Hey everyone! It’s Deven. Just wanted to take this time to talk to you all about some stuff.

First up is my Full Season Review for June. Since when I write this it’s July 13th, it’s not going to happen. Now if you didn’t know the Full Season review for June was supposed to be Date A Live Season 1. However due to some bad internet and a lack of files the only Date A Live season 1 stuff I have is my copy of the Funanimation dub. Not enough for a review. So I’m pushing that review back until I can download the Japanese version.

So for this month’s full season review to replace the Date A Live that should have been posted in June but won’t will be those cute girls from Love Live and the Love Live School Idol Project Season 2.


So that will happen some time later this month. It’s good since I don’t need to rewatch it since it just recently ended and I was already caught up. So no need to worry.

Next up on the list I’ll have some big time posts, two of them to be precise. One’s going to be a sticky post on how to be an anime blogger for starting anime bloggers out there. I don’t consider myself to be a big time blogger but I’ve got some idea how to do this thing and the least I can do is help someone out that’s starting out.

The other will be about how the dubbing process works from all the way at the beginning with the Japanese. The main reason for this one is because people are always whining about the Sub vs. Dub debate and there’s no movement on it at all. It’s time to give both sides some respect for each other by explaining how the process works.

That post probably won’t have many pictures in though. I guess I can fill it up with some random pictures of Japanese seiyuu and American Voice actresses. It’s definitely going to have a lot of pics of Monica Rial and Jad Saxton, two of my favorite female Voice Actresses.

Now that the prelude to the awesome future posts is over, now I have to say why I haven’t been posting lately. The main reason is because my home internet sucks. See I get my internet from my apartment complex and apparently getting the internet fixed is one of their lowest priorities.

So when the internet went into the crapper, I started to go to my local library more often because they have the stuff that lets me download my anime to review and internet speed fast enough for me to upload my posts. However now my mother has basically banned me from going to the library. So now even on the good days I get two bars of internet strength and fair signal. Heck even as I write this the internet’s been off all weekend! Hopefully I’ll be convince my mom to let me go to the library more often so I can be back to posting.

Wow this is a long post. Don’t worry it’s only two more things I need to say.

Now like I said previously I don’t have any good internet and I’m downloading anime and doing my posts at the library. So I don’t really have the resources to follow through on my list for what series are going to get Full Series and Full Season Reviews. Instead I’ll have to work with what I’ve got on my computer at the moment. So far on my computer I’ve got the Funanimation dub of Date A Live, both Seasons of Love Live, the first 15 episodes of Fairy Tail Series 2, Rio Rainbow Gate, Rumbling Hearts, Sekirei and Sekirei Pure Engagement, and the first season of Sword Art Online. So as of now, for July’s Full Season Review it will be Love Live School Idol Project Season 2. As for the others, I was thinking of tweeting and posting out a poll for the others each month. That why it isn’t just me making all the decisions here. Remember I serve you with this blog. I make content that you want to see. That’s coming down soon.

Now the final thing, my policy on dropping anime from either the season anime reviews or the full season review lists. Now I’m a more progressive type of guy. I give the anime up until the 1/3 point to hook me in. If it doesn’t, then I’ll drop it. This policy starts this summer and will continue from now on.

Now reason I’m saying this is at the time of me writing this(July 13, 2014) I’m kinda bored with Glasslip and it’s only the first two episodes. PA Works is great with making things look good but the plot is kinda boring. I’m able to stay awake during the episodes but afterwards I need a big glass of iced coffee or some really sugary juice. Now that only happens if I’m getting sleepy and I know that I need to do some work. That shouldn’t happen during any anime! So since Glasslip is a twelve episode anime, I’ll give it until the fourth episode to hook me in. If it can’t deliver then I’ll put up an anime that’s on my side list.

The side list will be anime that I’m watching and reviewing but they aren’t getting posted on the blog because I’m trying to keep to a three anime per season rule. I’ll make sure to have a Sticky Post that shows which two anime are the side list. Right now it’s Jinsei and something I haven’t picked yet. I’ll leave it up to you guys in the comments and on Twitter what will be the other one.

And one more thing. Since I like to think of myself of well versed in Date A Live, I’ll have three Speculation posts coming up to keep you in the Date A Live state of mind for the month of August. They were supposed to be up during July but I don’t think I can put them out in time. Sorry.

And that’s it. I think this is one of the longest posts I’ve ever done. Well I hope you keep sticking around. Until the next post,
Later Days