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Let’s Look: Isshuukan Friends Episode 4: Bad Lesson

Isshuukan Friends Episode 4
Bad Lesson

So here we are again and oh Hase.

We start off with Hase explaining that when it rains they usually eat lunch on the stairs near the roof instead of the roof.

And once they get back in class some of the kids comment that Kaori is hanging out with Shogo so they must be friends. When they turn to ask him, he does what Shogo does, shrug and says yeah.

After school Hase gets all annoyed about Shogo being the first one to be Kaori’s public friend. Shogo once again shrugs it off, saying if he wants to be her friend publically then say something to her…

That’s not what he meant…

Kaori gets angry at Hase and leave school early.


I’m not knocking Kaori Fujimiya because she’s one of my favorite heroines of this Spring Anime. Kuroha Neko’s pretty close.(I’ll be getting those up soon.) But if I just left school because I got mad at someone I’d be killed by my mom.

Moving on…

We get a few scenes of Kaori walking home when she stops she ends up at the river that Hase was talking about while they ate.


When she gets hit by a biker and her backpack goes flying into the grass. She grabs all of her stuff but she forgets one critical thing…


Kaori come back you forgot your diary…

There’s a dark sense of humor in this seeing that she forgets a lot.

Let’s keep going.


Kaori gets home and heads up her bedroom and she talks about how frienship is hard. She goes to grab her backpack to write in her diary when this happens.


Oh Kaori…

We flash to Tuesday and Kaori still hasn’t returned to school and Hase’s all depressed and stuff.

Kaori returns and gives him this…


So then Hase gets more depressed and talks with Shogo in the bathroom. He gets all depressed about Kaori not remembering him and thinks that she threw away her diary so she wouldn’t have to remember him again.

Finally he gets it! So he goes to find Kaori’s diary.

Shogo goes to talk with Kaori during lunch and she comes to the conclusion that’s she forgotten something really important to her.

Skip a scene and we have Hase looking around the riverside that Kaori was sitting at looking for the diary when Kaori herself shows up.


It takes a bit of time but finally he’s got it!!!


Now this was a good episode but the thing that gets me is this…

Now I completely agree with that but it doesn’t go with what happened. Now if Kaori and Hase fought then made up that would be a good heartfelt episode. But Hase didn’t make up with her in time so she just forgot about the fight so there wasn’t any making up.

Other than it was a good episode. I’m looking forward to this new girl that they’re introducing next episode.

I can’t wait until next episode so until then
Later Days

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Here’s some extra pics from the episodes

Double Let’s Look: Isshuukan Friends Episodes 2 & 3- The Diary and Friends of Friends

Since this is the first(and seeing how far I am behind, not the last) let’s make this one a double review! Isshuukan Friends! Episodes 2 and 3. Let’s go to all those feels!

Okay here we go. Let’s take a dive into the second episode!

We start off where we ended at episode 1. Yuuki asking to be Kaori’s friend again.


Only for him to get this


Yuuki just gets all those sad feels. Same on my side. But his loveably cynical best friend Shogo reminds him to get back out there and reminds that Kaori Fuijmiya isn’t as cold as people think.

Renewed by this, he goes to the usual spot(It’s not in Twilight Town! I think that’s what I’ll call the roof since half the scenes take place there) where he sees Kaori eating alone again.

He keeps trying to tell her that he ate with her all last week and even became friends with him. She doesn’t know who he is other than a classmate until it clicks. She doesn’t remember what happened during all her lunch periods last week.

So they must have become friends! That’s why she doesn’t remember him! Yay for amnesia!

Our two returns to eating lunch until Yuuki gets the idea for Kaori to start writing a diary so she can remember. It’s a good idea but that’s where things go wrong in my opnion. I’ll share at the end of the post(Yay, I’m writing in order of the episode!)

After a few scenes of Kaori writing some stuff that’s happened that week, on Thursday she gets a flyer for the same Crepe stand that she got in the first episode.

They both decide to go on Sunday but…

Should have checked the bottom of the flyer. They’re closed on the first and third Sunday.

But no fear, Yuuki remembers something that she said last week about never going to Kaoroke so they hit up the nearest kaoroke place and have a great time.

After the ride home, Kaori sets up this sign for herself.

And leaves her diary on the desk after writing in all the stuff she did that day.

The next day we see at lunch that didn’t work. These what her memories look like.

What she wrote is like she’s reading the writings of a stranger and talking to Yuuki is like talking to a person for the first time. That’s the point I wanted to make. It doesn’t really matter how much what she writes if she can’t connect to the feelings when she wrote it. She’s a new person every week. The only thing the diary can do is remind her that Yuuki is her friend. The relationship itself must be rebuilt each and every week.

Good thing that Yuuki realizes this and we end the episode with that.

Okay everyone here’s part two of this double review. Friends of Friends

Wait a second. Before we dive, I just want to say that this anime’s opening is awesome and I can’t wait for the full version to come out. It’s some good music to listen to while writing.

Okay now let’s do the dive.

We open with Kaori making a whole bunch of fried eggs but for who?

Of course it’s for Yuuki…

Turns out she made the eggs just to know how it feels to eat with friends and talk about how good it is. She seems really happy that Hase likes the eggs with 18 grams of sugar in it.

You know watching(albeit late) this anime makes me see how much we don’t cherish our friends and the times we have with them. We laugh, we talk, we eat together, and play together but we don’t cherish it. We don’t see it as anymore than hanging out with friends. We think that they’ll always be there tomorrow. But Kaori she’s getting all these experiences for the first time and cherishing every one of them. This is how you should treat your friends.

Anyway to the next major scene, Hase and Shogo are watching Kaori leave school when Hase asks him if he likes Kaori. He answers with he doesn’t really like her or dislike her. He also says something that we should all follow in some ways.

Which is really true. You can have friends that aren’t friends with your friends which is subtly telling Hase just because he’s not friends with Kaori doesn’t mean that he should stop being friends with her.

Next day…he doesn’t get it. He asks Kaori if she wants to try to make friends with Shogo too.

And with Shogo’s some what low and kinda negative attitude it goes about as well as it expected.

He’s also more blunt than Hase, asking the tough questions. How long as it been happening? Is she faking? Why is Hase doing all the talking for her?

You can’t deny that he’s got a point. What if everything Kaori’s doing is just an act? I’m guessing it’s not but who knows? Then again Shogo’s supposed to the foil to Hase, the cynic to Hase’s idealist.

Moving on to the next scene, Kaori’s asking Hase why he hasn’t made up with Shogo after fighting about her. He tells her not to worry. They’ll make up…eventually. We’re guys. We don’t make up. We just let it go and forget about it.

After that, it’s a scene with just Shogo and Kaori in the classroom. She tries to go up and talk to him but she gets interrupted by another classmate. She leaves without saying anything and goes down to her locker, ready to leave. However she left her diary. She tries to go back into the class to get it but there’s people in there and she’s afraid so she goes to the roof until they’re all gone.

When she goes back to get it she hears some of her classmates talking about how she’s changing, starting to smile especially when she reads her diary. They think she’s weird.

Shogo to the rescue…in his own way though. He just goes in, picks up the diary, and comments that people that talk about others’ backs are weird too. He tells her that if she doesn’t want people to misunderstand her then she should tell people what she means.

I guess it also means something with why he asked Hase why was he talking for her. He isn’t going to understand if she doesn’t talk for herself. That’s what makes real relationship with people.

That’s important stuff there but the kicker and the most important is the stuff that happens that Monday.


This important number
This important number

Remember the eggs with the 18 grams of sugar. She remembered it with all the feelings that come with it. It’s a great first step to keep all of her memories about her friends.

And as a bonus Shogo starts eating with them on the roof!

There we are starting of a new chapter in this friendship.(or lack there of. Kaori only remembered Shogo because she doesn’t consider him a friend but hey he can get there.)

So that’s the end of the review.
I just can’t wait for the next episode. It’s really an anime that draws you in.

Until the next episode
Later Days

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Let’s Look: Isshuukan Friends Episode 1-Don’t Stop Trying

I may be late to it but the feels are here, twenty four hours a day! Let’s go for friends!

Now looking at what we’ve got here, we’ve got the ‘feels’ anime of the Spring anime season. Now being a firm lover of Shounen manga/anime, it’s good to change it up a bit everyone once in a while. That’s why I started watching and reading Suzuka when I was about 14. (It was really good. I’m not fond of A Town Where You Live but I’m currently loving Fuuka.)

For those of you that don’t know Isshuukan Friends is originally a manga written by Matcha Hazuki. If you’re jumping into the series and have no idea what you’re looking at like me, I’m willing to give a quick overview.

High schooler Yūki Hase notices that his classmate Kaori Fujimiya is always alone and seemingly has no friends. After approaching her and becoming acquainted, Kaori reveals that she loses every memory of her friends each Monday. Despite learning this, Yūki endeavors to become her new friend every week.

Okay let’s do a dive.

Like I said this is the ‘feels’ anime of the season. It’s definitely an anime you want to check out if you want have the heartstrings tugged at.

Anyway. Kaori Fujimiya, our fairly smart female protagonist, as seen below, has the memory that the title comes from. She only can keep memories for one week before they reset on Monday.

However it’s not’s exactly true. She forgets the things that make her happy and her friends or at least the people that consider her a friend. It’s kinda hard to be friends with someone that only remembers you for a week. Only her memories of her family remain.

Although if you have a mom this cute looking, I’d want to remember. 🙂


Enter our male protagonist, Yuuki Hase, who as you can see might(read: does) have a crush on our resident amnesiac. He keeps trying to reach out to her and be her friend…

in all the wrong ways.

This anime definitely reminds me of that Adam Sandler movie with Drew Barrymore, Fifty First Dates. Although this inspires more emotion out of you. Barrymore’s character didn’t know or notice that she was losing memories but Kaori does which makes it all the more heart-wrenching to watch. Can you imagine making friends with someone, having a strong connection with them, and then they just forget you? It hurts.

Anyway Hase notices that Kaori doesn’t eat with the rest of the class in the classroom and goes up to the roof(does every high school in Japan keep the door to the roof unlocked?) to eat with her.

It’s clear that it hurts Kaori that Yuuki keeps trying to be her friend so much. So much that she says that they aren’t going to try to become friends. On the surface it seems cold but once you get the revelation at the episode you see that it’s a way for Kaori to possibly keep her memories of all the good times she has with Yuuki.

Like playing concentration.

Or talking about the Crepe shop they both want to go to.

But’s all for naught because Kaori tells him on Friday that she’ll lose all her memories of the fun times they had on Monday.

However despite that after speaking with his other friend Shogo, Yuuki is determined to keep trying to be friends with Kaori.

And the episode ends with this line.

It’s like I said. It’s heart-breaking for me to see Yuuki just stand there and act like he’s never talked to her before and ask her does she want to be friends again even though they did just that last week.

This is definitely the ‘feels’ anime of the Spring.

It has awesome characters and they develop really well and quite quickly. You really feel happy when you see the normally frowning Kaori(see below) smiling.



See how much better that is.

All in all I loved this anime and can’t wait to review the next episode(which will probably be right after writing this one since they’re all going up on the same day.)

Until then Later Days.

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First Impressions: Isshuukan Friends

Okay, next up is Isshuukan Friends. 

Kaori Fujimiya is always alone because all of her happy memories, including time spent with her friends, disappear every Monday. Deciding that he wants to be friends with her anyway, Yuuki Hase tries to get close to Kaori each week, wishing that she would one day call him “a friend”.

Here’s the PV.

Now this is definitely something that deserves a anime adaptation. Isshuukan Friends is a sweet and nice little shojou-esque manga where the lead female protagonist, Kaori Fujimiya, is completely alone because she loses her all her fun memories by Monday, making her unable to connect with her classmates. However our male protagonist Yuuki Hase keeps trying to be her friend by befriending her each and every week.

Based on the PV and the first chapter I read, Isshuukan Friends looks an anime that will really tug at the heartstrings which is really important for me. After all you can’t have all your anime be battle to the death shounen.

Make to come around here when the reviews come out!

Isshuukan Friends comes out on April 5th.

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