So now we’ve got the sixth member of the Trinity Seven and now we’ve got a battle against a dragon! And Arata finally figures out his powers

So after the opening we get Arata and Lilith walking through the hallways of the school…looks like everything’s finally fixed.

As they walk they talk about Arata’s ability to copy magics.


Noooo! Not that! Did he not listen to my rant about competitive balance in a story? The main character can’t be too overpowered or there’s no story. Look at Superman. Most boring hero ever. Batman on the other hand…

So once they get to class they find that everyone’s asleep.

Maybe they hit that snooze button just one too many times…


Hmmm…could be. You saw that lecture she gave in the second episode. Boring!

So Levy comes down from the ceiling and takes a look at everyone and says that it’s something else.

Ah that makes sense. So what’s the plan?



I’m shocked but I completely agree! Quick get me my shaving cream and black marker!


See Brother Arata will lead the charge!

Then we get a quick pic of the school, the sound of something getting whacked and we see this.


I don’t need to be a genius to see what happen. Lilith unleased Harem Nanny Hell on their faces.

So Mira’s tired of all the playing around so she and Akio head down to deal with the Breakdown Phenomenon.

What? You don’t want to work together? Loner. Don’t worry you’ll love being a part of the harem soon.

So after they leave the Headmaster explains properly that Yui Kurata, the hot girl that looks like Mirajane from Fairy Tail, is causing this effect because she’s close to waking up. If she isn’t put back to sleep even the members of the Trinity Seven and Arata will fall asleep and soon the world! MWhahahaha!


I’m starting to think I do the evil laugh thing too much…nah you guys love it.

So we head down to the dungeon and Lilith explains the reason that Yui’s powers went out of control was because of the Breakdown Phenenemenon that Arata caused earlier.

Smooth move bro.

Also when they went to the beach, did they take Yui with them or just leave her in the basement?

So Lilith assures him that they can still save Yui if they make it to Yui before Mira and Akio. Because if Mira and Akio make it first they’ll kill her.

Everyone switches into Magus Mode and then they find these things.


Hmmm pretty weird looking ghosts.

Okay Arata time to bust out some magic…but the Codex doesn’t have any idea how to make the gun he copied off Lilith. Thank goodness he isn’t alone. He’d be dead otherwise.

So leave it to the cute haremettes to save the day.

Arata tries again and gets a toy gun…you’re playing twisted games Codex. Of course it doesn’t fire anything so Arata throws it to the ground.


Sexy but now their Magus Mode is deactived. Now you’re all going to die. Well it’s been nice.

Too badass!

So they get started at a run down to get to Yui and Lilith explains that Levy is one of the top five mages in fighting.

Once they get into some dark corridor some little things slip themselves into Lilith’s clothes…oh and they get into Arata’s too but we care more about Lilith.

So with the power of her Ruina, Arin uses her Chaostic Rune to destroy them.


Why does that word seem familiar? Oh it’s a computer term! Macro is a type of program where you can rig it to a repetitive task for you.

Then Arin explains how a Macro works.

So it’s like Shortcutting to the pouch in any type of RPG. Useful.

So after that they finally get down to the final floor but there’s one more thing they’ve got to deal with before they get to Yui.


Damn it! Wait…they left before Arata and them how did they just get here?

That’s one way to get down to the basement…the other is the freaking stairs woman!

So when Arata asks if they’re going to kill Yui, Mira says that she’s causing the Breakdown Phenamenon so she has to be stopped.

She also throws down a challenge!

And who picks it up? No other than Levy!

Who starts a fight with Akio!

Things are about to get interesting. Two members of the Trinity Seven going at it!

Of course this is a action harem romantic comedy. We’ve had the action now to have the romantic comedy harem part.

Bunny panties?


So after taking advantage of Mira’s embarassment they run down to Yui’s room where we see this.

Wait a second… she doesn’t look Mirajane now!


Hmm that explains that any thoughts Arata?


I always go to Arata for the truth on any subject. I’m guessing a loli like face with big boobs got some really use with Mikuru Asahina from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Anyway once the dragon opens its eyes Arata drops down on his knees and his Breakdown Pheamenon begins. Remember his Breakdown Phenamenon caused Yui’s so it’s logical for the two to be connected.

So then Arin and Lilith try to go at ahead with the dragon but they don’t do anything. Then Akio and Mira come through all casual. Wait…if they’re here that means…they killed Levy!


Oh she’s fine. I thought she was dead for a moment.

So Mira and Akio agree to a truce because the dragon’s just too tough for them to beat on their own so teaming up is best.

So Lilith, Akio, and Mira take the charge while Levy gets Arata away from the action so he can recover from the Breakdown Phenanemenon.

She explains that he’s time for him to learn how to use his magic and battles like are likely to happen if he ever wants to save Hijiri(Ayaka Suwa is getting like no time in his anime. Rie Kugimiya is the voice of the Codex so she doesn’t even do that. Sad…).

Arata agrees with her and Levy says that it’s also the best way to save Yui. Arata says that they must be good friends.

Levy explains that she never expects anything of people and Yui can’t have real friends because of her power needing to keep her asleep. However despite that they do care about each other.

I know it sounds sad that Levy doesn’t expect anything of others but she doesn’t see anything.


She goes into things with no expectations so she’s always surprised. Life is a great adventure for her. She takes a negative and makes it positive. That’s the mark of a good person.

After their little talk the dragon turns on Levy and Arata and Levy jumps into the battle, asking Lilith to give Arata the basics about how to use magic.

Lilith and the Codex explain that magic is a give and take either with magical energy or psyche as the cost. If the cost is too high, then you’ll end up just like those ghost things.

And it’s worst for Arata because of the fact that he’s a Demon Lord Candidate.

What’s your thoughts on it Arata?


I knew I’d love this guy. Just like the action parts of Sora no Otoshimono!

So Levy takes his hand and tells him to imagine the Codex becoming a gun and tells him to focus all his energy on that. And you know what’s she does to finish it.


I think Levy just jumped to the lead of the pack! Go Levy!

And it works!

And he takes out the dragon in one shot and saves Yui!

So how does Yui show her gratitude?


She hugs him naked and the episode ends with Levy saying that Arata has surpassed her all expectations.

Now I’m sad. The ending changed.

The first three episodes ending was, as you know, Beatiful Sentence by Yumi Hara(Lilith Asami) and Aya Uchida(Arin Kannazuki). However the new ending is SHaVaDaVa in AMAZING by Ayane Sakura(Levy Kazama) and Rie Murakawa(Yui Kurata).

The ending is going to change two more times and I think they’re going to be good ones.

Also because of a fansubber that said something to me on Twitter. I feel the need to get my anime a different way. So starting now, I’ll be posting my reviews with pics from the stream then later I’ll update them with pics from a fansubber I trust.

So here’s some good pics of the girls from that great sub that I got!

So that’s all we have for this review. I really liked this episode we’ve got here and I can’t wait for the next episode. It looks like the seventh and finale member of the Trinity Seven appears and you’ll never guess who’s voicing her. Or maybe you will. Regardless I’ll have a whole bunch of jokes about it in the next review.

So until the next review,
Later Days

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