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I just want to tell you right now that the review will be posted in parts because it is a fairly long one. There will be three parts, each posted a different day.

So let’s go!

So we start off with a mysterious prologue from Kotori where she says. “I thought I was ready to kill you, but now I think. Wasn’t there something else that could’ve been done Shido?”

Sounds like that situation has come up…

Remember back in season 2/Volume 5(Tempest Yamai) as the volume ended, Kotori was talking to Woodman(Founder of Ratatoskr) during a meeting of the commanders. He asked her if she was willing to kill Shido if things got bad. And she said she would be able to do.

Looks like that time has finally come around. Is there a way around it? So we move on.

So we move to Shido and Tohka heading to school on a cold December day. Shido’s shivering because he forgot to get his scarf.

Tohka offers her scarf but Shido refuses because he doesn’t want her to get cold.


So we move to the school where someone seems to have stolen Shido’s school shoes. Don’t worry Origami just stole them to warm them up…that’s weird.

Turns out that the original Origami is still very much inside the current Origami and her personality and habits do surface from time to time. Ah it’s like we never lost her.

So we move to the underground facility that we’ve got since the Fraxinus was shot down by Ellen’s Goetia back in Volume 10. Still haven’t gotten it fixed yet?

Anyway Kotori’s checking the info about Origami’s Inverse Form, Origami in general as well as Phantom’s ability to give out Sephira Crystals.

While she’s checking out the data, Reine comes to tell her that someone’s Spirit Wave levels are spiking. She immediately assumes that it was Origami who was recently sealed. Reine moves to tell the name but we switch the scene.

We go to Shido during Gym class where they’re doing physical tests it looks like he’s got a fever. Before the class, he tells Tohka and Origami to make sure to control their physical power since they don’t want to stand out too much.

We see the girls do the long jump where they all get mad that Tohka’s getting the best jump…then Origami immediately gets one inch more than here. Well played Tobiitchi Origami…

We see that Shido’s got some power. He broke the hand-dynamometer(measures hand strength and grip) with one hand and broke the handball throw and 50 meter dash records in a dead sprint.

Maybe nothing’s wrong…It’s possible. Shido could have been lifting…a lot.

And after the race, Shido passes out and wakes up in the nurse office where Kotori arrives to transfer him to Ratatoskr lab to check him out.

Then we move to Westcott and Ellen who are commenting that they have enough data thanks to Devil to make a weapon that harness the power of the Inverse Spirits.

Why does evil never rest? Evil always seems to be up at the odd hours working on their evil plans and what not? Doesn’t evil take a vacation?

We switch over to Ratatoskr’s higher ups along with Kotori where the other higher ups save Woodman are getting impatient and ready to kill Shido if things get too hairy for them.

Shame on them! Why do they always have to kill the guy the second things stop working for you? Come on. Give them some time to fix it.

And Woodman agrees and he tells Kotori to avoid the worst case scenario.

And then we go to another part of the Ratatoskr facility where we’re with all the Spirits. As they walk Origami wonders about Ratatoskr. Why are they taking so much time, effort, and money to take care of the Spirits? What is their true motive?

They meet Kotori and Reine outside Shido’s room where Kotori notices that Miku isn’t there. Reine explains that she’s in the Kansai region right now….cue Miku running into the room calling Darling!!!

She chartered a helicopter to get back in time.

Then Reine explains the situation about how the Spirit energy inside Shido is running wild and that he needs to have it sealed by them this time. Ah the reversal. Shido’s been doing the kissing now they have to do it.

Of course Tohka’s shocked. Eh? She didn’t know that everyone else has kissed Shido. Poor Tohka’s behind on the times.

So Reine says that they’re going to enter the room and each girl will give him a kiss. Origami asks to be last, get the key, and make sure that the room is soundproof. Origami you pervert.

They open the door to find that Shido’s gone.

Meanwhile we get very Yandere Kurumi. She’s ambushing a DEM plane that’s got 300 Bandersnatch and 100 wizards guarding it. Turns out they’re transporting some mysterious Material A or as Kurumi calls it ‘the Second Spirit!’

This is her big chance! And she owns the Wizards and the Bandersnach until someone comes up and gets all good with her. Looks like Westcott got Origami’s replacement for Adeptus 2.

So we move back to Shido where we see him still a bit dizzy from his fever but he soon gets his head together. He notices despite he’s outside in the middle of December, he’s not cold at all.

He meets up with Ai, Mai, and Mii where he remember his purpose. “Date the girls and make them fall in love.”

And it’s like he’s a new guy. He makes them three roses made out of ice which I’m guessing is coming from Yoshino’s power.

And he does it with some style and says. “That flower is myself. Once the weather changes — no, even with the temperature of people’s hand, such a fragile flower could easily melt away. But if it could remain in your eyes, in your heart, even for a split second, then I have no regrets.”

When did Shido level up romantically?

Then Shido flirts with Tamae-sensei and says that he’s sorry for not marrying her and says that he wants to marry her right now.

Shido you are so cruel. Messing with a teacher inches away from being in her 30s.

Finally with Shido’s flirting skills, he flirts with Ellen who just came in from England and she’s out to get some nice strawberry shortcake. Note she’s the most powerful wizard and probably at the least double his age.


But what I noticed that when Ellen used her Territory against Shido, he completely ignored it like it wasn’t even there.

So seeing as the Territory didn’t work, Ellen throws her hat and tries to kick Shido but he catches her and tries to kiss her but changes his mind because he doesn’t want to force her.

And leaves her with ” See you again, cute Ellen.”

I think that Shido’s got legendary awesomeness now. He just tried to seduce his enemy that tried to kill him at least twice.

And she swears to get back after this humiliation.

We head back to the Spirits who are looking for Shido and once they find him, he says that he’s willing to go with Kotori’s kissing thing but he wants them to do the ‘date him and make him fall in love’

Now Shido’s just got confidence but it’s a bit too much here. Come on Shido. Things are getting dangerous.

Kotori agrees with me and tries to kiss Shido by force but then he uses Natsumi’s transformation ability to transform into Shiori.


Look at the sadness in her face. She’s a real girl and still her boobs are small…

Predictably Miku just freaking breaks down in joy and tries to jump Shido. Then Shido uses more of Natsumi’s power to change all the girls into Shiori to get away and tells everyone to try and make him fall in love.

We start off with the first date which is the Yamai twins but before then Reine explains the risks.

They have until 12:00 am for them all to plant on Shido. That means that they each have a 45 minute date. They can’t really afford to use the Limited Astral Dress or any of their powers but it’s not the best move to do since the Spirit Path is so shaky now.

So we move to the Yamai twins who win Shido over with their legendary twin yuri ice cream licking. I know you’re confused.


The first date is at a pool made by Ratatoskr. The girls try to go all out at the beginning to get Shido with their sexiness but looks like Shido’s gotten some type of resistance to sexiness now. So they go and eat some ice cream and as it melts it seeps down both their bodies and down their legs. And having a good moment, they ask Shido if they want to lick them clean.

Good move girls!

And I’m ending this part right here. I’ll be back tomorrow with the 2nd part.

So until Part 2,
Later Days

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