I used to think this filler arc was good but then Fairy Tail took an arrow to the knee.

So I originally planned for these to be separate but you know life be catching up with you so this time let’s make it a double!

It’s sad that I’m comfortable of this.

So let’s go for Episode 34 which I call ‘Battle of the Lolis: Wendy vs. Aquarius!’

It’s exactly out it sounds. Loli Aquarius faces down against Wendy and Carla. However the fight it isn’t all that good.

It’s basically not very serious. It’s Aquarius firing off a few shots from her urn then playing around with Wendy. Then firing off a few play shots again. It’s not really all that interesting in my personal opinion.

However despite the fact that it isn’t a very interesting fight it is so freaking cute damnnit!

The episode also has some filler stuff with Natsu getting owned by Loke and Lucy fighting against Virgo but it is a very little bit of the episode.

The episode ends with Wendy sealing Aquarius’s gate after Aquarius had a fun day playing and eating ice cream with Wendy and Carla.

I give Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 34 3 out of 10 for poor plot and all it being was loli cuteness! Damn it this is a Shonen show give me some battles to the dead man!

Just…Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 35…why Anime Gods why! Why are you crapping on a good show?!

So I’ll go and call Episode 35 which I call “Let’s Du-Du-Duel!”

I’d say that this episode was good but it’d be a blatant and disgusting lie. It’s pretty much a rip off and a snark at probably the entire Yu-Gi-Oh franchise.

The rules aren’t clearly explained…just like in the Yu-gi-Oh anime. They pull cards mostly literally out of their butts.

Oh and Mirajane defeats Pisces and the battle between Levy and Capricorn begins.

And that’s it. If you didn’t watch this episode, don’t worry you didn’t miss anything.

I’m giving Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 35 1 out of 10. Be grateful for that.

All in all, the first one was okay but the second episode was absolutely horrible. And based on the preview for the next episode, looks like it’s going to follow its footsteps. Seriously Gray in a dance contest? Really?

I hope that things might be turning around next week but I’m doubting it.

So until next week,
Later Days