This one’s going to be a short one ladies and gents.

I’m literally ashamed of A-1 right here. I kinda get why they did it but still why!

I’m pretty much going to give a short review here.

So we continue episode 80 where we ended off where Gajeel’s just knocked Torafuzar for a number after Levy gave him some air. The shipping just totally intefied there.

So Gajeel asks for Levy to give him more air and she gets all embraassed before she realizes he means to make some magic air. That girl wants that Dragon Slayer…

So we go to the battle against Torafuzar where Gajeel has a flashback to his days before Fairy Tail where he met Council Member Belno. She often talked to him about making his life better and living a life with meaning.

Remembering that and remembering that he does care about the other members of Fairy Tail gives Gajeel the strength to beat Torafuzar.

However this is where it sucks.

In the original manga, Tempester gets up and tries to finish off Gajeel but Gray comes in and shows off his new Ice Devil Slayer powers and freezes him with Ice Devil’s Slayer’s Zeroth Long Sword.

In this, Laxus manages to get up, fight, and beat Tempester by himself with a massive amount of Anti-Magic Particles in his body.

What was supposed to look like a epic show of Gray’s new strength ended up being a plot hole of how Laxus was able to get up and fight a demon and beat him despite being on his back since the beginning of the arc.

Just my two cents.

Next up the final battle in front of Face where Erza, Minerva, and the cats finally get to the control room but someone’s there already…


Got love the two girls of Tartarus. It’s shaping up to be Erza vs. Kyoka and Sayla but look.


Best girl comes in and owns Best girl! This is a contradiction of epic. You know what would be better? If Mira used her Take Over on Sayla and became Sayla…if only that would happen…


Yeah that’s a manga spoiler…

So the episode ends with the start of the fight between Erza and Kyoka.


Let’s hope that it’s not Erza wins because she’s Erza thing.

So until the next Episode,
Later Days

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