously and studying.

The one person should looking around for killers is studying. Great prioriting
The one person should looking around for killers is studying. Great prioriting

And the rest of the girls…

It’s like they don’t even care…oh wait they don’t. At least someone’s remembering their roles.

Anyway Kouko cashes in her assassination notice and her first try sucks. She tries to blow Haru up with a bomb rigged to the mini fridge but the door doesn’t close all the way!

The other one is better so Tokaku sees through it. A bomb in the juice that’s a creative one.

So later studying in the library Nio comes up and tells Haru and Tokaku about the Seven Wonders of Myojo Academy, one of which is a mysterious secret room in the library with a secret book which if you check it out then you’ll have eternal happiness.

Of course Haru doesn’t see this as the blatantly obvious trap and ends up getting caught in Kouko’s trap, a massive firery explosion…that doesn’t kill anyone but full points for effort.

Kouko goes hand to hand with Tokaku but even I can see that she’s hopelessly outclassed and she loses.

The next day test scores are given out for exams and guess who got the highest score…the only person that actually tried.

This is a Red Spider Lily.
This is a Red Spider Lily.

This is a Red Spider Lily, a flower common to China and Japan during the summer. It’s a flower that often means death in the Japanese and Chinese culture. It’s a flower that makes sense to represent an assassin but it also has another meaning, rebirth.


I think that Kouko wasn’t meant to be an assassin. She was meant to be an academic or a student. Kouko’s failure here was the death of Kouko the failure assassin and her rebirth as Kouko the normal student.

This was a great episode and I really felt for Kouko.

I can’t wait until next episode. Until the next episode

Later Days

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Let’s Look: Akuma no Riddle Episode 3-Quit Making It Easier, Haru-chan

Here we are episode 3. High quality episode but that Haru. You’d better not lose your good looks because that brain…

We’ve got our first one cashing in her “I want to kill you Haru” coupon. It’s the cute but crazy, Otoya Takechi.

She was one of the girls in the last episode that I thought was going to be pretty bland, seeing as they came in late and didn’t get any characterization during the second episode. I’m happy to be proven wrong here.

Otaya was nicknamed the ‘Jack the Ripper of the 21th Century’ and her reason for wanting to Haru is so she can get Serial Killer Insurance(their term, not mine.) so she can keep killing people without fear of going to jail. Which I personally think is nigh impossible. I don’t care how many people give money to your school and how much influence you’ve got you can’t cover of this crazy(abileit highly attractive) girl’s serial killer rampages.

Please sweet Lord. Own this girl Tokaku!

Moving on…

Something else that happened earlier in the episode(more of the beginning but then again I’d don’t like to review in order. Now if I hadn’t told ya that she was psycho you’d believe the following was legit) Otoya tries to make friends with Haru and she actually believes her. Oh god. Tokaku’s got her work cut out for her.

It seems really dumb and airheaded of Haru to try to make friends with any of these girls for one reason:they are trying to kill her!

Another part of this that makes me think these girls might win just because of Haru’s airheaded is that Tokaku was looking for her most of the episode. She’s just trying to killed ain’t she?

Anway let’s move on again.

What I really like about this episode is the character of Otoya. I just that she was going to be a flat character with some flat motivation but she surprised me. What was even bigger surprise that that she gets off killing.

Of course our awesome and smart protagonist Tokaku manages to find Haru and Otoya and a great battle insues. Leading to, you guessed, Otoya’s loss and she gets kicked out by my girl Nio! I’m starting to see that Nio knows way more that she lets on and she’s certainly stronger than she looks.

Especially in this scene

I can’t wait for Nio’s turn!


This is a great episode that really had me at the edge of my seat but also with some facepalms for Haru. I hope she learns her lesson.

So who’s going to be next to cash in? I know it’s not going to be Nio. She seems like the type to wait until the moment’s right.

So until the next episode

Later Days.

Here’s awesome moments and cute pics from this episode.


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Let’s Look: Akuma no Riddle Episode 2- Things are Finally Getting Started and I’m Proud To Be Wrong

Here we are episode 2. Some anime put everything in the first and the last episode and the rest suck. Let’s see what we’ve got here.

I told you about my girl, Nio! She’s going all out. Full out war!

But we got to talk about the other stuff before we get to that…

We’ve got the rest of class coming in but they haven’t really made a good impression with me yet. Anyway with the entire Black Class gathered it’s time to get serious and like I said, my girl Nio’s the one that starts it off!

Here’s how it’s supposed to go from what I saw in the episode. Apparently it’s some type of sick and twisted game to kill our beloved red haired protagonist, Haru. Despite all the crazy and hot girls in this game, it’s got its rules.

I’ll be paraphrasing. I have to add in my comedy some way.

  1. You’ve got to declare your attempt by handing over some type of pass
  2. You can’t involve anyone that’s not inside the Black Class
  3. Can’t mess up and totally fail
  4. And you’ve only got forty eight hours from the time you make your declaration

If you mess up, you get eliminated from the game. It’s like dodgeball. You get hit and it’s over. Granted you never had to deal with knives and psycho girls in dodgeball but hey whoever said life was easy?

But let’s back up to something before that before we get to the epic ending.

But before the big meeting that night someone decided to get an early start on our target. Two guesses who is it.

That’s good. You gotta admire her eagerness. Granted it’s an eagerness to kill but it’s good all the same.

Haru invites Isuke over to her room so they can have a tea party to ‘get to know each other’. Everything in the quotes means attempt to murder. However our blue haired protagonist, Tokaku, figures it out and totally saves her from Isuke.

Tokaku wins but not without showing both Isuke and us the viewers that despite her insanely awesome and badass skills Tokaku has no kills under belt. She’s a kill virgin for lack of a better term.

What’s really amazing is these.

She’s allllll scarred up. However look. There’s not one scar on her neck which according to what I learned from Sosuke Aizen and later checked for myself, the neck is the weak point of all creatures. So someone’s been after Haru, gave her all those scars, but she still didn’t die! Can you say badass?!

No wait the most badass part is this:

Now it’s eleven assassins vs. one protector!

How are there going to pull these off? Let’s see what happens next week!(Or right after you see this post since I’m so far behind they’re all going up on the same day.)

Until then,  Later Days

Here’s awesome moments and cute pics from this episode.

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Let’s Look:Akuma no Riddle Episode 1- We Know Who’s The Target is

I’m late to the show but ready to go. Now the newest
anime blog has been born!

Now what we’ve got here is something every season of anime needs. Yuri, blood, and violence! A good old
fashion battle anime right out of the gate, that’s what
Akuma no Riddle is.

For those that don’t know Akuma no Riddle is originally
a manga written by Yun Koga and illustrated by
Sunao Minakata. If you’re jumping in the series
and you have no idea what you’re looking at just like
me I’m willing to give a quick overview because I’m
a nice guy.

Haru Ichinose is a student at a private girls’ boarding school, Myōjō Academy, who is being targeted by 12 assassins disguised as students. Tokaku Azuma is a transfer student and an assassin who also initially targets Haru, but eventually develops feelings for her and decides to protect her from the other assassins.

From Wikipedia

Okay let’s do a dive!

It’s easy to see from this fancy Wikipedia paragraph
above that this is an action filled yuri about one
girl protecting her girlfriend(future, probably? I’m
just seeing the first episode now.)

Episode 1 starts off with some type of training camp.

Oh! Someone just got owned!

And here runs in our protagonist, Tokaku Azuma.

Okay let’s get back to the story…

The first thing(other than those girls getting totally
owned) is Tokaku is an epic monster, first one to finish
the course I just showed you. One part had a epic knife
fight which she won like it was no sweat.

After that we get our principal… client… I don’t really know what to call him so let’s call him the guy with the dice, Kaiba.

He basically explains the plot. Tokaku is transfering
into the Black Class(a class at Myojo Academy) to
kill the target who’s still unknown while competing with
twelve other assassins, all girls. They’ve all been
trained since birth and have varying motives. Some do
it for the cash. Others for the influences and some do
just do it because they like killin’.

Go figure. I guess killin’ folks is one way to pass the time. Maybe they’d don’t have girls’ soccer and they took up killing to pass the time. Who knows? Anyway let’s get back to the story.

Oh also Kaiba sends Tokaku these weird riddles. I guess that’s where they get the name from but where the does the Akuma(meaning Devil, Demon, and various similar other words in Japanese)



Now next scene(well not next scene more of next important scene) We see a girl in the class that Tokaku is going to. She’s reading off all the names of the girls that are going to be in that class.

Now maybe’s it just me or just does she scream defenseless target? Maybe I’m jumping the gun.

Now for a language lesson. I know you don’t want to hear it but this is going to be quick. Promise.

In the Japanese langauge there are multiple pronouns to refer to oneself. Typically in anime, pronouns indicate the user’s personality like Watashi for shy, formal, or polite types

Now Haru speaks in the third person. In Japanese it is usually used for children but adults that are childish or want to sound cute use it too like Juvia Lockser from Fairy Tail.

Now if this doesn’t add more defenseless target points I don’t know what will.

Let’s move on.

Now we go to the scene and a classic in School type anime the classroom introduction.

We’ve got Isuke Inukai.

Oh we’ve got our first ‘I’m going to kill you’ face of the anime. Don’t worry we’ll get a lot.

Then we’ve got the girl I think I’m going to like the most in the anime, Nio Hashiri!

Then we’ve got this girl…
She ain’t saying much right now but wait ’til the sun’s down! Wooo! Scary.

Anyway after class, Haru catches up with Tokaku and tells her that they’ll be roommates and they walk around a bit, eat some dinner where Haru basically spills her guts about her dreams and how she barely managed to make it into the school. Hmm…suspecious.

Anyway after that they head to their rooms and do the room check where we see the some of the other girls.

Like these three.

So after that…

Most of the Black Class has been assembled and the girls head to bed only to receive their orders who the target is. One guess who it is.

But hey it’s only the first episode. The anime’s young and maybe someone with blue hair might help out and save her something…

So thanks for reading and see you on the next one

Okay this style of reviewing isn’t me. Plus it takes up a lot of time. Usually my Daily Mythological Creatures post take about thirty minutes to write. This took me two days! With me being so behind I’ll never catch up. That’s why I’m going to use more words and less pictures and learn the meaning of the word summarize. Next review will be only the meat of the episode and some of the veggies for you vegetarians. 

Until then, Later Days.

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