Arata your power! Arata is the true harem king! He has true power all harem heroes want!

So instead of starting the episode back where we left off last week we have Arata and the group chilling in the southern islands. How the hell did we get here?

All in good time my brothers and sisters. Although with this type of anime I’ll have more brothers and than sisters.



Darn it! Take off the sweater!

So Lilith explains that because of Arata and Arin’s actions the school was destroyed so they had to take their school vacation early so the headmaster’d have time to fix the damage.

Oh that’s nice and easy but how did we get here?

So then Levy and Selina show up in their swimsuits.




So then Levy brings up a good subject…

Ah the eternal debate of flat chests vs big ones. I refuse to throw my answer in since I firmly agree with my man Arata!


So of course having the biggest boobs here, that little jacket has to go Lilith-chan!



Yay! Did you see that small bounce they had to them?!

So after Levy suggests that Lilith’s wearing a bikini to try and seduce him, Arata has a image spot.

Like I said, for someone that has the Lust Archive she isn’t very lustful…awww



Wait a second! Kirito-kun’s cheating on Asuna…and Sinon…and Lizbeth…Silica…and Leafa…let’s just say that he’s cheating on his whole SAO harem with another one. Maybe he just wanted variety?

Note: The joke is that both Arata and Kirito are voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and both times he has a harem

So after the opening and Lilith pulls a gun on Arata to forget about seeing something better than a swimsuit, we get what led us here.

So after Akio kicks Arata turns out to have survived but how?



So someone pulled him inside something?




Did someone just pull Mirajane out of Fairy Tail and stuff her in here? She’s even got the top knot!

So Yui(Kirito has another Yui!) explains that if the breakdown phenanon then the school will be destroyed.

Then she explains that it’s possible to stop it if he chooses the right Thema.

So after remembering Mira and her Thema of Justice, Arata declares himself to be the opposite and Yui lets him out of the dream world.

Now Arata choose your Archive and Thema!

Snapshot_21 Snapshot_22

Now Arata let’s do to this!

That’s all nice and stuff but remember this is harem action so of course something else has to happen!



He..he possesses the true power of a harem hero!



Don’t be confused! Revel it!

So everyone in the room except Mira got stripped naked. When Akio asks why does she still have her clothes, Mira says she reflected the magic.

But where she did she reflect it?



Ah that’s where.

So with that the flashback ends but of course Lilith does a classic EEK.

So once we return to the present, Selina tries getting an interview with Arata but Lilith says that magic isn’t something that you show off.

Hmm Levy says that boobs are the same way and just to drive the point home she starts groping her!

She has the crazed look in her eye! She’s one of us!



Well this looks dangerous. I wouldn’t want to be staring down that barrel.



So Arata and Selina escape and end up on a rocky shore. And after a joke or two about whether she wants to see Arata with or without his shorts, Arata shows her his Magus Mode.



Still awesome looking!

Snapshot_40 Snapshot_41

Hmmm nice try Selina but maybe next time.



Like I said truly a harem hero’s power!

So after that we switch to Levy and Selina walking pass Lilith’s room when they hear her moan. Of course their dirty minds go right to this.

And they call Arata a pervert. Their minds immediately jump to sex.

Snapshot_49 Snapshot_50

So after that Levy offers for them to go to the mixed gender bath! It’s getting better every second!

So while they walk to the bath, Lilith explains that Arata needs to get the power of all the Trinity Seven in order to save Hijiri. He’s already met 6 of them. Turns out that Yui is a member of the Trinity Seven too.

But where’s the 7th member. Turns out that she disappeared before Arata arrived. Selina tenses up visibly

Looks like someone hit a nerve. We all know that the last member of the Trinity Seven is Selina’s sister, her twin sister actually. Side Note how her twin sister has bigger boobs than her is beyond me.

So once they reach the bath Arata despairs…

They’re wearing swimsuits in the bath!

Damn! I know how you feel brother!

So after Arata arrives Mira and Akio leave…maybe they don’t want to get stripped. Arata get Mira and Levy! They’re the only ones that haven’t been stripped yet!

Side Note: According to the Manga, Levy has not be stripped by Arata at all during the course of the entire manga…that only means she’s over due!

So Selina suggests that Arata learn to target a person with his power and suggests he use a sword or a gun. So Arata asks to borrow one of Lilith’s guns.

She explains because they have different Archives(Arata has Superbia{Pride} and Lilith has Luxeria{Lust}) and different Themas(Arata has Impel{Impel} and Lilith has {Abies})

So after Arata asks with his head bowed for Lilith to show him how to do it, Lilith gives him a little demonstration.

So after that Arata asks the Grimiore to try and it guess what! It works!

So turns out that he’s able to copy magics!

That’s one of the most broken powers you can ever put in a fantasy world!

And with that the episode ends.

Now being an author and a firm lover of Pokemon I always need to have a competitive balance in my stories but I still like really insanely awesome and broken powers. So I need to have powers that are really powerful but can still be balanced.

For example, a character I have Rez Proudheart has the ability to use all Seven Elements but I balance him by having weak control over those elements.

It’s all about balance and I think we might have it here.

It looks like we’re getting into the action again next week and Yui needs to be rescued! Quick Kirito go get Asuna and the group from SAO!

Anyway I can’t wait until next week but until then,
Later Days

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