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Update: Why I’ve Been Missing

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Update: I Think I Want to Do Something for Myself and the Blog

I’ve been really thinking of some stuff. Money’s tight…well not super tight at my place. We have money to get me back and forth to school and cash to eat and pay bills. And that’s all I should really ask for right?

I admit that it might be selfish of me to want more. After all my Needs are taken care of. Is it right to have Wants when my Needs are taken care of?

I’d like to think it’s okay. After all over the course of a month I go to school five days a week for at least three hours, write papers for school, write at least 12 reviews per month, side posts on the blog, manage my Twitter, look for a job, write my book, keep up with family and old friends, cook, and do chores. I rarely get to sleep before 11 and I still feel like I haven’t made a dent into the stuff that I want to do.

While my mother and my family taught me that it’s okay to be happy, I always thought that it was important to sacrifice a bit of yourself to be there for others. I always thought that I had a responsibility to others before myself. However I’m starting to wonder if that’s okay. After all, I’m not saying I’m suffering but I do give up a lot of stuff that I want to do to please others.

For example I want a new computer and a new tablet so I can restart my Love Live School Idol Festival posts as well as restart my Fuuka and Fairy Tail Zero reviews. I also want a 3DS so I can play Pokemon and Bravely Default to relax after a long day. However everytime I think of getting these things, I feel like I’m being selfish to others like my mother who need me.

But despite that, I want to do a few small things for myself. So I’ve been thinking of trying to do affliates on the blog again.

I think that the main reason it failed the last time is that I was trying to push people to buy by making specific posts for it. That in my opinion was bad and stupid.

Also I believe that I was going for the wrong product. Not to offend anyone but if you want to pay for a DVD/BD, you would but it’s just easier to download it. Why pay for something when you can get it for free?

So that’s why I signed up with again. And this time I’m going to be working with something that’s both cheaper and a bit more effective in pitching.

I’ll be pitching iTunes and Google Play giftcards as well as Nendoroids. I thought about it and realized that it would be easier to buy a $10, $15, or $25 iTunes or Google Play than a $50 DVD. And plus I’m more pandering to the Love Live School Idol Festival players who occasionally buy Love Gems.

As for the Nendoroids I actually got the idea from watching CuriousCloudy’s Fan Hauls on Youtube. Nendoroids are collectable and very cute and a lot of them are less than $50 on PlayAsia. So it’s pretty easy to work with.

So that’s my decision. Some of the posts like the ones for the Fate series, Date A Live, and Love Live will be pitching Nendoroids while the other posts will be pitching iTunes and Google Play cards.

Before I end off the posts, I just want to say that all of this isn’t just a ploy to milk you of your money. The lion’s share of the money that this would make would go to the blog and if there’s anything left, I’d use it for myself or probably give it to SkyCorps for either blog maintainence or whatever he wants to do with it.

To be fair he deserves it. AnimeWithSky is nearly at 90,000 hits and hasn’t even been a year yet. I personally think we’ll hit 100K either a little before the year anniversary or a few weeks after. He’s a great Head Author and Admin.

Also I won’t be posting any affiliate links on AnimeWithSky. Like I’ve said a few times, I respect him too much to do that.

So I think that’s it.

Until another update or something else,
Later Days

You can ask me as many questions as you want on and you can follow me on Twitter to know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll know when stuff comes out right when it does! 🙂

Also check out my right hand man, SkyCorps on AnimeWithSky where I’m also a writer. We’ve got some good reviews from all the writers, Speculations, Light Novel Reviews, and Manga Chapters Reviews. What are you waiting for? Come and check us out! You won’t regret it!

Calling All Anime Bloggers, Current and Future!

Hey everyone. Once again it’s me Deven. I’m coming at you with something super important.

First let me give some backstory.

Now granted it feels like I’ve been anime blogging for forever in reality it’s only been about six months or two anime seasons. Barely a drop in the large ocean of anime.

During my first season, Spring 2014, I took up seven anime to review and by the end I only had three left, Date A Live II, Akuma no Riddle, and Fairy Tail 2nd Series.

I really regret dropping some of them like Isshuukan Friends and Love Live School Idol Project II. Some not so much like Mahouka…anyway. I do regret not being able to do as much anime as I want but three anime is my limit.

See here’s the stuff I do basically everyday. I wake up at 5, breakfast, writing a bit for each of my three novels(Thief King Chronicles, Soul Saver Series, and my newest one Fairy Freedom, originally called Effy Hearts), do some critiques on Scribophile, do some tasks for my neighbors and my mother, go to work at 2 until six, post some posts at the library where I work now, walk home from six-thirty to seven, eat dinner, do some more posts to get posted tomorrow, do some more critiques, wash dishes, do some light reading to keep the mind sharp, play a bit of Love Live School Idol Festival, and go to bed around eleven or twelve.

So you see that my day is kinda busy. I also forgot to add Twitter in there which isn’t hard but it has a tendancy to pull you in and keep you for an hour or so.

So I don’t really have the time to review six or seven anime. But I want to do.

So that’s why I’m doing this! Calling out to all anime bloggers, current and future. I’m holding what basically amounts to casting call for two spots as writers on AnimeThief as reviewers alongside me.

You’ll basically be doing the same thing that I do, weekly reviews. That’s the only thing that you really have to do. No need to do Speculations or Monthly Full Season/Series Reviews unless you want to.

That being said you have complete creative freedom to post whatever you want about anime or the anime industry.

So how to do you get in?

It’s simple. If you’re already an anime blogger and want to get in on here then just send me a link to your blog or one of your best posts via email at You can do this regardless whether you use WordPress as your platform or not. However if chosen you’ll need to make a WordPress account.

If you want to use this as a chance to make into the world of anime blogging then using whatever anime you want, write a review of the first episode of it and email it to me at Make sure to tell me what anime you’re reviewing. You can make it as obscure as possible. I love watching new anime but no Hentai!

So to make sure that you got it. If you’re already an anime blogger send a link to my email. If you’re new to anime blogging send me a review of anime to my email.

Also regardless of which type you are send me a list of no more than three anime that you would like to review this Autumn Anime Season 2014.

However they cannot be Fairy Tail 2nd Series, Fate Stay/Night:Unlimited Blade Works, or Shirobako as those will be the anime I’ll be reviewing.

Now as I learned from my old blog, putting people on a deadline with something they read by choice doesn’t really work. So I’m not going to really do that here. I just want your entries at least five days before the first anime on your list premieres.

So for example if your anime comes out on the 14th then I need your stuff by the 9th. That’s all I ask.

If chosen, I’ll email you and we can begin working together.

Also just know if chosen, I recommend having a Twitter in order to connect with the folks of AniTwitter. You don’t need an like me but it’s always nice to be able to connect with the fans.

I hope I get a lot of answers. When I’ve got my picks, I’ll make a big announcement on the blog and the three of us will get going on this Autumn Anime Season!

So until the new guys come around,
Later Days

Can’t Wait For My 3DS!

Hey everyone. It’s me, Deven. Just giving a quick update on something. Now if you don’t follow me on Twitter then you don’t know that I’m working now which is totally awesome. The biggest part of it is that I finally have some cash to use. And the major thing I’m getting is this:


That’s right! I’ll be getting my 3DS and more importantly I’ll be getting a copy of either Pokemon X or Y. I’ll beating the game and once I’ve gotten my Pokemon bred up, I tweet out when I’m looking for a battle.

Now I need to say this right now. I’m not going to be a PokeTuber. I’m spread too thin as it is and I’m not going to get a Capture Card. This is just going to be for fun. If you have a Capture Card or something then feel free to upload it to Youtube or anywhere. Just make sure to link to me.

Now I’ve got some rules. It’s a standard six on six battle with Smogon rules. Granted I’m flexible. You can mix up tiers but you have to tell me on Twitter. That’s all I ask.

And with that, it’s all good. I’ll keep you guys informed on what happens with the 3DS and the games. I’ll also get Bravely Default too.

You can ask me as many questions as you want onand you can follow me onTwitterto know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll also be update on what’s happening.

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