Never imagined that I’d learn something from an anime. Then I’ve been learning stuff from anime for years. I learned from UBW that even though something may be borrowed or contraditory doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth fighting for

Anyway…let’s get to the review…

Koufuku Graffiti Gif

Hmm…I think that looks kinda sexual…

So after the opening which is pretty good music right there, we open to our main character Ryo starting to cook some dinner and she even explains how she does it.

Excuse me…

Deven goes to get a sandwich and a juice

Sorry I got hungry. This anime gets me hungry.

So once she finishes this is what it looks like:


That looks delicious.


But at least the presentation is good! She’s sad because her grandma died and before then she was able to cook before then.



There are some guys that would enjoy that from their wives. I’m not one of them.

So Ryo gets a phone call from her Aunt Akira and she explains that she’ll be having Ryo’s cousin wants to stay with her on Saturdays so she can go to cram school on Sundays.

Ryo wonders if she can do it since she doesn’t believe in her cooking and she’s got to study for her exams as well.

Akira says not to worry. Why?


Now that will work! However she’s in eighth grade which means she’s about 14 years old or something like that.

Anyway we flash to Ryo outside walking around. She reflects on the fact that she accepted her cousin staying with her.

So as young, cute, and strangely well endowed for a 14 year old thinks someone grabs her.


Now that’s cute.

So after some introductions, Kirin gives Ryo a gift for letting her stay.


Hmm when I give gifts they tend not to be lettuce but that’s me.

So Kirin explains that she stole the cabbage from her house and then we have a flashback of Kirin’s home life.


She has a good life with good parents but her mama only cooks vegetables. As a lover of various meats like steak, chicken, and others I can’t take that! I’d run away.

So anyway Kirin says that she wants to go to specific arts high school in Tokyo. However her mom doesn’t want her to take the long commute to Tokyo on Sunday. However they get into a argument and at the end they compremise about it. She’ll be staying at Ryo on Saturdays and coming home on Sundays after School.

After Kirin explains you can see that Ryo’s a bit shaken. I get that. Ryo must be remembering her Grandma. For people that have lost parents or people close to them, seeing others fight with those people would kinda make them sad. After all they’d give anything to be with those people again.

So we move to Ryo and Kirin back home and Ryo made dinner.


I’m beginning to think that there’s going to be a lot of food in this anime…I should have eaten more before doing this review…

Looks like someone enjoys it.


I have a half empty stomach and you two are eating…


Now that’s a good thing to say. Food tastes better when you eat with others.

Ryo says that she hasn’t any confidence in her cooking lately and Kirin tries to get her to eat some. Ryo doesn’t want any but…


So Ryo takes a pic and look at this.

I’ve seen girls trying too hard have less sex appeal than that moment.


Oh good it isn’t just me thinking this.

Kirin then asks if she can make the hotpot without any help but then Ryo quips that she can do it when she doesn’t skip the carrots in the hotpot.

We switch over to Ryo washing the dishes, thinking about how happy that someone enjoyed her cooking and then she gets a call from Akira.

She asks about Kirin and she says that her mom wasn’t all against as she thought. She says Kirin might be lonely.

Akira starts to go on but a sneeze comes from the bathroom and Ryo runs to check on Kirin.

Next morning looks like Kirin’s gotten all sick. That’s what she gets for going around Tokyo on New Year’s in nothing but a light jacket.


She doesn’t look so good.


Yeah I’m American. Someone translate this into something I can understand! By my count she should close to freezing.

So the next day they go to cram school and Kirin is wearing one of those medical masks that Japanese people wear when they’re sick.

They met up with three of Ryo’s friends before class and then we flash to after school where Ryo wonders where Kirin is.


We’ve only seen a few scenes of Ryo’s grandma but you don’t need that many to know that she was kinda and loving old lady.

As the flashback ends, Kirin staggers out of the school feeling really sick. She’s so sick that she’ll have to stay the night at Ryo’s because it would be too bad for her to go back that night.

So what do with a cute little girl is sick?


Sounds good. Can you pass me a bowl?


She looks happy and after a few minutes we get this!


I’m finishing this review the next day after writing last night and I haven’t eaten breakfast yet…I’m hungry…

So after taking those first few noodles what do you think Kirin?


And then we get a close of the ramen…why do I torture myself like this…

So while Kirin’s getting ready for bed, Ryo makes some Inarisan or sushi wrapped in fried tofu but Kirin pops up and wants some too. However she can have any being sick and all.

That is definitely sexual looking.

So after that the two girls talk about their families. While Kirin doesn’t like her mother’s cooking, she sure does love her. As for Ryo, she still getting over losing her grandma and her parents work overseas.

However she’s happier because she has Kirin to keep her company.

Kirin even agrees when it’s time for bed.

Now that’s a lesson worth knowing. Most people today aren’t even eating with their families and just watching television. Maybe we should slow down and take the time to really spend time together.

During the night Kirin wakes up to go to the bathroom and when she remembers the Inarisan she goes to get it but remembers what Ryo said.


And with the next day comes around and Kirin goes home with a lunch made by Ryo.

That’s so sweet.

I’m really loving this anime. It’s so sweet and cute. This is definitely the cuteness anime of this season. I can’t wait for the next episode!

It’s hard to wait a week but at least next week, I’ll have eaten before I do this review!

Until next week with some more delicious food and cute girls,
Later Days

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