Now here we are at the finale of Danmachi! Let’s see what battles await us!

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So with that done, time for the Finale of Danmachi!

So we start off the episode with the crystal sky darkening and Hermes’s talking.

So then the monster breaks through the crystal sky and starts his roaring.


You know for a monster he’s got very straight and white teeth.

Looks like a floor boss and now things’s going to get interesting for the final battle. So after the opening, which I watched fully this time(I usually skip the opening and ending since I’m not fond of the songs.), we have a lot of monsters. Since the ceiling broke, a whole lot of monsters fell down to the 18th Floor and they’re itching for a fight.

vlcsnap-2015-06-26-22h45m26s125 vlcsnap-2015-06-26-22h45m28s711

Scary and that huge thing is walking around like he’s straight out of Attack on Titan. I don’t really have the right to make that reference since I haven’t watched Attack on Titan and I have no intentions on watching at this time. I might watch it when it becomes less hyped up.

So Bell, seeing people are getting attacked and hurt by the monsters, immediately goes to try and rescue them but Ryu tells him to stop. How does he expect to save people with such a weak party? Which is tragically true. It takes a dedicated party of attackers, mages, and white mages to beat a floor boss and all he’s got is a bunch of Lv. 2 fighters and two Supporters.

He’s going to get himself killed and that makes him a bad leader but a good person.


And with that Ryu runs off to join the fight.

And then we switch over to one of those losers that fought Bell last episode. He’s getting owned until Bell comes up and saves him while Lili drags him away to safety.

vlcsnap-2015-06-27-15h15m54s248 vlcsnap-2015-06-27-15h15m56s16

Respect to Bell! Even more to Lili.


Contender for best girl!

And then we move to the town where we see Asfi go to the town and tell everyone to find every adventurer and pick up every weapon they can to fight this fight.


And this battle is going to be legendary! Pick up your swords and fight for your lives!

She explains that all the escape routes have been blocked and now the only thing they can do is fight their way out.

And we see a bit of the battle between the adventurers and the floor boss.

Battle is glorious!

So once the reinforcements arrive Asfi explains to Ryu that reinforcements have arrived and are getting ready to fire off a massive magic blast. All they need to do is keep the Goliath distracted.


For those of you confused, Goliath is the floor boss from the 17th Floor. I’m guessing that the Loki Familia were fighting it and it fell through the floor down to the 18th. They can’t get to it since the doors are all collapsed.

And all the adventurers fight but the Goliath has a massive amount of power and it makes me wonder if they can even win. But they keep trying.

And then we go to Bell just being epic and saving people and going in on the Goliath. Then the mages finally finish with the magic and get ready to fire.

But it isn’t working.

And thus our lives have no meaning to them. There’s nothing we can do…


And there Bell stands amidst all the carnage and defeat.

And after the commercial Bell keeps up the fight with Ryuu and Asfi at his back. Ryu tells Bell to keep the line so the monsters don’t overrun them. If the mages are still alive they can ready another shot later.

But Ryu…what if we defeat it again and it comes back?

vlcsnap-2015-06-28-15h35m09s526 vlcsnap-2015-06-28-15h37m18s485

Ryu is confirmed for being best girl

And we switch over to Hestia and Lili who are gathering up equipment for the battle when Lili sees this.

That looks like the package that Welf had…

So we switch back to the battle where Ryuu living up to her best girl title.

Too much best girl in one place. And then Goliath starts firing off his laser randomly. Once the first barrage is over, Ouka from the Takemikazuchi familia asks for his shield. Chigusa says that he’ll die and she does that whole grab the shirt cute thing.


She totally likes him.

But Ouka’s getting respect in my eyes since he doesn’t care…doesn’t care that he’s going to die not her feelings. I’m not sure about her feelings.

vlcsnap-2015-06-28-17h26m27s227 vlcsnap-2015-06-28-17h26m31s8 vlcsnap-2015-06-28-17h26m33s31

I forgive you for that Pass Parade after that speech.

Then we go back to Bell who looks like he’s charging up for another Argonaut blast.


Can he do it?

And with the word from Ryuu, Bell fires it off and this is the result.


But even then this monster won’t stop! What will it take to kill it? So much suffering and pain. When will it end?!


Looks like now…well Bell you were a pretty good protagonist. I might even say as good as Shiro was this season.

Look at that smile on the Goliath’s face. Evil…

Ryuu tells Bell to run but he’s not fast enough and gets sent flying. The Goliath tries to follow up but Ouka blocks it with his shield. Ouka is bro now! Saving people!


He saves him but then again they both get whacked around but at least they aren’t dead.

At that Bell and Ouka are knocked out and heavily injured.

vlcsnap-2015-06-28-17h34m26s147 vlcsnap-2015-06-28-17h34m30s168

Hestia and Lili arrive and see that Bell’s hurt. But at least he’s got some wakeness in his mind.

And with that Hermes shows up and says what a real hero is.

Quite true but then again those people that do those other things are heroes as well.

We also get the same speech from Bell’s Grandpa. And with that Bell wakes up and walks back to the battlefield.


Very Attack on Titan looking.

And then Bell goes in with that sword powered up with Argonaut.


And while Bell’s charging up his Argonaut, Mikoto and Ryu start charging up their own magics.

Ryu still best girl and Mikoto’s pretty good too!

However the monster breaks out of even Mikoto’s barrier…right in time for Welf to come in and add on to the beatdown!

And he uses a fire magic item and it packs a hell of a punch even though it breaks.

And with that Bell’s finally ready to go.


And with that Bell fires off a massive slash!

A true hero is born. See the results of his battle.


But even that strike didn’t kill it! It’s still regenerating! You have to end it!

And Bell finishes this battle with his Hestia Knife, Hestia says that Bell will go even further than ever.

And with that Bell finishes the monster.

And everyone starts celebrating while Hermes starts announcing that he has seen a legend be born. He even says that Bell is actually Zeus, King of the Greek gods, grandson! He’s adoptive though so he’s not a demigod….

The fact that his grandfather said he should go into the dungeon and get a harem now fits. Zeus got with everything that was female and breathing. Of course he’d give his grandson that advice.

And with that the ending theme starts. And everyone’s happy that the Hestia familia returned safely and they have a massive party in the bar!

And Aiz even says that she’s proud of Bell and the things he’s done.

And one more thing before the ending, we have Hestia doing a lap pillow with Bell saying he’s done well.

And with DanMachi is over.

Deven’s Last Thoughts

Ah truly well done. I have to admit that I wasn’t very fond of this anime at the beginning. Correction. I didn’t like how Twitter exploded with Hestia once the anime started. However as the anime progressed and we got more on Hestia and other characters I really enjoyed watching it every week.

I give DanMachi a 10 out of 10 for good visuals, well done music, good characters, and excellently done Bell.

Now that the anime’s over the only question is when is the season 2? Not if there’s going to be one when is it going to be? Why because DanMachi was one of the most popular anime that premiered this season and it had a whole mess of articles, memes, and art in only a few days. JC Productions would be insane if they didn’t go for the season 2 on this one.

So that’s all I have for this review. I’m grateful to have shared this anime with you.

So until season 2 of DanMachi,
Later Days

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