It’s been one year since they met. How have they changed during this year? I’m also totally seeing a lot of things that remind me of my favorite manga, Suzuka, here. Oh of they had made a full anime of it…

So we start the episode with Ryo cleaning the house so she starts the new year off right. Then Akira calls saying that’s she’ll finish work as as quickly as she can so she can spend New Year’s with her niece.


Aw that’s nice. Kirin’s choosing to spend her New Year’s with Ryo instead of her family. That’s nice of her.

So after Ryo hangs up, Akira says this.

Well Ryo’s not as alone as she used to be. And you’d be less alone if you showed up more! Still I like that that Akira wants to be with her niece on New Years instead of going out drinking or something else.

So after the opening, Ryo gets down to some serious business, cleaning!


Alright let’s clean! You go and clean Ryo-chan while I sit around and read Suzuka. I really wish they had copies of the manga in my local area. If I bought them online, they’d have to be delievered and my mother would look through them and assume that it’s something ecchi.

Note: Suzuka when printed in America is under the mature manga rating because the bath house scenes are uncensored

Anyway after a few hours of cleaning, everything and apparently she’s got some tips on how to clean, Ryo takes a bath because she’s the last thing left dirty.

After that we move over to what I think is Hiroshima(I so wish for it to be) where Kirin’s sitting around, relaxing under the kotatsu watching tv.

That’s right. The last thing you want to do is take transportation on a major holiday. It will be packed.

Despite that Kirin’s going to go on the 6 o’ clock

If you say so…

So we go back to Tokyo where Ryo’s going to the supermarket for some stuff for tonight’s dinner, New Year’s soba as well as some oden.

But while she’s looking around, we get this.


Someone please meme this so we have some funny Yuri sayings to go with this.

Anyway Ryo gets surprised and predictably falls on her butt. After they leave Ryo tries to invite Shiina over for New Year’s but she’s already got family stuff…and apparantly it’s dangerous…

So no Shiina again in this episode. I need Shiina! Give us more Shiina!

So we move over to Ryo back at home where she’s making the oden and she texts Kirin about it. She starts getting tempted to eat some…


She knows!

So the temptation is real and Ryo falls.

Don’t eat it all! Kirin hurry or you won’t get anything.


She’s practically already there…

So to get Kirin moving, Kirin’s mom says this.

Oooh scary old guy. And with that Kirin’s like the Flash and she’s already ready.

So while they’re driving to the station, Kirin’s mom asks if she got a ticket…and she didn’t.

Now tragically I have to admit I’ve had this logic before.

So because they live so far away from the city, Kirin thinks that it’s fine to go without a ticket…

Yeah let’s see how that goes.


See that’s why kids need adults. They think of the stuff they take for granted.

So now they’ve got to wait for the next train. Reminds me of the Hiroshima arc of Suzuka where Yamato and Suzuka get left by the train heading back to Tokyo so they stay with Yamato’s parents for a few days. I really like how they did the bellflower with the firefly confession thing.


Does anyone know what I’m talking about or am I the only Suzuka fan here?

Anyway so the next train doesn’t leave for another hour so she calls Ryo to explain.

And she’s sad that the oden and soba have to wait for her.


That’s right. That’s bad manners.

Also check this out.


I can’t get a good angle on it but I’m guessing because it only has four panels Ryo’s reading the Koufuku Graffiti manga. It’s a common thing in anime for the characters to read the manga that the anime is based on some times. Heck in Date A Live, Kotori reads Date A Live. Ponder that for a moment…

Anyway after getting off the phone with Kirin, Ryo goes out to the station to meet with her and flashes back to the first time she met her.

Now the Yuri-ness is high level here. There’s a lot of couples walking around and holding hands and Ryo’s thinking about a girl. I can read between the lines…

So after a few minutes Kirin comes and they try to make it home before New Years. However Ryo trips. Kirin notices her cold hands and does this.


True yuri is true beauty.

Totally Yuri. Granted what she’s smelling is probably the food smell on her.

Also did anyone notice that Ryo’s wearing a dress that ends at the mid thigh and Kirin’s wearing shorts in the middle of a Japanese winter?

So once they get home it’s time to dig in…and there’s no sexy eating scenes! Where are they? No close ups, no dramatic music, no super shining eyes. This isn’t what I signed on for!

So the clock counts down and New Year’s here so what does first thing that Ryo wants to do now that it’s the new year?




That’s something I can get behind. So Ryo suggests going to the shrine. I think it’s called Hatsumode. It’s where you go to a shrine and offer up prayers for what you want your new year to bring. There’s occasionally snacks and games too.

So they try to leave out but looks like Akira manages to make it in time!


Looks like me after either a long reviewing session or a long writing session. Screw it she looks like look all the time…sad it isn’t.

Anyway after a cute as I don’t know what cheek rub to both Kirin and Ryo, Akira, Ryo, and Kirin get going to the neighborhood shrine.


That’s nice.

So while they walk by, Akira gets called out to by some old friends and gets drinking…

Then again Ryo and Kirin can’t talk since they’re drinking some amasake which is non-alcohol sake. It’s quite sweet apparently and served warm.


It’s been what two or three minutes and she’s wasted. What’s the Japanese equalavent to AA?

So Ryo and Kirin head home where they eat up the last of the oden and soba. They start to remember when they first met and they say even though they’re going to grow up they still want to be able to share meals together like this.

Now isn’t that just sweet. I really like that because drift away from each other as they grow up. However these two want to still stay together.

So the next day Ryo takes Kirin back to the station and says by until next week.


And with that the episode’s over. Pretty good episode but I really want some more Shiina. Come on she’s a main character yet she’s only getting a little time each episode.


So that’s another good episode gone and Koufuku Graffiti counting down to its final 3 episodes. What do you think is going to happen next? Will we finally know who that lady is that lives under Ryo?

Until the next episode,
Later Days

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