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Let’s Look: Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episodes 16, 17, 18 Extreme Super Mini Review:Let The Dragons’ Rise!

Hey everyone it’s Deven again. I’m going to stuff all the these Fairy Tail Reviews on one post. Here we go!

This is definitely my favorite part of the Grand Magic Games
arc! Let’s dive in!

Episode 16 of Fairy Tail 2nd series is called ‘Natsu vs. Rogue’.
After Future Rogue kills Future Lucy Natsu steps up to fight him.
Looks like he’s about to own…but Natsu even in Lightning Flame
Dragon Mode gets his ass handed to him by Future Rogue in White
Shadow Dragon Mode. Luckily he got his butt saved by Ultear and
Merudy. Crocus evacuated while Toma E. Fiore, Fiore’s king, asks
all the guilds that participated to help in defeating the dragons
that remain after the Eclipse Cannon fires. As the Eclipse Gate
opens, Lucy moves to close the gate, dooming all of humanity to
the wrath of the oncoming dragons.

Episode 17 of Fairy Tail 2nd series is called ‘For Me, Too’. Lucy
explains to Hisui, so sexy princess! Ah Suzuko Mimori-sama, that
does Eclipse Cannon doesn’t exist. The gate only connects the
past and present. However because of the day and the red moon,
the gate’s connected to 400 years in the past where the dragons
ruled the world. The Gate is opened and dragons start coming
through until Lucy and Yukino seal the gate once again with the
12 Golden Keys. However seven dragons made it through and start
rampaging all over Crocus. The guilds fight the dragons only to
find their magic doesn’t work on the dragons. After Future Rogue
takes to the skies with Motherglare, Natsu returns to fight him
once again.

Episode 18 of Fairy Tail 2nd series is called ‘Seven Dragons’.
Some of the guilds’ strongest wizards fight against the dragons
to no avail. Translation: they’re getting their butts kicked. But
wait we have Sting and Present day Rogue! They’ve killed dragons
before. Wrong! They lied and now they’re just as screwed as they
are. Future Rogue explains his plan overthrow Acnologia and
become the new Dragon King. Natsu realizes something and smacks
down Motherglare to the ground with his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic.
Natsu calls out to all the Dragon Slayers and tells them that
this was what their magic meant for. We end to see that cogwheel
is finally turning in. It’s time for the Dragon Slayers to go
hunting! The episode ends with the seventh and final Dragon
Slayer, Cobra of Oracion Seis, arriving to help.

And here we go! I’ll make sure to have up the review for Episode
19 soon.


1.For Episode 16, it gets a good review of 8/10 for good plot and
excellent art. It misses 9 or 10 because they leave us on a
2. For Episode 17, it gets 8. For the great part with Yukino and
Lucy opening the twelve gates to reseal the Eclispe Gate. As well
as all the good fights there even though the guilds don’t do crap
to the dragons.
3.For Episode 18, it gets an epic rating of 9 for Natsu’s
declaration to the other Dragon Slayers. It misses out on that
last point because it was kinda a slow getting to the action.

So that’s it for Fairy Tail,

Until the next review,

Later days

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Let’s Look:Fairy Tail Episode 12:Iron Shadow Dragon!

Fairies never lose! Let’s go!

So we start off the episode with this!


Oh Rogue you done stepped in it now.

So after the opening we go to the Rescue Lucy team in the palace. Future Lucy explains that a swarm of 10,000 dragons will attack destroy the entire capital.

We go to Princess Hisui who confirms this and says that she will open the gate if the person that told her of the future is correct.

Side note: I just realized that Princess Hisui is voiced by Suzuko Mimori of Love Live fame. Yay, Umi-chan!

Sonoda.Umi.full.1437738 tumblr_n4a740Ufvd1stg31so1_500

(cough) Ignore that idol fanboy moment and let’s get back to the show.

We go back to the Rescue team who shows looks of fear and confusion. Well except one person…

Snapshot_2 Snapshot_3

The others spitball ideas about where the dragons are coming from or what is their purpose while Natsu does…well just look.


Like that’s going to stop a dragon.

Future Lucy asks why do they believe her. Mostly because the story does sound a bit far-fetched.


After Future Lucy gets a quick scolding by Present Lucy, Carla finally connects the dots about the vision she’s had for like 20 episodes ago.


Yeah in the first episode we saw Natsu fighting against all the dragons so what did happen at the end?


They died…

After Future Lucy’s flashback she explains that she used the Eclipse gate to go back in time to July 4 X791.

But Arcardios seems to see something wrong with this.

Future Lucy advises Natsu’s group to go and meet up with Jellal’s group to figure out what to do next since she didn’t have a plan coming back to the past.

Arcadios also has a flashback showing how Princess Hisui got the idea for the Eclispe 2 Project. He concludes that if Future Lucy told Hisui about the Eclipse 2 then it was impossible for her to arrive on the 4th.

Future Lucy starts to worry about the future and how she was unable to do anything but all Natsu needs to do is this.


After that we go to Jellal, Ultear(she’s so hot and she’s got Miyuki Sawashiro as her voice in Japanese and Lydia Mackay in English!), and Meredy sitting outside out the city trying to figure out what’s true about what Future Lucy said.

We move back to Gajeel vs. Rogue.


Someone’s been busy laying down the smashdown on Rogue.

Rogue explains that he always looked up to Gajeel while he was in Phantom Lord but once he went to Fairy Tail he couldn’t believe it at the time. However over time he realized that it was because of friends and that Sabertooth doesn’t have bonds like that.


He says that Frosh is Rogue’s friend and Rogue agrees. Rogue is about to give up but something speaks to him in the darkness.


And his shadow tells him to kill Gajeel. Wow this looks like a badass battle after the commerial.

But we go to Natsu’s group back in the palace and other than Arcadios and Yukino leaving, the rest is all filler to make sure that the episode gets to 22 minutes. So I’ll make sure to skip that part and focus on the good stuff.

Back to Gajeel vs. Rogue.


Looks like someone’s about to get power up.


There is it!

So they start up the fight and it’s just better to show with pictures.

Wow, this is a good one. This is why the anime needed to come back!

During the fight Mavis comments that something must be possessing Rogue and it’s deeply evil.


After that we go back to Jellal and the others where they sense a spike in magical energy they realize that Future Lucy has just gotten into a battle but in the fighting she isn’t fighting at all. What’s up?

I could comment on the filler parts but I respect you all too much.

After that we have Gajeel completely owned by Possessed Rogue.


Looks like he’s about to kill him. Come on that’s too far for a game but it looks like things aren’t in the game territory any more.

Snapshot_28 Snapshot_29

Oh crap things are getting serious now! When Natsu ate Laxus’s Lightning, he became the Lightning Flame Dragon Slayer. Now what will Gajeel be when he mixes shadows with iron?

Snapshot_30 Snapshot_32

Oh crap. It’s about to go down it’s…it’s…


It’s the Iron Shadow Dragon!

And with that we end the episode. Can you even wait to see the battle of the Possessed Rogue vs. Iron Shadow Dragon Gajeel! Until next week,
Later Days!

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Let’s Look:Fairy Tail Series 2 Episode 9: Sayaka Ohara vs. Kikuko Inoue vs. Saori Hayami

The episode opens with Rufus, you remember him guy that got owned by Gray a few episodes, waking up and remembering what happened.

After the opening we get a quick review of the scores with Fairy Tail in first place with 50 points followed by Sabertooth with 49 points.

Risley and the girls from Mermaid Heel comment that it will be hard for them to come back since they’re in last place with only 43 points but there’s no need to worry because they’ve got…

Prim and composed is so cute.
Prim and composed is so cute.

They’ve got Kagura, who’s voiced by Saori Hayami one part of the beautiful triangle that’s made in this episode.

But Beth(the carrot girl) comments that no one’s seen Millianna on the Lacrima vision for a while. They hope that nothing’s wrong…they are so wrong.

We go to the Rescue Team walking through the Hell Palace towards the exit. They talk about how Arcardios survived and what the Princess, Hisui, is planning. Until they find the exit.

Looks like they’re going to get out.

Who is this?
Who is this?

Who is this?

We flash up to the guys in the palace and Princess Hisui. They basically tell us what we already know. Fairy Tail came, they saw, they owned the Garou Knights.

Now we get the minister of defense, Darton, come up and question why she’s so happy that Arcardios, who was thrown into the Hell Palace with Fairy Tail has escaped since she threw him in there. Darton then realizes that Hisui not Arcardios is the mastermind behind the Eclispe Project.

Hisui comments that the plan that he’s heard about is only a cover plan but the Eclispe Project has another version, phase two. She states if Phase Two of the Eclispe Project doesn’t go into effect then all of Fiore will be destroyed tomorrow.

We head back to the Grand Magic Games(Finally!) where we see Juvia(ah my beautiful water mage) getting attacked by Chelia.

Turns out Chelia wants to fight Juvia because she’s getting all of Lyon’s attention. Aww…little Chelia has a crush. Now for some extra info. Now according to Chelia’s guild card, she’s fifteen while Lyon is twenty-six, eleven years her senior. So unless he wants to date a girl that young it ain’t happening.

Guild Cards are usually cover pages for manga chapters and they explain a lot about the character that hadn’t been seen while they were on screen. After the Grand Magic Games Hiro Mashima did a few months worth of guild cards for all the guilds that participated in the Grand Magic Games

Anyway thanks to Mavis’s strategy Erza heads up to the roof of some building where Mavis strategized that she would fight Minerva, the ace of Sabertooth. However this happens.

Yes! Now it’s Sayaka Ohara vs. Saori Hayami! So awesome. I haven’t seen them go at it since Sekirei(Sayaka played Miya Asama and Saori played Musubi)

I’m giving you pictures but they don’t really do it justice. Imagine epic music and awesome voice acting alongside and you’ll get the picture.

Then Erza and Kagura clash and this happens.

Looks like Minerva’s joined the party and with that Kikuko Inoue joins the party! Three of my favorite female seiyuu about to duke it out. Thanks Fairy Tail!

Wow this is tense. Only pictures can convey this awesomeness.

Then Minerva uses I Ragado to trap Erza and Kagura in spatial bubbles then she uses one of the most badass spells in the anime, made even better by Kikuko Inoue’s beautiful voice.

So awesome but you know what’s better?

Snapshot_50 Snapshot_51
They took it like some bosses!

So Minerva changes up her strategy seeing as Erza and Kagura are stronger than she expected.
Oh so that’s where she went. Minerva explains that she’s sucking out her magic and sneers at Kagura and Erza’s anger.

We flash to the palace where Hisui explains that a person from the future told her of the coming threat and to make her believe he told her that one guild will win the Grand Magic Games with an unbelievable outcome.

We go back to the Hell Palace and Natsu confronts the hooded woman who begins crying, asking for their help. As she asks them, everyone notices her voice and she takes off her hood to reveal that she’s Lucy from the future.

Wow we’ve got some good stuff here. See get rid of those Boring Knights and we’ve got some good stuff here. I can’t wait to see what happens from here on out.

So until next week,
Later Days.

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Let’s Look: Fairy Tail Series 2 Episode 6: Oh the Suffering and all that stuff

Let’s finish our filler villians up and get back to the real thing.

Once we’re back in the action we get Wendy still caught in the flower and she’s all covered in drool. Now if you say like that it doesn’t sound bad but…well look here.

Maybe it’s me but this looks really creepy, Wendy a loli all covered in white fluids. Just a bit creepy. Just so you know Mashima does some weird stuff like this occassionally. Look at Song of the Fairies if you want to know more. That’s a lot of fanservice in that.


Now to get into some of the good part of the episode.

Mirajane Strauss!

She frees Wendy and starts going in on the Executioners.

Now that's a good cat!
Now that’s a good cat!

Looks like we’ve got a fight but…

Yep they got ’em again.

But wait…


And he does what Fairy Tail wizard does best. He destroys the flower but the shockwaves send everyone into different places. Translation: Mashima used Natsu as a living plot device to scatter the group to make one on one fights.

Looks like Wendy vs. Cosmos.

She knows Wendy’s one weakness! I’ve always thought that this was hilarious.

Mira is so awesome
Mira is so awesome

Mira will own her. The only thing is how long it takes. You can clearly see that Mira’s my favorite Fairy Tail girl right after Juvia.

Be awesome!
Be awesome!

Please follow through Natsu. You have Lightning Flame Dragon Mode and you just owned Sting and Rogue. Don’t lose to this guy.


He’s a cat with a massive sword. How can’t this fight not be awesome!


Something’s off about this guy…

I knew he was weird.

Anyway…let’s go to some side plot.

Milliana is so cute but look…

Evil never looked so sexy
Evil never looked so sexy

Yep she’s about to get her.

Other than that’s the episode other than some hilarious stuff between Mavis and Asuka.

She founded Fairy Tail and probably created the Three Great Fairy Magics...and she gets owned by a six year old
She founded Fairy Tail and probably created the Three Great Fairy Magics…and she gets owned by a six year old

The first master of Fairy Tail, the person who probably created of Fairy Glitter, Fairy Law, and Fairy Sphere, and the Fairy Tactactian, is getting talked about by a six year old.


That’s all for this review. Personally I can’t wait for Garou Knights to be done so we can get to the Grand Magic Games fights.

So until the next episode

Later Days

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Let’s Look: Fairy Tail Second Series Episode 5: No More Knights!

Okay Time for Fairy Tail.
Side Note: Remember that even though the Fairy Tail episodes 1-4 reviews aren’t up, please act as they are up.
Okay we only got two major plot points in this episode. I’ll talk about the one that comes up first.
We’re sitting around with Sting in some part of the city during the competition and he has a flashback about what happened after he blew a hole through Jiemma.
Turns out Minerva warped Lector away at the last second before Jiemma blew him up. She kicks Jiemma out of the guild and says by his rules that Sting is in line to be guild master because he owned the current master.
Call me crazy but I thought that Minerva would be the next guild master seeing as she’s the guild’s ace and one of their smartest members but whatever.
Never forget that Minerva is an evil bitch. It can’t get more obvious than this.
Minerva is a complete bitch
Minerva is a complete bitch
So it’s go big or home time for Sting. Losing ain’t an option! Lucky that Natsu isn’t there or he’d get wrecked…again.
So let’s go to the other half of the  episode(the part in the first part of the episode doesn’t really matter because all they were doing was reminding us that Gray just owned Rufus.)
The Garou Knights.
The Boring Knights
The Boring Knights
Now personally I don’t really like them. I think that they’re just filler bosses so things won’t be boring while Natsu and the others are saving Lucy and to have some action and tension to add alongside the Finals of the Grand Magic Games.
Anyway, the Rescue team runs into the Garou Knights who seems to be some weird combination of guys and they start a fight with Fairy Tail.
Now what I don’t get is Natsu and Wendy are having trouble with these guys.
Natsu just yesterday wrecked Sting and Rogue in Dragon Force by himself!
Natsu, the fire dragon slayer, is getting owned by fire...
Natsu, the fire dragon slayer, is getting owned by fire…
Wendy only a few days ago fought a God Slayer with a type advantage to a standstill. It’s like for us Pokemon fans seeing Ampharos beat Thunderus-Incarnate with a Electric type attack.(I’ve had this happen to me. It’s so easy to forget it gets Mold Breaker and switch your Thunderus only to get OHKO’ed)
This is the girl who fought a God Slayer to a standstill
This is the girl who fought a God Slayer to a standstill
Anyway they should not be losing. I’m not really happy about it. I’m just waiting until they get back to the Grand Magic Games fights.
I know that things are going to get interesting…as soon as we get pass these jokers.
That’s all for this review. I can’t wait until we get passed these fights.
So until the next episode
Later Days


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Sorry It didn’t come up

Sorry I meant to reblogged this on this site but it went to my other blog.

Check this guy out. I’m sure he won’t mind me using his review if I credit him. He’s got some good stuff going through.

First Impressions: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Okay, last but not least Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei.

Magic is a product of neither legends nor fairy tales, but instead has become a technology of reality since a time unknown to people. Supernatural power became a technology systematized through magic, while magic became a technical skill. A “Supernatural Power User” became a “Magic Technician.” Magic Technicians (in short, Magicians) are nurtured through Magic High Schools and Universities.

Here’s the PV.

I can’t deny that I’m coming into this anime completely and utterly blind which is good. It means that I have no expectations. I’ve read some polls on the internet and it said that Mahoka Koukou no Rettousei is something to look for. It was rated the top anime to watch this season so I definitely had to check it out. Plus it’s got Saori Hayami as the female lead so that only draws me in further. So I’ll be watching this alongside you guys and hope it’s going to be a knockout.

Make sure to check out the reviews when they come out!

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