I’m sad but in a way I’m happy…such confusing feelings

So with these two episodes, the Fairy Tail anime is going on hiatus. This is a good thing and a bad thing.

Good in the sense that it isn’t going into Filler Hell like a such a certain anime we all known…Naruto Shippuden…

Bad in the sense that we aren’t going to get anymore Fairy Tail for at least a year other than the upcoming OVAs.

But we have to respect the studio enough to realize that putting nothing but fillers out is going to hurt their sales because unless the filler is really good, people aren’t going to want to buy it.

So enough of my soapbox and let’s get onto the review.

So we start the episode off with Lucy getting dressed and ready to go to her new job as a reporter for Weekly Sorcerer.

We have just admire the fact that Lucy only got more attractive over the year timeskip.

So it turns out that she’s in Crocus reporting on the Grand Magic Games but none of the good Guilds are even participating this year because without Fairy Tail there’s no real thrill in it.

We learn that many of the former Fairy Tail members have gone their own ways while we get to see Lucy’s which basically was being a model for Weekly Sorcerer for a while then she transitioned to being a reporter.

Granted the anime extended this part to hell and back but it’s interesting fanservice. It’s kinda interesting to see Lucy writing again. It’s so rarely mentioned that Lucy is a writer we can easily forget about it.

So on the second day of Grand Magic Games, Lucy is able to see easily the underdog team was just holding back so they can get high odds against them so they can collect big in the bets.

So after they win, my man Natsu comes in and rekts everyone.

And then we move onto the next episode.

This episode was pretty much a lot of references to the original first few episodes with Natsu and Happy eating on Lucy’s dime, the three of them running away from the Army, and them heading to Fairy Tail.

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And the episode and the series ends with Natsu, Lucy, and Happy starting to look for members of Fairy Tail in order to restart the guild.


My Thoughts on the Anime

I loved Fairy Tail because it’s one of my favorite mangas but I won’t deny that I liked the First Series because it had more bright and more vivid colors. They also had the wow sound effect when the Fanservice happened. That was always funny.

So in conclusion, I’d give Fairy Tail Second Series a 8 out of 10 because it did well at adapting the manga but lacked the bright colors that made Fairy Tail funny at the beginning.

And with that my Spring Season is over. I’ll try and get my personal Spring Preview out soon on my blog.

So until the next season,
Later Days

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