Ah doesn it feel good to finally have a character that hadn’t been introduced yet finally be introduced. Everyone watching Saekano knows what I’m talking about…

That joke is only going to be funny until they finally introduce Michiru. I don’t like jokes with a time limit…

Anyway we start the episode with this.

Anyone think that that cheese looked suggestive? You know the fact that she’s all covered in it…

So after the opening we see our girl for the episode, Yuuki Uchiki, walking home after a day at college.


Now on the first watch of this episode I thought she was in high school mostly because she looks so freaking young.

Do you have the friend or family member that just looks like they have a connection to the Fountain of Youth or something?

I have a relative that’s 46 with a 2 year old granddaughter. She still gets carded when she goes to buy stuff like alcohol and cigarettes.

So it looks like she’s about to graduate this Spring.

Anyway as she runs away from the girls she’s leaving the campus with she says this.


It’s a metaphor I suppose. It’s still winter in the anime but Spring is coming around soon. I want to say it’s about February there. Other half is more Japanese culture.

In Japan, Spring is known as the season of new beginnings and fresh starts. So when Yuuki says that Spring isn’t going to come she means that she’ll never change.

Sad it isn’t.

So we move on to Ryo and the gang. Looks like they’re in cram school now.


And it’s emptier than my stomach right now…even sadder.

So it turns out that a lot of people skipped cram school because they’re down to the final few weeks before the Entrance Exams.


Speak the truth, short sister!

I had to take Entrance Exams to get into my high school but granted my story wouldn’t motivate you. I just slept, napped, played PS2(Hey this was 2008), and studied like once or twice. I went to the school of my choice, took the test, and passed into the 84th percentile.

I am a bad example for studying and prudence…

Anyway as a group of girls from the school they want to go to pass Kirin wonders if she’s good enough to get into high school, if she’ll make any friends, or even fit in.

Which is a very reasonable feeling first going into high school or even going to college. They’re both very frigtening experiences.

So what does Ryo do? Suggest renting a movie!

That’s nice. Something fun to perk her up.


What the hell is wrong with you woman?! What kinda sick sense of humor is this?

Who taught you that lie?

So after the movie, Kirin’s still stressed. Not just about the exams and making friends. She’s worrying about her parents’ rice fields and environmental issues…

What is with that?

So to wondering if Ryo’s feeling something similar, Kirin asks. Ryo doesn’t got nothing else other than what Kirin’s feeling. She does worry about her laudry outside…which she forgot to pull in!


They go outside to pull in the futons when they hear the conversation between Yuuki(the neighbor below Ryo) and her mother.

What kinda mother suggests her daughter learn to bellydance?

The main issue with Yuuki and her mother isn’t that her mother doesn’t love her. She doesn’t understand the situation properly. According to Yuuki, her mother’s very outgoing while her daughter is fairly shy.

It happens a lot. Parents that were the life of the party as kids and young adults have children that are quiet and shy. Happened to me. My dad was the captain of the football team and I want to be a computer programmer…that’s about as opposite as it gets. He still loved me though. There’s always that.

Anyway Ryo and Kirin listen on Yuuki’s conversation but after a certain amount of time Ryo says that it’s impolite to keep listening.


However Kirin’s too far gone and by gone I mean over the rail! That’s right she falls from the 2nd floor…


And she sticks the landing like a badass!

So after Kirin’s epic landing, Ryo and Kirin go down to Yuuki’s apartment to apologize. However Yuuki turns it into a beat up session on herself. However she rarely talks mostly because she’s thinking bad of herself.

However Kirin understands her feeling wondering about her future. Yuuki feels that with the way she is there’s nothing she can do. She says so much that could inspire Kirin but she doesn’t much of it outloud.

This is definitely a problem I have and it’s always held me back. I don’t want to look stupid in front of others so I keep my mouth shut and retreat into my thoughts where no one can judge me. Ironically I am a very cruel judge of myself…

There’s no where I can go….Being Deven is suffering, desho?

Because her inability to talk to people she only has two friends…

Someone asked on Reddit ‘What if the cat eats the bird?’ Good question! We will never know the answer though.

So the door rings and the pizza delievry is here.


Wow for types of pizza in one! That’s awesome.

Now don’t try this with your local pizza shop. They probably aren’t going to do it. Also apparently Yuuki is somewhat rich. Mostly because she can afford to eat pizza everyday and a large pizza in Japan(which around the size of a medium here in America) costs around 3000 yen or 24. 71 American Dollars at today’s exchange rate. Plus toppings. She’s spending roughly about 35 dollars per pizza plus side dishes. That’s a lot…

She has seafood pizza, gratin(a type of pasta), Yakiniku pizza, and salami and mushroom pizza so she can eat four meals out of it. However she work out like no one’s business and be rich. There’s no way she can have a body like Ryo’s and eat all that pizza everyday…

I’m getting off topic.

So Yuuki offers some of her pizza to Ryo and Kirin for coming over and talking with her. So instead of just taking it and going, Ryo invites Yuuki upstairs so they can eat together.

So when Yuuki gets up to Ryo’s apartment she starts to wonder why Ryo’s apartment is so much warmer than hers. Warmer emotionally she probably means.

The answer is that she has people that she loves over a lot and that love is in the house itself.

So it’s time to chow down and we get our goods of sexy eating.

I wish girls ate like this in real life. Every meal would be an adventure and I’d actually enjoy going to the cafeteria at my college.

Anyway Ryo gets Yuuki get some pizza but she doesn’t really want to eat.

So Yuuki is similar to Ryo and Kirin. I think this is the start of a good frienship.

So Ryo manages to get her to try and we get this.

So cute. And she notices that it tastes so much better now. It’s because you’re not alone anymore Yuuki-chan.

I think that Yuuki’s eating was cutest. She has cute music to go with it.

After that the three of them eat together and really enjoy each other’s company.

After the meal, Yuuki leaves but not saying this to herself.

I think it’s nice that that her name is Yuuki and that Kirin and Ryo gave her courage. Remember when you spell Yuki with one U it means snow. When you spell it with two U’s it’s courage. It’s a kinda pun and allowing Yuuki to live up to her name.

And meeting Yuuki gave Kirin some courage too. The next day as she’s leaving out Yuuki says bye to Kirin and Ryo.


What does she mean?


That’s the school that Kirin, Ryo, and Shiina want to go to.

Note: Yuuki actually gets the job at the Fine Arts Academy and becomes one of the girls’ teachers. Either than or librarian. I don’t know the sources I’ve read didn’t agree one thing

The episode ends with Ryo walking home after dropping Kirin off at the train station.


And we see the buds on the tree. Looks like Spring’s coming early.

Now that’s a good episode. It’s good to have a character that you really connect with. It makes a good anime even better.


You aren’t alone as you think Yuuki.

So this is the 10th episode of Koufuku Graffiti so that means that there’s only two more episodes left. Let’s hope that we end with a bang!

Until the next episode,
Later Days

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