Okay we’re here and this is my talk about Harem Genre.

Okay this post came from me watching the first episode of the anime Isuca. I’m not knocking the anime in any way but I do want to talk about some stuff about the harem genre. That being standards.

Standardized harems are basically what I call pulling together archetypes girl characters, a boring and bland male main character throwing them into a setting and letting it go.

That’s not good. Any anime or manga that you just slap on the butt and send out into the world isn’t very good.

Generally and this is with any type of writing, relying on an archetype is in general a bad thing. Yet at the same time archtypes are the building blocks of characters. So then why are they bad? Because everyone seen that before.

For example, Maki Nishikino of Love Live fame.



Her archtype is of the tsundere girl that hides her feelings. Standard as the day is long. Right?

The archtype is standard but Maki herself isn’t. She’s her own play on the classic archetype. She’s far more dere than tsun and she’s shown to care a lot about her friends in Muse. Combine that with the fact that she’s a redhead voiced by Pile she’s easily one of the most popular members of Muse.

So Maki is an example of archetype done well.

However as for archtypes done wrong…you can look anywhere for those. Here’s a hint to find them. If a character after you get their backstory or some major arc is still the same that’s an archetype gone bad.

So let’s apply this to the harem genre.

Classically a harem genre character at least the main male protagonist is supposed to be wish fulfillment. That’s right you can just slip yourself right into their shoes and have all these hot girls.

Unfortunately to do this the main character has to be boring and bland which is boring if you’re either looking at the show critically or want something more than just one guy getting three or four girls.

Now that’s sad and boring and the harem genre would be nothing but, no offense, guys just staring at hot girls on tv.

Now there are some good harem shows. The ones that start off with a bland main male protagonist and he grows to be something good. I’m going to give you a list of the ones that I’ve seen and my experiences with them.

1. Rosario Vampire


So Rosario Vampire isn’t the first harem I watched. Just the first one I remember. Tsukune Aono is the standard harem protagonist but he grows to have more personality and actually sticks to his decision to only be with Moka, the female protagonist. He actually gets into fights and protects his friends. That gets him a mention on my list.

2. Sekirei


Now on Mangafox I’m known as Shadowkeep12 and I…well used to be a consistent force in the Sekirei forums. That’s how I got into the Sekirei anime along with the Funimation dub of it. Minato Sahashi grows from the standard harem main character to someone that can legitimately emotionally support and be there for his girls and his friends. It’s a good thing to see since he was a wimp back in the beginning of the manga.

3. Trinity Seven


Now if I had to guess this anime/manga is the main reason why I reacted so big to Isuca being so standard. Trinity Seven has non-standard main character in Arata and actually wants a harem! Arata’s the guy that’s already a good harem main character and gets better. All the girls are deeper than they look on the surface and that’s interesting too.

4. Sora no Otoshimono


Very similar to Trinity Seven. While Tomoki doesn’t know that he’s got a harem that doesn’t stop him from indulging his perversions with the girls in it. However that doesn’t mean that’s he’s just a old pervert. No one cares more about people than Tomoki Sakurai.

And that’s it in terms of my favorite harems.

Like I said in my Isuca review, I’m going to stay on it until the 3rd episode. If it’s not good by then, I’m dropping it.

So until the next review,
Later Days

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