I have to say I’m liking these fillers. Props to Hiro Mashima for making the source material and props to Studio Satelight for adapting it.

So we start off this episode with Lector and Frosch, the Exceeds from Sabertooth. Apparently Lector’s looking for a new vest to buy.

Relax man. You’re a cat. No one’s paying attention to your fashion choices.

So while Lector’s being a slave to fashion, Frosch disappears into the crowd. Noo!

So after the opening, we hear the people of the town say how much warmer and nice the Sabertooth mages are after Sting became the guild master.

Snapshot_3 Snapshot_4

He’s taken up the will of Gemma!


Oh it’s a pool! Yay! Swim time and it’s time to see Yukino in a bikini!

So the Sabertooth mages comment that they must be the only guild that has a swimming pool in their guild hall…



Darn and they only got theirs finished seven years ago.

So everyone’s having fun. Sting’s splashing everyone. Orga and Rufus are chilling with some floaties. Then Lector comes in and explains what happened.

Of course Rogue goes off. Calm down dude. It’s not Lector’s fault your cat has the attention span of a goldfish.

So it’s time to go looking for Frosch!

Snapshot_10 Snapshot_11

So after a bit of looking they run into Gajeel and Pantherlily. Rogue goes crazy again and gets all aggressive with Gajeel asking if he’s seen Frocsh.


Ummm…dude you do remember the last time you fought him right. It ended with an Iron Shadow Dragon’s Roar to the face.

So after Sting reins in Rogue, Pantherlily tells them that they saw Frocsh ten minutes ago in the park.

So they rush over there and find Wendy and Carla but no Frosch…

Turns out Wendy’s in town buying a swimsuit. But it’s too big for her and she says that she can’t fill it out. Poor Wendy. It’s tough being the token Loli but hey every anime needs one.


So Rogue gets all up in her face too.

Snapshot_14 Snapshot_15

So Sting sends him flying into a post while Yukino explains the situation and Carla points them down the street where they last saw Frocsh.

Here we go again.

But before we go, Lector totally hits on Carla.


And something funny happens.


He sensed a disturbance in the Love Force!

So after they run into Ichiya of Blue Pegasus…and isn’t much help…in fact…well… see for yourselves.


AAAAAHH! MY EYES! MY EYES! What the hell man?!

Snapshot_18 Snapshot_20

Anyway they manage to run into Frocsh who’s staring at a map. Apparently he’s trying to get home by himself…Let’s look to Sting and Lector on how likely that is.


They know the cat’s stupid too.

Anyway Rogue makes them wait…in his own way.

And Sting gets all mad. And thus Sting x Yukino and Rogue x Yukino was born!

So they let Frosch try to find his way back by himself. Of course he gets distrcted by a butterfly and nearly hit by a horse carriage.

As they follow Frosch they run into Kagura and Millianna who both want to take Frosch home. Millianna just loves cats and apparently Kagura just likes cute things…or frogs…one of the two. She’s a weird young woman.


So while they start arguing Frocsh runs off and runs into some frog traders. Wait Frog traders? That’s a thing? Anyway they can’t catch him because either Frosch is too fast or they’re stupid. Then Natsu, Happy, and Lucy show up and help out.

So next Frocsh runs into Juvia and Grey.

Yay Juvia and Grey together. More likely that they’ll be together!


Anyway after Frosch starts to cry, Grey and Juvia offer to walk him back to the guild hall but Frosch says no since he’s a member of Sabertooth he’ll make his own way home. He doesn’t want to keep depending on his friends. Aww that’s nice. But look at this.


See clothes


No clothes and it was like a second he was off camera! How fast of a stripper is Gray!?

Anyway Frosch continues on with Sting, Rogue, Yukino, and Lector watching until Frosch meets Erza. Frosch shows her the present he…she…I don’t know what Frosch is. I want to say that he’s a guy but I’m not sure.

Anyway he wants to show her the present he got for Rogue.


Hahahah are you going to wear it Rogue!

Anyway after that Frocsh asks for directions and after walking for hours. He makes it to…the Fairy Tail Guild Hall! It’s a completely different city!

And that ends episode 27.

If you’re looking for deep emotional stuff or action, don’t come here.

It was definitely all comedy and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Side Note:Rogue I suggest a new Exceed. Your current one needs to get a brain.

Anyway I give this episode 8/10 for good comedy and good art. It’s always good to see a new side to characters and we get that here with the Sabertooth guys and one girl.

So the next one is called Moulin Rouge. And it turns out that Moulin Rouge is a current member of Fairy Tail. Wanna know who it is? Check it out next week.

Also I’m loving the fact that Hiro Mashima is one of the hardest working guys in Manga. He’s made a massive amount of omake chapters for the anime to adapt while the manga gets more distance on it. My favorites out of this omakes would have to be ‘A Day with Asuka’ and ‘418 Days’. Mostly 418 Days because it’s all Juvia centric and the shipping is in full force!

So I’m guessing that it’s going to be Moulin Rouge, then A Day with Asuka and then 418 Days.

So that’s all I have for this review,
Until the Next Review,
Later Days