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Let’s Look: Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 32 Super Mini Review: Where Do You Find Fish? Umi-Dah!

I have to do it! I dare myself.


It’s a joke people. Princess Hisui voiced by Suzuko Mimori returns!

Note: I am epically behind. I’m writing this review on Friday November 14th. And if you didn’t know, Fairy Tail comes out on Fridays later tonight. And with Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works coming tomorrow I’ve got to get through this backlog. So comes a Super Mini Review.

So the episode opens up with Princess Hisui and Arcadios walking around with pumpkin hats, planning to go to the Fairy Tail Guild Hall.

They end up meeting Natsu and the group after their beatdown by Virgo. Hisui explains that the current events are her fault. The reason is that the Eclipse Gate’s magic had a major effect on the Celestial Spirits and the world at large which basically explains why the weather’s acting up and the Spirits are going loony.

She also explains that she is a Celestial Wizard who invented some unique Silver Keys that can force close the door between the world and the Celestial Spirit’s World.

Sounds good right? Someone may want that, right?

So a fish dude with a shark comes around and Yukino explains that it’s Pisces. Gosh, remember when the Mom of Pisces was hot. I’m trying after seeing this.

So Natsu being Natsu tries to fight them but it’s a stalemate between him and the Son. After that it’s a pretty confusing fight. Arcadios jumps in and gets knocked around. Yukino tries to fight but gets handed to her. The Spirits look like they sucessfully escape with the keys but turns out that Arcadios swapped the cases. Clever man.

I’m giving Fairy Tail Episode 32 a 6/10. It’s not really all that interesting. I was going to give it a five but Umi…I mean Princess Hisui is there. Can’t give it a bad number with her in it. It reflects bad on Umi.

Anyway with that I just need to do two more reviews, Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode and this week’s Trinity Seven.

Until Next Week,
Later Days

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Let’s Look:Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 30: Gastrodons and Spirits Become Evil!

The filler arc has some good starts! I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

So we start off this episode with the narrator(hey the good old narrator’s back.) saying that the weather’s been all out of whack lately.

Bad for the world. Good for Fairy Tail Wizards.

They’ve never had this much work. Look at the guild hall.


Wow you can practically hear the chirping crickets.

So turns out pretty much everyone is out on a job right now.

So what are Natsu, Happy and Lucy going to do?

Mira’s got their back with a job in the town of Seabellius and they need a Celestial Wizard! Looks like it’s right up the Lucy alley!

But first they’ve got to get there…


Poor Dragon Slayer. Can’t catch a break at all.

Sooo…two projectile vomit filled hours later… they arrive at the coordinates for Seabellius but there’s nothing there except a great ocean view.

Looks like someone got played. It’s okay it happens to the best of us.

But you know what doesn’t happen to the rest of us. This!


It’s a Gastrodon! Get it from Pokemon! Looks like it’s an East Sea Gastrodon.

These are the jokes people…

Lucky they’re on a beach that means that Lucy can summon Aquarius…not the best play. She wash us all out to sea but hey whatever.

Hmmm it didn’t work. Trying again doesn’t work either and Taurus isn’t answering either. Maybe they put the whole summoning from the Golden Key thing on vibrate and aren’t noticing it?

Lucky we’ve got Natsu.

Snapshot_17 Snapshot_18

So…how bad of a lost is it if they lose to a giant sea slug…pretty bad.

So Lucy tries to summon every key that’s she got but nothing’s working.

Maybe not…we’re screwed.

Also Natsu got spit out by the sea slug. How can I tell?




Haha he looks like an ostrich!

But it looks like Natsu’s able to pull a win out.

Wow look at that sucker fly. Come on Gastrodon. You’re weak to Grass not Fire.

Anyway after that we switch back to the guild where Mira and the others(Gray, Erza, and Wendy) are worrying about Natsu and Lucy because there is no such thing as the town of Seabellus.

Then through the rain, Someone comes to the door.



It’s Yukino!

She’s got something to say but we switch back over to Lucy and Natsu.

Lucy keeps trying to summon the Spirits but nothing works until she decides to summon Crux, one of the Silver Key Spirits.


He tells them that the Spirit World and Human World are both in danger but before he can say what happened. We get this.


Virgo what happened to you!

Nice boob window.

After the commercial we go back to Yukino and the guys and she explains how her Golden Keys aren’t working either.

So Virgo’s all SM Dom now. Hmm Mashima good work on the alternate forms of the Spirits.

So Lucy gets into a whip duel with Virgo.

Then Lucy manages to get the rock that Virgo’s standing on but…

She can’t do it. Despite being different now, she’s still her friend and she can’t hurt her.

Normally I’d say that Lucy was being a bit naive. It’s a battle and she needs to be willing to hurt Virgo to save her but I can’t right now.

I just read chapter 37 of Fuuka. I’m not going to mix Fairy Tail with Fuuka but I’ll explain everything in my Fuuka Review which I swear will be out next week and my Suzuka Review which will be on out on November 1st.

Okay. Got to stay good with the reviewing. Okay! Back to Fairy Tail.

So after her little show of weakness to Virgo, Virgo just starts wailing on her! Like I wonder if she’s got any welts or something after that.

After going too far, Natsu throws a massive fireball at Virgo.

And then the Celestial Spirits that Lucy is contracted come to the battlefield.

Did they just turn Aquarius into a loli? Also her voice sounds familiar? I could swear that Sora Takui is voicing her but I’m not sure. I need to do some research in that.

So once Loke appears, may I add in cool armor, the Celestial Spirits announce that their contracts with Lucy are over and they seek true freedom.

But Lucy won’t accept it. She calls out to Aquarius, the Spirit that she’s been with since the beginning, but even she doesn’t remember her.

Damn. After reading chapter 37…to forget bonds made years ago…it really brings a tear to my eye.

However things aren’t going to back to the way they were without a fight Lucy.


Now the fight begins.

They’re getting owned and Lucy keeps trying to reach them to no avail.

Natsu tells Happy to get Lucy away while he goes in and fights Loke.

But even Natsu can’t go against them so the only thing they can do is retreat.


And the episode ends with the Spirits returning and Loke saying they need do something in order to get true freedom.

It was a pretty good episode. Although I’m not in a great place to review right now. I’ll give this episode 8/10 for a good beginning to the filler. I’m curious what’s going happen next.

So until next episode,
Later Days

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Let’s Look:Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 29: Giving The Spirits Their Wishes!

Feel free to read the review but to be straight nothing major happens. You can skip it and go straight to next episode without missing much.

So this episode doesn’t have much stuff to work with so it’s going to be a kinda short.

So Lucy and Yukino along with Natsu and Happy go up the Hill of Stars to summon all 12 Celestial Spirits to thank them for closing the Eclispe Gate during the battle against the Dragons.

So Lucy and Yukino decide to summon each Spirit one by one to let them have any wish they want from them.

And that’s it! I could really end the review there and you’d be ready for the next episode.

However I respect you all too much for that and I’m listening to ‘See You at the Elementario’ by Brilliant Four(The Ending for Amagi Brilliant Park) so I’m in the mood for some extra stuff.

So I’m going to heroically count down my top favorite moments in this one. That counts as a review? Right?

Anyway coming in at number 10 is Libra!

Libra is the Spirit of the Scales and she belongs to Yukino. So what do you want Libra?

That’s it? You can see why it’s number 10…

So moving on number 9 is Aries!

Aries is the Spirit of the Ram and she belongs to Lucy. So what could she want?


She wants a tan? We’ve got tanning beds for this…


Too much dude…


Well at least she’s happy…

Coming around the park at number 8 is Taurus!

Taurus is the Spirit of the Bull and he belongs to Lucy. We all know he’s a S-Class pervert so what does he want?

Well he’s got good taste…and with that he heads home.

Around at number 7 is Cancer!

Cancer is the Spirit of the Crab and he also belongs to Lucy. So what could a hairdresser from the sea want?

Hmm so how it turn out?


Hahahaha but this reminds me of the Tarturus Arc when…I can’t tell you sorry. I’m not going to give spoilers for you anime only viewers.

At number 6 is Capricorn.

Capricorn is the Spirit of the Goat and he also belongs to Lucy. So let’s get it to it.



What?! What?! I’m awake! He just started reading and I just blacked out for a minute.

So now we’re getting down to the good ones.

Coming in at number 5 is Gemini.

Gemini are the twin Spirits of the …well the Twins and they along belong to Lucy. Love these guys.

Hahaha it hurts to laugh so much.

Coming in at number 4 is Sagittarius.

Yeah he belongs to Lucy too and he’s the Spirit of the Archer.

Oh god! It hurts! It hurts to laugh this much. Not only does Happy get a afro but it gets cut by an arrow!

Next up at number 3 is Leo.

He belongs to Lucy and he’s the Spirit of the Lion and leader of the Zodiac. He’s also a member of Fairy Tail but that’s another story.

So what do you want Loke?

Hmmm I completely agree! Soft soft, white hair, curvy figure! I’d go for her too!

Close to the number 1 is number 2 is Pisces.

They belong to Yukino and they are the Spirits of the Fish. So what do they want?

Ah the sweet irony! The fish eats the cat! Hahaha good one!

The great number one is Aquarius.

She belongs to Lucy and she’s the Spirit of the Water Bearer.

Aquarius isn’t my favorite because of the comedy but because of the bond that she has with Lucy.

Aquarius is the first Spirit that Lucy obtain after her mother died. And because of being rich, Lucy didn’t have any friends so Aquarius was the only companion she had.

So Lucy does a little play with Yukino to try and make Aquarius laugh. It doesn’t work…epically and she ends washing them out and Lucy gets hung on a branch on a cliffside.

Aquarius pulls her off and puts her under a blanket so she won’t get a cold. She has a flashback of Lucy when she was younger.

Now we all know that Aquarius is …not a friendly person but Lucy did love her and cherished playing with her.

As we can see through the flashback, Aquarius cares for her too.

This last part could actually work in the canon since it really enhances a certain part of the Tarturus arc when Lucy summons Aquarius.

I could tell what happens but why spoil you? All I have to say is that I really hope that Eri Kitamura and Aya Hirano can give it their all in that scene.

So the episode ends with Lucy and Aquarius sitting down and looking at the stars.


So it was a funny episode and the part with Aquarius was really nice. So I’ll give Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 29 a 7/10 for good feels and some good comedy.

Now things are serious! The filler arc is coming next week. I hope it’s good. Although I really wished that they adapted A Day with Asuka and 419 Days. But hey they’ll do it someday.

But next the next review,
Later Days

Let’s Look: Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 28: Bunny Erza, Maid Erza, and How Bisca Joined Fairy Tail

This is one of the times that I love Erza. She’s a great character and one of the most badass female characters that manga has. But my favorite part is her love of cosplay!

So this episode start off like any other. Something crazy and strange happening in the Fairy Tail.


I have to say I’m half good at pool.

So Gray and Juvia went on a job together(totally going to end up together) and the guy that gave the job playing a few games of pool with them. Then he gave them the table in addition to the reward. Nice old guy.

So Gray prepares to shoot some pool the only way he knows how.


Is there one activity in the world where he doesn’t take off his clothes?

I haven’t found it yet. And I’ve watched the entire original series, read every chapter of the manga, watched all 6 OVAs, and even read Fairy Tail Zero and Ice Trail.

Anyway everyone totally swoons over Gray’s awesome pool skills. So of course Natsu has to try it out.


Not even close man. Like not even in the same reality close.

So Happy joins in by pitching the cue ball…and making a golf reference. Do you even know what you playing cat?!

So predictably everything goes to chaos, pool balls flying everywhere and breaking stuff.

Now this is funny.


Now that’s just blatantly asking for sex. More points to Gruvia for being the best Fairy Tail ship!

Back on track…

Snapshot_5 Snapshot_6

At this point Erza has a flashback of when she went to a pool hall expecting sweets. She’s wrong and they direct her to the sweet shop next door.

Normal right? Wrong! With Erza Scarlett of Fairy Tail nothing can be normal!

This is what she shoots pool in.

Snapshot_7 Snapshot_8

Hey she wore that in the 6th OVA, Fairy x Rave! As you can see I am a big Fairy Tail fan…but you can see that by the fact that I review it every week.

So Erza totally destorys all the balls and pretty much wrecks the place. However while she’s all sexy in her bunny girl costume, one of the guys notices her Fairy Tail guild mark on her arm.

They all get afraid.


As they should be. Why? Because it’s Erza!

So turns out that a bandit named Moulin Rouge has been saying she’s a part of Fairy Tail and stealing stuff. Erza swears to bring her to justice…as soon as she gets some cake. That’s Erza for you!

So she runs into Moulin Rouge in the sweets shop and takes one of the workers’ uniform to try and sneak up on her. Of course she doesn’t though.


This is Fairy Tail. Save the sublety and hiding for Part 1 of Naruto(Part 2 is more massive explosion than clever hiding)

Anyway Erza gets into a fight with Moulin Rouge and of course she owns her.

Turns out her friend needs medicine and she was just stealing to help them. She needs work and food since she’s a new immigrant to this country.


Erza doesn’t give a damn! Impersonating a member of Fairy Tail is a serious crime. Check out what Natsu did to Bora in the first episode of the original series if you want to know.

Anyway after beating her down, Erza offers her work at Fairy Tail which she takes up.

After which the flashback ends and Bisca, Alzack, and Asuka return from a mission. It turns out that Moulin Rouge was Bisca when she was younger. Fairy Tail took her in and gave her a home.

Now I know a lot of people rag on Fairy Tail being too Power of Friendship heavy but you can’t ever say that they don’t create a family atmosphere.

So the episode ends with Bisca and Erza about to play another game of pool.

So this episode isn’t all that good. Not all good but not bad either. I’m giving Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 28 an 6/10. It does good with the fanservice and explaining the past of a minor character but it doesn’t have that key factor that makes it a really good episode.

So now that this episode is over. We get into the good stuff. The filler arc! The real one and not these one shots. Pity. I really wanted them to adapt 419 Days mostly because a whole of Juvia x Gray shipping goes down as well as Gajeel x Levy shipping.

But tragically I’ll have to wait. It seems that this one is focusing on the Celestial Spirits so it looks like Yukino will return. Good I always liked her.

Also once the Grand Magic Games Arc ended, the ending animation changed. I’m happy for it because the first ending was depressing. All it was seeing what happened to Future Lucy after she died. While it was happy in a way, it’s still sad.

So now the new episode is a pan up of a character(of course female) in their pajamas. Hmmm seems like they used a lot of the budget and couldn’t get creative. Despite that I like it. I’ll start showing you those in this review.

First one was Lucy of course. Then Wendy. Finally it was Erza in this episode.

Strangely it’s kinda relaxing. It makes me want to go to sleep and relax. Maybe it’s May J.’s song and the characters in pajamas? Who knows.

So that’s all for this review.
Until the next episode,
Later Days

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Let’s Look: Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 26:Even Moles Love Lucy and Zeref vs. Mavis

Let’s Look: Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 26:Even Moles Love Lucy and Zeref vs. Mavis

I knew Lucy’s sexiness was universal but I didn’t know it crossed species? Also Zeref just threw down the gauntlet and Mavis just said bring it! The battle between Fairies and Demons is about to begin…in one month

Once again heroically double posting. Do I really need to say this? I’ve already done a few posts on AnimeWithSky…Yeah I need to do this until I can finally get an update post out. And with my backlog it will take a few days…

So anyway Episode 26 of Fairy Tail 2nd Series is called ‘Present’.

So now those epically cool mages of Fairy Tail have returned back to Magnolia and greeted by the entirety of the city. Everyone’s living it up and celebrating save one person.


He still remembers what happened when he saw Old Ultear. I still can’t get over it myself. See Ultear was only max in her mid to late twenties. She was still in the prime of her life. Now she has to spend her last days watching all her friends live on. Sure she doesn’t have any regrets but imagine if this was forced on her. The despair would be overwhelming.

On that note Juvia notices that Gray is feeling down and tells him that it’s rude for him to have such a sad look on his face while everyone else is so happy. So Gray puts a smile for her.

Now stuff like this is what makes me think that Gray x Juvia or commonly referred to as Gruvia will be a thing. Out of all the people in the entire crowd, Juvia was the only one to notice that Gray was sad. Now if that wasn’t love or future wife material I don’t know what is.

But getting anyway from the sad parts and to the comedy, so Natsu digs around in his backpack and pulls out this.


He stole the King of Fiore’s crown! He stole the crown….

Then he just puts it back in his pack. Apparently he grabbed the wrong thing. Dude you just stole the freaking crown and now you’re just casually putting it back like a trinket.


Wow the trophy is nice! Still stole a freaking crown! Return it man!

Note: We never see Natsu return it, someone come and get back it, him mail it, or anything. It’s safe to assume that he kept it….What the hell?!

So after that everyone just crying because they finally won but the greatest comedy comes from Makarov. Turns out that townspeople fixed up the guild and payed off their debt! Yay


It’s okay man. Let it out. I will too. Hahahahhaa oh the pain and the comedy. I love this anime!

But after this we see this little thing.


Obra’s Imp? What it doing here?

So at this point I’m at a crossroads. I can continue the review in a linear fashion, reporting things as they happened or break it up into the filler and the canon stuff. I’ll do the second.

So the little imp runs out of the town and into the forest where he goes up to a certain person…


It’s freaking Zeref, the Black Mage! Run! Run! Those of you with weak constitutions may want to leave the review.

Just joking with that last part.

So Mavis appears, you see her walking to this little glade in the middle of the filler, and she starts to talk with Zeref.

Now note while this sounds like a conversation, it isn’t. Zeref can’t see or hear Mavis at all because he lacks a Fairy Tail guild mark. However he can sense her. And this is what surprises you if you really think about it. Mavis asks questions and Zeref’s responses sound like logical answers to her questions. But once again Zeref can’t hear her so that means that he know hers that well where he can anticipate her answers perfectly.

Damn that’s good.

So after experiencing the world for seven years, what do you want to do now, Zeref?

Wow, whenever Zeref appears things get real! I love this dude! Humans keep making the same mistakes over and over again. To someone 400 years old like Zeref, it must be like a parent that watches their kid do the same dumb stuff again and again. Now this parent wants to cut us off…permenantly!

Scary, right.

What’s Mavis’s response?


Oh Zeref throws down the gauntlet and Mavis accepts the challenge! I can’t wait for the epicness!

Wow just the epicness. Now back to the filler.

It’s pretty simple. Natsu, Lucy, and Happy go on a job to stop a mole that’s terrorizing a town. They can’t beat it because it keeps ducking underground. Erza, Gray, and Wendy show up. They help out and the day is saved. All in all, very simple and overwhelmingly boring.

I’m not going to go in depth with it because in a lot of Fairy Tail filler this isn’t good stuff. So I’ll just do a pic spam of moments.

There is some funny stuff in there. Turns out that the mole is looking for a mate so he goes after Lucy. Erza asks since she’s a young attractive woman(yes she is! Thanks Mashima for making her so hot and that’s Sayaka Oohara for giving her a sexy voice) why isn’t it going after her.


Hahaha. Still insanely hot.

Then Wendy asks the same question….


Hahahah oh god the pain and laughs! It hurts!


It’s okay Wendy. Remember your Edolas self. She had huge boobs. Maybe you’ll grow up to be like her. Who know? Every manga and anime needs the token loli for the perverts to drool over and for the normal people to ‘aww’ at their cuteness.

Okay now Picture Spam go!

And that’s it for the Episode.

Now I believe it’s been announced that this entire month will be filler to give the anime some more distance between the manga. I like a lot of Fairy Tail’s filler mostly because it isn’t technically filler.

Most of what the Fairy Tail anime adapts into filler is Hiro Mashima’s omake chapters. And that guy pumps them out. So there’s rarely something that goes up in the filler part that’s not canon in someway. The next episode is in fact canon that happened right after the Grand Magic Games with Sabertooth and how they’re rebuilting themselves. But of course they’re got to be some shipping there too. There’s some Gray x Juvia shipping and some of my favorite Sting x Yukino and Rogue x Yukino shipping. Poor Yukino. Stuck in an entire guild of guys.

Anyway that’s enough of me rambling. So the next episode is Welcome Home, Frosh. I personally can’t wait for it. It’s chance to see the new Sabertooth.

So until next week,
Later Days

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Let’s Look:Rail Wars Episode 12 Finale: Nana’s Sweating, Naoto Can’t Sit Down, and Where The Light Novel?

So here we are at the end. How will things turn out for Rail Wars’ final adventure?

So we open up with Naoto sleeping on the train they’re on and the cutesy Nana decides to wake him up. Once he wakes up we get this.


Yeah that’s you should start the day. No Raisin Bran. No Wheaties. No Frosted Flakes. Just a face full of huge boobs. It’s the most important thing of the day!

After that Nana and Naoto transfer off the train to another one that will take them to Tokyo.

Nana and Naoto then explain to us why they’re together and why the others are gone. Turns out as the leader of this little group Nana had some serious paperwork and straightening out she had to do after the whole Prince indicent and being the vice-captain that he is Naoto helps out. As for everyone else is back in Tokyo waiting for something do.

So now it’s time to take the long train ride home and just relax.


Aw it looks like a bulldog. Reminds me of my cousin’s dog. That dog bit me at a tender age.

So after a quick explanation of the train and why it looks the way it looks(thank goodness I skip all this train stuff from Naoto), it’s time to get on and head back to Tokyo.


Ah nothing like sitting on a train, relaxing. Now if it was me and this train had wifi, I’d be playing Love Live School Idol Festival or playing my imaginary Nintendo 3DS which I can’t get because my Mom wants me to get other stuff for the house.

Not the time for a rant and who knows I’m getting a large check for my final one and I might have enough to get what she wants and what I want.

Anyway, it’s a nice ride and Nana and Naoto will arrive back in Tokyo by 19:30 or 7:30 standard time.

So what can they do until then?

Of course Naoto’s going to get into trouble.

Looks like he hears something. Show us the way, train boy!

So Nana tells him to just leave it to the train’s staff and that they’re just customers. Good reasoning right? It’s not enough for Naoto.

After a quick flash to Tokyo with Aoi and Koumi eagerly waiting the return of Naoto we head back to Nana and Naoto.

Relax bro. Just sit back and chill…

So despite that the conductor(which looks like Passione was lazy and reused Princess Bernina’s character design for her) takes Naoto and Nana up to the driver.

So once he gets up to the driver, he doesn’t even listen to him. Or rather he listens, he just doesn’t think anything’s wrong.

The cute little conductor explains that this is his final job for the National Railways and wants it to end on a good note. Oh if only you knew what kind of stuff was about to go down.

Naoto goes back to his seat and Nana asks if he solved the problem. He says no but then just rushes off again. And he calls…

Mari Sassho!

Wow I legit thought he was just going to go somewhere on the train and find her. She has been in nearly every episode and been in all the arcs.



So he calls her and asks her to listen to the sound of the engine over the phone…hmmm bad idea.

Mostly because it looks like he’s got an iPhone all that money and they don’t do half the stuff an Android can do. Personally I have an Android phone and tablet but my music player(R.I.P.) was an iPod. Android just doesn’t make any good handheld MP3 players so I go to Apple for them.

Sorry for that. Those darn tangents.

So Mari says because of the sound quality she can’t really get a good listen on it. Naoto apologizes and hangs up on her. Then immediately calls Koumi to look up what might be happening in the manuel.

Aoi gets mad and wonders if Naoto thinks about her as similar to Iwaizumi(only good for hitting things around) because he called Koumi first. What do you expect girl? Can you read as fast as she can and memorize it? I didn’t think so!

So we flash back to the train and Koumi has the answer! Turns out that the heat-absorbing fan belt is worn out. How can they tell?


Ooh that has to hurt. I’ve got a few burns and they’re some nasty little things.

Okay now you know the problem but how are you going to fix it? Oh I know. A ex-girlfriend of mine(she was really handy and insanely cute…) her car’s fan belt broke down while we were driving so she took a pair of pantyhose and switched them out until we could get it to an auto shop.

And that’s exactly what they do here. Unfortunately for me, my girl wasn’t wearing the pantyhose so I didn’t get this sight.

So after that we’ve got one problem fixed. While they’re stopping to change the belt, Naoto spots a rail bus.


Aw it’s a cute little thing. Nana explains that how she used those little rail buses you used to work. And we see a picture of Nana working in one of those things. Looks like she followed the path of Mari Sassho and wore a cute maid outfit!



So after that they’re back on the train and Nana explains how the train is able to take curves so well.

Then Nana takes off her jacket…yay!

Then Nana notes that all the passengers are sweating so Naoto checks the air conditioning. And it’s broken! Aw come on. Another problem!

So Naoto consults the legendary all knowing Koumi-san for advice in this matter. After that they head up to see the driver and they see the breaker for the air conditioning was tripped.

Looks like it broke because it keeps flicking down.

So what does Nana do?


Necesity is the mother of all creative ideas but if you have to come up with clever ideas to fix a broken down train then it’s the train’s fault not yours. Scrap this thing as soon as we get back to Tokyo!


That it does, Nana. That it does.


Now this is funny. Check the next picture.

As they talk on the train and mention the Goddess of Trouble Aoi sneezes and you know what that means in Japanese culture. Someone’s talking about you somewhere. Ahahah, Aoi-chan’s the Goddess of Trouble!


So after fixing another problem the team of Nana and Naoto find another one! Why did the Japanese put this train out there? Do they even check for problems?

Turns out Nana heard something short out as they walked pass and the air conditioning hasn’t turned back on.
That’s all nice and all but look at this.


Wow she’s sweating through her shirt. Oddly other than Mari running out of the shower in a towel, this is the only fanservice we’ve gotten. Rail Wars is slipping in its final episode.

With another call to Koumi, they get some answers to how to fix it.

After everything’s fix up, Naoto and Nana head back to their seats and Naoto apologizes for dragging her into this. Nana says that she wanted to ignore it at first but he just couldn’t let her. It was kinda dangerous and so she moved to help him. Just like how she’d do with Gonou. Then cue Gonou sneezing back at Tokyo. Hahaha well at least she said something nice.

So after long journey, the conductor thanks Naoto for all his help.


Give some longer hair to Bernina and they’d be twins. Just lazy Passione. Just lazy.

So another problem pops up and of course Naoto rushes off to help. Strangely it’s endearing after Nana says this.


After a tough journey of having to fix every problem on board they finally return to Tokyo and the K4 room. After that long day Nana and Gonou give everyone tomorrow off.

Well after everything you’ve done today, going above and beyond the call of your duty, you deserve it.

Now that everything’s over, Naoto walks home alone. Strange since ever since joined he’s always had someone by his side. He’s alone but not for long!


Minori Chihara-sama! I mean Noa Kashima! What’s she doing here?

Side note: Minori Chihara appears in the last five or so minutes of the episode but still gets paid the full amount for voicing Noa which is around 3000 yen at least. It could be more because she is a top class Seiyuu. At least 3000 yen for about five minutes of work, now that’s beautiful

Turns out everyone’s having a party in Naoto’s room including his harem! Everyone’s calling him a womanizer and the girls want to finally straighten out this whole harem mess.

But not until after a toast.

And with that Rail Wars is over.


Rail Wars in my opinion the first five episode were half decent and okay. They did what they needed to do but they weren’t the best. Episode six sucked, blatantly and firmly. However episode seven and onwards were the great ones. They had some good action and some great parts to them.

So I give Rail Wars as a whole a 7/10. It had a good ‘daily peace’ ending and a relaxing carefree end to the series. Hopefully it will get a second season and a OVA.

With that, all my stuff for the Summer 2014 Season is completely. Stay tuned in for my stuff for the Autumn 2014 Season.

Just to remind you I have:
1. Fairy Tail the 2nd Series
2. Fate Stay/Night: Unlimited Blade Works
3. ShiroBako
4. Trinity Seven(Side List)

Now remember Trinity Seven’s on my Side List here so you’ll only see it if I drop ShiroBako. However I’m also posting it with Skycorps so if I don’t drop anything you can definitely see them there.

So the hype is real and the countdown to the Autumn 2014 Season is close. So until the first anime of Autumn comes around,
Later Days

Let’s Look:Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 24 Super Mini Review Version:Super Big Party and Princess Hisui’s Cruel Punishment!

Nooo! I’ll take Suzuko Mimori-sama’s punishment….Sorry I’m not allowed to think about her…

Note: I’m referring to my Muse Rejection post and the fact that in the Umi picture she tells you to never think about her again

2nd Note: I’m beginning to think that these Super Mini Reviews are really good for Fairy Tail 2nd Series. Mostly because Fairy Tail reviews can be a fair bit long so doing it like this lets me do more.

Episode 24 of Fairy Tail is called ‘The Grand Ball’.

So let me start this off by saying that you can technically skip this episode. Nothing really happens so you can go right to episode 25 without really losing anything.

So we open with Yukino wondering if clothes like this work for her.

Actually we open with a recap of what happened last episode but I respect you too much to tell you something I already told.

Mirajane, Lucy, and Wendy say she looks beautiful. Turns out that for saving the kingdom of Fiore all the guilds that helped fight the dragons and the mini-dragons were invited to a giant party at the palace.

The food’s delicious looking, everyone’s looking good, and everything’s happy and carefree!

So the first thing that happens after seeing all the guilds are here is Levy writing in her journal on how they defied their fates and saved the day! Good righ? Wrong! Things only get better through shipping!

So Gajeel comes in and asks what’s she up to and she says nothing. She starts about how she was scared for him during his fight with the dragons and how she’s glad he made it back. Awww…that’s why GaLe is my second favorite Fairy Tail pair.

So Hisui goes up to Lucy while she’s eating and we go into a little thing about how Hisui was a good friend of Lucy’s father. She apologizes for treating her friend’s daughter so badly before we switch over to Gray and Juvia.

So Juvia says she’s entering a new age and Grey rejects her once again. Aw come on Gray we know that Juvia’s the only girl that you can be with. She’s the only girl you spend a lot of time with other than Erza, Lucy and Wendy. And the rest other than Wendy are all shipped off to other guys.

Another little thing is Cheria and Wendy eating some jello but Mavis can’t eat any because it would get weird if food was disappearing.

So after everyone just confirming Natsu isn’t around, Erza talks to Kagura about how she would like to be friend despite everything that’s happen. Kagura says no way and wants to be like a little sister to Erza…

Now I am the only one shocked or is it with everyone? Kagura owned Yukino, would have beaten both members of Lamia Scale by herself and fought in a three way deathlock with two of the most powerful female wizards in the series and now she wants to be the cute little sister? I’m filing that one under the repression files. And I’m good repressor. I don’t even know what we’re talking about it’s in there so deep.

Anyway seeing that Millianna’s down, guess what Erza does? She pulls Happy, Carla, and Pantherlily out of her boobs! I just passed weird and went straight into crazy.

So after that, Milliana’s feeling spiffy. My questions how the hell did they fit? Are Erza’s boobs that big to fit three cats?!

Moving on…far along!

Gajeel ends up running into the guys from Sabertooth and after Rogue promises that he’ll never turn into Future Rogue, Yukino rolls around. She tries to run away but Sting speaks up, apologizes, and asks her to return to Sabertooth.

However everyone just jumps in trying to get Yukino to join them and it ends up turning into a fight. Ah now that’s some good fun Fairy Tail standard stuff…

During the fight Yukino smiles and says that it’s good to be wanted.

Then Arcardios stops everything and brings out the King…which turns out to be Natsu who stole all the king’s stuff!

We get some little dances that do a bit for the shipping crowds like Elfman x Evergreen, Happy x Carla, and even Wendy x Grey although Juvia’s staring at them like a creepy little girl…

After the break we get some stuff from Hisui, meaning her punishment for starting the events that led up to the gate being opened. She’s ready to take her punishment. However all the guilds, Arcadios, Darton, and all the masters speak on her behalf for some mercy.

What is Hisui’s punishment?

To wear the pumpkin mask…hat…whatever it is for one week! True evil! You might as well kill her!

So the episode ends with everyone saying kabo and wearing pumpkin hats too.

I’m going to give Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 24 a 6/10. It’s funny but not really all that action filled but then again it’s not really supposed to be. It’s supposed to funny and relaxing.

Now this episode was one chapter of the manga just stretched out. Next week we’ll getting two chapters covered and we’ll see the return of some super important and what really happened to Ultear after she used Last Ages.

Until next week where those answers are,
Later Days!

You can ask me as many questions as you want on and you can follow me on Twitter to know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll also be update on what’s happening.

Let’s Look:Rail Wars Episode 11:Who’s Koumi’s and Aoi’s Prince?

Episode 11, wow the summer season went fast. Now we’re down to penultimate episode of Rail Wars! Let’s see how things turn out

I’ve seen this episode and Rail Wars reminds me of a cousin I have. It’s has its occasional stupid moments but they hit a competency streak and ride that until the end

So we start the episode off with Naoto pushing Bernina into a bathroom and Aoi tells them to hurry it up. However the guy that Aoi pwned last week comes up and pushes her out of the way.

Naoto tries to block him but he gets owned. He tries to use the taser but Aoi takes it like a champ!


Then she kicks him so hard he freaking flies into the hallway.


I think horses should take lessons in how to kick from this girl.


Crap. Looks like he’s coming in again!


Too heroic. Just in time Iwaizumi. Maybe you don’t just think about food.

So after the opening Aoi explains how she managed to catch up to them. She took a Tohoku bullet train make it. Clever. Did she think of that herself? Not knocking her intellect. Just that Aoi isn’t the train type of girl.

Turns out Nana took her so she could catch up. Lucky she did. They needed her.

Anyway Iwaizumi ties up and locks down our captives, Naoto gets a call from Haruka. That’s good. Why are you sitting around chilling when you missed all the action Koumi?


Oh she got captured…awkward…but isn’t she the first to get captured? It seems like she’d be one that we’d just assumed to be caught when ever things go down.

So what does Aoi think on the subject?


Now that’s my Aoi! She’s like an American! We don’t negotiate with terrorists!

Note:Got the wrong picture so just imagine a pic of him saying their find another use for her


Hmm…very curvy big boobed girl with innocence and naivety written on her forehead. He’ll…pop her cherry, deflower her, ummm….make her a woman….I’m running out of jokes. You try it. It ain’t all that easy.

Side Note: Look at this box. How the hell does she fit in it?


Either that’s a massive suitcase if it is I wanna know where he shops because I never seem to have enough room whenever I go on a trip or Koumi’s a lot smaller than she looks.

Note:The average Japanese woman is between 5’1″ and 5’4″ in height which translates to 154.29 centimeters for you Metric system folks

So they check Koumi’s room and inform Nana of what’s happening. She says that’s she’s personally coming to assist them and backup’s on its way but it will take time for them to arrive.

Something I need to show though.


Nothing like a woman in a suit. Sexy professional!

Before she hangs up Nana says that she trusts that he’ll make the right decision

So mysterious terrorist guy’s got them by the balls and what are you going to do Naoto? He blames himself. While as the leader a lot of things are your fault. This isn’t one of them. Koumi, as a member of the Public Safety Force, knew the risks of being on any assignment and took them.


So things get heated between Aoi and Naoto so what does Mari do? She asks Aoi to come and help her take a shower.

Normally I’m the first guy on the fanservice bus but that came out of left field.


That’s nice and all but what does have to do with the plot. Trying a less obvious reaction to the fanservice. How you like?

Okay got that out of my system. Now back to your regularly scheduled review.

Aoi thanks Mari for taking her away when she needed it. She needed a bit of time to cool off. She also says since the terrorists have seen her with them she needs to be on her guard so Aoi advises her to stay beside her ‘prince’ ie Naoto.

So the next scene the train stops to attach an electric train so they can get through the non-electric parts of the Sapporo route without having electric tracks. I assume this is going to come up later.

The scene after that, Aoi and Naoto are watching the prince in their makeshift base of sorts. The subject of Naoto being Sassho’s prince comes up and it gives Naoto an idea.


So Naoto apparently has a genius idea to switch places with the prince while Bernina is escorted off the train and to her destination by Nana


So after we get a flashback from Naoto with Bernina guessing that this might be an attempt to kill her so the sixth person or below in line could be come the king.

Makes sense. If they were selling 3DS for half price, I’d drop kick and leave my brother for it. Shoot. Every man for himself in type of stuff.


Naoto x Bernina! Although I’m still Naoto x Mari though.

So after that everyone gets fired up with Iwaizumi out for blood and Aoi asking to shoot to kill! Yay this going to be a good fight!

So after that we get some stuff from the kidnapper on the drop is going to be done.

Once the train gets to the Datemombetsu Station, the team brings Naoto(our fake prince) to the lead car but of course they realize it’s not the prince.

Let’s see, Duh! He’s taller, he has blue freaking hair, and they don’t even look alike. So what possessed you to think that it was the prince you idiots? If I was your employer, I’d ask for freaking refund.
So Aoi shoots the gun out of guy’s hand Note:Nigh Impossible. Even a sniper on his best day couldn’t do that. and after the dude retreats to get Koumi out, Iwaizumi goes in on him!

So like most times where there’s something stressful, Koumi collaspes into Naoto’s arms. So predictable Koumi-san.

Now the real battle begins since the train’s speeding up really fast. They need to stop it but the dude that wanted a piece of Koumi is holded up there with an automatic.

However Koumi’s brains aren’t going to fail us now! She asks Aoi to shoot out the flares in the lead car for a distraction and it works.


And that creates a smokescreen that Aoi uses to her signature Aoi Kick!

So once they get to the lead car they realize that the controls for the brakes are all busted. Crap! This train’s a runaway!

So at the end of everything what are they going to do?


It works but it’s insane. They’ll have to jump the gap between the cars while they’re at top speed.


It works but at the end this happens.

So now Aoi and Naoto are trapped on a runaway train and faced with that what does Aoi do? She takes off her stockings! Yay Aoi’s long sensual legs!


Yeah I was going to have two pics here but I didn’t want to go too far.

So at the face of being alone and on a train they start talking while Naoto wraps up Aoi’s injured leg.


So it’s true. People don’t have a good opinion of their own looks. Because her legs are her best part!

Another shift in the train has Aoi fall into Naoto’s arms and we get really close to the kiss but we lose it thanks to Gonou.



I guess I can forgive her since she saved them from a train crash but I wish they showed us that.


Total Naoto x Aoi moment!

And they end the episode staring out that this beautiful scene.


I say it’s a pretty good episode in my opinion. It had action, a bit of shipping, and a bit of drama. I’ll give Rail Wars Episode 11 a 8/10.

Now normally I’d have a few more reviews today but I’ve got nothing. I didn’t go to my local library on Saturday to download Fairy Tail also I’m mad that I didn’t get Sword Art Online II either.Reason being that I went to a garage sale, bought an Xbox 360, and got my money stolen. It doesn’t work! Lucky the lady gave me a money back guarantee so I’ll get my money back next week.

I’m here now so that review will probably be out Monday.

I’ll also have the Fuuka Review and the newest Fairy Tail Zero review out soon too.

So next week is the finale of Rail Wars. Have you liked it just as much as I have. Next week, even though I’ve been using them all this time, I’ll use PNG images for the occasion.

Looks like the final episode will be very Nana heavy, in both senses of the word!

So until some Nana action next week,
Later Days!

Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 23 Super Mini Review Version: What Happens When Fairies Die?

Sorry this is so late. Work is tiring but better late than never right?

Another question even more important than “Do Fairies Have Tails?” What Happens When A Fairy Dies?

So we open with Lucy explaining how they’ll be able to save the world. Turns out if the Eclispe Gate is destroyed in their time, Future Rogue won’t have a way to go back in time. So it basically activates a paradox that sets everything straight.

But we’re all missing the big question? How are they going to destroy the gate?


How stupid am I? This is freaking Fairy Tail! They excel at property damage!

Then you can cue Natsu fighting Future Rogue on top of Motherglare. After getting one more bite out of Atlas Flame’s Hellfire, Natsu gets a Fire Dragon’s Sword Horn and rams Future Rogue and Motherglare through the Eclipse Gate, saving the world.

As the dragons and Future Rogue disappear, Zirconis tries to attack one more time but Hisui apologizes to him for pulling him out of his natural time and calls him the Jade Dragon. He apparently likes the name since it’s the name that he uses when he speaks with Wendy after his spirit was brought back with Milky Way. So that distracts him long enough for him to disapear.

Atlas Flame promises to never forget Natsu as he disappears. Future Rogue explains why he went bad. All the stress of Acnologia rulling the world and finally Frosh dying, just pushed him over the edge.

‘Hi I’m Future Rogue. One of the most powerful Dragon Slayers in the Fairy Tail manga/anime. I went back in time, manipulated a princess, possessed my younger self, killed a girl, and released seven dragons to take over the world. Why? All because my kitty died?’

Hahahahahaha it hurts! It’s never hurted this much to laugh. Hahahahaha

Anyway as the episode ends all the normal guildmembers are patting each other on the back while the Dragon Slayers are seriously depressed.

Because even though they all fought their hardest, not one Dragon Slayer was able to kill a dragon. And with Acnologia being a very real threat(check the most recent chapter to see just how much), the Dragon Slayers need some serious training if they want to get rid of him.

As the episode ends, Future Lucy’s body fades away and her soul ascends to the Golden Grasslands where all the members of Fairy Tail are there to greet her as they head out on their next journey.

So I ask you. What happens when fairies die? They meet all their fallen friends and the story goes on.


I’m giving Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 23 a 9/10 for beautiful art work, good fight scenes and that ending! NaLu for the win! That gives me an idea for a Fairy Tail Speculation! Time to talk Shipping!

Anyway that’s for another time,
Until the next episode,
Later Days

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