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November 2014

Love Live School Idol Project Seiyuu!:Pile!

Deven: Okay! Let’s do this! Time to write a post all about Aina Kusuda!

Inner Writer: That’s what you want to do but wouldn’t be better to do Pile first then Aina? She and Maki are the most popular members of the Love Live Franshise.

Deven: But I love Aina Kusada!

Inner Writer: Tough love! Pile first then Aina!

Deven: Okay…

So my Inner Writer advised me to do Pile first and he’s got a point so let’s go!


Name:Pile(Her real name is Eriko Hori)
Birthday: May 2, 1988
Blood Type: O
Love Live Character: Maki Nishikino

Pile was born on May 2, 1988. She’s currently a solo singer and voice actress. She’s affiliated with SPACE Y PRODUCE. She’s also a live actress, doing her parts under her real name, Eriko Hori.

She’s best friends with Emi Nitta(voice of Honoka Kousaka) and Aina Kusuda(voice of Nozomi Tojo).

Pile got her start in 2006 when she auditioned for ‘Asian Doll'(I’m not making this up) and was chosen out of 700 applicants. Next year she debuted as a solo singer and continued until 2010 when she became a member of the Love Live School Idol Project Franchise as our beloved Maki Nishikino.

She’s half Korean and half Japanese and can speak both languages very well.

Her stage name, Pile, is meant to mean, “Wrapped with warmth, an artist that will be loved by everyone” then she was named Pile, like the pile used as material for towels.

Her hobbies are shopping, cooking and watching sports. Her strong points are her long patience and her laughter. Her weak points is being a dork, apparently. The things she’s confident with are her ability to speak Korean, Dance, and a nice smile because of the good alignment of her teeth. The thing she’s addicted to recently is Hawaiian Cuisine. The things she does after going home is to walk straight to the living room without going to her room first. Her average sleeping time is around 7hours ~ 4hours. She is also apparently an M.

As in a Masochist. Who would have thought?!

She loves simple and light food, and hates heavy and strong food. Her favorite color is pink. She is happiest when she’s not alone, and she wanted to be a Singer and a Ballerina when she was a child. The thing she wants at the moment is happiness, and the place she wants to travel to now is Korea, so she wouldn’t forget how to speak the language.

Okay now that the information’s over here’s my take on Pile.

Pile…hmmm well out of the Seiyuu for Love Live she’s second on my list which odd since Maki herself is fourth on my list.

She’s mostly my favorite because she’s got a great energy and passion that really brings me in! She’s so cute!

My favorite Pile solo is Darling…or Daring. Either title works…

As Maki she has a collection of solos called Muse’s True Diva: Maki Nishikino.

So I think that’s all I’ve got for Pile. She’s really awesome.

I have to give big thanks to the girls at Seiyuuri for compiling all the stuff about the nine Love Live Seiyuu.

Now a pic spam of Maki and Pile!

So until later with my beloved Aina Kusuda,
Later Days!

Trinity Seven Episodes 6 & 7 Mini Reviews

Dishonorable of me, a Double Mini Review. But it’s the only thing I can do being sick this week.

I call Trinity Seven Episode 6 Review, Lieselotte Rocks!

So we continue from last episode where Liese has been revealed to be a Demon Lord Candidate.

Lilith tells her that it’s wrong for her to become a Demon Lord Candidate this way. You’re supposed to do with training and study…boring. Looks like Liese agrees. She can’t be bothered with boring crap like that.

Arata agrees with her shortcut ideology but he doesn’t like that she stole her sister’s magic for her own evil deeds.

Arata prepares to fight Liese but she just chills on a rock and looks through her tablet Grimoire. She checks out Arata’s stats.

So Liese asks Arata to join the evil mages’ side and if he does, she help him find Hijiri…wow it’s been a long time since we seen or mentioned Hijiri. Ayaka Suwa must be mad. She thought she got a major part in this anime but we’re on episode 6 and she was only in one episode. I bet she’s feeling gipped.

Anyway at that point Arata’s brains just goes into ‘Find Younger Cousin’ Mode. He lets Liese get too close and she lays a big wet kiss on him.

Now normally I’d be vague to what happened afterwards but I’m sick as I write this. So I don’t have time to be all creative and coy with my wordplay.

After Liese kisses Arata and steals his magic, she has a freaking orgasm. I might get in trouble for being so obvious but come on! Last week when this episode aired, everyone on Twitter was saying the same thing. That’s my reasoning and I’m sticking to it!

After that Arata’s down for the count and Liese uses Arata’s magic to strip everyone except Mira and Levy.

It turns into a battle of Levy vs. Liese while Mira uses Scan to understand Liese’s magic. This shows us just how badass Levy is!

She holds her own against Liese until Mira finishes with her Scan and lets loose a massive White Universe Spell.

It’s a flash of light. Liese looks like she’s about to crap herself and then all we see is Mira standing in a crater.

Looks like Liese is dead right? Wrong!

But it looks like she’s losing control of the power that she stole from Arata so she retreats for the moment but she’ll be back.

So after that Selina’s put up in the hospital wing with Yui, Levy, Arin, and Lilith protecting her while Arata trains with Akio and Mira to master his magic before Liese comes back.

But of course this isn’t any normal Shonen anime. She’ll be back in within the episode! Now the battle against Liese begins next episode.

But before the episode ends, Liese gets into a fight with the Headmaster.


So I’ll be calling the seventh review of Trinity Seven, How To Save A Fallen Angel 2:Magic Girls Version!

I like this little title because it references my Date A Live 2 Episode 10 Review where Tohka and Miku were saved by Shido and now something similar going to happen here with Liese.

Anyway we continue from the last episode with Lieselotte vs. the headmaster.

The Headmaster’s insanely strong. So how’s Liese going to win? Simple. Show off those nice boobs and hit him when he’s open.

And she walks away like a Little Miss Badass.

After the opening we see that Arata’s finally figured out how to copy Akio’s Mantra Enchant.But since it isn’t a magic that changes the Grimoire into a weapon so the Astil Codex changes into a little girl by the name of Sora.

Aww she’s so cute! It’s good to see Rie Kugimiya getting back to voicing flat chested snarkers. She’s getting back to her roots! I’ll always love her as Happy from Fairy Tail though.

So we go to the infirmary where Liese just busts right through all happy and what not but she gets caught by a trap that Levy set up…when is anyone’s guess. Why? Because she’s a ninja!

Anyway she cuts herself down and then goes over to talk with Selina. You really get to see that Liese legitimately cares about her sister right here which makes the reason why she went after Selina during the battle in the Eternal Library more obvious.

The reason that Liese went after Selina in the Eternal Library is so no one would think that Selina had turned traitor too. Because it’s natural for people to think that family members are working together when one goes bad. By sucking her sister’s magic out, she wanted to make sure that everyone knew that her sister wasn’t a traitor. I give her a C+ on the Caring Big Sister Scale. Not bad but not good either.

Anyway after Selina makes a bet with Liese, if Arata manages to beat her she’ll return to the school, Liese agrees and goes on the attack against Lilith, Levy, Yui, and Arin.

However she blindsided by some type of spectral dragon thing. Turns out it’s Arata’s Mantra Enchant and by that dragon biting Liese’s magic, he’s gotten back the magic that she stole from him last episode.

So now the battle between Liese and Arata begins. Liese has the advantage with speed but with Sora by his side predicting Liese’s moves, it’s about a stalemate.

So with the fight going nowhere Liese goes all out and uses her trump card, the Lost Technica of the Acedia Archive.

In fact to become a member of the Trinity Seven, one must master this technique but it’s dangerous. They’re all life risking techniques just like the one Liese is about to do.

So Liese uses Baal Peor to freeze time and goes on the attack against Arata and Sora but it doesn’t work. Arata puts a Mantra mark on his tongue when Liese goes to kiss him to steal his magic again. So that let’s Arata absorb her Demon Lord Element and bring her back down to normal.

After the battle Arata tells her how all the other members of the Trinity Seven feel about Liese. They want her back and they don’t care about things she’s done.

That’s nice and all but now because she’s used Baal Peor, Liese is trapped in a state of hyper speed for all time. With the last amount of her magic, she sends Arata and Sora back to normal time. Arata promises no matter what he’ll save her from Baal Peor.

Once they get back, Arata and Selina swear they’ll get to work on a way to save Liese.

The episode ends with the Headmaster saying that another magic school has just been wiped out and they might be coming around for them next.

So here’s my scores. Too Awesome! The Lieselotte Sherlock Arc was awesome! Liese was so cute and the fact that she wasn’t just all talk made it even better. I give both episodes a 10 out of 10!

Oh also the ending has changed again from SHaVaDaVa in Amazing by Levy and Yui to ReSTART the World by Lieselotte and Selina. I’m definitely liking this one way better than Levy and Yui’s ending theme.

So it looks the next episode is Arata studying with Lilith….Oooh I can’t wait and we see a little bit of Lilith in her swimsuit.

Until next week,
Later Days!

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Love Live School Idol Festival: Before the Event #3

Hey everyone. It’s Deven Luca and I’m coming at you once again with another Love Live School Idol Festival Post.

Okay so this event is Junsui Sengen or Innocent Declaration in English.


So it’s a Super Rare Honoka! Not really a big favorite. On my Favorite Muse Members, Honoka ranks out at number 7.

Just so you know my list is:

1.Nozomi Toujou
2.Eli Ayase
3.Hanayo Koizumi
4.Maki Nishikino
5.Umi Sonoda
6.Kotori Minami
7.Honoka Kousaka
8.Rin Hoshizora
9.Nico Yazawa

So just so you know I’m not knocking Honoka, I love all the girls of Muse but there can be only one and for me that’s Nozomi!

Anyway here we go!


Until Next Rank: 566 EXP
Love Gems:1


Oh no! Everyone look! A Pure Event! My worst nightmare!

So since I have consistent internet(relatively consistent. I’ve got internet issues again. Every damn time!), I don’t have the problems with getting on…much.

The real problem is I have a horrible Pure Team. Granted I have a SR Maki that can turn all my Greats into Perfects and I have three Fully Idolized and Leveled Pure Rares but that’s it. I only have 4 good Pure cards.

So in that is my strategy, avoid playing Pure songs as long as possible.

So I’ve been getting good at Natsuiro 1, 2 Jump and I’ve gotten a handle on Oh Love and Peace. So my strategy is to basically get all my Tokens from these songs and any song that I’m good at.

Then I’ll try and soldier through the Event Song, Pure Girls Project(A Primtemps Song) as best as I can.


Despite my lack of ability for Pure songs, I still want this Honoka card. Why? Because if I can get it then I’ll have two SR Pure cards and that’s good for my team.

Break Even

So I’ve got to get my Break Even…I only need to get one Love Gem. Also I plan to post a way to get Love Gems relatively easily during the Event. So look forward to that.

That’s good!

So that’s my plan and my Break Even!

Wish me Luck! I’m going in!

Until After the Event,
Later Days

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Let’s Look: Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Mini Review Episode 6:First Rider and now Caster!

She may be an evil witch. Heck her alignment on the wiki outright says that she’s Neutral Evil but she is one fine lady. Please Ufotable! Take off Caster’s hood!

Note: I’m Super Mini Reviewing this episode because I’m running behind. It’s Sunday and I want to have Wednesday and Thursday off so I’m going on hyper mode to finish these reviews. I’ll be normal reviewing Fairy Tail and Trinity Seven though. The only reason I’m Mini Reviewing FSN UBW because it was more of a setup episode. Don’t worry this isn’t going to become a habit.

So we open up the episode with Shiro walking home after the talk with Rin when just turns around and calls out to Archer. Rin basically ordered Archer to escort Shiro home since he doesn’t have Saber with him.

They get into a pretty heated discussion and about their differences and how Archer basically thinks that Shiro sucks. The topic shifts to what Shiro wants out of the Grail and once again Archer says it’s stupid and Shiro asks what he wants to wish for.

Archer says he wants for nothing. He had no dreams that went unfilled…technically he’s telling the truth but he’s technically lying. Complex right there.

After that Shiro returns home and meets up with Sakura and Fujimura. They talk for a while before Shiro goes to meet with Saber. She gets on him about not coming back by sunset but she lets get go once he explain the situation about the other Master at school and the alliance with Rin. Saber’s got no problem with it though.

So the next day, Shiro goes to school and during the day he meets up with and starts destroying all those sigils that Rin was destroying around episode 0 I think. I guess she must have told him about the sigils during their little meeting last night.

Anyway after that Shiro sees Shinji. Shinji just gives off this really really creepy vibe. He outright says that he’s Rider’s master and that he(or in this case she since Rider put up the barrier. Shinji asks Shiro to make an alliance with him but Shiro refuses.

After that night comes on fully and Shiro goes out to the shed to practice some reinforcing magic but of course he sucks at it. So he keeps blowing stuff up.

Saber comes in to watch him practice but being a highly attractive young woman around his age, it only makes it harder for the poor boy to concentrate. Saber notices this and leaves.However she doesn’t realize he’s distracted because of her looks, she just thinks that it’s simply because she’s there.

Note: Saber because of her life as King Arthur had to hide her gender. As a result she never got told she was pretty or beautiful by anyone ever. It doesn’t affect her much in Unlimited Blade Works but during the Fate Route where she’s the main female protagonist she develops a complex about her looks. She can’t see herself as beautiful or attractive.

So after Saber leave, Shiro keeps up with the practice but nothing comes out of it. Instead he falls asleep. Lazy man. Just lazy.

So once he wakes he seems to be in the Ryuudou Temple in the mountains near Fuyuki.

Sometime during the night, Saber wakes up and finds Shiro gone but she notices some weird strings everywhere. So she follows them and ends up meeting the final Servant, Assassin!

So back to Shiro, he wakes up and someone shows up…


Oh Caster is so hot! And thanks to her Seiyuu Atsuko Tanaka she has this low mature voice that
screams beautiful. Now some of your may think ‘Deven, what if you’re just hyping us up to let us
down? What if she isn’t hot?’

Well look!


Gets me every time.

Anyway Caster has Shiro caught in a web of magic threads and stars to suck out his magic. But luckily Archer comes through and saves Shiro’s butt.

And the episode ends the beginning of Saber vs. Assassin and Archer vs. Caster.

Now this was a kinda slow episode. But it has it’s good points. I’m going to give Fate Stay/Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 6 an 6/10.

So it’s Caster vs. Archer and Saber vs. Assassin!
I can’t wait!

So until next week,
Later Days!

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Let’s Look: Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 5: Rider! Ah Rider! Oh and Shiro vs. Rin

There are so many Rider jokes out there because 5th Grail War Rider is an attractive woman. A lot of them are really perverted. The one I’m going to use is merely an innuendo.

Let Rider take the lead. She’s got an A+ in Riding! Granted I cleaned it up. The other version’s a lot more ecchi.

So the episode opens with the legendary ‘Hero of Justice’ talk between Shiro and Kiritsugu. To be straight since I’m finishing up Fate/Zero now, Kiritsugu should have stopped Shiro from doing the ‘Hero of Justice’ right at the beginning. He saw all the suffering that he had to go through just to bring good to the world in his way.

He had to watch his first love be turned into a Dead Apostle(the Fate series’s version of a vampire), killed his father, killed his mother figure, had to watch one of the few friends he had in Maiya Hisau die, then had got cursed by ‘All The World’s Evils’, live his last few years as his body slowly rotted, and finally he was unable to see his daughter and tell her him loved her.

You tell me. Is that the path that you should try to let your son walk down? Because at the end even you try your best, it’s nearly impossible to hold true those ideals of the perfect ‘Hero of Justice’.

Anyway after school that day, Rin holds true to her word to Archer and goes in on Shiro in a true one on one battle. That’s what I like to say but it’s really more of Rin using Shiro as a target dummy and Shiro trying to stay alive.

Now Ufotable is awesome with their animations but one thing I missed from the old Studio Deen version is when Rin jumped off the stairs to chase Shiro and she did the whole vibrating thing and it showed that she really hurt her legs landing like that.

It was a funny part within an otherwise serious moment.

Anyway during their fight, Shiro and Rin hear a scream outside and one of their classmates has been attacked. While Rin tries to heal her, a dagger gets thrown at her but Shiro blocks it with his own hand. Gutsy man. I like that.

Shiro rushes into the forest and fights against Rider. Not the big and cool Alexander the Great Rider but the sultry and attractive Medusa Rider.

Let me just say that Utofable was incredibly kind to Rider. Her fighting style was already graceful and fluid but now having an animation style that’s just a fluid makes her fighting look like a dance.

Shiro does pretty good against her before she just pulls on a chain that’s connected to the dagger still in Shiro’s arm. She goes for the kill but Rin manages to drive her off.

After that Rin and Shiro decide to make a truce and try to figure out the identity of Rider’s Master. The episode ends with Rin and Shiro conflicting over what is a true mage. Is it what Kiritsugu did with Shiro and allow him to choose his own path? Or what Tokiomi did with Rin and have her carry on her knowledge and the knowledge of the ones that came before her to the next generation?

So with that, the episode ends.

It was a good episode. Lots of good action and Rider in 780p is just breath taking. I can’t wait for episode six to come around.

So until then,
Later Days
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Love Live School Idol Festival News

Hey everyone. It’s Deven, slithering in with this post for Love Live School Idol Festival.

So imagine this. Me eating some ramen, checking out the Love Live School Idol Festival Page on the Love Live wiki when I see that in the event after the Third Score Match with a Hanayo on the line, there is this.

And this in the Fourth Score Match!

Two Super Rares in one event. So I finished up my ramen and got to work on some research.

Now turns out last year there was a Christmas poll to determine which Muse members would get an exclusive Christmas card. First place would get an Ultra Rare and second and third would get Super Rares.

Now since the English version is one year behind, we are now finally getting these cards.


This is the the Christmas Super Rare Nico that got Second Place in the poll. It’s going to be given away as one of the Event Point Goals during the Kokoro Yurechau You Umi Event beginning on December 20.


This is the Christmas Super Rare Maki that got Third Place in the poll. It’s going to be given away as one of the Event Point Goals during the Fourth Score Match starting on January 5th.

Also make sure to log in every day between December 16th and January 15th so you can get the winner of the First Place in the Poll. An Ultra Rare Christmas Kotori! However her stats are only as good as an above average Rare card but the art is still awesome.

426px-Kotori_pure_ur204_t Christmas

So once December 20th rolls around, everyone needs to be on their game. If you play your cards right you can end January with 4 Super Rares and Ultra Rare card.

It’s definitely my plan to get one of those cards. Especially the Maki Card.

So until the Christmas Event Season,
Later Days

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Love Live School Idol Festival: After the Event

Hey everyone. It’s Deven Luca and I’m coming at you with another Love Live School Idol Festival post.

So on today, November 14th, the Event Second Round Score Match ended so I’m here to report my progress.


Until Next Rank:817
Love Gems: 0
Gold: 382,500


Kotori is mine! I have the Kotori card! Yes!!!

So on the final day of the event around 2 in the afternoon, I got the last bit of points I needed to get the Kotori Card.

I did really well. I kept everything on alarm to make sure that I played right on schedule. Of course I dropped the buck on Sunday when I went to the library and didn’t play the entire day. So based on that, I should have been able to get Kotori card yesterday instead of today. But hey it’s better to get it at all rather than not have it at all.


Ouch! Ouch! It hurts to be this awesome! Kotori!

2014-11-13 14.09.33

So since I’ve gotten it, I guess I’ll explain it. It’s of course a Cool card with a base Cool score in 3530. It’s got the ability known as Angel? Nurse?, which makes the score jump by 1250 every time score hits 18,000 with a 14% success rate.

It’s a pretty awesome ability and on hard songs it’s going to go off at least a few times.

Break Even

I didn’t break even. I didn’t get any Love Gems…well I did but I spent them really quick.

2014-11-13 23.24.45 2014-11-13 23.25.00

So nothing really got better on the Smile side, I just fully levelled up my SR Rin and started levelling my UR Eli.

Same thing on Cool too.

So everything went well on this and the next event is called Junsui Sengen with a Honoka Card on the line. I’ll be telling you what the English name once it comes around.


So until the next event, where I hope I’ll get a card
Later Days

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Let’s Look: Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 32 Super Mini Review: Where Do You Find Fish? Umi-Dah!

I have to do it! I dare myself.


It’s a joke people. Princess Hisui voiced by Suzuko Mimori returns!

Note: I am epically behind. I’m writing this review on Friday November 14th. And if you didn’t know, Fairy Tail comes out on Fridays later tonight. And with Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works coming tomorrow I’ve got to get through this backlog. So comes a Super Mini Review.

So the episode opens up with Princess Hisui and Arcadios walking around with pumpkin hats, planning to go to the Fairy Tail Guild Hall.

They end up meeting Natsu and the group after their beatdown by Virgo. Hisui explains that the current events are her fault. The reason is that the Eclipse Gate’s magic had a major effect on the Celestial Spirits and the world at large which basically explains why the weather’s acting up and the Spirits are going loony.

She also explains that she is a Celestial Wizard who invented some unique Silver Keys that can force close the door between the world and the Celestial Spirit’s World.

Sounds good right? Someone may want that, right?

So a fish dude with a shark comes around and Yukino explains that it’s Pisces. Gosh, remember when the Mom of Pisces was hot. I’m trying after seeing this.

So Natsu being Natsu tries to fight them but it’s a stalemate between him and the Son. After that it’s a pretty confusing fight. Arcadios jumps in and gets knocked around. Yukino tries to fight but gets handed to her. The Spirits look like they sucessfully escape with the keys but turns out that Arcadios swapped the cases. Clever man.

I’m giving Fairy Tail Episode 32 a 6/10. It’s not really all that interesting. I was going to give it a five but Umi…I mean Princess Hisui is there. Can’t give it a bad number with her in it. It reflects bad on Umi.

Anyway with that I just need to do two more reviews, Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode and this week’s Trinity Seven.

Until Next Week,
Later Days

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Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Episode 4: Illya, Your Dad Loved You and Saber Takes A Walk Around Town

Even though she’s only in one scene during the entire episode I want to spend the most time talking about Illya. Illya trust me. Your Dad loved you a lot.

So we open the episode with Illya about to take a bath, not right, she’s a freaking loli! So what’s she’s technically 18. Still looks weird.

Anyway her two maids say that she should have killed everyone during her battle against Shiro and Rin because Berserker’s Noble Phantasm was revealed.

However Illya’s feeling confident and besides…


That’s just sad. So when one of the maids says that Illya might be showing mercy or pity. on Shiro, Illya says this.


Illya you’re wrong. Your dad loved you.

Okay, I say sorry to our leader Nick as well as our editor, Mitzuka now. This is going to be a long tangent.

Okay Illya’s father is actually Kiritsugu Emiya, same as Shiro but she’s blood related.

Note: When I first wrote this it was really long so I scrapped it and started over.

So during the Third Grail War, the Servant Angra Mainyu was summoned by a Einzbern after his first Servant, a Berserker, got owned. Now Angra Mainyuu wasn’t really a good Servant. He was just a guy that got cursed and blamed by the people of his village to be the source of all the world’s evils. Suckish life, right?

Anyway after Angra Mainyu was defeated, he was absorbed by the Greater Grail that lies underneath Fuyuki City. Now all the curses and dark wishes that lay on his skin were granted and that corrupted the Grail system and the way that Masters were chosen.

Originally only good and honorable Servants were able to be summoned. However after that, evil Servants and Anti-Heroes like Caster from Fate/Zero and Caster and Rider from Fate/Stay Night(correction: Just checked the Wiki, Caster and Rider from FSN are not Anti-Heroes) as well as evil Masters like Kirei Kotomine and Ryunosuke Uryuu from Fate/Zero.

Now that’s explained, I can explain Kiritsugu and Illya’s situation. When Kiritsugu fought Kirei during the Fourth Grail War, they were both doused in the mud that came out of the Grail.

While Kiritsugu was under he was shown exactly how the Grail planned to grant his wish. With unrestricted destruction and the only people that would be left would be him, his daughter Illya, and his wife Irisviel. The destruction outweighed the benefits so Kiritsugu killed the illusions of his daugher and wife and ordered Saber(the Saber that would later be summoned by Shiro ironically) to destroy the Grail.

Now because Kiritsugu destroyed the Grail, he betrayed the Eiznbern family which was sponsoring him so they didn’t allow him to see Illya ever again. He could have broken through and taken her back but he was cursed by ‘All the World’s Evils’ so his body and magical abilities were atrophied to the point of being nearly useless.

Now after that Illya was lied to by her grandfather, that her dad abandoned her mother to die and left her alone. That fostered the hatred you see in Illya now.

She’s really a victim…an insanely powerful victim but a victim.

So back to the review…okay after she says that we go straight to the opening song.

After said opening song, Ideal White, which I’m going to start leaving a link to at the bottom of the review. It’s too awesome not to listen to on your iPod…or Android device or what ever you have. I have no respect for you if you have a Zune.

Anyway, after the opening Shirou just wakes up from a dream where he sat on a hill covered in swords. Weird but once he wakes up Rin’s sitting right over him waiting. Even weirder. I know this the route where Shiro falls for Rin instead of Saber but still let’s give it some time before she does the dutiful night vigil stuff okay?

So predictably Shiro’s surprised but Rin tells him what happened to jog his memories. After that she plans to leave but Shiro thanks her.

True. This is still a war. She may have helped you out last night but you’re still enemies man.

Rin says that the Holy Grail War is always a fight to the death but when Shiro asks why didn’t she kill him last night or perhaps while he was sleeping she goes all tsundere on him.


Totally tsundere right there.


Eww I advise getting that sucked out. I think it’s called gastro-something.



Just signed up for a death right there bro. In fact that’s not signing up for death that’s suicide by proxy. Not just with her but with any woman.


Either her emotional control is off the charts or she lost it….she’s lost it. I have never seen a woman not react to being called fat. Especially someone as cutely formed as Rin.


Even he’s shocked. He knows he put one foot in the grave with that statement!

So Rin leaves saying that the next time they meet will be as enemies. While she walks out of the place, Archer speaks to her and asks if they’re heading home.


That’s right. She’s been on a losing streak lately. Lost to Lancer, Lost to Saber, got owned by Berserker. Shoot let Rider and Caster come join in on the Rin ownage!

After that Shiro starts checking out the house wondering where Saber is.


You know back when Studio Deen did the anime I thought Saber’s normal clothes were boring but the colors here make them more interesting. Not much. Can’t really make a white blouse, a blue tie and skirt look that interesting. Go Ufotable!

So Shiro asks why she’s sitting around and says that she’s been sleeping so she can be rested for future battles. Saber says that she was worried about Shiro’s injuries that he got from Berserker but apparently they had already started to close by the time Rin and Saber got them home.

For someone that can’t heal Saber’s wounds he’s healing up pretty well. Share the wealth, bro!

Note: It isn’t as much of a plot point in Unlimited Blade Works as it is in the Fate Route. Heck it doesn’t even matter at all in Unlimited Blade Works as far as I know. What is healing Shiro’s injuries is Avalon, Saber’s third and most powerful Noble Phantasm. It stops aging and heals the wielder. Shiro had it implanted by Kiritsugu at the end of the Fourth Grail War to save his life. It didn’t have much effect on his life until he summoned Saber because the two synchronize together.

So after that Saber tells Shiro not to try actions like last night again. You know like how he saved her life when Archer shot that Broken Phantasm at them. That’s just bad, Saber. How dare he save your life? Disgraceful.

Despite that Saber respects the fact that he was willing to risk his life to help her but asks him to limit those types of actions in the future…do you who you’re talking to? He’ll probably being doing the same thing in a few hours.

She wants him to life so she can fulfill her own wish from the Grail.

After that we switch over to Saber and Shiro in the living room where Saber explains what Heroic Spirits are.

And that’s why it’s more practical for Servant’s to be called by their class names rather than their true names. After figuring out a Servant’s identity, I’d just head to the nearest library and look up that person’s legend. After that it’s easy as one, two, three.

For example, with Saber’s identity I’d just anti-dragon weapons and she’d get wrecked. Her last name is Pendragon for a reason.

So for this reason, Saber doesn’t tell Shiro her true identity because any mage with some mind powers can just pluck it right out of his noodle and run train on them.

It’s smart but bad. Now Shiro can’t work any strategies around her abilities but to fair did you really he was going to strategize? Doesn’t look like the great thinker type to me.

So after that little meeting, we switch over to Rin and Archer checking out a building that residue of magic around it. Must be a Servant with a suckish Master that can’t give them mana to work with.

(Note: Servants, althought they look like they have physical bodies, have spirit bodies and must have mana to mantain their form in the world. Typically this is done by the Master giving mana to the Servant. However Masters like Shiro can’t do this so the Servant is weaker. Servants can restore their mana by eating the souls of humans when their Master can’t provide them with mana.

How are you liking this little notes? I do know a lot about the Fate Series and I guess these little notes help you understand if you’re new to the series.

So we switch back to Saber and Shiro where Shiro’s made lunch for Saber. Awww if this was the Fate route Saber’s affection would going up!


Looks good.

Shiro says that because he can’t top off her mana tank this is the least he can do and it actually serves a good purpose. Saber can regain mana by eating food or sleeping so this works for her. Good job Shiro! Ufotable made you smart!

After that the phone rings and it’s Fujimura and she’s asking for Shiro to bring her a lunch. And since she’s so well cute in my opinion Shiro’s got to bring her a lunch!

So after that Shiro takes the lunch but he can’t go alone! So Saber comes along and looks like Ufotable went for consistency with her clothes.

Back in Studio Deen’s version, Saber wore blouse and skirt combo all the time despite the fact that the 5th Grail War takes place during mid-winter. So at least Utofable is being smart and having the characters where approprioate clothes for the weather.

Plus Saber looks cute in the little winter coat.


Once they get to the school, Saber senses some residue magic but nothing jumps out at them. Shiro goes over to the archery club where he meets Sakura with this look on her face.


I’m guessing she’s looking that highly attractive blond girl right behind him. Can’t blame her. Saber’s one of the most attractive female Servants I’ve seen in the entire Fate Series. Not as hot as 5th Grail War Caster or Rider but she’s attractive. Also Saber of the Red is pretty cute too. Saber of the Red comes from Fate/Apocrypha.

So the captain of the archery club comes out and talks with Shiro. They talk a bit about Shinji before the conversation turns to Saber. While Shiro tries and fails to say that Saber isn’t his girlfriend she wanders off into the school and meets Kuzuki-sensei, one of the teachers…that was obvious since I said sensei. I’m clearly slipping.

Saber and Kuzuki have a stare down.

Anyway Shiro catches up and apologizes for Saber, he also tells her to not wear outside shoes inside.


Nice shoes. Note: all of Saber’s clothes come from Rin who was kind enough to give them to her.

So they go to the visitor’s lounge where Saber and Shiro discuss Kuzuki.

I guess so.


So looks like they’re going to take a look around so Saber can see if it’s safe.

After that Shiro’s tired and he ends up talking with Mitsuzuri again. She asks him if he’ll ever return to the club. Shiro gives a pretty half way answer about it. He isn’t saying yeah but he’s not saying no

Mitsuzuri says it’s like he doesn’t have a desire for anything. She basically says that he doesn’t have any fun.


Now I’m not watching him all the time…even though it’s technically my job to do so but I want to say yeah. I haven’t seen a smile on his face for the last four episodes.


The simple fact that he isn’t saying anything must mean that’s she’s right.

Ah yeah now I see why. Survivor’s guilt. He feels he can’t be happy because of that.

Note: After the Fourth Grail War, a large amount of Fuyuki City was burned down in what was called the Great Fuyuki Fire. Shiro is one of the few survivors. So when people go through something that so few survive it’s only natural for them to develop some type of survivor’s guilt

Mitsuzuri tries to tease Shiro but it doesn’t get much of a reaction out of him. He whispers her name himself as she leaves.

We flash over to Fujimura, Sakura, Shiro, and Saber walking where Shiro lies to them and says that Saber is an old friend of his dad’s and she came to visit him. Ironic, because technically it is true. This Saber did know Kirisugu but they were far from friends.

So once Shiro says that Saber’s going to be staying at his place, Fujimura wigs out, drops her bike, and starts shaking him.

So when Shiro mentions Saber’s name once more, Sakura asks like she knows it but then she kinda plays it off like she doesn’t. Come on Sakura. I know you know!


Note: I suppose I’ll tell you this since it doesn’t throw off the plot of Unlimited Blade Works but it is a major plot point in the Heaven’s Feel route.

Sakura fully knows that Saber is a Servant and she knows everything about the Holy Grail War. She’s an inactive Master that summoned a Servant but forfitted the right to control her Servant, Rider, to her brother, Shinji.

In both the Fate and Unlimited Blade Works routes, Sakura gives control of Rider to Shinji and because Shinji sucks at being a Master Rider gets owned everytime. However in Heaven’s Feel, Sakura gets Rider back midway through the route and with Sakura acting as her Master, Rider runs train on the other Servants and lasts all the way to the end of the Grail War

So Fujimura gives her permission to allow Saber to stay with Shiro and they all just casually walk pass Sakura, leaving her confused as heck in the middle of the street.

The next scene is just boring. It’s the girls eating dinner and watching TV. As Shirou washes the dinner dishes, he asks Fujimura to take Sakura home.

But turns out she’ll be staying too. You know keep the teenagers from getting naughty with each other and all that stuff.

And Sakura decides to stay around to leading to something like a slumber party. Goodie…

Now we get back to the action, Rin’s in sometype of room and she’s firing her laser!

She may be tsundere but she’s a badass.

So Rin and Archer take a look around and determine that a witch of a Servant was the one that been around here taking mana so she can boost her powers.

Witch? Mana? Fifth Holy Grail War? Caster! Oh the beautiful Caster! She’s my favorite female Servant in this war and second overall right after Saber of the Red.


Rin calls emegency services to get the people to safety and she plans to take on Caster next. Lady do you know what route you in? It’s Unlimited Blade Works. Caster is at her strongest and her most badass here. Wait a little.


I agree. Shiro’s the weak link. Take him out Rin!

What will you do Rin?


And with that we end the episode. I say it’s a half decent episode. It’s got a little action but it’s mostly a prelude for the action that’s coming up in future episodes. You know dominos got to be set up before they can fall and what not.

I give Fate Stay/Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 4 a 6/10 for good visuals and good plot and character development. We really see a bit more of Saber and Shiro in this episode since it’s mostly about them.

So I can’t wait until the next episode. Actually I can since the review is super late. The next one is going to be a Super Mini Review so I can get back on schedule. Sorry for that. I’ll try keep on schedule in the future.

So until the next review,
Later Days

Here’s the Link to the opening song, Ideal White by Mashiro Ayano. The ending by Believe by Kalafina will be out on November 19th.


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