Hello, this post is one of the posts with my collaborative with Deven. I am Joe, from my blog The Reviewer’s Corner. So, typical of me at the start of a top five post is to ramble for a bit. I was going to try out a new logo for the posts, and I am really wishing my skills with paint were a lot better but they aren’t so yeah. But never mind that and I am not sure what to say other than the fact I wanted the theme for posts this month being Fate. That and Deven and myself wanted to do a collab for a while now and went through several ideas and this was one of them. So, you can find his Top Five Female Fate Characters here on my blog here and without further ado let’s get started.

Number 5: Illyasviel von Einzbern (Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Kaleid)

I have to do both versions of Illya, both are two radically different as well. On one hand you have the evil loli at age eighteen, and on the other you have the adorable magical girl loli. The two characters are still rather similar, although have dramatic differences. Illya in both cases does a good job with the roles given to her. In Stay Night she makes a rather good antagonist with Berserker as a Servant. At the same time she has a tragic past, which is the reason the creators of Kalied created it was to give Illya time to shine not only as a protagonist but as a character who does not have that tragic past and events that happen. Unlike some on this list that can come from certain similar reasons. Illya stands out in that sense on the roles she plays and how well she plays them. Kalied is a great parody and humorous and Illya takes the role perfectly. So, the number five-spot has to go to the loli that I thought was a kid since I did not know what lolis were at the time of originally watching Fate/Stay Night.

Number 4: Cater (Fate/Stay Night)

This falls under the other category that Illya does not fall under, where all the other characters in some way will fit. Instead of beating around the bush I am just going to come right out and say that Caster is Beautiful. Sure in Unlimited Blade Works you get to see her face in the last few seconds. Next to another certain individual that I fell in love with due to Carnival Phantasm Caster was a close second because of that series. If she was seen better, she would probably be at the number one spot, I will not lie on how true that might have been. But besides her looks, there is that sense of cunning-ness that makes her amazing. She is a threat in every series she is in, same goes for Fate/Prisima where taking her down took two episodes. So, besides looking lovely and being insanely gifted in the ways of battle in this series, there is something else about her that makes me like her. If it where Deven it would be the Elf Ears, and I could agree with that fact since she is adorable in Carnival Phatasm and her personality with the elfish ears seem perfect. In Unlimited Blade Works her twisted-ness in some cases is just perfect as well. She is one tough one to crack on why she is amazing. Also Carnival Phatasm at it’s finest with the following pictures.

Number 3: Caster (Tamamo no Mae from Fate/Extra)

Now although I have never played any of the games. I did read some of the manga that has this Caster as the main character’s servant. This one is the playable characters Servant and is different from the other if a different class was chosen. But why would you not pick this one? The fox ears and tail is so cute, and with my odd obsession with cute things, well that is neither a story not for now nor another time. Anyway besides looking cute, her personality and back story are nice. Just because I did not play the game does not take away the fact that I do Caster_(Fate_Extra) chiwa saitoresearch. I like to look pass looks if they have a wonderful personality and look cute it is just a bonus in my case. Anyway she is seen as a comic relief character which is fine. There are two types that I view as a comic relief, the annoying kind and cute kind and the situations that described her sounds as if she falls under the latter category. She is the kind and friendly yet at the same time she can be quick to jealousy, which I find a little cute sometimes. Anyway, yeah, that pretty much sums that up. Little more straight forward than the other Caster, and I would not mind to see something with her being animated.

Number 2: Saber of Red (Mordred from Fate/Apocrypha)

The “son” of “King Arthur” for starts I love how I needed to put both in quotations. Anyway despite being labeled as a son, and having a weird conception that I really do not feel comfortable speaking about. But to give a brief explanation, Saber Arturia was turned into a Saber_of_Redman and Morgan le Fay, her sister, is the mother. So Mordred is a product of incest and magic. Anyway besides going through a rapid growth, there is still more to it just that. Besides having this and needing to fight for the throne and being Arturia’s nemesis, she is still her daughter. She can be known as prideful and acts better than the Arturia Saber. She seems more of a flirty type not caring what she wears. I mean granted her armor shows no sign she is female and looks insane in design. I guess I like that sense of over confidence. My love for her in some way comes from some fan art that I have seen. Originally about a month ago she was to be in the fifth spot when I was thinking of this list, well that changed.  She can be cute and arrogant and I just want to see an anime adaptation to see if she would really deserve this number two spot, since there is no way she could defeat the one person she thinks she could.

Number 1: Saber (Arturia from Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night)

This one should be obvious for anyone that has stumbled upon my blog and see that my avatar is this Saber, or twitter where seemingly I post a lot of pictures of this Saber. Well the only one that could beat that last Saber is the mother and some of the fan art with the two is cute. Anyway, back when I mentioned in number four for Caster and Carnival Phantasm and there was one that I loved after seeing it, well that was this Saber. You get to see her more innocent side and her beyond adorable side. In the Fate Route it is more saving her, so I am talking about the original Fate Stay Night anime from a decade ago. She wanted the grail to save her kingdom since she knew she was a bad king, ironically enough Mordred was the one she was fighting in the past. Anyway she has that strong sense of right and wrong, and knows when she has made a mistake that is very admirable. She has countless number of talents and skills. One reason why I had some problems with the second half of Unlimited Blade Works was the fact she was thrown to the side and really ignored for a majority due to Caster.  But anyway, Saber I have enjoyed for the longest time. She has been my favorite character since first seeing the series over two years ago.  You cannot beat the original (sort of) and she is the best there is. Also I took the liberty of raiding all of Deven’s previous images of Saber with some of my own personal collection, so, yeah only time I will use the slide show feature. At least that was the plan, until I realized slide show looks well out of place. So I picked a few of my own.

Well, that is my Top Five Favorite Female Characters. Besides checking out Deven’s Favorite Female Characters, we will be doing another on our favorite male characters soon as our four-post collaborative.

As typical of me, I hope you enjoyed. As a quick reminder Deven’s post on my blog can be found here.

– Joe