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January 2015

Let’s Look: Harem Genre

Okay we’re here and this is my talk about Harem Genre.

Okay this post came from me watching the first episode of the anime Isuca. I’m not knocking the anime in any way but I do want to talk about some stuff about the harem genre. That being standards.

Standardized harems are basically what I call pulling together archetypes girl characters, a boring and bland male main character throwing them into a setting and letting it go.

That’s not good. Any anime or manga that you just slap on the butt and send out into the world isn’t very good.

Generally and this is with any type of writing, relying on an archetype is in general a bad thing. Yet at the same time archtypes are the building blocks of characters. So then why are they bad? Because everyone seen that before.

For example, Maki Nishikino of Love Live fame.



Her archtype is of the tsundere girl that hides her feelings. Standard as the day is long. Right?

The archtype is standard but Maki herself isn’t. She’s her own play on the classic archetype. She’s far more dere than tsun and she’s shown to care a lot about her friends in Muse. Combine that with the fact that she’s a redhead voiced by Pile she’s easily one of the most popular members of Muse.

So Maki is an example of archetype done well.

However as for archtypes done wrong…you can look anywhere for those. Here’s a hint to find them. If a character after you get their backstory or some major arc is still the same that’s an archetype gone bad.

So let’s apply this to the harem genre.

Classically a harem genre character at least the main male protagonist is supposed to be wish fulfillment. That’s right you can just slip yourself right into their shoes and have all these hot girls.

Unfortunately to do this the main character has to be boring and bland which is boring if you’re either looking at the show critically or want something more than just one guy getting three or four girls.

Now that’s sad and boring and the harem genre would be nothing but, no offense, guys just staring at hot girls on tv.

Now there are some good harem shows. The ones that start off with a bland main male protagonist and he grows to be something good. I’m going to give you a list of the ones that I’ve seen and my experiences with them.

1. Rosario Vampire


So Rosario Vampire isn’t the first harem I watched. Just the first one I remember. Tsukune Aono is the standard harem protagonist but he grows to have more personality and actually sticks to his decision to only be with Moka, the female protagonist. He actually gets into fights and protects his friends. That gets him a mention on my list.

2. Sekirei


Now on Mangafox I’m known as Shadowkeep12 and I…well used to be a consistent force in the Sekirei forums. That’s how I got into the Sekirei anime along with the Funimation dub of it. Minato Sahashi grows from the standard harem main character to someone that can legitimately emotionally support and be there for his girls and his friends. It’s a good thing to see since he was a wimp back in the beginning of the manga.

3. Trinity Seven


Now if I had to guess this anime/manga is the main reason why I reacted so big to Isuca being so standard. Trinity Seven has non-standard main character in Arata and actually wants a harem! Arata’s the guy that’s already a good harem main character and gets better. All the girls are deeper than they look on the surface and that’s interesting too.

4. Sora no Otoshimono


Very similar to Trinity Seven. While Tomoki doesn’t know that he’s got a harem that doesn’t stop him from indulging his perversions with the girls in it. However that doesn’t mean that’s he’s just a old pervert. No one cares more about people than Tomoki Sakurai.

And that’s it in terms of my favorite harems.

Like I said in my Isuca review, I’m going to stay on it until the 3rd episode. If it’s not good by then, I’m dropping it.

So until the next review,
Later Days

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Let’s Look: Koufuku Graffiti Episode 3: Moe Omelet Rice!

After watching this episode, I have to wonder. How do they not get fat after eating so much? I guess it’s something you ignore in a food anime, right?

So we start off with Ryo making some omelet rice and the girls eating a few bites.

After the opening, which is another awesome song by Maaya Sakamoto, Ryo tells us that it’s April now so now she’s in her third year of middle school or as it is for normal schooling, she’s in ninth grade. One thing that always confused me that ninth grade is a part of middle school instead of high school. Anyway…

So Ryo gets a package from her parents overseas. What did you get Ryo?


It’s rice…in a country where they eat rice with every meal. What’s the point?!



That was a waste of international shipping, buying the rice, and the time of the delievry guy. She could have walked down the street to get some rice. It’s like me living in China and ordering Chinese food from America. It’s just dumb.

So Ryo remembers that her parents are looking at her grades and wants to make them proud. I can get that. I just took my first test for college and if I get a good grade I’m going to put it up on the fridge! Maybe I’ll put it on Twitter too. I’ll have to figure out a way to blur my name though…

Update: I got a 97 with a 5 point bonus! So I got a 102! First test and I did great!

So we go to Ryo’s test day. It’s a practical skills test so they test if you can actually do something rather than just your knowledge on a subject. The subject’s a still life drawing.


Okay you can do this Ryo! Time to own it!


You can do it!

Unfortunately it’s food and all Ryo can think about is eating and cooking. Like everyone else that watches this anime!

So she slaps herself to get into the game.

That’s right get into the game!

Party pooper.

So after the test it turns out that Ryo…didn’t do so well. By didn’t do so well, she got third…from the bottom. Well at least she’s better than those last three losers at the bottom.


What happened to your face?


That focus must have hurted…a lot.

So she got her spot because her drawing didn’t follow the theme. How is that?


Hmmm…not a still life but very delicious.

So Ryo gets sad. She can’t show these grades to her parents when they return. However Kirin knows how to make Ryo smile.


Ryo’s all for it but not very happy. So she goes to get her bag and while Ryo’s gone Kirin has a talk with the teacher and Shiina.

Turns out she asks the teacher could she have the bamboo shoots and Kirin asked if Shiina could come over to help cheer Ryo up.

However Kirin’s doesn’t want Ryo to know so she makes up some story about Shiina having to eat rice with bamboo shoots or aliens will abduct her…

That’s always interesting…

It’s a bad excuse but it looks like Ryo accepts it.

So we flash to them into the house and Ryo starts to cook the bamboo shoots. You have to let them boil first so you can cook out the bitterness.

You can’t let them grow to long either or they’ll be too hard.

Are you even listening, Kirin? And Ryo agrees with me!

So they get into a conversation about anime and manga food and how it always looks so good but it’s often impossible to make like how meat looks in anime and huge rice balls…

Almost like they’re referencing something. Also note that any recipe used here can be made by you. I can’t remember where but they are posting the recipes to all the dishes made here. You’ll have to find out where yourself.

The talk shifts to omelet rice and this movie that all the girls watched. As they talk about it they all get hungry for some omelet rice and the rice and bamboo shoots gets done right on time.


And with that everyone digs in.

Shiina’s cute but her eating scenes aren’t as sexy as Ryo’s not as cute as Kirin’s.

So they keep eating some good rice and bamboo shoots and while they eat, Ryo is happy that she’s sharing her food with her friends. All the stresses she had from her test is gone.

So after eating all that Ryo tells Shiina can stay over the night so she doesn’t have to walk home at night.

I’m shocked. Lost for words. She actually believed it.


They agree and then we flash to this.

Ah I know that walk very well. It’s the walk of suffering. It’s parts happiness and sadness. Happy that ‘Gosh today is over’ and sad ‘damn I got to go back tomorrow’

So we move back to the girls where they’re watching the movie about the guy with the omelette rice. They start talking about Omelette Rice and soon Ryo falls asleep. When she wakes up she thinks that they went home because she fell sleep on them.


Turns out they went to the store and got some eggs. They’ve got an omelette rice craving! So now Shiina and Ryo are going to fill the need!

The only bad thing about reviewing this show if you don’t finish the review in one day and you don’t eat before you start again you get hungry! Man I’m hungry…

So they eat a good few amounts of omelette rice made by Ryo and the final one is the one that they saw in that movie. However Ryo can’t seem to get it right.


But once she’s on point, she gets it right and flows out beautifully.


Looks good. Can I join in girls?


After that Ryo goes to make some tea and while she’s making it she sees a note that she got from her parents, saying that’s she should try to get good grades and make a lot of friends.

So sweet.

And with that Ryo and Shiina walk Kirin to the train station and she makes them promise not to eat any cake while she’s gone.


Good loophole Shiina!


She knows!!!

And with that the episode ends. Now that was definitely a good episode. I’m really loving Koufuku Graffiti and I’m definitely good on reviewing it until the end. Isuca…I’m not so sure about. Fairy Tail…those are going to pick after we get out of this horrible filler arc and get into something better.

Here’s next episode dish.


This is shaping up to be one of my favorite anime this season other than Kancolle and Idolmaster.

So until next time,
Later Days

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Let’s Look: Isuca Episode 1: Eh Not Good, Not Bad

Hmm the title says it all. Not bad but not good either. Maybe the legendary Arata from last season set the bar too high.

So here we go! The classic of each season. You’ve got to have that classic harem anime with the ecchi in there.


EEEEH? How? Why? Arms! It’s the first freaking 10 seconds of the anime and you start with this! Work your way up to full out nudity!


Inner Writer:Stopppu!

Deven: What?

Inner Writer: We’re doing a Super Mini Review version of this post.

Deven: Why?

Inner Writer: You know why. You’re tired of standard stupid fanservicey harem anime. Let’s say something about it!

Deven: Yeah!

So I just talked myself into it. So this review is going to be a Super Mini Review. I know it’s bad for a season premiere review to be a Super Mini Review but hey the animators didn’t care about premieres since it was last anime to come out this season.

So at the end of this review I’ll be talking about harem anime and why they have a somewhat bad reputation.

So let’s continue. So it looks like the centipede lady is going to eat our rather bland protagonist but looks like it gets shot by an arrow to the forehead.

It used to be a hero but then it took an arrow to the knee. That’s for the Skyrim fans.

Anyway we flash to the next day where our MC Shinichiro is talking his best friend about the girls and about how his parents functionally abandoned him when our female main character Sakuya makes her appearance and when she appears she does the classic, kicking the main character.

So after that Shinichiro goes to the nurse’s office and she’s got…Lilith like endowments… She patches him up and when he says that he needs a job to keep up the rent she tricks him into cleaning the Chemistry lab.

After doing that he finds a cute girl with red hair and a kimono stuck on a tree. After pulling her loose, she turns out to be a Nekomata or a two tailed cat. Sakuya comes by and berates him for letting her go but then another Yokai shows up. This one plays with lightning instead of fire.

So Shinichiro, Sakuya, and the Nekomata fight against the other Yokai. Things happen, Sakuya gets stripped down to her panties, Shinichiro gets slapped and the day manages to get saved somewhere in-between all of that.

And with that is the end of episode 1. I’m going to be straight with you. I’m not fond of this one. It seems really standard harem with a tsundere. I’m fond of tsunderes but not this type. My kind of tsunderes are more dere than tsun like Maki or Tsukiumi from Sekirei.

Anyway as an Anime blogger, my drop policy is that I can only drop an anime after it is a 1/3 of the way finished. So since Isuca is a ten episode anime and ten is unfortunately not divisible by 3, I’ll be passing judgement on this anime after the 4th episode.

So Isuca had a bad start. Maybe it can get its head together on the second episode,

Until then,
Later Days

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Date A Live Speculation: Who’s Going To Be In Season 2 Dub!

Hey everyone. It’s Deven and I’m coming at you with another Date A Live Speculation.

So if you don’t know then I’m a big fan of Funimation. I know they don’t get much love some times but I really love all the stuff they put out.

One thing that I like they have put out recently is the first season of Date A Live. They had an all-star cast with some new faces like Bryn Aprill and Barrett Nash.

Anyway I was looking around on the Funimation website and I found that they’ll be releasing Date A Live 2 some time this year…I know it’s not a definite time but it’s better than what we had.

So this speculation is about who I think would be playing the new Spirits and some of the other new characters.

So first up are the Yamai twins.

So cute and they work well together. So Funimation needs two voice actresses that can pull off the characters themselves and the relationship that Kaguya and Yuzuru themselves. The relationship between them is the driving force of that part of the anime. It’s the reason why they can be sealed and the reason why they’re so close. It’s because they love each other so much.

So like I said Funimation needs voice actresses that can pull off the relationship well enough and their talent at showing the twins’ respective personalities should be important but second.

I’m thinking that Cherami Leigh and Brittney Karbowski can do it well. I’m getting this opinion mostly from the anime Sekirei where Cherami plays the Sekirei Hikari who is a bit a tsundere and cocky while Brittney plays Hibiki who is more laid back.

I think if Cherami can put a few ‘thees’ and ‘thous’ in her speech she can perfectly pull off Kaguya. As for Brittney she’s already shown that she can do emotionless characters in Sora no Otoshimono as Ikaros.

Side Note: Still can’t wait for them to do the dub of the last movie. It wasn’t the best movie but I still want to see Funimation’s adaptation of it.

Next one is someone I really hope gets the part. I know she’s super busy doing a lot of live action parts but I hope she can do Miku Izayoi.


It’s Brina Palencia!


One of the main things about Miku’s character other than the fact that she hates men is that she’s an idol which means she can sing…Brina is a trained singer. She’s also sung a lot of English adapted openings, endings, and insert songs for Funimation.

She’s also played a wide range of characters. Although I haven’t seen one that would fit Miku’s character I think that Brina could pull it off.

And finally I think that I could do Ellen.


I think that it should be either Colleen Clinkenbeard or Monica Rial. I’m leaning towards Monica Rial. Why? And this is mostly because I am a majorly huge Monica Rial fan…I kinda think she got the short end of the stick playing Mii. She’s got 1 line said in about ten or so different ways. I’m not knocking Monica Rial because I have massive amounts of respect for her but I think she knocked all the recording for that part out in a day.

I think she can really pull off a serious yet somewhat funny character like Ellen. She’s done it a lot with Mirajane. Have you seen when she goes in Satan Soul voice? It’s awesome and sounds completely different from her usual voice.


And that’s it. I could go into all the new characters but I have class the next day.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Funimation. I have no knowledge of when the dub of Date A Live 2 will come out. I’m just guessing.

So until the next day,
Later Days

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Let’s Look: Koufuku Graffiti Episode 2: Where’s Spring and Jealous Yuri!

Aww Kirin’s starting to get jealous and side note you can marry your cousin in Japan!

Side Note: I ate a lot before I started this review so the hunger won’t be a problem this episode

So before the opening we see Kirin eating a omelet roll.

Looks like erotic eating is something that runs in the family.

So after the opening song, Shiawase ni Tsuite Watashi ga Shitteiru Itsutsu no Houhou by Maaya Sakamoto, which comes out on January 28th, we have a quick flashback of the events of last week’s episode

So we see that it’s been about two months since Kirin started coming and now it’s March and time for the Cherry Blossom Viewing. Ah it’s a classic of any anime.

So when it’s time for the weekend of the Cherry Blossom viewing, Kirin comes on schedule but with a little extra.


She always came with a lot of luggage for a girl that’s only staying the night but this is a little over the top.

You know that flashlight could be useful…not really with the whole concept of streetlights…

So once they go in Kirin’s excellent nose notices Ryo’s cooking. So looks like Ryo’s doing most of the cooking for the viewing what did you bring Kirin?


Looks like a winner. Lucky I ate before this review.

So we get a quick flashback and Kirin says that there’s a Russian Roulette sandwich in there. So one of those sandwiches is really spicy but she doesn’t know which. I’m betting that she’ll get it but that’s just me.

So they walk to the park and while they walk they talk about Kirin and her mother patching things up. And once they get to the park it is beautiful.

Looks like Kirin’s in wonder!


After they set up their blankets and Ryo says that they have to wait for her aunt, Akira.


Looks like she’s a bit scared. Turns out she’s afraid of meeting new adults. Don’t worry she’s one of those childish aunts. How can you tell?

That’s how you can tell. First down! First and ten!


A fair bit affection isn’t she?


Deven turns to the readers

Does that look sexual to you?

Readers nod

Good I thought it was just me. A lot of yuri subtext here.

So after some introductions and some bows that are so low they headbutt the ground, Ryo busts out the bentos and asks Akira what she brought.

Just lazy, Akira-san, just lazy.

So after that Ryo and Kirin go to the stalls to pick up some food but Kirin disappears to look at all the food stalls.

So Kirin explains that everyone back at her town helps out to make the festival stalls.

As for Ryo, she says that she hasn’t gone to the park for the Cherry Blossoms since she was a little girl with her parents, Akira, and her grandmother.


I know it’s only the second episode but I’m feeling for Ryo right now. Maybe because she’s so cute?

And when Kirin says she never knew that about Ryo, she says of course because she never told her.

That’s definitely some yuri subtext right there.

So before Ryo can say something else there’s a sound near by.

Oh it’s Shiina from cram school. And when Ryo notices her and cals out to her, she does what I’ve heard people say is a classic from Shaft, the Head Tilt. People have done it before but Shaft turns it into an art form.


So after Shiina’s super sexy head tilt, we flash to Akira on the blanket. She’s waiting for Ryo and Kirin to get back and decided to crack open a beer.


Okay I thought it was just overdramatic with Shiina but it looked kinda sexy with Akira. Maybe I like older girls? Maybe it’s the muted dark colors with her purple eyes. It makes her look sexy.

So Akira decides to take a bite before the girls get back then we switch back to the girls.

Turns out that Shiina’s drawing the people around the park and after getting properly introduced to Kirin she comments that Ryo is a lot different than how she is at school.


That’s some focus. I wish I could have some but I get by in school by natural instinct and listening.

Anyway Shiina brings up Ryo’s legendary bentos and she gets that same look everyone that everyone else gets when they eat in this anime.



So Kirin gets jealous that Ryo’s giving food to others but in actually she’s jealous that she doesn’t know this side of Ryo.

I swear the yuri subtext is real here. Way more than Akuma no Riddle’s subtext. I needed a magnfying glass and to take up the manga to see the subtext in that one.

Anyway Shiina gives Kirin a candied apple and leaves to go eat at the stalls.

She’s cute.

However Kirin’s still jealous that she doesn’t have a monopoly on Ryo’s attention but she moves on from it. So we move back to Akira as the girls return and look at this.


Now does that look like four beers and then she just knocks back a fifth one. Now if it was me, I probably might be out of it by then.

Note: I just turned 21 so I can legally drink now but I ain’t about that life. I have too many drunk uncles and one died of Cirrhosis.

So it turns out that Akira got the Russian Roulette Sandwich, ah the dark pain. But now that everyone’s here we can eat!

I’m so lucky I ate before doing this review.

And we all know how the next part starts. Everyone eats really sexily!



I’m not sure if I could eat squid though. Octopus yes but not squid.

Now Kirin!

Not as sexual as the others…

So as they eat Kirin asks why didn’t Ryo make any omelet rolls and…Ryo doesn’t have an answer.

Then we move to after the meal and Akira heads back to work…after knocking back five beers. How are you able to stand up?!

So once we that’s over we head back to Ryo’s place where Kirin’s just watching tv but Ryo notices something’s off about her. So when Kirin talks about wanting to draw the Cherry Blossoms Ryo takes her out back.


Wow it’s so pretty.

So Kirin sits down and starts to draw while Ryo heads back upstairs to get something. Also there’s that weird lady that was ordering a pizza staring at Kirin while she draws but she’s harmless right now.

So when Ryo comes back guess what she’s got!


Omelet Rolls! Yum! I like the ones I make. I learned how to make them from an old friend.

So when she bites in, it’s so sweet!


But Kirin apologizes for worrying her and being jealous about not knowing anything about her. Ryo’s okay with it since she’s learning about her too.

Now that’s looking quite sexual. Remember she’s in middle school, guys!

After a hug the girls start talking about stuff and learn more about each other. Through their inner monologues, they say they don’t each very well right not but they’ll soon know each other better anyone else.

Then we go to Kirin leaving for the week but she forgot her sketchbook. Ryo looks at the picture she drew and smiles. And with that the episode ends.


Another good one. I’m finishing the review around 2am and now super hungry for breakfast. I can’t wait until the next episode.

Also starting now I’ll be putting the ending card in the review or the hint to the next dish for next week.

Check it out!


So cute and it looks like Shiina’s with them too.

So the food train coming in next week and I can’t wait until then,
Later Days

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School Days First Week

I had to make this joke! Granted I haven’t any prospects or none of the girls I have talked tried to kill me yet.

Anyway…I’m here taking a leaf out of my good friend Nick SkyCorps’ book. I’m going to be blogging about my school experiences.

Why? Mostly because I can and I feel that at least saying something makes it better. And besides you can laugh at my pain.

It’s going to be a monthly series since unlike Nick, I go to school everyday instead of once a week. However this first one is just going to be about the first week.

So Monday…

Monday wasn’t very hard but in a way it was. See I did all my admissions work right before Christmas Break. So when I applied for my financial aid, it didn’t come until after Christmas so I couldn’t register for any of my classes until the first day of classes. Darn them.


Anyway so the morning of the 12th, I woke up, got dressed, and tried to go to the school but the bus pass that my cousin gave me didn’t work. So I had to get off and grab another bus pass an d use that one to get to school. That’s when it got hard.

Now if you all remember I’ve been out of school for two years since I graduated high school so I’m a little rusty. As a result, I got a suckish score on Math and they put me in a Development Course. I tried to test out of it on Monday but my score wasn’t high enough and I ended up in the exact same class… Studying doesn’t work…

Oh I forgot! Because it was the first few days of class everyone was rushing to get things settled. So I had to wait for like a hour to get all of my stuff together. By the time I got in line to take the test, got my recommendation for my classes, and got out of there it was already 4 in the afternoon. Then it took me two hours to register. Mostly because most of the classes were taken.

Note: When in college, register early. You’ll get the classes you want rather than the ones that are left over.

So by the time I finished registering and getting my books it was 7. I slugged home and got into bed to go to school the next morning.


So the next morning, I had two classes, English 101 and Computer Cabling. English was fairly fun and interesting. The professor has a good sense of humor. However Cabling was tough. You know that feeling when someone says something and you heard it but you have no idea what it means. That was me in Cabling.

So I dropped it and returned the book. No regrets…until later.


So I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to get to my first class, Math. And that was pretty good. And there are some cute girls in Math. Next up I was Computer Literacy and Applications but I got lost…and the class was right down the hall.

Computer Literacy was really interesting especially since stuff like this is what I want to go into.

Finally I had Overview for College Success and it was pretty much class that helps you transtion to being a college student.


I only had English that time but the real issue was what I learned. Turns out that by dropping that class, my credit hours went down from 14 to 11. That meant that my financial aid took a hit and now I owed the school $18. Not much right.

But I was wondering ‘Pay the money’ or ‘take another class’ I chose to take Intro to Psychology and I’m happy to say that I got the last spot open!

Note: It might seem that I’m not going to be able to get that new computer this semester. It seems like everything was there to take away my precious money. I might be able to get it next year but I’m not sure.


Once again I had to get on the bus in freezing cold at 6am to get to the bus. I had Math and it was all I needed to do that day.

So that was my first week. I had to say that I was really shy on the first few days. Mostly because I was scared out of my mind. However as the days went on, I start to crack a few jokes which is more like me.

It’s going to be a long time before I can get my degree but I know that I can get it if I keep at it. As for the social side of college, I’m going to try and get into that more. That’s something I really regretted that I didn’t do in high school.

There’s no need to worry. Posts will come down on time. All of my classes are in the morning so that leaves my afternoons and evenings free to write.

Well I think that’s it.

Until next month’s School Days,
Later Days

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Let’s Look:Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episodes 38, 39, 40 Triple Review

Sorry I haven’t been writing any Fairy Tail review. The reason has been because the last few episodes haven’t been the best and I wasn’t really all that motivated but I found it again.

Mostly because the filler should be ending at episode 219 or episode 44. Granted we’ll still be in filler but at least they’ll be manga written fillers. That’s all I ask for…that and the freaking Tarturus arc. Get to it!

First up is Episode 38.

So this episode is basically Gajeel and his Exceed, Pantherlily, getting caught by Gemi and Mini. But kicker is that they turned them into some type of hamsters or gerbils or some type of pet you’d see in an kindergarden class room and Gemi and Mini are those kids that accidentally kill them.

So they play too rough with them and Gajeel manages to get out and kick their butts, resealing the Gate of the Twins.

Then we get some stuff about Lucy getting owned by Virgo before we go to Erza vs. Sagittarius. It’s some what interesting. It’s a classic best two out of three. First it’s shooting arrows and Erza wins that one. Next is a race and Sagittarius wins that one. Finally is a battle on horse back and Erza wins that one. Then she seals his gate.

At the end we see Ophichus and Leo escape deeper into Astryal Spiritus and reveal that they are about to restart Liberum

Second up is Episode 39.

This episode is really simple. Leo vs. Natsu. Leo loses while Wendy tries to break the Globe but doesn’t work. And even when Leo is defeated Liberum still continues.

Finally it’s Episode 40.

So turns out that everything that’s been happening up until now has been a lie. Apparently the 12 Zodiac Spirits were just trying to get away from the Celestial Spirit King who went just as crazy as the rest of them. However Fairy Tail screwed them up there so now everything’s according to good old Ophiuchus’s plan. This episode ends with the battle beginning between Natsu and Ophiuchus.

Let’s see it got better at the end but it’s still not my favorite filler. I liked the Daphne and the Starry Night filler arcs way better than this. At least we’re heading to more canon filler soon.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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Sword Art Online Progressive

Hey everyone it’s Deven! And I’m coming at you with some information about Sword Art Online. It’s not new information or anime related but some people don’t know about so I’m going to tell you.

Now as we know the Aincrad arc is the first arc of the entire Sword Art Online series. However in the first volume we only see the first day and the last few months of the game. Then in the second volume we get some of the side stories with Lizbeth, Silica, Yui, and Sachi.

But remember Kirito and others were stuck in SAO for 2 years. There’s no way that could be all the adventures they had.

So that’s why the writer, Reki Kawahara, started a reboot of the Aincrad arc. It’s called Sword Art Online Progressive!

This reboot goes back to beginning and adapts everything. Every boss battle. Every player interaction. And every floor! Granted they come out every year roughly about December but they’re still good.

Sounds awesome right!

Sword Art Online Progressive exists as both a Light Novel and a manga series. You can probably find the manga on most manga reading sites. You won’t be able to find the Light Novel version on Baka-Tsuki because it’s be licensed by Yen Press. But hey we still have the manga!

I’m hoping for once SAO Progressive ends we get a remake of the anime with all the stuff from Progressive added in.

So until we get some news on SAO,
Later Days

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Let’s Look: Koufuku Graffiti Episode 1: Food Is Better With Family!

Never imagined that I’d learn something from an anime. Then I’ve been learning stuff from anime for years. I learned from UBW that even though something may be borrowed or contraditory doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth fighting for

Anyway…let’s get to the review…

Koufuku Graffiti Gif

Hmm…I think that looks kinda sexual…

So after the opening which is pretty good music right there, we open to our main character Ryo starting to cook some dinner and she even explains how she does it.

Excuse me…

Deven goes to get a sandwich and a juice

Sorry I got hungry. This anime gets me hungry.

So once she finishes this is what it looks like:


That looks delicious.


But at least the presentation is good! She’s sad because her grandma died and before then she was able to cook before then.



There are some guys that would enjoy that from their wives. I’m not one of them.

So Ryo gets a phone call from her Aunt Akira and she explains that she’ll be having Ryo’s cousin wants to stay with her on Saturdays so she can go to cram school on Sundays.

Ryo wonders if she can do it since she doesn’t believe in her cooking and she’s got to study for her exams as well.

Akira says not to worry. Why?


Now that will work! However she’s in eighth grade which means she’s about 14 years old or something like that.

Anyway we flash to Ryo outside walking around. She reflects on the fact that she accepted her cousin staying with her.

So as young, cute, and strangely well endowed for a 14 year old thinks someone grabs her.


Now that’s cute.

So after some introductions, Kirin gives Ryo a gift for letting her stay.


Hmm when I give gifts they tend not to be lettuce but that’s me.

So Kirin explains that she stole the cabbage from her house and then we have a flashback of Kirin’s home life.


She has a good life with good parents but her mama only cooks vegetables. As a lover of various meats like steak, chicken, and others I can’t take that! I’d run away.

So anyway Kirin says that she wants to go to specific arts high school in Tokyo. However her mom doesn’t want her to take the long commute to Tokyo on Sunday. However they get into a argument and at the end they compremise about it. She’ll be staying at Ryo on Saturdays and coming home on Sundays after School.

After Kirin explains you can see that Ryo’s a bit shaken. I get that. Ryo must be remembering her Grandma. For people that have lost parents or people close to them, seeing others fight with those people would kinda make them sad. After all they’d give anything to be with those people again.

So we move to Ryo and Kirin back home and Ryo made dinner.


I’m beginning to think that there’s going to be a lot of food in this anime…I should have eaten more before doing this review…

Looks like someone enjoys it.


I have a half empty stomach and you two are eating…


Now that’s a good thing to say. Food tastes better when you eat with others.

Ryo says that she hasn’t any confidence in her cooking lately and Kirin tries to get her to eat some. Ryo doesn’t want any but…


So Ryo takes a pic and look at this.

I’ve seen girls trying too hard have less sex appeal than that moment.


Oh good it isn’t just me thinking this.

Kirin then asks if she can make the hotpot without any help but then Ryo quips that she can do it when she doesn’t skip the carrots in the hotpot.

We switch over to Ryo washing the dishes, thinking about how happy that someone enjoyed her cooking and then she gets a call from Akira.

She asks about Kirin and she says that her mom wasn’t all against as she thought. She says Kirin might be lonely.

Akira starts to go on but a sneeze comes from the bathroom and Ryo runs to check on Kirin.

Next morning looks like Kirin’s gotten all sick. That’s what she gets for going around Tokyo on New Year’s in nothing but a light jacket.


She doesn’t look so good.


Yeah I’m American. Someone translate this into something I can understand! By my count she should close to freezing.

So the next day they go to cram school and Kirin is wearing one of those medical masks that Japanese people wear when they’re sick.

They met up with three of Ryo’s friends before class and then we flash to after school where Ryo wonders where Kirin is.


We’ve only seen a few scenes of Ryo’s grandma but you don’t need that many to know that she was kinda and loving old lady.

As the flashback ends, Kirin staggers out of the school feeling really sick. She’s so sick that she’ll have to stay the night at Ryo’s because it would be too bad for her to go back that night.

So what do with a cute little girl is sick?


Sounds good. Can you pass me a bowl?


She looks happy and after a few minutes we get this!


I’m finishing this review the next day after writing last night and I haven’t eaten breakfast yet…I’m hungry…

So after taking those first few noodles what do you think Kirin?


And then we get a close of the ramen…why do I torture myself like this…

So while Kirin’s getting ready for bed, Ryo makes some Inarisan or sushi wrapped in fried tofu but Kirin pops up and wants some too. However she can have any being sick and all.

That is definitely sexual looking.

So after that the two girls talk about their families. While Kirin doesn’t like her mother’s cooking, she sure does love her. As for Ryo, she still getting over losing her grandma and her parents work overseas.

However she’s happier because she has Kirin to keep her company.

Kirin even agrees when it’s time for bed.

Now that’s a lesson worth knowing. Most people today aren’t even eating with their families and just watching television. Maybe we should slow down and take the time to really spend time together.

During the night Kirin wakes up to go to the bathroom and when she remembers the Inarisan she goes to get it but remembers what Ryo said.


And with the next day comes around and Kirin goes home with a lunch made by Ryo.

That’s so sweet.

I’m really loving this anime. It’s so sweet and cute. This is definitely the cuteness anime of this season. I can’t wait for the next episode!

It’s hard to wait a week but at least next week, I’ll have eaten before I do this review!

Until next week with some more delicious food and cute girls,
Later Days

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